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photo courtesy of Clarabelle Mares.
(March 1978)

Bohemian National Cemetery

(Prague, Nebr.)

(Chester Township)
Submitted by
Clarabelle Mares
Lewis-Clark Chapter DAR
Fremont, Nebraska

Name of Cemetery: BOHEMIAN NATIONAL CEMETERY - Prague, Nebraska
State:    Nebraska    County:    Saunders    Township:    Chester
Section:    N 1/2 SE 1/4 of Section 36    Township:    16 N    RANGE:    5 E
Recorded By:    Clarabelle Mares    1722 East 19 Fremont, Nebraska 68025
Assisted By:    Kathrine Petersen
Date Recorded:    30 March 1978, Completed 2 May 1978

Cemetery map

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Tombstone Records

Names Index

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                         Page #
Allison, Wilma A             p 5

Bartosh, Frank P             p14
Belik, Adeline               p19
Belik, Fred                  p19
Belik, Fred J                p19
Belik, Marcel                p 3
Belik, Maria                 p 3
Bohaboy, Anton W             p22
Bohaboy, Mollie H            p22
Bolin, Mary                  p 1
Bolin, Stanley               p 1
Bordovsky, Dominek           p11
Brabec, Henrietta            p13
Brecka, John V               p22
Brecka, Julia                p22
Broz, James                  p12
Broz, Victoria               p12
Brozek, Adolph               p20
Brozek, Anna L               p20
Brtek, Mary                  p22
Brtek, Matthew F             p22
Buchholtz, Anna              p 5
Buchholtz, Billy E           p 5

Cernohlavek, Frank           p 9
Cernohlavek, Josephine       p23
Cernohlavek, Katerina        p 9
Cernohlavek, Rudolph         p 9
Cerny, Arnost                p16
Cerny, Josephine             p16
Cerny, Vaclav                p16
Chmelka, Frank               p 9
Chmelka, Frank J             p23
Chmelka, Katerina            p 9
Chvatal, Anton               p20
Chvatal, Mary                p20
Cichler, Joseph              p 7
Cink, Anna                   p19
Cink, Vaclav                 p19
Cizek, Agnes B               p23
Cizek, James                 p23
Cizek, Jan                   p15
Cizek, Joseph                p15
Cizek, Katerina              p15
Cizek, Marie                 p15
Cizek, Rose M                p23
Cizek, Thomas                p23
Curda, Ella                  p12
Curda, Frank                 p 6
Curda, Rosy Zavodny          p 6

Dee, Dennis                  p 7
Dvorak, Barbara              p20
Dvorak, Emily                p 9
Dvorak, John                 p20

Fencl, Charles T             p22
Fencl, Edward                p 9
Fencl, Emma                  p19
Fencl, James Sr              p19
Fencl, Josef                 p 2
Fencl, Josefe                p 2
Fencl, Joseph F              p 9
Fencl, Kristina              p22
Fencl, Theresia              p 9
Fendrich, Mary               p 6
Ficenec, Frank               p 6
Ficenec, Mary Kaspar         p 6
Frana, Anna K                p11
Frana, Anton                 p 6
Frana, Antonie               p 2
Frana, Frank J               p11
Frana, Josef                 p 2
Frana, Joseph V              p 2
Frana, Vaclav F              p18
Frana, Victor T              p13
Frohner, James A             p14
Fronk, Adam                  p 6
Fronk, Alzbeta               p 6
Fronk, Anna                  p 6
Fronk, Edward J              p 6
Fronk, John J                p 6
Fujan, Helen                 p14
Fujan, Joseph                p23
Fujan, Louis                 p19
Fujan, Rudolph               p15
Fujan, Rudolph               p23
Fujan, Vac.                  p15

Gottberg, Donald Lee         p19
Gottberg, Harry              p19
Grebenick, Frank             p11

