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photo courtesy of Clarabelle Mares.
(June 1978)

Rock Creek

(Rock Creek Township)
Submitted by
Clarabelle Mares
Lewis-Clark Chapter DAR
Fremont, Nebraska
Name of Cemetery: ROCK CREEK CEMETERY)
State:    Nebraska    County:    Saunders    Township:    Rock Creek
Section:    E 1/2 of Section 22    Township:    13 N    RANGE:    6E
Recorded By:    Clarabelle Mares    1722 East 19 Fremont, Nebraska 68025
Assisted By:    Kathrine Petersen
Date Recorded:    5 June 1978

Cemetery map

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Tombstone Records

Names Index

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__?__, Ireme, Lorene, Earl     p 6

Bang, William H                p13
Barnes, Daniel M               p 3
Barnes, Dora E                 p 3
Barnes, Mary Bush              p 3
Barnes, Mildred M Hanline      p 3
Beaman, Alonzo                 p 7
Beaman, Edna                   p 5
Beaman, Estella L              p 6
Beaman, Everett                p 7
Beaman, Grace E                p 7
Beaman, Ira K                  p11
Beaman, Ivan C                 p 5
Beaman, J O                    p 7
Beaman, Jesse A                p 6
Beaman, Loran O                p 5
Beaman, Louise                 p11
Beaman, Louise                 p11
Beaman, Mary A                 p 7
Beaman, Mary E                 p11
Beaman, Myrna Kaye             p 5
Beaman, Otis                   p 5
Beland, Archill L              p 8
Beland, Benjamin A             p 8
Beland, Extore E               p 8
Beland, Honore J               p 9
Beland, Honorine J             p 9
Beland, Rosa L                 p 8
Bell, Brother                  p 8
Bell, Gertrude                 p 8
Bell, Mary A                   p 7
Bell, Mary E                   p 7
Bell, Mary E                   p 7
Bell, Robinson M               p 7
Bell, Wm H                     p 7
Bemis, Harriett March          p 5
Bendz, Emma Gladys Vanicek     p 4
Bendz, Ralph N                 p 4
Bennett, Francis M             p 8
Bennett, Lulu A                p 5
Bennett, Mary Alice            p 8
Bennett, Mary E                p14
Bennett, Nancy                 p10
Bennett, Oliver L              p 5
Bennett, Patrick               p10
Bennett, Rachel                p 8
Bennett, Sarah                 p14
Bennett, William H             p14
Benting, Albert                p 1
Benting, Clyde F               p 1
Benting, Delores               p 1
Benting, Lester W              p 1
Benting, Rolla L               p 1
Benting, Sarah B               p 1
Bilile, Fred J                 p12
Bilile, Hattie J               p12
Bilile, Irvia E                p12
Bilile, Louis                  p12
Bilile, Sarah E                p12
Blackburn, Ernest              p 3
Blomstrom, Alice M             p 5
Blomstrom, Peter               p 5
Bolte, Vinton Dolan            p11
Boyers, Edwin                  p11
Boyers, Minnie S               p11

Cameron, Hugh                  p13
Cameron, Hugh                  p13
Cameron, Ida C                 p13
Carlson, Clarence C            p 7
Carlson, Elmer J W             p12
Carter, D C                    p 9
Carter, Martha A               p 9
Chaney, Grandma                p 9
Cheuvront, Joanna F            p15
Clay, Ellen                    p 2
Clay, Helga                    p 2
Corry, Mary K                  p 1
Cox, Clarence E                p15
Cullen, Guy A                  p 1
Cullen, Mabel C                p 1
Cullen, William T              p 1
Cuningham, Henry C             p11

Dahlstrom, Baby                p12
Dahlstrom, Mary                p12
Danielson, Christina           p 6
Danielson, John G              p 6
Decker, Simeon                 p 7
Dittrich, Iva B                p 1
Dobson, William Orson          p 7
Dooley, Dallas Wayne           p 5
Dooley, Emma Wondra            p 5
Dooley, Glenn C                p 4
Dooley, Hannah C               p 4
Dooley, John Elmer             p 5
Dooley, Mae Kelley             p 5

