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photo courtesy of Geri DeGroff.
(winter 2000)

St. Francis

(Wahoo, Nebraska)
(Stocking Precinct)
Submitted by
Clarabelle Mares
Lewis-Clark Chapter DAR
Fremont, Nebraska
State:    Nebraska    County:    Saunders    Township:    Stocking
Section:    NW 1/4 NW 1/4 of Section 11    Township:    14 N    RANGE:    7 E
Recorded By:    Clarabelle Mares    1722 East 19 Fremont, Nebraska 68025
Assisted By:    Kathrine Petersen
Date Recorded:    Started 9 June 1977 and completed 30 June 1977

Cemetery map

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Tombstone Records

Names Index

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                           Page #
Aude, Herman R                 p 2

Bales, Wilma I                 p 7
Barry, David                   p12
Barry, Ellen                   p12
Barry, Ellen F                 p 7
Barry, John                    p 7
Barry, John Hugh               p12
Barry, Jose Johanna            p 7
Barry, Julia Loretta           p12
Barry, Margaret Culhane        p 7
Barry, Michael                 p 7
Barry, Peter John              p19
Barry, Thomas                  p 7
Bartek, Angeline T             p21
Bartek, Bernard D              p15
Bartek, Joseph B               p 4
Bartek, Joseph L               p 4
Bartek, Renee Marie            p 4
Bazant, Frances E              p22
Bazant, Frank C                p22
Behrns, Daniel W               p18
Benal, Anna                    p 5
Benal, Anton                   p 5
Benal, Frank F                 p24
Benal, Frantiska               p 4
Benal, James  J.               p 5
Benal, Margaret M              p 5
Bendz, Clifton O               p18
Bendz, John C                  p18
Bennett, Theresa Lynn          p 1
Baranek, Joseph Frank          p23
Berniklau, Edward A            p23
Bily, Georgia                  p17
Bor, Antonia                   p 8
Bor, Faustin                   p 8
Bor, Mathew                    p 8
Bouc, Antonia A                p11
Bouc, Frances                  p24
Bouc, Jacob J                  p23
Bouc, John                     p24
Bouc, Joseph H                 p11
Bouc, Marie G                  p23
Bovill, Hazel G                p27
Bovill, William J              p27
Brabec, Anastasia              p 6
Brabec, Frank J                p19
Brabec, Joseph F               p 6
Brabec, Joseph F               p 6
Brabec, Katerina Klima         p 8
Brabec, Louis H                p 5
Brabec, Marie                  p 5
Brabec, Matej                  p 5
Brabec, Phoebe                 p 5
Brabec, Robert E               p 5
Breunig, Charles W             p22
Brown, John Oliver             p23
Brukner, Anton                 p22
Brukner, Mary                  p22
Bures, John W                  p23
Bures, Joseph                  p23
Buresh, Anna                   p27
Busek, John A                  p25

Casey, Andrea Rae              p20
Cech, Agnes                    p11
Cech, Edward L                 p11
Cech, Frank                    p11
Cech, Margot                   p11
Cejka, John                    p20
Cernik, Edward J               p 3
Cernik, Emil F                 p 3
Cernik, Frank L                p 3
Cernik, Frantisek              p 3
Cernik, Frantiska              p 3
Cernik, Laura I                p 3
Cernik, Marie                  p 3
Chvatal, Martin                p27
Chvatal, Mary Ann              p27
Cherovsky, Father              p 4
Cherovsky, Joe                 p21
Cherovsky, Kevin               p 1
Cherovsky, Mother              p 4
Cherovsky, Rose                p21
Cihal, Marie                   p25
Cink, Alice                    p23
Cink, Anton E                  p23
Cink, Louis R                  p18
Clinch, Henry J                p18
Coady, Matthew M               p24
Cords, Joan                    p 2
Cords, Viola C                 p 2
Coufal, Carol                  p 1
Coufal, Tillie E               p17
Crawford, Herman B             p11
Cribbett, Richard F            p14
Curran, Mary                   p13
Curran, Patrick                p13
Curtis, Helen M                p10

