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St. John's Cemetery

(Weston, Nebr.)

(Chapman Township)
Submitted by
Clarabelle Mares
Lewis-Clark Chapter DAR
Fremont, Nebraska
Name of Cemetery: ST. JOHN'S CEMETERY (Weston, Nebraska)
State:    Nebraska    County:    Saunders    Township:    Chapman
Section:    SE 1/4 SE 1/4 of Section 9    Township:    14 N    RANGE:    6 E
Recorded By:    Clarabelle Mares    1722 East 19 Fremont, Nebraska 68025
Assisted By:    Kathrine Petersen
Date Recorded:    Started 11 May 1978, Completed 17 May 1978

Cemetery map

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Tombstone Records

Names Index

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Anderson, Anna M             p21
Anderson, Charlie E          p21
Anderson, Nese P             p21

Baros, Frantiska             p20
Baros, Josef                 p20
Bertek, Barbora              p16
Bartek, Frank                p 9
Bartek, Frank E              p 1
Bartek, Frantisek            p16
Bartek, Gloria               p 2
Bartak, Hedvika F            p16
Bartek, Jan                  p 9
Bartek, Jan                  p16
Bartek, Jan L                p19
Bartek, Jaroslav J           p16
Bartek, John C               p19
Bartek, Jos B                p16
Bartek, Louis A              p19
Bartek, Marie                p18
Bartek, Marie                p19
Bartek, Mary                 p16
Bartek, Philip L             p19
Bartek, Veronika             p 9
Bartek, Veronika             p16
Bartek, Victoria             p19
Bartek, Vojtech              p19
Bazant, Anna                 p14
Bazant,Joseph                p14
Bazant, Joseph L             p14
Benes, Anna                  p 1
Benes, Anton A               p 1
Benes, Frank A               p 2
Benes, Joseph T              p 1
Binder,Marie                 p 5
Blazek, Carrie M             p 4
Blazek, Frank V              p 4
Bouc, Frank                  p 3
Bouc, Jakub                  p 8
Bouc, Josephine              p 3
Bouc, Marketa                p 8
Brabec, Catherine            p 6
Brabec, Frank                p 6
Brabec, George J             p 3
Brabec, Jan                  p 6
Brabec, Rose                 p 3
Brukner, Anton               p18
Brukner, Frances A           p17
Brukner, Fred L              p17
Brukner, Marie               p18
Bures, Anna                  p11
Bures, Matej                 p11
Buresh, Andrew               p18
Buresh, Cecilia              p18

Caha, Frantiska              p17
Caha, Josefa                 p17
Caha, Martin                 p17
Campbell, Johanah M          p19
Capek, Eleonora              p16
Capek, Frantisek             p16
Capek, Marie                 p16
Cerman, Marie                p 7
Cerny, Inf dau               p 3
Cerv, Anna                   p13
Cerv, Anton                  p10
Cerv, Joe                    p13
Cerv, Marie                  p10
Chapek, Adolph               p16
Chapek, Beatrice A           p10
Chapek, Catherine            p 6
Chapek, Ella                 p 6
Chapek, Frank J              p16
Chapek, John A               p 6
Chapek, Louis L              p 3
Chapek, Ludmilla J           p 3
Christian, Shawn T           p 2
Churda, Charles              p 5
Churda, Frances              p 2
Churda, Frank                p 5
Churda, Mary                 p 5
Cidlik, Marie                p17
Cuda, Josef                  p17

Dolezal, Anna                p13
Dolezal, Anna                p17
Dolezal, Anna M              p17
Dolezal, Charles             p17
Dolezal, Danny LeRoy         p10
Dolezal, Frank               p10
Dolezal, Frank J             p11
Dolezal, Jan                 p17
Dolezal, John F              p17
Dolezal, Karel               p13
Dolezal, Louis F             p17
Dolezal, Max W               p 3
Dolezal, Mary                p10
Dolezal, Victoria            p17
Dvorak, Anton                p18
Dvorak, Antonie              p18
Dvorak, Inf son              p18

