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photo courtesy of Clarabelle Mares.
(October 1978)

Rock Creek
Grace Lutheran

(Richland Township)
Submitted by
Clarabelle Mares
Lewis-Clark Chapter DAR
Fremont, Nebraska
State:    Nebraska    County:    Saunders    Township:    Richland
Section:    SE 1/4 SE 1/4 of Section 5    Township:    13 N    RANGE:    7 E
Recorded By:    Clarabelle Mares    1722 East 19 Fremont, Nebraska 68025
Assisted By:    Kathrine Petersen
Date Recorded:    8 October 1978

Cemetery map

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Tombstone Records

Names Index

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                         Page #
Almquist, Amanda             p16
Almquist, Betty Elaine       p16
Almquist, Delf O             p16
Almquist, Elder W            p11
Almquist, Everett D          p16
Almquist, Glen R             p16
Almquist, Marlene A          p16
Almquist, Minnie A           p11
Almquist, Per Albin          p16
Anderson, Alexander          p 2
Anderson, Alice              p15
Anderson, Andrew G           p15
Anderson, Anna               p 1
Anderson, August             p 2
Anderson, August             p14
Anderson, August             p15
Anderson, Axel A             p 9
Anderson, Axel F             p15
Anderson, Carolina           p 5
Anderson, Charles            p13
Anderson, Clara M            p 2
Anderson, Edna E             p14
Anderson, Elizabeth J        p 5
Anderson, Elmo               p 9
Anderson, Emma               p15
Anderson, Emma S             p13
Anderson, Fredrick L         p 5
Anderson, Hanna Emelia       p 5
Anderson, Hannah             p13
Anderson, Hans               p 2
Anderson, Jakob              p14
Anderson, Johann             p13
Anderson, Johanna            p 2
Anderson, Johanna            p14
Anderson, John               p 1
Anderson, John A             p14
Anderson, Margit             p 9
Anderson, Martha             p13
Anderson, Matilda            p 2
Anderson, Mildred            p14
Anderson, Oscar              p15
Anderson, Oscar H            p 2
Anderson, P E                p 5
Anderson, Peter A            p 1
Anderson, Selma              p 9
Anderson, Theodore           p14
Anderson, Violet             p10

Bengtson, Anders             p 9
Bengtson, August             p13
Bengtson, Ellen              p 4
Bengtson, Hilda              p10
Bengtson, Josina             p13
Bengtson, Nella              p10
Bengtson, Nels               p10
Bengtson, Ruth H             p13
Bengtson, Wm                 p 4
Benson, Alfreda S            p 3
Blomquist, Ellen             p13
Blomquist, Frank             p13
Blomquist, Gustaf E          p 7
Brodd, Andrew G              p 8
Brodd, Clemens F             p12
Brodd, Conrad W              p12
Brodd, Ella F                p12
Brodd, Gustafa               p 8
Brodd, Henry V               p12
Brodd, Herman                p12
Brodd, Hilma                 p12
Brodd, J August              p12
Brodd, Lillie                p12
Brodd, Mildred V             p12
Brodd, Viola L               p12
Brostrom, Andrew G           p14
Brostrom, Botilda            p14
Brostrom, Selma J            p 2
Burklund, John F             p 1

Carlson, Peter R             p13
Cederdahl, Fred              p 8

Dahlman, Emily J             p13
Dahlman, Ivar R              p13
DeLauris, Michael Vint       p13
Dewey, Alvin C               p 3
Dewey, Esther C              p 3
Dristy, Anna                 p 8
Dristy, Olof                 p 8