Dailey, Edgar A                p 6
Dailey, Jerry                  p 6
Dailey, MJry                   p 1
Dailey, Nellie                 p 6
Dailey, '1ada M                p 6
DiJis, Albert James            p25
Divis, Anna M                  p26
Divis, Bridget L               p22
Divis, Fred E                  p22
Divis, Gary E                  p 2
Divis,  Keith                  p 2
Docekal, Ludvick Lawrence      p 5
Docekal, Stanislav             p 5
Dokulil, Frank                 p14
Dokulil, Infant                p14
Dokulil, Josef                 p14
Dokulil, Joseph L              p14
Dokulil, Marie                 p14
Dokulil, Raymond H             p14
Dolezal, Clara B               p12
Dolezal, Edward                p11
Dolezal, Edward                p22
Dolezal, Emil J                p21
Dolezal, Frank                 p11
Dolezal, Frank E               p11
Dolezal, Hilda                 p22
Dolezal, lone S                p11
Dolezal, Jacob                 p11
Dolezal, John                  p11
Dolezal, Josefa                p11
Dolezal, Katerina S            p11
Dolezal, Katherina             p11
Dolezal, Louis E               p12
Dolezal, Marie Docekal         p 5
Dolezal, Mark A                p11
Dougherty, Elizabeth           p 7
Dougherty, Frank               p 7
Dougherty, Patrick             p 7
Dvorak, Marie                  p16
Oworak, Antonio                p12
Sworak, Frank                  p12
Dwyer, Dennis ri               p27
Dwyer, Edward R                p 6
Dwyer, Henry E                 p 6
Dwyer, John                    p 6
Dwyer, John J                  p 7
Owyar, Mark R                  p19
Dwyer, Mary Adeline            p 7
Dwyer, Mary Ann                p 6
Dwyer, Mathilda M              p27
Dwyer, Minnie J                p 6
Dwyer, Nellie L                p 6
Dwyer, Tom C                   p 6
Dwyer, William J               p 7

Egr, Barbara                   p21
Egr, Joseph                    p21

Fanning, Katheryn              p 2
Fanning, William               p 2
Fanning, William L             p25
Fejt, Bessie                   p15
Fejt, Frank                    p15
Fejt, Katherine                p15
Ficenec, Anna T                p26
Ficenec, Elizabeth             p 9
Ficenec, Joseph L              p26
Field, Henrietta Hase          p26
Field, Herbert H               p26
Fiedler, Shelley Marie         p19
Fisher, Anna                   p15
Fisher, Anton B                p15
Fisher, Emma                   p10
Fisher, Emma                   p18
Fisher, Emma L                 p 3
Fisher, Frank J                p10
Fisher, Frantiska              p10
Fisher, Henry A                p10
Fisher, Josef                  p10
Fisher, Lucy Dolezal           p11
Fisher, Mary                   p10
Fisher, Raymond F              p 3
Flanigan, Mary                 p 8
Flanigan, Patrick M            p 8
Fraley, Bessie F               p22
Fraley, E D                    p 2
Fraley, Elizabeth              p 2
Fraley, Frank                  p 2
Fraley, Leo E                  p22

Gray, James E                  p 1
Grimes, Dennis                 p 6
Grimes, Edith                  p 6
Grimes, Edward                 p 6
Gross, Jane                    p20

