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photo courtesy of Clarabelle Mares.
(May 1978)

St. Cyril & Methodius


(Elk Township)
Submitted by
Clarabelle Mares
Lewis-Clark Chapter DAR
Fremont, Nebraska
Name of Cemetery: ST CYRIL & METHODIUS CEMETERY (Plasi)
State:    Nebraska    County:    Saunders    Township:    Elk
Section:    SE 1/4 SW 1/4 of Section 15    Township:    15 N    RANGE:    5E
Recorded By:    Clarabelle Mares    1722 East 19 Fremont, Nebraska 68025
Assisted By:    Kathrine Petersen
Date Recorded:    Started 2 May 1978, completed 10 May 1978

Cemetery map

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Tombstone Records

Names Index

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                         Page #
____ Antonie, Karla, Matilda, Vlcana   p 4

Belik, Frantiska                       p13
Blazek, Franc                          p10
Belik, Jakub                           p 3
Blazek, Josef                          p11
Brozda, Ignac                          p10

Cernohlavek, Antonie                   p 7
Cernohlavek, Matous                    p 7
Cernohlavek, Richard J                 p13
Chmelka, Ludmila                       p 5
Chmelka, Matej                         p 8
Chmelka, Teresie                       p11
Cink, Frant                            p 2
Cink, Vaclav                           p 2
Cizek, Katerina                        p13
Coufal, Ferdinand                      p 1
Coufal, Frank J                        p 2
Curda, Frances                         p 9
Curda, John                            p 9
Curda, William                         p 5

Dobes, Jakub                           p 6
Dobes, Jan                             p 6
Dobes, Josef                           p 6
Dobes, Josefa                          p 6

Egr, Anna                              p 9
Egr, Douglas E                         p13
Egr, Frank                             p 9
Egr, Mary                              p13
Eret, Anton                            p 9
Eret, Louis                            p 1
Eret, Mary                             p 9

Faimon, Frank                          p 4
Fencl, Frank J                         p 9
Fencl, Ludvik                          p13
Fencl, Victoria                        p 9
Fiala, Maymie Jean                     p 4
Ficenec, Frantiska                     p 7
Fisher, Anton B                        p10
Fisher, Tomas                          p 8
Frohner, Kat.                          p 8
Fujan,                                 p11
Fujan, Antonin                         p 5
Fujan, Barbara                         p12
Fujan, Clara Ann                       p13
Fujan, Clara E                         p13
Fujan, Frant.                          p14
Fujan, Josefa                          p11
Fujan, Marie                           p14
Fujan, Vaclav                          p11

Handlir, Anna                          p10
Handlir, Frantisek                     p10
Hanis, Agnes                           p 9
Hanis, Anna                            p12
Hanis, Anton                           p 9
Hanis, Barbora                         p14
Hanis, Caroline                        p12
Hanis, Daniel J                        p 3
Hanis, Frantisek                       p11
Hanis, Josef                           p14
Hanis, Joseph F                        p 9
Hanis, Ladislav                        p12
Hanis, Mary                            p 9
Hanis, Vaclav                          p12
Havel, Anna                            p 7
Havelka, Amalie                        p11
Havelka, Emilie                        p11
Havlovic, Anna F                       p 1
Haviovic, Caroline                     p 4
Havlovic, Cecelia                      p 2
Havlovic, Frank Jr                     p 4
Havlovic, Frank J                      p 4
Havlovic, Frantiska                    p 4
Haviovic, Joseph                       p 2
Havlovic, Marcie O                     p 3
Havlovic, Matej                        p 3
Havlovic, Ondrej                       p 4
Havlovic, Otillie M                    p 3
Havlovic, Vaclav T                     p 3
Helman, Katerina                       p 5
Helman, Vac.                           p 9
Horn, Anna                             p 1
Horn, Marie                            p 1
Hruska                                 p 8
Hruska, Anna                           p 1
Hruska, Barbora                        p 1
Hruska, Frantisek                      p 1
Hruska, Vojtech                        p 1
Hula, Agnes                            p12
Hula, Ignac                            p12
Hynek, Joseph                          p 6

Jambor, Alois                          p10
Jambor, Emilie                         p 3
Jambor, Frantisek                      p10
Jambor, Frantiska                      p 8
Jambor, Frantiska                      p 9
Jambor, Josef                          p 8
Jambor, Joseph S                       p 3
Janecek, Ant                           p 7
Janecek, Josef                         p12