Haba, Jossph D               p13
Haba, Rosalie                p13
Hampl, Anna                  p 7
Hampl, Bohumil               p 8
Hampl, Josef                 p 7
Hampl, Marie                 p 8
Hampl, Max J                 p 8
Hausner, Bessie              p 1
Hausner, Frank J             p 1
Hausner, Grandmother         p15
Hausner, James               p21
Havel, Anna                  p10
Havel, Charles J             p13
Havel, Emma                  p 8
Havel, James M               p 8
Havel, Johanna               p16
Havel, Martin                p15
Havel, Matej J Sr            p10
Havel, Petr                  p16
Havelka, Arnold              p22
Havelka, Frank               p 9
Havelka, Frank               p11
Havelka, James               p22
Havelka, Mary                p 9
Havelka, Rose                p22
Hlavsa, Frank                p18
Holub, Jacob                 p 8
Houska, Joseph               p 2
Hynek, Dora                  p21
Hynek, Joseph                p21

Jackson, George S            p23
Junek, Benjamin              p12

Kadlec, Jaroslov             p 4
Kadlec, Mary                 p 4
Kaspar, Adolf E              p13
Kaspar, Anton                p 8
Kaspar, Clara Jean           p12
Kaspar, Emil                 p 4
Kaspar, Frances              p 4
Kaspar, Frances              p 8
Kaspar, Frank                p 4
Kaspar, Frank M              p24
Kaspar, John                 p 3
Kaspar, John                 p16
Kaspar, Josef                p 3
Kaspar, Josef                p 6
Kaspar, Josefa               p 6
Kaspar, Joseph F             p 6
Kaspar, Joseph V             p15
Kaspar, Josephine            p15
Kasper, Libbie               p13
Kaspar, Magdalena            p16
Kaspar, Mary                 p 3
Kaspar, Mary                 p 5
Kaspar, Mary                 p15
Kaspar, Mary Rusek           p 6
Kaspar, Michael              p 4
Kaspar, Rose                 p16
Kaspar, Rose                 p21
Kaspar, Thomas               p 3
Kaspar, Vaclav               p15
Kaspar, Vaclav K             p16
Kaspar, Zdenka               p16
Kavan, Anna                  p21
Kavan, Clara M               p21
Kavan, Frank                 p21
Kavan, Frank E               p21
Kavan, Orville F             p12
Kellner, Josef               p13
Kellner, Olga E              p13
Kliment, Joseph              p11
Kliment, Kristina            p11
Kohout, George               p18
Kohout, James                p18
Kohout, Josie                p18
Kohout, Joseph               p18
Kolbaba, Mary Kaspar         p 8
Koubik, Ondrej J             p 1
Koukal, Arlene Jane          p 5
Koukal, Helen Curda          p 5
Kovanda, Anna                p 3
Kratky, Anna                 p18
Kratky, Frank                p18
Kratky, Raymond              p18
Kratky, Wm E                 p18
Krondak, Jan                 p 5
Krondak, Veronika            p 5
Krska, Gene R                p19
Krska, John J                p19
Krska, Mary                  p19
Kubalek, Anna Zesnula        p15
Kubalek, Frank               p15
Kubalek, Jan                 p15
Kubalek, Mary                p15
Kubat, John                  p 8
Kubat, Josefa                p 8
Kubik, Charles R             p23
Kucera, Barbara              p15
Kucera, Jerry                p 4
Kucera, Josef                p 4
Kucera, Joseph               p15
Kucera, Joseph F             p10
Kucera, Julia                p 7
Kucera, Mrs Julia            p 7
Kucera, Justus               p10
Kucera, Rose F               p10
Kusak, Joseph F              p22

Lanc, Edward                 p22
Liska, Jerry                 p 4
Lodl, Frank J                p10
Lodl, Vaclav                 p10
Lodl, Wilma Jane             p18
Lorenc, Emily                p 4
Lorenc, Vaclav               p 4

