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photo courtesy of Clarabelle Mares.

Pleasant Hill

(est. 1883)
(Richland Twp)
Submitted by
Clarabelle Mares
Lewis-Clark Chapter DAR
Fremont, Nebraska
Name of Cemetery: PLEASANT HILL CEMETERY Established in 1883
State:    Nebraska    County:    Saunders    Township:    Richland
Section:    NW 1/4 NE 1/4 of Section 23    Township:    13N    RANGE:    7E
Recorded By:    Clarabelle Mares    1722 East 19 Fremont, Nebraska 68025
Assisted By:    Kathrine Petersen
Date Recorded:    5 June 1978

Cemetery map

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Tombstone Records

Names Index

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                        Page #
________, Archie             p4

Adamson, Lucinda             p2

Bailey, Maggie               p5
Belk, Henrietta              p5
Belk, John                   p6
Belk, Minnie                 p5
Belk, Wm Kenneth             p5
Biggerstaff, J H             p2
Biggerstaff, Mary            p4
Biggerstaff, Thomas          p4
Boydston, Burris B           p1
Boydston, Charles B          p2
Boydston, Charley B          p2
Boydston, Flora L            p2
Boydston, Joseph C           p1
Boydston, Rachel             p1
Bruffey, Mary Jane           p5
Butler, Kate Bruffey         p5

Churchill, Henry C           p5
Churchill, Sarah J           p5
Cole, Ellen                  p2
Cole, Horace                 p2
Cook, William S              p6
Craig, Andrew                p4
Craven, ___manson            p5
Cullen, Ida V                p4
Cullen, J T                  p4
Curtis, Climena P            p4

Dayton, Mary E               p2
Deffenbaugh, Edwad           p3
Deffenbaugh, Jerry M         p3
Deffenbaugh, Martha          p3
Duke, Calvin                 p1
Duke, Martha M               p1
Duke, Wm Vernon              p1
Dutton, George L             p2
Dutton, George S             p2
Dutton, Mary                 p2

Elliott, Harry               p6

Furry, H G                   p2

Haldeman, Alvin              p4
Haldeman, Earl               p4
Haldeman, George             p4
Haldeman, John               p4
Haldeman, Mary               p4
Haldeman, Minnie             p4
Hammond, Mary                p2
Heller, Benjamin S           p1
Hetrick, Rueben              p6
Hetrick, Sarah               p6
Higgins, Sidney              p5
Horton, Eliza                p1
Horton, H C                  p1
Hughes, Amanda E             p6

Jackson, Claudie             p4
Johnson, Margaret            p5

Knapp, Frances M             p3

Lambert, Ella                p6
Lambert, Ora B               p5
Lasure, Edith O              p1
Lasure, John D               p1
Lasure, Olive P              p1
Lemmon, Emma                 p4
Lewis, Ella                  p5
Lewis, Jessie                p5
Lewis, Maggie                p5
Livesay, Lois L              p3
Long, Katie                  p5

Maynard, Wanda               p6
Merkle, Gottlieb             p2
Moyer, Archie                p3
Moyer, Inf Dau               p3
Moyer, John S P              p4
Moyer, Maggie C              p3
Moyer, Mary E                p4
Moyer, Nettie A              p3
Moyer, Ray R                 p3

Nash, Baby                   p4
Nash, Infant son             p1
Nash, Emily A                p4
Nash, Henry E                p4
Nash, Lillian E              p4
Nash, Miltie A               p4
Nash, Oscar                  p4
Nash, Willie O               p4
Nicodemus, Burris V          p1
Nicodemus, E Helen           p1
Nicodemus, Mary              p1
Nicodemus, R F               p1
Norris, Emma J               p1
Norris, Frank C              p1

Pape, Laura B                p1

Ressell, Burtis              p2
Rogers, Christina E          p5
Rogers, Elenor               p5
Rogers, James S              p5
Rogers, William              p5

Saathoff, Bertha O           p5
Saathoff, Edward             p6
Saathoff, Edward J           p6
Saathoff, Esther             p6
Schoultz, Joseph             p6
Schoultz, Lydia              p6
Schoultz, Maude M            p6
Schroeder, Sussanna          p4
Senting, Ruby Louise         p2
Sharrar, Grace               p4
Sharrar, Maud D              p4
Siegrist, Annie F            p2
Siegrist, Edward             p3
Siegrist, Wm                 p2
Simpkins, Minnie Maude       p5
Speck, James                 p3
Speck, LeRoy                 p2
Speck, Sarah                 p3

Teachman, Joseph             p3
Teachman, Sarah J            p3
Templeton, Ralph             p3

Walter, Jacob                p4
Walter, Mary J               p4
Waterman, Darius             p3
Waterman, Ella               p3
Waterman, Lulu               p3
Waterman, Nellie G           p3
Waterman, Raymond D          p3
Wendt, Mattie                p6

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