Haba, Ferdinand W              p25
Haba, Mary                     p25
Hanis, Ethel E                 p10
Hanis, Joseph D                p10
Hase, A F                      p13
Hase, Margaret                 p13
Hase, Therese                  p13
Haugh, William G               p27
Havel, Albert                  p 9
Havel, Mayme                   p 9
Havelka, Anton                 p18
Havelka, Marie                 p18
Hellerich, Daniel              p20
Hilligas, Joshua James         p 1
Hladik, August C               p19
Hobza, Anna S                  p12
Hobza, Antonia Rambousek       p12
Hobza, Frank                   p12
Hobza, Mathias C               p12
Hobza, Stephen                 p20
Hobza, Sylvester               p12
Hockerson, John W              p17
Hockerson, Mary                p17
Hohl, Anna M                   p 9
Hohl, Clarence G               p 9
Hohl, Donald John              p 9
Hohl, Helen M                  p 9
Hohl, John G                   p 9
Hohl, Raymond W                p 9
Holub, Frank                   p 8
Holub, Josephine               p 8
Homolka, Frank                 p15
Homolka, Freida                p15
Homolka, Klara                 p15
Hora, Joseph                   p 1
Hoss, Patricia A               p18
Houdek, John F                 p25
Houfek, Adeline A              p13
Houfek, Antoina                p13
Houfek, Joseph                 p13
Houska, Anna                   p17
Houska, Clara M                p17
Houska, Vincenc                p17
Hrdlicka, Henry                p 5
Hronek, Viola Kastl            p 7
Hruby, Barbara E               p 8
Hruby, Charles S               p 8
Hruby, Wencelaus P             p27
Hula, James A                  p21
Hula, Maymie L                 p21

Janecek, Antonia               p23
Janecek, Marie                 p24
Janecek, Rose                  p22
Janecek, Vaclav                p23
Jelinek, Abin                  p 6
Jelinek, Bobbie                p 4
Jalinek, Carl E                p 6
Jelinek, Frank A               p19
Jelinek, Georgia A             p24
Jelinek, Mary                  p 6
Jelinek, Rudolf J              p 4
Jirovsky, Anna                 p16
Jirovsky, Frances              p 9
Jirovsky, Frances              p17
Jirvosky, Frank                p 9
Jirovsky, John                 p17
Jirovsky, Mary T               p16
Jirovsky, Peter                p16
Johnson, Carl J Kuhn           p26
Johnson, Mabel F Dwyer         p 7
Jonas, Anna                    p16
Jonas, Josef                   p16
Jonas, Mary                    p16
Jonas, Mary                    p16
Jonas, Vaclav J                p 3
Jonas, Vincent J               p16

Kanouff, Carol J               p18
Kaspar, Frank                  p 9
Kaspar, Josephine Koudele      p 9
Kastl, Anna Marie              p 7
Kastl, Frank J                 p 7
Kavan, Amelia P                p25
Kavan, Frank J                 p 5
Kavan, Marie                   p 4
Kavan, Michael George          p 3
Kavan, Philip                  p 4
Kavan, Rose A                  p 5
Kavan, Thomas W                p 5
Keane, Bernard                 p19
Kearney, Honora                p 7
Kearney, James                 p 7
Kearney, James                 p 7
Kearney, James M               p 7
Kearney, Josephine R           p 7
Kirchman, Father               p10
Kirchman, George               p12
Kirchman, Johanna A            p10
Kirchman, Mother               p10
Kirchman, Wencel H             p10
Kirchmann, Mabel C             p27
Klima, Frank                   p 8
Klotz, Celia                   p13
Klotz, Edward L                p13
Klotz, Kenneth                 p13
Knipple, Robert Lee            p 2
Koch, Ralph R                  p10
Konecky, Emil F                p 9
Konecky, Father                p 9
Konecky, Frances A             p 9
Konecky, Grandmother           p 9
Konecky, Helen C               p21
Konecky, Louis J               p 9
Konecky, Mother                p 9
Konecky, Vincent               p21
Kontos, James                  p18
Kontos, Louis N                p18
Kontos, Mary T                 p18
Koranda, Joseph A              p21
Koukal, Frank J                p 3
Koutny, Barbara                p13
Koutny, Frank                  p14
Koutny, Frank T                p12
Koutny, Frank W                p14
Koutny, James L                p12
Koutny, James Sr               p12
Koutny, Josephine              p14
Koutny, Katerina               p12
Koutny, Lloyd                  p13
Koutny, Lloydie                p13
Koutny, Rose M                 p12
Kracl, Carrie M                p23
Kracman, Antonia               p 2
Kralik, Agnes                  p15
Kralik, Agnes                  p15
Kralik, Anna                   p15
Kralik, Anton                  p15
Kralik, Frank                  p 4
Kralik, Frantiska              p 4
Kralik, Josef                  p 4
Kralik, Joseph M               p15
Kralik, Marie                  p15
Kralik, Mary                   p17
Krska, Frant                   p 8
Krumpus, Ralph G               p26
Kucera, Antonia                p 4
Kucera, Edward L               p 4
Kucera, Emma                   p 4
Kucera, Louis A                p 4
Kucera, Stanley A              p10
Kudrna, Albert                 p13
Kudrna, Anna                   p14
Kudrna, Charles                p13
Kudrna, Frances                p12
Kudrna, Frank                  p12
Kudrna, James L                p 8
Kudrna, John L                 p12
Kudrna, Joseph                 p14
Kudrna, Joseph J               p 4
Kudrna, Joseph W               p 2
Kudrna, Josephine A S          p 2
Kudrna, Lizzie                 p14
Kudrna, Louis J                p 4
Kudrna, Mae                    p12
Kudrna, Mary J                 p 4
Kuhn, Marie M                  p26
Kunasek, Frank                 p15
Kunasek, Joseph J              p15
Kunasek, Vincent               p15
Kunce, Robert J                p20