Mach, Anna                   p 3
Mach, Anna Kaspar            p 6
Mach, Frank J                p10
Mach, Frank J                p16
Mach, Helen                  p19
Mach, Helen S                p10
Mach, Jessie M               p13
Mach, John                   p 3
Mach, Joseph A               p13
Mach, Joseph J               p16
Mach, Katerina               p16
Mach, Marie M                p16
Mach, Thomas                 p19
Mach, William C              p 6
Malina, Mildred              p14
Milacek, Katerina            p17
Moravec, Arnost              p 2
Moravec, Bessie              p 2
Moravec, Frant               p 2
Moravec, Julia               p 2
Moravec, Vincent             p 2
Morse, Duane E               p14
Musiel, Michelle M           p13
Musilek, Josefina            p 1

Nedoma, John                 p 7
Nedoma, Kathrine             p 7
Nemec, Carrie                p20
Nemec, Frank                 p 7
Novak, Anna                  p19
Novak, Anna M                p 9
Novak, Anton                 p17
Novak, Barbora               p17
Novak, Bedrich               p21
Novak, Bohumil               p20
Novak, Bozena                p20
Novak, Emil                  p 3
Novak, Frank                 p19
Novak, Jan                   p 3
Novak, John V                p 3
Novak, Josephine             p 3
Novak, Marion R              p18
Novak, Mary                  p21
Novak, Maryann               p10
Novak, Raymond               p18
Novak, Rudolf                p10
Novak, Rudolph               p20
Novak, Vaclav                p17
Novotny, Edward              p23

Oder, Barbara J              p22
Odvody, Anna                 p12
Odvody, Emil A               p13
Odvody, Frances H            p13
Odvody, Sylvia               p11
Odvody, Vaclav J             p12
Ourada, Frank J              p 4

Pabian, Barbora              p 7
Pabian, Blanche              p10
Pabian, Bohumil              p10
Pabian, Frances A            p11
Pabian, Jan                  p 7
Pabian, John W               p11
Pabian, Milo J               p12
Pabian, Mary                 p12
Pabian, Robert               p10
Pabian, Rudolf               p 7
Pacl, Clara                  p 9
Pacl, Joseph                 p 9
Pacl, Rudolph                p 9
Palensky, Joseph             p 4
Palensky, Joseph F           p13
Palensky, Margaret           p 4
Paschall, Margueritte S      p 6
Pearson, Dorothy Ann         p 2
Pelan, Anna                  p12
Pelan, Cyril                 p12
Pelan, Raymond               p12
Perk, Emma                   p10
Perk, Vaclav                 p10
Peska, Antonie               p 3
Peska, Josef                 p 3
Peterka, Jan                 p 8
Peterka, Josefa              p 8
Petrus, Anton                p 1
Petrus, Marie                p 1
Petrzelka, Adrian F          p17
Petrzelka, Helen             p17
Petrzelka, Josef             p17
Petrzelka, Josef             p18
Petrzelka, Magdalena         p18
Petrzelka, Rudolph S         p17
Placek, Adolph               p13
Placek, Agnes                p 6
Placek, Alois                p17
Placek, Barbora              p17
Placak, John                 p12
Placek, John J               p 6
Placek, Joseph               p 5
Placek, Karel                p17
Placek, Matej                p17
Placek, Mike                 p12
Placek, Verona               p 5
Placek, Vincent              p17
Placek, Vlasta               p17
Pochop, Barbora              p 5
Pochop, Frank                p 5
Pop, Anna                    p 8
Pop, Anton                   p 8
Pop, Antonie                 p 3
Pop, Charles F               p 3
Pop, Frank                   p 3
Pop, Joseph                  p 3
Pospisil, Joseph J           p14
Pospisil, Josephine          p14
Posvar, John V               p18
Posver, Josefa               p18
Posvar, Joseph J             p18
Posvar, Walter               p18
Prai, Carl B                 p22
Prai, Clara                  p18
Prai, Helen                  p18
Prai, Joseph E               p17
Prai, Joseph F               p18
Prai, Julius N               p18
Prai, Mayme                  p22
Prai, Sophie                 p17
Prochaska, Adolph            p 8
Prochaska, Adolph C          p13
Prochaska, Agnes             p23
Prochaska, Alois             p23
Prochaska, Anna              p15
Prochaska, Anna              p17
Prochaska, B V               p17
Prochaska, Bed               p12
Prochaska, Charles M         p17
Prochaska, Dwayne Lee        p21
Prochaska, Eugene Edward     p 8
Prachaska, George            p20
Prochaska, George F          p20
Prochaska, Jaroslav W        p13
Prochaska, Joseph            p 3
Prochaska, Lillian           p19
Prochaska, Mary              p12
Prochaska, Matej             p15
Prochaska, Pavel             p 1
Prochaska, Rose D            p13
Prochaska, Stanley           p 8
Prochaska, Sylvia            p 8
Prochaska, Vladimir C        p 8