Edstrom, Amanda              p10
Edstrom, Edna J              p 7
Edstrom, Laura               p11
Edstrom, Peter O             p11
Eklund, Elsie                p11
Eklund, Peter P              p11
Eliason, Alma D              p 9
Eliason, Andreas             p 9
Eliason, Carolina            p 9
Eliason, Emin T              p 8
Eliason, Enoch T             p 9
Eliason, Ester V             p 8
Eliason, Helena              p 9
Eliason, Hulda               p 9
Eliason, Ida W               p 9
Eliason, Nels                p 9
Eliason, Rueben C            p16
Eliason, Swan                p 9
Elmelund, Edward P           p13
Elmelund, Hilda C            p13
Elmelund, Ingrid             p13
Elmelund, S N                p13
Erickson, Agatha             p13
Erickson, Anna               p13
Erickson, Anton              p 4
Erickson, Augustina          p 4
Erickson, Carl A             p 7
Erickson, Christina          p 7
Erickson, Clarinda E P       p 7
Erickson, Ellen              p13
Erickson, Emma               p 4
Erickson, Emma L             p 4
Erickson, Harry A            p 7
Erickson, Hermanda           p 4
Erickson, Hilda              p 4
Erickson, Johannes           p13
Erickson, Joseph             p13
Erickson, Josephine          p 7
Erickson, Nels A             p 7

Goranson, Anders J           p 6
Goranson, Hadda C            p 6
Goranson, John David         p 6
Grahn, Elias                 p 8
Gustafson, Alexandra U       p15
Gustafson, Arthur H          p11
Gustafson, Axel B            p15
Gustafson, Elise             p15
Gustafson, Ellen F           p15
Gustafson, Frank             p15
Gustafson, Marcellen J       p11
Gustafson, Maria             p15
Gustafson, Phyllis L         p11

Hagstrom, Anna L             p 5
Hagstrom, Carl J             p 5
Hagstrom, Fredricka          p 5
Hagstrom, Peter A            p 5
Hammer, Ellen M              p15
Hammer, Enock W              p15
Hanson, Hannah               p 9
Hanson, Hans                 p 9
Hanson, Hattie               p 9
Hanson, Hilma                p 9
Hanson, Peter                p 9
Hansson, Ebbka               p 6
Hansson, Yalmar              p 6
Hedlund, Aaron D             p14
Hedlund, Anna A              p15
Hedlund, Bothilda            p 4
Hedlund, Christian           p14
Hedlund, Elise               p14
Hedlund, Hilma A             p14
Hedlund, Jacob               p 4
Hedlund, John Ernest         p15
Hedlund, J Albert            p14
Hedlund, Mathilda            p14
Hedlund, Samuel              p14
Hedlund, Verner H            p15
Hedlund, Victor E            p15
Heiser, Carl J               p 1
Heiser, Edward R             p 1
Heiser, Hilda J              p 1
Heiser, Vernon C             p 1
Helsing, Anna                p 7
Helsing, August              p 7
Helsing, Caroline            p 7
Helsing, Eric                p 7
Helsing, John                p 8
Helsing, Lydia               p 7
Helsing, Selma M             p 8
Henrickson, Amanda C         p12
Henrickson, Andrew           p12
Henrickson, Ida M            p12
Herman, Mrs I K              p 9
Hockinson, Hana              p 5
Hockinson, Hanna             p 5
Hockinson, Olof P            p 5
Hockinson, Peter             p 5
Hokanson, Christina          p 2
Hokanson, Johanna            p 2
Hokanson, Truls              p 2
Holt, Rev Elmer J            p 2

Jackson, Urman               p 3
Johnson, August              p12
Johnson, Jean A              p12
Johnson, Julia               p 7
Johnson, Martha C            p12
Johnson, Oscar Anton         p12
Johnson, Oscar L             p 7