Lane, Judith R                 p 1
Lanek, John                    p 8
Lanek, Mary                    p 8
Lanik, Frank E                 p 3
Lanik, Joe L                   p 9
Lanik, Leo                     p 3
Lanik, Mary E                  p 9
Lapour, Margaret Breunig       p23
Lapour, Robert R               p23
Larson, Egner J                p 2
Lauvetz, Edith A               p10
Lauvetz, Joseph I              p10
Lawson, Robert B               p18
Leitgeb, Barbara               p16
Leitgeb, Eddie                 p16
Leitgeb, John                  p16
Loloubek, Charles J            p10
Lukas, Anna A                  p15
Lukas, Frank J                 p15

McElfresh, Hervey              p 2
McElfresh, Magdalena           p 2
McElfresh, Mathew              p 2
McGinnis, Catherine M          p 8
McGinnis, John T               p 8

Machovec, Ann M                p17
Machovec, Anna                 p17
Machovec, Edward E             p17
Machovec, Emil                 p17
Machovec, John A               p17
Machovec, Louis                p16
Machovec, Rose                 p16
Machovec, Rudolph              p16
Mack, George                   p 4
Macura, Barbara                p 7
Macura, Frank                  p 7
Macura, Frank                  p27
Malm, Edward L                 p24
Maly, Adolph F                 p26
Maly, Anna A                   p23
Maly, Bessie M                 p21
Maly, Elenor                   p 5
Maly, Evelyn M                 p26
Maly, Ferdinand J              p 8
Maly, Henry J                  p21
Maly, Joseph H                 p 5
Maly, Joseph J                 p23
Maly, Mary F                   p 8
Margrave, Alfred B             p 9
Marsalek, Veronika             p10
Marshalek, Agnes               p10
Marshalek, John F              p10
Masek, John A                  p11
Masek, Joseph A                p11
Mastera, Antonie M             p12
Mastera, Frank                 p16
Mastera, Frantisek             p13
Mastera, John F                p12
Mastera, Joseph J              p14
Mastera, Karolina              p16
Mastera, Louis                 p21
Mastera, Mary F                p25
Mastera, Thomas M              p25
Matejka, Anna                  p14
Matejka, Frank                 p14
Matejka, Frank                 p14
Meduna, Agnes                  p13
Meduna, Frank C                p24
Meduna, Louis                  p26
Meduna, Mark Joseph            p13
Meduna, Wm                     p13
Miller, Jesse F                p24
Miller, Katherine L            p24
Monaghan, Bernard A            p10
Morrisey, Edward               p 6
Morrisey, John L               p 7
Morrisey, Mary                 p 6
Musil, John                    p26
Musil, Katherina               p26

Nalezinek, Janet & Jerry       p 5
Nemec, Rt Rev Msgr Matthew W   p20
Niebur, Edward L Sr            p20
Noha, Anna                     p26
Noha, Frances                  p16
Noha, Frantisek                p12
Noha, Frantiska                p12
Noha, John W                   p16
Noha, Kenneth L                p22
Noha, Louis J                  p26
Novak, Cyrill M                p 4
Novak, Marie F                 p 4
Novotny, Joseph M              p17
Nozicka, Bessie C              p21