Reitmajer, Harvey J          p14
Reitmajer, Joseph            p13
Reitmajer, Karel             p18
Reitmajer, Maxine            p18
Rerucha, Adolph              p22
Rerucha, Anna                p 2
Rerucha, Emily               p22
Rerucha, John                p 2
Rerucha, John Jr             p 2
Rerucha, Karolina            p 7
Rezac, Anna                  p 7
Rezac, John                  p15
Rezac, Joseph                p 7

Safranek, Joe                p 5
Savlik, Marie Kaspar         p 4
Schultz, James               p23
Schultz, John                p21
Schultz, Josef               p 5
Schultz, Margaret            p21
Schultz, Marie               p 5
Sedlacek, Anna               p10
Sedlacek, Anna               p15
Sedlacek, Frank              p16
Sedlacek, Jan                p15
Sedlacek, John               p10
Sedlacek, Theresie           p16
Sedlacek, Vac                p15
Sedlacek, Victor             p16
Semrad, Frank                p 2
Semrad, Louis                p11
Shorny, Ernest F             p11
Shultz, Alice J              p21
Shultz, Frances              p21
Shultz, Joe V                p21
Shultz, Thomas               p21
Siemsen, Arthur M            p 9
Siemsen, Mary                p 9
Simsnek, Anna E              p20
Simanek, Anna V              p22
Simanek, Charles A           p22
Simanek, Emma H              p22
Simenek, Frances M           p 6
Simanek, Francis             p 6
Simanek, Frantiska           p 7
Simanek, Ignatz J            p20
Simanek, Robert J            p 6
Simanek, Thomas              p 7
Simanek, Thomas K            p22
Simanek, Thomas V            p 6
Simerdla, Joseph A           p23
Skopek, Albina               p10
Skopek, Josef                p10
Slosar, Mary                 p10
Slosar, Mary C               p10
Slosar, Mike L               p10
Slosar, Peter                p10
Smaus, Frank                 p 2
Smaus, Frantiska             p 2
Smaus, James                 p 2
Smaus, Louis J               p 2
Smaus, Ludvik                p 2
Smaus, Wilma F               p 2
Smetak, Anna                 p16
Smetak, John                 p16
Sobolik, Louis J             p 7
Sobolik, Rose C              p 7
Soukup, John                 p16
Soukup, Marie                p16
Stranik, Emma                p12
Stranik, Louis               p12
Stranik, Lumir               p17
Stransky, Anton              p15
Stransky, Barbora            p15
Suchy, Anna                  p10
Suchy, Frank                 p10
Suchy, Marie                 p 8
Suchy, Raymond               p10
Suchy, Tomas                 p 8
Svoboda, Emil                p14
Svoboda, Frank               p 3
Svoboda, Karel               p 3
Svoboda, Rozalie             p 3
Swartz, Alfred               p20
Swartz, Emma                 p20
Swartz, Gust.                p20
Swartz, Rex R                p20
Sykora, Antonia              p11
Sykora, Jerry                p11