Kantor, Cyril                          p 5
Kantor, Emilie                         p 5
Kantor, Frantiska                      p 5
Kantor, Josefka                        p 5
Kaspar, Vaclav                         p 6
Kastl, Alois                           p11
Kastl, Alous                           p 6
Kastl, Alzbeta                         p 5
Kastl, Anna                            p 8
Kastl, Barbora                         p 9
Kastl, Bernard A                       p 2
Kastl, Bernice                         p 2
Kastl, Eduard                          p11
Kastl, Frank C                         p 5
Kastl, Frantiska                       p 5
Kastl, Jakub                           p 5
Kastl, Jan                             p10
Kastl, John                            p10
Kastl, Josef                           p 8
Kastl, Joseph                          p 1
Kastl, Josephine                       p 1
Kastl, Katerina                        p 6
Kastl, Marie                           p10
Kastl, Mary                            p 2
Kastl, Ondrej                          p 9
Kastl, Petr                            p 8
Kastl, Ruzena                          p 1
Kastl, Theodore F                      p 2
Kastl, Tomas                           p11
Kastl, Vaclav                          p 6
Kastl, Victor                          p 5
Kellner, Filip                         p13
Kellner, Marie                         p 2
Kellnert, Mary J                       p13
Knajdl, Barbora                        p 5
Knajdl, Jakub                          p 5
Knajdl, Vaclav                         p 5
Kocarnik, Rev Wanc                     p 7
Koci, Frantisek V                      p 4
Koci, Mary                             p 4
Koranda, Emilie                        p13
Koranda, Frank                         p13
Koranda, Johanna                       p 7
Koranda, John                          p 7
Koranda, Katerina                      p13
Kovak, Josef                           p 9
Kovanda, Josef                         p11
Kremlacek, Frant.                      p10
Kremlacek, Marie                       p10
Krska, Francis A                       p12
Krska, Mat                             p10
Kubik, Anna                            p 3
Kubik, Josefa                          p 3
Kubik, Joseph W                        p 4
Kubik, Rosie                           p 4
Kubik, Vac                             p 3
Kudlacek, Anastazie                    p10
Kudlacek, John                         p 8
Kuncl, Tomas                           p14

Lavinger, Victoria                     p 5

Mach, Agnes H                          p12
Mach, Anna                             p 8
Mach, Antonin                          p 4
Mach, Frant                            p 7
Mach, Josef                            p 8
Mach, Josefa                           p14
Mach, Josefina                         p 6
Mach, Joseph A V                       p12
Mach, Karel                            p 7
Mach, Katerina                         p 7
Mach, Vaclav                           p 8
Maloch, Bohuslav                       p 8
Masek, Frant                           p14
Masek, Frantisek                       p10
Masek, Hattie                          p 1
Masek, Tomas                           p11
Mashek, Emma                           p 2
Mashek, John                           p 2
Matejka, Jakub                         p 5
Matejka, Rozalie                       p 5
Mizera, Josefa                         p 7
Muzera, Matej                          p 7
Moravec, Frantiska                     p10
Musilek, Frantiska                     p10
Musilek, Jan                           p10

Novak, Frantiska                       p 2
Novak, Jan                             p 2
Novak, Jan F                           p13
Novak, Josefka                         p13
Novak, Marie                           p 2

Ostry, Apolena u Frantisek             p 2

Pabian, Raymond J                      p13
Pacl, Katie                            p11
Paseka, Joseph W                       p 3
Paseka, Mary                           p 3
Paseka, Mary Ann                       p 3
Pelan, Anna                            p 7
Petrzilka, Barbora                     p 7
Petrzilka, Michael                     p 7
Placek, Anna                           p 2
Polacek, Anezka                        p 5
Polak, Anna                            p12
Polak, Frant                           p 7
Polak, Vaclav                          p12
Popova, Anna                           p 6
Popova, Katerina                       p 6
Pospisil, Anton                        p 6
Pospisil, Frank W                      p 9
Pospisil, Leonard J                    p 8
Pospisil, Mary                         p 6
Pospisil, Theodore C                   p 9
Pospisil, Thomas C                     p 9
Pospisil, Vaclav                       p 8