Landstrom, Emily             p 8
Landstrom, Otto              p 8
Landstrom, Wallace           p 8
Landstrom, Walter            p 8
Larson, Agnes Dorothea       p 9
Larson, Andrew J             p 8
Larson, Arthur E             p15
Larson, Carl Emil            p 9
Larson, Charles J            p 8
Larson, Eva M                p 8
Larson, Hilda Victoria       p 9
Larson, Hulda J              p15
Larson, Lars P               p 6
Larson, Lilie L              p 6
Larson, Mary                 p 6
Larson, Nellie               p 8
Larson, Oscar L              p 6
Liliedahl, Esther L          p 4
Liliedahl, Karen Ann         p 4
Liliedahl, Leon P            p 4
Liliedahl, Nellie            p 4
Liliedahl, O B               p 4
Liliedahl, Oscar T           p 4
Liliedahl, Peter             p 4
Liliedahl, Selma             p 4
Lindquist, Alice E           p16
Lindquist, Anna M            p 5
Lindquist, Christian         p16
Lindquist, Clarence F        p16
Lindquist, Elna              p 5
Lindquist, J S               p10
Lindquist, Ola S             p 5
Lindquist, Oscar V           p 7
Louis, Anna                  p10
Louis, Anna L                p10
Louis, Bell C                p10
Louis, Charles A             p 9
Louis, David                 p10
Louis, G O                   p10
Louis, Hilma                 p 9
Louis, Ida                   p10
Louis, Lucille M             p 9
Lusch, Emma M                p14
Lusch, Wm A                  p14

Magnuson, Alfred             p 9
Magnuson, Emma L             p 9
Magnuson, Maria              p 9
Magnuson, Nils               p 9
Magnuson, Oscar E            p 9
Mattson, Hanna               p 6
Mattson, John                p 6
Mauritz, Wilhelm             p 7
Monson, Augusta              p15
Monson, Nels                 p15
Munson, Lillie P             p15

Nelson, Albert               p 3
Nelson, Augusta C            p 8
Nelson, Bengt G              p 2
Nelson, Carl E               p 8
Nelson, Ellen                p 3
Nelson, Elna                 p 2
Nelson, Ester G              p 3
Nelson, George               p 3
Nelson, Hanna M              p 2
Nelson, Harris F             p 3
Nelson, Herbert W            p 1
Nelson, Hilda                p10
Nelson, Isaac                p 6
Nelson, Jonas                p10
Nelson, Julie Ann            p 1
Nelson, Maria                p 1
Nelson, Nels                 p 3
Nelson, Phillip T            p 2
Nilson, Anna                 p12
Nilson, Axel                 p 2
Nilson, Carl E               p15
Nilson, Ellis Leif           p 2
Nilson, Elsa                 p15
Nilson, Frans E              p15
Nilson, Mary                 p 2
Nilson, Per                  p12
Nilson, Trued                p15
Nilsson, Signe               p15

Olson, Alfred                p13
Olson, Alfred P              p10
Olson, Alvin E               p11
Olson, Andrew                p15
Olson, Anna                  p 3
Olson, Carl A                p12
Olson, Carl H E              p11
Olson, Duryea O              p15
Olson, Ella V                p11
Olson, Ellen B               p 5
Olson, Elna                  p15
Olson, Else                  p 8
Olson, Elsie                 p 7
Olson, Emanuel               p 8
Olson, Emili S               p10
Olson, Ernest L D            p10
Olson, Evelyne               p 8
Olson, Florence E M          p12
Olson, Fred O                p 5
Olson, Frederick             p12
Olson, Fredrik               p16
Olson, George A              p 7
Olson, Hannah A              p10
Olson, Inf dau               p11
Olson, Inf sons              p 5
Olson, Johanna               p 5
Olson, Johanna               p14
Olson, Kenneth               p 7
Olson, Leon Kenneth          p14
Olson, Lillie M              p 5
Olson, Marie                 p12
Olson, Martha B              p10
Olson, Minnie E              p 7
Olson, Nels                  p15
Olson, O Evald               p 4
Olson, Olof                  p 3
Olson, Oscar                 p 9
Olson, Oscar A               p10
Olson, Oscar E               p 5
Olson, Otto                  p 8
Olson, P W                   p 8
Olson, Per M                 p10
Olson, Percy                 p 2
Olson, Peter                 p 5
Olson, Victoria L            p15