Erickson, Alma Sophia          p 2
Essex, Alice May               p 8
Ethell, B H                    p10
Ethell, David S                p10
Ethell, G H                    p10
Ethell, Henrietta              p10
Ethell, James F                p10
Ethell, Sarah                  p10
Ethell, Sarah Jane             p10
Evans, W T                     p 9

Forcade, Dorothea Eileene      p 5
Forcade, E Burton              p 6
Forcade, Elias F               p 6
Forcade, Ella Jane             p 6
Forcade, Fred L                p 6
Forcade, Maude                 p 5
Forcade, Minnie                p 6

Grant, Infant son              p 8
Groth, Ella                    p 9
Groth, Matilda A               p 9

Hanline, Samuel                p 3
Harrell, Amy V                 p10
Harrell, Anna                  p10
Harrell, Clarissa              p10
Harrell, H S                   p10
Harrell, Inf son               p10
Harrell, John W                p10
Harrell, John Wesley           p10
Harrell, Linda V               p10
Harrell, Rev William O         p10
Harrell, Symour H              p10
Harrell, William               p10
Hayes, Columbus                p12
Hayes, Lavada                  p12
Hayes, Olive Illinois          p13
Heflin, Lyle Richard           p 3
Henrichson, Jessie Ileta       p 4
Hiddleson, Helen E             p 4
Homad, Andrew W                p13
Hughes, Frank E                p 5
Hughes, Pearl                  p 5
Hunter, James Foster           p 9
Hunter, Lionne Carter          p 9

Jakoubek, Fannie               p12
Jakoubek, Frank                p12
Jakoubek, Frank Jr             p12
Jakoubek, J E                  p12
Johanson, Alex                 p 2
Johanson, Anna C               p 2
Johanson, Charles              p 2
Johanson, Frank                p 2
Johnson, Baby Janet Lorraine   p 1
Johnson, John H                p 8

Kain, Agnes Short              p14
Kelly, Edwin R                 p 6
Kelly, Ernest R                p 6
Kelly, Gracie                  p 8
Kelly, J T                     p10
Kelly, Jacob S                 p 6
Kelly, Lois Mae                p 6
Kelly, Nancy M                 p10
Kelly, Theodociah H            p10
Kelly, Thomas                  p10
Kennedy, H H                   p 5
Kennedy, Hannah S              p 5
Kennedy, J H                   p11
Kennedy, Sarah A               p11
Krone, Edward                  p 2
Krone, Fred R                  p 2
Krone, Harry W                 p 2
Krone, Henry                   p 2
Krone, Mary E                  p 2
Kucera, Frank                  p 2

Lambert, George S              p11
Lambert, Nancy J               p11
Larson, Louis                  p 4
Leigh, Hattie J                p 3
Leland, Alfred W               p13
Lind, Victor                   p 2
Lundgren, Ellen V              p 3

March, David A                 p11
March, Frankie L               p11
March, Harriett                p11
March, Jacob C                 p11
March, Jacob C                 p11
March, James O                 p11
March, Martha C                p 5
March, Olive L                 p11
March, Sarah E J               p11
March, William O               p11
March, William T               p 5
Mason, Sarah                   p 9
Mattson, Anna P                p12
Mattson, Chas V                p12
Mattson, Wilma Adele           p12
May, Francis D                 p 8
May, Lovisa J                  p 8
McBride, Jessie E              p 3
Medlen, Infant dau             p 6
Medlen, Maggie L               p 6
Miller, Charley                p 6
Miller, Elizabeth              p15
Miller, James                  p15
Miller, Mary                   p 6
Miller, Robert H               p15
Miller, Willie C               p15
Millington, Charity Ann        p 4
Millington, Edna               p 4
Millington, John               p 4
Morrison, C W                  p13
Morrison, Leah                 p13
Morrison, Maggie M             p13