Egr, Anton                   p19
Essey, Susan Marie           p 3

Ficenec, Barbora             p14
Ficenec, Charles J           p14
Ficenec, Dolores             p14
Ficenec, Jiri                p14
Ficenec, Mary A              p14
Fiedler, Albert              p 7
Fiedler, Anna                p15
Fiedler, Antonie             p 8
Fiedler, Frank               p15
Fiedler, Frank J             p15
Fiedler, Helen A             p15
Fiedler, Joseph              p 8
Fiedler, Joseph J            p 8
Fiedler, Lew                 p 7
Fiedler, Marie               p 8
Fiedler, Mary                p 7
Fiedler, Rose F              p 8
Fiedler, Vaclav              p 8
Fiedler, Wm                  p 7
Fiedler, William             p15
Fisher, Adeline              p17
Fisher, Charles              p17
Fisher, J J                  p14
Fisher, Mary                 p17
Fisher, Mother               p14
Fisher, son                  p14
Frohner, Charles             p 7
Frohner, Emma B              p 6
Frohner, Frances             p 6
Frohner, James               p 6
Frohner, James T             p 6
Frohner, Louis               p 6
Frohner, Mary                p 6
Furasek, Anton M             p 9
Furasek(?), Inf              p 9
Furasek, James A             p 9
Furasek, Josephine           p 9

Gottberg, Albert J           p12
Gottberg, Gilbert C          p12
Grimm, Linda Kay             p 2
Grimm, Maxine J              p 2
Grimm, Patricia Ann          p 2

Haba, Christina              p17
Haba, Inf                    p17
Hach, Helen                  p13
Hakal, Adolph                p19
Hakal, Anton                 p19
Hakal, Paul                  p19
Hakel, Anna                  p16
Hakel, Vaclav                p16
Hakel, Wenzel                p16
Hejtman, Anna                p 9
Hejtman, Jiri                p 9
Hladik, Anna                 p18
Hladik, Frank                p18
Hladik, Rudolf               p18
Holoubek, Anna F             p 8
Holoubek, Emily              p20
Holoubek, Frank              p 8
Holoubek, James              p20
Hraban, James D              p13
Hraban, Jeffrey              p13
Hronek, Rudolph              p 3
Hurka, Ondrej                p11
Hutter, Scott G              p11

Janak, John                  p18
Janak, Katherine             p18
Janek, Louis J               p10
Jansa, Edward L              p10
Jansa, Emma                  p10
Jansa, Gabriella             p 3
Jansa, George                p 4
Jansa, Helen                 p 4
Jansa, James                 p 1
Jansa, Josefa                p11
Jansa, Lew                   p10
Jansa, Louis E               p10
Jansa, Mary E                p 1
Jansa, Vaclav                p11
Jansky, Clara                p 8
Jansky, Martin               p 8
Jelinek, Anton               p12
Jelinek, Josefka D           p 8
Jelinek, Frank C             p13
Jelinek, Frantiska           p12
Jelinek, Jan                 p 5
Jelinek, John                p 5
Jelinek, Katherine           p 5
Jelinek, Vincent             p13
Jirovsky, Joseph A           p 2
Jisa, Marie                  p16
Jisa, Matej                  p16