Obrichta, John                 p 8
Obrichta, Katerina             p 8
O'Fallon, Anna                 p 9
O'Fallon, Della                p 9
O'Fallon, James                p 9
Ohnoutka, Joseph J             p24
Ohnoutka, Mary O               p24
Olsen, Kenneth P               p19

Pacula, John                   p 2
Pacula, Mollie                 p 2
Palensky, Cyril J              p 8
Palensky, William J            p 8
Pallat, Darliene Kay           p 1
Pallat, Leo                    p14
Pallat, Louis                  p15
Pallat, Martha                 p20
Pallat, Robert Frank           p 1
Pallat, Rudolf H               p15
Pallat, Tekla                  p14
Paseka, Ernest J               p24
Pekarek, Anne S                p 4
Pekarek, James                 p 4
Pekarek, Joseph                p 4
Pelan, Anna                    p 5
Pelan, Emil                    p20
Pelan, Vaclav                  p 5
Peterson, Jon                  p 1
Phelan, Elzada                 p16
Phelen, Jesse                  p27
Phelan, Mabel                  p27
Phelan, Mary T                 p16
Phelan, Paul B                 p13
Phelan, William                p16
Phelan, Wm C                   p16
Plummer, Helen M               p11
Podhaisky, Frances             p13
Podhaisky, Frank               p13
Polacek, Vincent J             p18
Polak, Frank J                 p22
Polak, Mary                    p22
Pospisil, Beatrice             p24
Pospisil, Charles              p27
Pospisil, Jacob                p24
Pospisil, Rose A               p27
Prohaska, Janice               p 1
Prokop, Anna                   p25
Prokop, Vendolin               p25

Rasmussen, Arthur              p25
Rasmussen, Harry M             p 6
Rasmussen, Louis               p 6
Rasmussen, Mae Foley           p 6
Rasmussen, Mathew              p 6
Rasmussen, Nellie              p 6
Rasmussen, Ruth B              p25
Raver, Donald Harlan           p 4
Raver, Randall                 p 5
Raver, Timothy                 p 5
Reese, Richard I               p21
Rezac, Frank J                 p23
Rezac, James L                 p20
Rezac, Georgia G               p23
Rezac, William E               p20
Rezek, Edward A                p26
Rezek, Emil E                  p26
Rezek, Joseph A                p26
Rezek, Margaret M              p26
Rochford, Frances Barry        p12

Sabatka, Anton L               p20
Sabatka, Joseph M              p12
Saeger, Helena TaIty           p 7
Safranek, James                p13
Safranek, Josephine            p13
Scanlon, Martin R              p11
Schreider, Edith Hockerson     p17
Sedlacek, Libby M              p24
Sedlacek, Louis A              p24
Semerad, Dorota                p 5
Shalon, Anne R                 p 9
Shalon, Nick A                 p 9
Shonka, Angelyn M              p26
Shonka, Richard D              p26
Shonka, Richard D              p26
Simanek, Caroline T            p26
Simanek, Joseph I              p26
Simanek, Susan K               p 1
Simodynes, Antonie             p17
Simodynes, Edward Emil         p14
Simodynes, Frank J             p14
Simodynes, Frantisek           p11
Simodynes, Frantiska           p11
Simodynes, Georgie Ann         p14
Simodynes, John                p17
Simodynes, Joseph              p17
Simodynes, Marie               p11
Simodynes, Marie               p14
Simodynes, Mary                p17
Simodynes, Vaclav              p11
Simodynes, Vincent             p14
Skoda, Anezka                  p 5
Skoda, Jan                     p 5
Skoda, John                    p 5
Skoda, Marie                   p 5
Skoda, Marie                   p 5
Sladky, Caroline               p11
Sladky, Jacob V                p11
Sladky, Jakub                  p11
Sladky, Mathew G               p11
Smejkal, Antonia               p 8
Smejkal, Frank                 p 8
Smejkal, Joseph                p 8
Smejkal, Marie                 p 8
Specht, Linda Sue              p27
Spicka, Agnes R                p23
Spicka, Donna Mae              p22
Spicka, Emil J                 p22
Spicka, Frank A                p18
Spicka, Frank I                p22
Spicka, Joseph R               p23
Stava, Anna                    p 6
Stava, Anton                   p 6
Stava, Konstantin              p 6
Stejskal, Albin J              p20
Stejskal, Emma                 p20
Stejskal, Martin               p20
Stuchlik, Anna                 p16
Stucklik, John A               p16
Styskal, Antonette Theresa     p 2
Styskal, Antonia               p 2
Styskal, Antonia               p 3
Styskal, Charles               p 2
Styskal, Frank J               p 3
Styskal, Gustie S              p 3
Styskal, Helen                 p 3
Styskal, John                  p 3
Styskal, Martin Joseph         p 3
Sudik, Mary                    p21
Sudik, Wm A                    p15
Sudik, William                 p15
Svoboda, Anton J               p 3
Svoboda, Frances               p 3
Svoboda, Frances V             p 3
Swartz, Carol K                p19
Swoboda, Frank                 p25
Swoboda, Hattie D              p18
Swoboda, James F               p25
Swoboda, Mary                  p25