Palm, Alma C                 p11
Palm, Anna                   p11
Palm, Edith E                p11
Palm, Ester C                p11
Palm, Frederick W            p11
Palm, Hilda A                p11
Palm, Nels                   p11
Palm, Victor B               p11
Pearson, Alfens B            p 9
Pearson, Arvid               p 3
Pearson, Betsey              p 4
Pearson, Carl O              p 2
Pearson, Clara E             p10
Pearson, Euphemia            p 4
Pearson, Hilda               p 3
Pearson, Hildur              p 4
Pearson, Lloyd M             p 2
Pearson, Milsa M             p 2
Pearson, Nels R              p 3
Pearson, Olga E              p 3
Pearson, Olof                p 4
Pearson, P M                 p12
Pearson, Peter William       p10
Pearson, Philip E            p10
Pearson  Selma               p 3
Pearson, Selma               p12
Pearson, Sophia E            p10
Pearson, Victor H            p 3
Pearson, Viola D             p 2
Person, Carl J               p12
Person, Ellna                p 8
Person, Hilma                p12
Person, Nilla                p12
Person, Nils                 p12
Person, Per                  p 8
Peterson, Hilda S            p10
Peterson, John P             p13
Peterson, Maria              p13
Peterson, Samuel A           p10

Quick, Bengta                p 8
Quick, John M                p 8

Rexilius, Ida B              p 7
Rexilius, John F             p 7
Rosberg, Hedvig C            p 5
Rosberg, Henry F             p 5
Rosberg, Martin E            p 5
Roseberg, Henry F Jr         p 3
Roseberg, Hilmer B           p 3
Rosenquist, John A           p 1
Rosenquist, Michael Lee      p 1
Rosenquist, Ture C           p 1

Soder, Andrew                p 6
Soder, Anna Maria            p 6
Soder, David                 p 6
Soder, David J               p 6
Soder, Hannah S              p 6
Soder, Hjalmer G             p 6
Soder, John L                p 6
Soder, Victor H              p10
Stenstrom, Emma              p 2
Stenstrom, Karl              p 2
Swanson, Alvin               p11
Swanson, Anna K              p12
Swanson, August              p 6
Swanson, Pastor C Bertram    p 4
Swanson, Charlie             p 6
Swanson, Charlotte           p11
Swanson, Charlotte L         p11
Swanson, David H             p11
Swanson, Edith T             p 6
Swanson, Edith V             p 6
Swanson, Elna                p 7
Swanson, Hanna               p 6
Swanson, Henning             p11
Swanson, Holger              p10
Swanson, Ingrid              p 6
Swanson, Johannes            p 6
Swanson, John                p12
Swanson, John A              p11
Swanson, John C              p 6
Swanson, Lillie T            p 6
Swanson, Margareta           p 5
Swanson, Maria               p10
Swanson, Mathilda            p 6
Swanson, Mathilda C          p11
Swanson, Nels S              p 6
Swanson, Nils W              p 7
Swanson, Swan N              p10
Swanson, Viola E             p 6
Swanson, Walter              p 2

Thulin, Hazel Jean           p 7
Thulin, Mathilda             p 7
Thulin, Olof                 p 7
Thulin, Ulrica               p 7
Trued, Alfred E              p 4
Trued?, Dorothea Charlotta   p15
Trued, Hulda Theolina        p 4
Trued, Luther E              p 3
Trued, Mathilda              p15
Trued, Nils                  p15
Tueveson, Erick              p14

Walin, Aaron S               p14
Walin, Alma T                p14
Walin, Alvin R               p15
Walin, Anna M                p14
Walin, Arthur L              p14
Walin, Augusta               p14
Walin, Carl V                p13
Walin, Charlotta             p14
Walin, Claus L               p14
Walin, Edward R              p14
Walin, Edwin A               p14
Walin, John S                p14
Walin, Lyle J                p 2
Walin, Paul H                p 2
Walin, Walter W              p14
Wedberg, Allie N             p 4
Wedberg, Gulla               p 4
Wedberg, Olof                p 4
Wedburg, Fred H              p 3
Wedburg, Lily C              p 3
Westlund, A G                p 1

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