Kacirek, Emma                p16
Kacirek, Frantisek           p16
Kacirek, Frantiska           p16
Kacirek, James               p16
Kacirek, Joseph F            p 4
Kadavy, Charles A            p 4
Kadavy, Emma F               p 4
Kadavy, Frantisek            p 7
Kadavy, Frantiska            p 7
Kadavy, Henry J              p14
Kahoun, Anton Sr             p 6
Klug, Helen H                p13
Klug, William C              p13
Komenda, Adolph F            p 5
Komenda, Anton               p 5
Komenda, Mary                p 5
Korff, Mary                  p19
Kosarek, Barbora             p15
Kosarek, Frantisek           p15
Kouma, Freddie               p 8
Kouma, George W              p 8
Kouma, Jerry C               p 8
Kouma, Katerina              p 8
Kouma, Katherine             p 8
Kouma, Vaclav                p 8
Kovanda, Louis J             p 6
Kovanda, Mary T              p 6
Kovarik, Anna                p 9
Kovarik, Jan                 p 9
Kralik, Mary E W             p 6
Kratochvil, Frank            p12
Kratochvil, Karl             p 2
Kratochvil, Mary M           p12
Kresl, Frank M               p 4
Kresl, Martha H              p 4
Kubik, James A               p10
Kubik, Loddie                p10
Kubista, John J              p18
Kubista, Josef               p18
Kubista, Joseph L            p 4
Kucera, Albin G              p 4
Kudrna, Alois                p20
Kudrna, Frank                p20
Kudrna, Frantiska            p20
Kudrna, Josef                p20
Kudrna, Lucille T            p20
Kudrna, Mary F               p20

Ludvik, Agnes                p 8
Ludvik, Antonie              p 7
Ludvik, Barbora              p 7
Ludvik, Edward               p 7
Ludvik, Jan                  p 7
Ludvik, Leonard J            p 8
Ludvik, Martin               p18
Ludvik, Rudolph              p 8
Ludvik, Viktorie             p18
Lukas, Josef                 p15
Lukas, Mary                  p15

Mach, Anton F                p 3
Mach, Anton J                p 5
Mach, Julia V                p 3
Machacek, Agnes              p20
Machacek, Anton              p20
Machacek, Emma L             p12
Machacek, Frances R          p 1
Machacek, Frank              p11
Machacek, Frank A            p 1
Machacek, Frantiska          p10
Machacek, George A           p20
Machacek, Hattie             p20
Machacek, Jan                p 8
Machacek, Josef              p10
Machacek, Joseph E           p 8
Machacek, Josephine          p20
Machacek, Louis E            p12
Machacek, Marie              p 8
Machacek, Mary L             p 8
Machacek, Theodore C         p 8
Machacek, Therese            p20
Madigan, Gary                p19
Madigan, James               p19
Madigan, John                p19
Madigan, Katie               p19
Madigan, Margret             p19
Malina, Jan                  p20
Malina, Michal               p20
Malousek, Frank              p13
Malousek, Katherine          p13
Malousek, Kathleen A         p12
Malousek, Mary A             p 8
Malousek, Matej              p 8
Malousek, Raymond J          p12
Maly, Anna                   p 1
Maly, Edward J               p 5
Maly, John F                 p 1
Maly, Lucile F               p 5
Maly, Todd                   p 4
Maly, Vladimir E             p 5
Marsalek, Josefa             p12
Marsalek, Tomas              p12
Marshalek, Frances           p 2
Marshalek, Frank T           p 2
Marshalek, Joseph J          p 5
Marshalek, Louis A           p 2
Martinson, Marie Sedlacek    p16
Masek, Ernest V              p 3
Meduna, Anastazie            p15
Meduna, Ant                  p 7
Meduna, Anton                p16
Meduna, Antonia              p16
Meduna, Antonie              p15
Meduna, Frank                p 7
Meduna, Frantiska            p15
Meduna, Jan                  p 7
Meduna, Josef                p15
Meduna, Mary                 p 7
Miller, Vernie H             p 5
Misek, Adolf                 p14
Misek, Alosie                p14
Misek, Frank Sr              p14
Misek, James S               p14
Molak, Frank T               p11
Molak, Josef                 p11
Molak, Mary C                p11
Moran, Anna                  p15
Moran, Lawrence              p15
Moran, Margaret              p15
Musil, Anna                  p21
Musil, Frank                 p21

Nemec, James                 p 2
Novak, Anton                 p 8
Novak, Anton J               p16
Novak, Frantiska             p18
Novak, Jan                   p18
Novak, Marcella              p 5
Novak, Terezie               p16
Novotny, Anna M              p13
Novotny, Jerry J             p13

