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photo page courtesy of Karen Steele.
(Summer 2000)

Pleasant View Cemetery

(Leshara Township)
Also known locally as Bethel Cemetery
Submitted by
Clarabelle Mares
Lewis-Clark Chapter DAR
Fremont, Nebraska
State:    Nebraska    County:    Saunders    Township:    Leshara
Section:    SE 1/4 NE 1/4 of Section 5    Township:    15N    RANGE:    9E
Recorded By:    Clarabelle Mares    1722 East 19 Fremont, Nebraska 68025
Assisted By:    Kathrine Petersen
Date Recorded:    7 April 1977

Cemetery map

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Tombstone Records

Names Index

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Adsit, Clara E                 p1
Adsit, George                  p1
Adsit, Irene                   p1
Alexander, Addie M             p3
Alexander, Arabella            p3
Alexander, Pearl E             p3
Anderson, Andrew               p1
Anderson, Sophia               p1

Batten, Inf son                p4
Batten, Joshua                 p2
Batten, Lydia W                p2
Beaty, Jane                    p2
Beaty, Ponina                  p2
Beaty, Stephen                 p2
Behrens, J William             p6
Behrens, Lena                  p6
Behrens, Martha E              p6
Bender, Harry B                p5
Bender, inf dau                p5
Bender, Isabell                p5
Bender, Jonas                  p5
Bender, Lydia A                p5
Bishop, Jennie A               p3
Bishop, Luella                 p4
Bishop, Presley                p3
Bishop, Rachel Ann             p4
Bryant, Isaiah W               p2
Butts, Dema                    p5
Butts, Edward                  p5
Butts, Mary Jane               p5
Butts, William                 p5

Carr, Lavine W                 p1

Davies, Margaret               p6

Eaton, Marcia I                p7
Edler, Eveline M               p2
Edler, John P                  p2
Eggers, Franziska              p7
Eggers, Hans Martin            p7
Eggers, John                   p7
Esty, Magdalina McCray         p2
Esty, Margaret                 p2
Esty, William A                p2

Glasshoff, Keith Allen         p5
Glasshoff, Nancy A             p6
Gocken, Bruno C                p6
Gocken, John T                 p7
Gocken, Trienke                p7
Griffin, Edith                 p6
Griffin, Elizabeth             p6
Griffin, Orason                p6

Haden, Edwin O                 p4
Hamilton, Harvey A             p7
Hamilton, James                p6
Hamilton, Johanna              p7
Hamilton, Mary                 p6
Hatfield, Amanda M             p6
Hatfield, Isaac B              p6
Hickson, George                p3
Hollenbeck, Mary               p2
Horn, Carl C                   p2
Horn, Genevieve Marie          p2
Horn, John Robert              p2
Howell, Elven                  p6

Jones, Edwin B                 p7

Kelly, Aaron                   p5
Kelly, Polly                   p5

Lamuel, Donn F                 p5
Lamuel, Elda                   p5
Lamuel, J Oscar                p6
Lamuel, Joseph F               p5
Lamuel, Lucy                   p5
Lamuel, Wayne R                p5
Lansing, Lucinda Leland        p5
Lansing, Peter                 p5
Lorenz, Marianne               p1

McDermott, A J                 p1
McDuffee, Charles              p2
McDuffee, Lavada               p2
Martin, Adeline M              p4
Martin, Ella                   p6
Martin, Laura                  p5
Martin, Mary I                 p4
Martin, Theodora W             p4
Moran, Della                   p2
Moran, Ellen                   p5
Moran, Lansing R               p4
Moran, Mabel                   p5
Moran, Odessa Ann              p5
Moran, Ray & Roy               p4
Moran, Ross                    p4
Moran, Samuel                  p5
Moran, Viola M                 p4
Morris, Edward                 p1
Morris, Hannah M               p1
Morris, John                   p7
Morris, Margaret A             p1
Morris, Mary                   p1
Morris, Seth T                 p1
Morris, Warren                 p7

Nelson, Florence               p1
Nelson, Ole                    p1
Nicholson, Floyd               p5
Nitz, Josephine M              p6
Nitz, Julius H                 p6
Noddings, Addie                p6
Noddings, Lorna                p6
Noddings, Walter               p6

Parmenter, John A              p7
Parmenter, Nancy J. *          p7
Parmenter, William J. *        p7
Payton, Sean R                 p4
Penny, Lucind Eaton            p7
Phillips, Edwin C              p5
Phillips, Inf dau              p5
Pierson, Chas H                p3
Pierson, Charles W             p3
Pierson, Lester                p3
Platt, Robert J                p3

Quass, Anna                    p4
Quass, Arthur                  p4
Quass, Carl G                  p4
Quass, Caroline                p4
Quass, Fred W                  p4

Raether, Ruby                  p7
Rohlfing, Derald D             p6

Scott, Eliza Ann               p3
Shafer, Sarah                  p3
Shocknesse, May                p1
Shocknesse, Wm L               p1
Shumway, Mary L                p1
Slater, Fred W                 p1
Steele, Inez E                 p2
Stange, Inf son                p3
Steele, Samuel                 p3
Steele, Isabell J *            p3
Stephens, Rev E E              p3

Thomas, Martha                 p5
Thomas, Thomas                 p5
Thompson, Art                  p2
Thompson, Canada               p2
Thompson, James M              p2
Thompson, Mary E               p2
Thompson, Nellie Lucile        p2
Thompson, W H                  p1
Tucker, E                      p3

Volker, Albert                 p7
Volker, Heinriette             p7
Vorhis, Rachel                 p6

Widman, Catherine              p6
Widman, Joseph                 p6
Williams, Arthur E             p4
Williams, Bertha L             p2
Williams, Daniel M             p4
Williams, Daniel P             p4
Williams, David C              p4
Williams, Elizabeth C          p4
Williams, Ester                p4
Williams, Fred N               p5
Williams, Harold I             p1
Williams(?), John P            p4
Williams, Marcia D             p3
Williams, Mary E               p4
Williams, Nettie L	       p5
Williams(?)m Oliver D          p4
Williams, Samantha A Bullock   p5
Williams, Sarah P              p4
Williams, Vida P               p1
Williams, William C            p2

Zuercher, Emma                 p3
Zuercher, Lizzie A             p3

photo courtesy of Karen Steele.
(Fall 2000)

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