Tesinsky, Alice P            p14
Tesinsky, Alois              p15
Tesinsky, Anna               p16
Tesinsky, Frank              p16
Texel, Barbora               p 7
Texel, John J                p 7
Tichy, Christina             p 5
Tichy, Frank                 p 5
Tichy, Irma                  p 5
Tichy, Joseph                p11
Tichy, Viola                 p 5
Tlustos, Frank               p 6
Tlustos, Josephine K         p 6
Tomka, Barbora V             p 4
Trejbal, Anna                p22
Trejbal, Frank               p16
Trejbal, Magdalena           p16

Urban, Anna                  p 3
Urban, Anna                  p15
Urban, Ant                   p 3
Urban, Anton                 p20
Urban, Bessie                p12
Urban, Charles               p19
Urban, Frantiska             p14
Urban, James                 p15
Urban, Josef F               p14
Urban, Joseph A              p12
Urban, Karel                 p19
Urban, Marie                 p14
Urban, Marie                 p19
Urban, Mini                  p14
Urban, William               p15
Urbanovsky, Jane V           p14

Vaca, Frances M              p20
Vaca, Frank                  p20
Vaca, John F                 p20
Vachal, Edward A             p 7
Vanecek, Agnes               p21
Vanecek, Joseph              p21
Vanek, Anna T                p16
Vanek, Frank J               p16
Vasina, Anna                 p 4
Vasina, Anton                p 4
Vasina, Charles              p 4
Vasina, Mary                 p 4
Vavak, Anna                  p11
Vavak, Antonia               p 9
Vavak, Francis               p 9
Vavak, Frank                 p 5
Vavak, Helen                 p20
Vavak, Howard G              p11
Vavak, Josef                 p20
Vavak, Joseph                p20
Vavak, Kathrian              p 5
Vavak, Marie                 p20
Vavak, Peter M               p11
Vavak, Victoria              p 5
Vavra, Anna                  p19
Vavra, Anna                  p21
Vavra, Edward                p21
Vavra, Helen                 p23
Vavra, Joseph F              p23
Vavra, Joseph J              p21
Vavra, Vaclav                p19
Vculek, Emily                p 6
Vculek, Joseph               p 6
Vculek, Joseph M L           p 6
Vculek, Pauline              p 6
Veverka, Alden J             p17
Veverka, Emma M              p17
Veverka, James               p17
Veverka, Rose                p17
Vlasak, Anna M               p 8
Vlasak, Frank E              p21
Vlasak, Gertrude P           p 8
Vlasak, John J               p 8
Vlasak, Joseph               p21
Vlasak, Karolina             p21
Vlasak, Reynold E            p 8
Vopat, Johanna               p 3
Vopat, Vac                   p 3
Vyskocil, C                  p19

Wachal, Anna                 p 9
Wachal, John                 p 9
Wachal, Katerina             p 5
Wachal, Matej                p 5
Wesely, Alice B              p 7
Wesely, Craten Vern          p 7
Wesely, Edward J             p 7
Wesely, Henrietta A          p12
Wesely, Joseph               p11
Wesely, Lizzie               p11
Wirka, Anna                  p 9
Wirka, Anton                 p 9
Wirka, Carrie                p20
Wirka, Joseph                p20
Wirka, Laddie W              p21
Wittmersehouse, Ethel P      p 2
Wolf, Adam                   p 1
Wolf, Karel                  p 1
Wolf, Marie                  p 1
Wolf, Nevinatko              p 1
Wolf, Thomas                 p 1

Zelenka, Barbora             p 1
Zelenka, Josef               p 1
Zizka, Charlie E             p18
Zizka, Mary                  p18
Zizka, Max                   p23
Zizka, Mike                  p18

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