Nealley, A L                   p 9
Nealley, Abby                  p 9
Nealley, Joseph                p 9
Nelson, Bengt B                p 4
Nelson, Dora E                 p 5
Nelson, Earl D                 p 5
Nelson, Ellis Ancil            p14
Nelson, Eva A                  p14
Nelson, Franklin C             p14
Nelson, Hannah                 p 4
Nelson, Mabel A                p 5
Nelson, Mary Elmina            p14
Nelson, Richard Ira            p14
Nelson, Roland Rudolph         p14
Noble, Albert                  p12
Noble, Anna C                  p12
Noble, Earl R                  p12
Noble, Elisa C                 p12

Paul, Elizabeth                p14
Paul, Evert W                  p14
Paul, John H                   p14
Pearson, Fritz F               p13
Pearson, Harold Kenneth        p13
Pearson, Inf son               p 2
Petersen, Emma                 p 5
Petersen, Peter                p 5
Peterson, Elmer                p 2

Rawlings, Joseph H             p 8
Rawlings, Julina A             p 8

Sandstrom, Elsie R             p13
Schmidt, Ethel A               p 4
Schmidt, Jacob Dooley          p 4
Scott, Denny L                 p 9
Scott, Harriett                p 9
Scott, Jay S                   p 9
Scott, John                    p 9
Scott, Joseph E                p 9
Scott, Joseph W                p10
Scott, Maria                   p 8
Scott, Olive A                 p 9
Scott, Samuel                  p 8
Seedh(?), Zabe                 p14
Server, Raymond                p10
Sheets, Gertrude E             p 5
Short, Elizabeth               p14
Short, James K                 p14
Short, John Paul               p14
Short, Lillie M                p14
Short, Sarah K                 p14
Siegrist, Pearl                p 6
Silvy, Maria D                 p 3
Sinn, Edna Ella                p 6
Sinn, Ella A                   p 6
Sinn, John H                   p 6
Sleeth, Celestia A             p11
Sleeth, John F                 p11
Smith, Coridon D               p11
Smith, Ida                     p11
Snowden, Francis M             p 1
Snowden, Lulu E                p 1
Snyder, Damon P                p 7
Sochor, William Charles        p 3
Sprague, Inf dau               p14
Sprague, Myrta A               p14
Stark, Charles F               p 2
Stark, Clifford Henry          p 1
Stark, Elizabeth               p 2
Stark, J Fritz                 p 2
Stewart, Armedia S             p15
Stewart, Beatrice              p15
Stewart, Edna May              p15
Stewart, Hannah C              p15
Stewart, Janice Callie         p 7
Stewart, Jonathan S            p15
Stewart, Nancy A               p 7
Stewart, Oscar F               p 7
Stretch, Edith Margaret        p13
Stretch, Thomas                p13
Sturdevant, Mariah J           p 9
Sturdevant, William F          p 9

Tracy, Ella May                p15
Tracy, George O                p15
Tracy, Mamie H                 p15
Tracy, Thomas A                p15
Truhlicka, John                p12
Truhlicka, John                p12
Truhlicka, Johnny              p12
Truhlicka, Maude               p12

Umphres, James L               p 3
Umphres, Mary E                p 3

Van Campen, E                  p 7
Van Campen, Eliza Ann          p 7
Van Campen, Lewis E            p 7
Van Campen, Moses B            p 7
Vanicek, Mary                  p 4
Vanicek, Richard               p 4
Vanicek, Susan                 p 4
Vanlandingham, Harriet H       p 7
Vanlandingham, John H          p 8
Vanlandingham, Lorena          p 8
Vanlandingham, Roy             p 8
Vanlandingham, Stranger        p 8

Walker, Edna Rawlings          p 8
Walker, John C                 p 8
Walter, Elaine                 p 5
Walter, Fred H                 p 5
Wedberg, Agnes K               p 4
Wedberg, Alfred                p 4
Wedberg, Anton                 p 4
Wedberg, Ellen                 p 4
Wedberg, Florence E            p 2
Wedberg, John A                p 2
Wedberg, Mathilda              p 4
Wedberg, Otto                  p 4
Wedberg, Steven Dale           p 2
Willis, Mrs Geo P              p 7
Wondra, Fred C                 p 4
Wondra, Joseph J               p 4
Wondra, Mary K                 p 4
Wondra, William E              p 4
Wood, Mrs Alvin                p14

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