Tallon, James E                p 1
Talty, Alma Johnson            p 7
Tejral, Robert Lee             p19
Thiesen, Herman T              p26
Thoms, Verona L                p10
Thorson, Caroll O              p19
Tomcak, Bessie                 p21
Tomcak, John C                 p21
Tomcak, Joseph J               p22
Tomek, Anna                    p16
Tomek, Anna                    p16
Tomek, Josef                   p16
Travnicek, Ernest              p27
Trilety, Anna                  p 8
Trilety, Josefa                p 8
Trilety, Matej                 p 8

Vaca, John                     New
Vachal, Charles                p 7
Vandas, George                 p 9
Vanek, Emil                    p22
Vanek, Joseph F                p23
Vanek, Lucille M               p19
Vanek, Mary K                  p23
Vasina, Anton F                p21
Vculek, Anton                  p 9
Vculek, Joseph H               p19
Vculek, Mary A                 p 9
Velicky, Helen                 p 3
Velicky, Marie                 p 3
Velicky, Stanley               p 3
Velicky, Vaclav                p 3
Vesely, Josef                  p 4
Vesely, Marie                  p 4
Virgl, Caroline J              p25
Virgl, Dolores L               p24
Virgl, Henry J C               p25
Virgl, Marie B                 p22
Virgl, Robert H                p24
Vlach, John E                  p11
Vlach, Rose M                  p11
Voboril, Anton F               p 2
Vboril, Anton J                p19
Voboril, Billy                 p 1
Voboril, Joseph R              p18
Vokurka, John                  p 1
Vybiral, Frank J               p23
Vybiral, John H                p19

Wallace, Margaret Jean         p 1
Wernsman, Jacob                p27
Wesely, Anna J                 p25
Wesely, Emma E                 p10
Woita, Agnes                   p 6
Wolff, Emma V                  p20
Wolff, James C                 p20
Wotipka, Amil J                p17
Wotipka, Bessie M.             p23
Wotipka, Frank                 p24
Wotipka, Frantiska             p17
Wotipka, John F                p24
Wotipka, Julia                 p24
Wotipka, Louis Sr              p 7
Wotipka, Ludvik                p23
Wotipka, Martin                p17
Wotipka, Martin                p26
Wotipka, Sophia                p17
Wotipka, Thomas                p17

Zaloudek, James M              p15
Zetoche, Veronicka             p21
Zima, Anton A                  p11
Zima, Frank M Sr               p11
Zimola, Frances                p12
Zimola, James C                p25
Zimola, John                   p12
Zimola, Joseph                 p21
Zimola, Lisa Marie             p21
Zimola, Marie                  p12
Zimola, Tomas                  p12
Zimola, Vincie M               p25

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