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photo courtesy of Guy Podgornik.
(Fall 2000)

Pohocco Lutheran

(Pohocco Township)
Submitted by
Clarabelle Mares
Lewis-Clark Chapter DAR
Fremont, Nebraska

Name of Cemetery: POHOCCO CEMETERY
State:    Nebraska    County:    Saunders    Township:    Pohocco
Section:    NE 1/4 NE 1/4 of Section 22    Township:    16    RANGE:    8E
Recorded By:    Clarabelle Mares    1722 East 19 Fremont, Nebraska 68025
Assisted By:    Kathrine Petersen
Date Recorded:    20 August 1976

Cemetery map

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Tombstone Records

Names Index

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Anderson, Andrew             p1
Anderson, Henry              p1
Asmussen, Anna Marie         p2
Asmussen, Maren              p5
Asmussen, Mathias            p2

Barnett, Jesse G             p3
Barnett, Maggie E            p3
Benjamin, Elma I             p2
Benjamin, Victor J           p2
Boysen, Christena S          p4
Boysen, Walter P             p4
Burbank, Inf dau             p2
Burbank, Virginia W          p2

Christensen, Andra M         p4
Christensen, Andrew W        p2
Christensen, Andrew W        p4
Christensen, Ane J           p6
Christensen, Anna            p4
Christensen, Anna C          p2
Christensen, Carl M          p4
Christensen, Charles         p3
Christensen, Christina       p2
Christensen, Eugene R        p3
Christensen, Fred JR         p4
Christensen, Fred A          p4
Christensen, Han s M         p6
Christensen, Jean F          p4
Christensen, James M         p4
Christensen, Johanna M       p6
Christensen, Julius          p2
Christensen, Marie M         p6
Clouser, Daniel              p2

Dalland, Brenda Sue          p3
Dalland, Kim O'Dell          p3
Davis, Anna H                p4

Fisher, Mareius C            p3
Fisher, Nellie               p3
Fisher, Vernon C             p3
Frasier, Philinda            p3
Frasier, Rhoda               p3

Giesselman, Cynthia K        p6

Hansen, Engar                p3
Harms, Herman                p3
Harms, Sena                  p3
Henriksen, Christiane        p5
Henriksen, Inf son           p5
Henriksen, Mary              p5
Henriksen, Nellie E          p5
Henriksen, Peter             p5

Jacobsen, John C             p1
Jensen, Arthur R             p2
Jensen, Iler                 p3
Jensen, John P               p2
Jensen, Mary H               p2
Jepsen, Peter                p6
Jewell, Hans                 p6
Jewell, Margreta             p5
Johnson, Annie C             p1
Johnson, Charles C           p6
Johnson, Emma A              p6
Johnson, Gregers P           p1
Johnson, Emma C              p1
Johnson, John C              p1
Johnson, Lyle D              p6
Johnson, Walter C            p1

Kennec, John Carl            p4

Larsen, Christen             p4
Larsen, Christine            p6
Larsen, Hans Henry           p3
Larsen, James C              p6
Larsen, Jeanine              p6
Larsen, Johanne M            p4
Larsen, Lars Peter           p3
Larsen, Mary Emelia          p3
LePronde, Hulda              p3
Lewis, William               p3
Lyzhoft, Anna                p5
Lyzhoft, Nels A C            p5
Lyshoft, Lillian             p5
Lyzhoft, Lizzie              p5
Lyshoft, Louisa              p5
Lyshoft, Nora                p5

McClean, Nettie L            p3
McClean, W James             p3
McDuffee, Agnes K            p5
McDuffee, S Asa              p5
Madsen, Marie                p5
Madsen, Soren                p5
Maxwell, Alfred M            p5
Maxwell, Ellen F             p5
Mortensen, Anna D            p1
Mortensen, Cicilie           p2
Mortensen, George            p2
Mortensen, Hans T            p2
Mortensen, John              p2
Mortensen, Louise            p1
Mortensen, Lucy A            p2
Mortensen, May B             p2
Mortensen, Nellie C          p2

Nelsen, Delbert D Sr         p1
Nelsen, Eva I                p6
Nelsen, Frances A            p1
Nelsen, Louise Marie         p6
Nelsen, Norma                p6
Nelsen, Orville              p6
Nelsen, Romas B              p1
Nelsen, Thomas               p6
Nelsen, Wilbur H             p6
Nelson, Alfred               p4
Nelson, Anna C               p5
Nelson, Bessie               p4
Nelson, Louis                p5
Nelson, Walter P             p5
Nielsen, Andrew              p1
Nielsen, Bergetta            p1

Pedersen, Gotfred M          p5
Pedersen, Harvey D           p5
Pedersen, Ruby M             p5
Pederson, Mery               p2
Petersen, Helda O M          p2
Poulsen, Stella              p5

Rasmussen, Andrew            p4
Rasmussen, Ellen             p4
Rasmussen, Esther M          p4
Rasmussen, Ferdinand         p4
Rasmussen, Freda             p4
Rasmussen, Herman            p4
Rasmussen, Lars              p4
Rasmussen, Oscar             p4
Rasmussen, Rasmus            p4
Rasmussen, Sophia            p4
Reid, William M              p7
Riggs, Violet C              p1

Seely, Alexandre P           p3
Shurtleff, Bertie Ann        p5
Shurtleff, Oliver Grant      p5
Skibstead, Axel              p6
Skibstead, Karen Kirstine    p6
Skibstead, Ruby Frances      p5
Simonsen,                    p6
Snyder, Brian Scot           p7
Snyder, Gertrude E           p7
Snyder, William James        p7
Sorensen, Laurel D           p1
Steinback, Clifford V        p4

Thomas, Anson J              p4

Wilson, infant               p6
Wilson, Donald F             p6
Winkelman, Gideon W          p6

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