Ohnoutka, Edward A           p12
Ohnoutka, Edward C           p 1
Ohnoutka, Edward E           p12
Ohnoutka, Emil               p13
Ohnoutka, Ferdinand L        p 2
Ohnoutka, Frances            p21
Ohnoutka, Frank              p20
Ohnoutka, Frank J            p21
Ohnoutka, Gary Lee           p15
Ohnoutka, Hubert J           p 1
Ohnoutka, Jan                p20
Ohnoutka, Joseph             p20
Ohnoutka, Josephine          p13
Ohnoutka, Julia E            p12
Ohnoutka, Marie W            p20
Ohnoutka, Mary               p14
Ohnoutka, Raymond W          p12
Ohnoutka, Tillie             p12
Ourada, Eleanor T            p20

Pacal, Anastazie B           p11
Pacal, John S                p12
Pacal, Joseph                p11
Pacal, Mildred J             p12
Pacula, Anna E               p 2
Pacula, Anton J              p 2
Pacula, Charles              p 8
Pacula, Fannie               p 9
Pacula, Frank                p 9
Pacula, Frank J              p 1
Pacula, Marie Virgl          p 8
Pacula, Mary A               p 1
Pascal, Louis J              p11
Paseka, Alden                p13
Paseka, Jan                  p16
Paseka, Marie                p16
Pavlik, Frank Jr             p11
Pavlik, James                p19
Pecha, Albina F              p11
Pecha, Antnette              p11
Pecha, Edward                p11
Pecha, Joseph                p12
Pecha, Mary                  p11
Pecha, Rudolph               p12
Pitela, John                 p 2
Polacek, Mary                p 4
Pop, Edward J                p 1
Pop, Emanuel                 p10
Pop, Henry J                 p10
Pop, Josef                   p10
Pop, Mary                    p10
Pospisil, Jan                p 7
Pospisil, Marie              p 7
Princ, Anton J               p 9
Princ, Frantisek             p 9
Prinz, Jerry P               p11

Raiter, Frantisek            p15
Ratkovec, Frantiska          p11
Ratkovec, Jan                p11
Reese, Herbert A             p 9
Rehak, Anna                  p14
Rehak, Jonny                 p15
Rehak, Winslow               p14
Rerucha, Augusta C           p 1
Rerucha, Leo J               p 1
Rezac, Anton                 p15
Rezac, Emil                  p18
Rezac, Frances               p15
Rezac, Theodore J            p15
Rezek, Anna P                p 3
Rezek, Bette R               p 4
Rezek, Louis A               p 3
Rezek, Petr                  p 6
Ruzek, Ernest J              p 4

Sabatka, Adolph L            p 6
Sabatka, Anton F             p17
Sabatka, Charles E           p 3
Sabatka, Frank A             p12
Sabatka, George J            p 2
Sabatka, Jimmy               p17
Sabatka, Marie               p17
Sabatka, Mathew J            p 5
Sabatka, Randall F           p 3
Salak, Frank                 p14
Salak, Katherine             p14
Sedlacek, Antonia Paseka     p16
Sercl, Frank                 p 7
Sercl, Frank C               p 7
Sercl, Frank M               p 2
Sercl, Rosalie               p 7
Shavlik, Joseph              p 4
Simanek, Jiri                p18
Simanek, Mother              p18
Simonides(?), Method         p16
Skokan, Anna                 p 9
Skokan, Frances              p12
Skokan, George J             p 2
Skokan, Jan                  p 9
Skokan, John J               p 1
Skokan, John L               p12
Skokan, Joseph C             p 3
Skokan, Rose Ann             p12
Skokan, Vaclav               p10
Skokan, Viktoria             p10
Spicka, Alice                p17
Spicka, Debbie               p 4
Spicka, Frantiska            p17
Spicka, Jan                  p17
Spicka, John A               p17
Spicka, Joseph A             p14
Spicka, Marie                p17
Spicka, Marie                p17
Spicka, Mary                 p14
Spicka, Mary                 p17
Spicka, William H            p18
Spicka, Zofie                p18
Staska, Anna                 p 9
Staska, Ethel                p 9
Staska, John                 p 9
Staska, John J               p 9
Staska, Joseph               p18
Staska, Terezie              p18
Stava, James                 p11
Stava, Maxie Ray             p12
Steyer, Anton James          p 3
Steyer, Charles E            p 3
Stransky, Frantisek          p19
Stransky, Josefina           p19
Svoboda, Andrew M            p15
Svoboda, Cecelia             p 9
Svoboda, Emma O              p 5
Svoboda, Frank               p 5
Svoboda, James P             p 5
Svoboda, Jan                 p17
Svoboda, John F              p 9
Svoboda, John J              p 9
Svoboda, Josef               p 9
Svoboda, Marie               p 9
Svoboda, Marie               p17
Svoboda, Rose M              p 9
Svoboda, Wilma L             p 5
Swoboda, Joseph              p15