Ratkovec, Anna                         p13
Rehak, Frank                           p 3
Rehak, Frantiska                       p10
Rehak, James J                         p12
Rehak, Josef                           p10
Rehak, Joseph                          p12
Rehak, Mary                            p 3
Rehak, William                         p12
Rerucha, Klara                         p 7
Rezac, Fred J                          p 9
Rezac, Mary A                          p 9
Ruzek, Vac                             p 6
Ruzek, Vaclav                          p 2
Ruzek, Veronika                        p11

Sabata, Albert B                       p13
Sabata, Alois                          p 7
Sabata, Jakub                          p 4
Sabata, Marie                          p 4
Secor, Frankie                         p10
Secor, Johnie                          p10
Sedlacek, Anton                        p 3
Sedlacek, Anton                        p12
Sedlacek, Anton L                      p 9
Sedlacek, Barbora                      p 8
Sedlacek, Frances                      p12
Sedlacek, Frantisek                    p 4
Sedlacek, Katerina                     p 8
Sedlacek, Marie                        p 3
Sedlacek, Thomas                       p 8
Sedlacek, William J                    p 3
Shandera, Frantisek                    p 9
Shandera, Ludmila                      p 4
Shandera, Marie Shorney                p 4
Shandera, Mike                         p 3
Shandera, Rudolph Cyril                p 4
Shonka, Anna                           p 3
Shultz, Frantiska                      p 1
Shultz, Josef                          p 1
Shultz, Marie                          p 1
Simanek, Filomena                      p 8
Simanek, Josef                         p 6
Simanek, Karel                         p14
Simanek, Marie                         p14
Snitily, Anton                         p11
Snitily, Charles S                     p12
Snitily, Clarence                      p12
Snitily, Joseph A                      p12
Snitily, Katerina                      p10
Snitily, Marta                         p11
Snitily, Mary                          p12
Soukup, Agnes                          p 6
Sousek, Joseph V                       p 4
Sousek, Magdalena                      p 5
Sousek, Vaclav                         p 5
Sramek, Frantiska                      p14
Steinbach, Inf son                     p12
Steinbach, Wm G                        p13
Stuchlik, Anton                        p10
Stuchlik, Anton E                      p12
Stuchlik, Catherine J                  p12
Stuchlik, Marie                        p10
Stuchuk, Martin                        p11
Stuchlik, Mildred A                    p 2
Swartz, Anna                           p 3
Swartz, James J                        p 3

Tesina, Anton                          p 9
Texl, Augusta                          p 8
Texl, Frantiska                        p 8
Texl, Vaclav                           p 8
Theewen, Marie Sabata                  p 7
Tomcak, Josef                          p13
Tomsicek, Barbora                      p 7
Tomsicek, Hedvika                      p12
Tomsicek, Josef                        p 7
Tomsicek, Joseph                       p12

Vachal, Anna                           p 9
Vachal, Jan                            p 9
Vachal, Josef                          p14
Van Driel, Gys Bertus                  p 8
Van Driel, Henry                       p 4
Van Driel, Minnie                      p 4
Vanek, Anna                            p 5
Vanek, Antonin                         p 7
Vanek, Josef                           p 5
Vanek, Marie                           p 5
Vanek, Martin                          p 5
Vavra, Alois                           p 2
Vavra, Eduard                          p11
Vavra, Josef                           p 2
Vculek, Frant                          p 3
Vculek, Josef                          p12
Vculek, Marie                          p 3
Vculek, Mathias                        p 6
Virgl, Frant                           p 6
Vlasak, Frantisek                      p 7
Vlasak, Marie                          p 7
Voboril, Anna                          p14
Vojta, Frant                           p 6
Vojta, Jan                             p11
Vondrak, Josef                         p11
Vrbka, Antonie                         p 4
Vrbka, Frant                           p 4
Vrbka, Karoline                        p14
Vyhlidal, Vac                          p 9

Woita, Bohumil                         p 2
Woita, Charles                         p 6
Woita, Frances                         p 6
Woita, Frances A                       p13
Woita, Jacob                           p 2
Woitz, Jakub J                         p 2
Woita, Josef                           p 2
Woita, Katherine                       p 2
Woita, Margaret B                      p 3
Woita, Valerian                        p13
Wonka, Caroline Fisher                 p10

Zeman, Josef                           p 8

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