Tomcak, Anna                 p20
Tomcak, Josef                p20
Tomes, Ondrej J              p15
Tomes, Veronika J            p15
Tomsicek, Antonie            p 9
Tomsicek, Edward J           p13
Tomsicek, Henry              p 4
Tomsicek, Jacob              p 9
Tomsicek, Victoria           p 9
Tosovsky, Anna               p19
Tuveson, Caroline F          p11
Tuveson, Nels A              p11
Tvrdy, Antonie               p19
Tvrdy, Frank T               p19
Tvrdy, Jiri                  p19
Tvrdy, Magdalena             p19
Tvrdy, Rose                  p12
Tvrdy, Terezie               p19
Tvrdy, Thomas                p19

Uher, Adolph T               p13
Uher, Frank                  p13

Valach, Jakub                p16
Valach, Marie                p16
Vanek, James                 p 1
Vanek, Joseph F              p 3
Vanek, Mary C                p 3
Van Slyke, Marie             p14
Vasa, Julia                  p 9
Vculek, Karel                p20
Vculek, Marie                p20
Virgl, Anna                  p 8
Virgl, Frances               p14
Virgl, Frank                 p 8
Virgl, John                  p14
Vlasak, James                p12
Vlasak, Sophia               p12
Vlcan, Karel                 p18
Vlcan, Marie                 p18
Vlcan, Randal S              p 2
Vlcan, Vilem                 p18
Volanek, Jan                 p 5

Wais, Anna                   p17
Wais, Frantisek              p17
Watson, Anna                 p18
Watson, John                 p18
Watson, Sarah Ann            p18
Woita, Antonette             p 6
Woita, Charles J             p 4
Woita, Frank E               p 6
Woita, Frank J               p 7
Woita, Dr James F            p 6
Woita, James J               p 6
Woita, Jan M                 p 6
Woita, Joseph M              p19
Woita, Kurt A                p 4
Woita, Leon A                p 6
Woita, Marie                 p 6
Woita, Mary E                p19
Woita, Rose E                p 6
Woita, Rose L                p 6
Woita, William J             p19
Wondra, Barbora              p20
Wondra, Charles J            p 6
Wondra, Jan                  p20
Wonka, Barbara               p 6
Wonka, John                  p 6
Wostrchill, Anna M           p15

Zahourek, James              p13
Zahourek, Jan                p 8
Zahourek, Mary               p13
Zahourek, Victoria           p 8
Zavodny, Barbora             p 7
Zavodny, Ignac               p 7
Zavodny, Josef               p 7
Zavodny, Veronika            p 7
Zetocha, Frances E           p13
Zetocha, Frank A             p10
Zatocha, Frantisek           p10
Zetocha, Frantiska           p10
Zetocha, John                p13
Zetoche, Julius              p13
Zetocha, Julius J            p13

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