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photo courtesy of Clarabelle Mares.
(May 1977)

Morning Side Cemetery

(Wahoo Township)
Submitted by
Clarabelle Mares
Lewis-Clark Chapter DAR
Fremont, Nebraska
State:    Nebraska    County:    Saunders    Township:    Wahoo
Section:    NE 1/4 NE 1/4 of Section 2    Township:    14 N    RANGE:    8E
Recorded By:    Clarabelle Mares    1722 East 19 Fremont, Nebraska 68025
Assisted By:    Kathrine Petersen
Date Recorded:    2 May 1977

Cemetery map

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Tombstone Records

Names Index

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Adell, Arvid W               p2
Anderson, Albin A            p5
Anderson, Alden F            p6
Anderson, Alice J            p2
Anderson, Anders Frederick   p4
Anderson, Andrew             p8
Anderson, Clara Louisa       p4
Anderson, Edna V             p2
Anderson, Edith F F          p2
Anderson, Ellen              p8
Anderson, Elof               p8
Anderson, Floyd              p2
Anderson, John               p8
Anderson, Martha             p6
Anderson, Mary               p8
Anderson, Oscar              p2
Anderson, Sofia              p8
Anderson, Stanley R          p6

Beats, Vernon T              p6
Behrens, Avis L              p6
Berggren, Alfred             p3
Berggren, Gordon R           p3
Berggren, Harold L           p3
Berggren, Hugo A             p3
Berggren, Mayme              p3
Bruce, Andrew G              p6
Bruce, Arthur A              p6
Bruce, Frieda                p6
Bruce, Zelda                 p6
Burns, Margaret Robinson     p1

Carlson, Andrew              p6
Carlson, Bengta              p5
Carlson, C J                 p3
Carlson, Charles L           p6
Carlson, Emma                p5
Carlson, Eva C               p9
Carlson, Josephine Swanson   p6
Carlson, Ola                 p5
Carlson, Peter A             p9
Carlson, Sophia M            p3

Dillner, Peter E             p1

Edgar, Adolph J              p7
Edgar, Doris                 p7
Edgar, Fred H                p7
Edgar, Julius                p7
Edgar, Mother                p7
Edoff, Alphie                p3
Edoff, Augusta               p3
Edoff, Carl J                p3
Edoff, Hiram                 p3
Edoff, Paul                  p3
Edoff, Selma G               p3
Engstrom, Leonard            p8
Erickson, Ida B              p9

Flagle, Mary K               p4
Fleming, Eliza J             p4
Fleming, Joseph G            p4
Flodman, Albert H            p7
Flodman, Bernice M           p7
Flodman, C E                 p7
Flodman, David               p7
Flodman, Harold F            p7
Flodman, Mabel               p7
Forrest, Joseph C            p9
Freeberg, Andrew             p5
Freeberg, Clarence           p5
Freeberg, Hannah             p5

Gibson, E Lydia              p8
Gibson, LeRoy W              p8
Gustafson, Alfred            p2
Gustafson, Anna D            p2
Gustafson, Anna Matilda      p5
Gustafson, C A               p2
Gustafson, Carl Henry        p2
Gustafson, Carl Henry        p5
Gustafson, Chris             p1
Gustafson, David             p2
Gustafson, Eddie C           p1
Gustafson, Gust A            p2
Gustafson, Hattie S Johnson  p2
Gustafson, Helen             p2
Gustafson, Hilda N           p1
Gustafson, Ida J             p1
Gustafson, Johanna M         p2
Gustafson, John G            p2
Gustafson, Paul A            p1
Gustafson, Selma             p2
Gustafson, Selma F Hanson    p2

Hand, Ward W                 p4
Hansen, Infant               p5
Hanson, Carolina             p2
Hanson, Henry                p2
Hanson, Ruth                 p2
Hultstedt, Alma C Udd        p8
Hultstedt, Frank A           p8
Hultstedt, Frank A W         p8
Hultstedt, Ida L Carlson     p8

Johnson, A Lawrence          p3
Johnson, Adolph F            p7
Johnson, Albertina           p7
Johnson, Ben                 p5
Johnson, Bernard Joseph      p7
Johnson, Carl A              p7
Johnson, Charles Peter       p7
Johnson, David G             p9
Johnson, David S             p3
Johnson, David W             p5
Johnson, Edward Carl         p7
Johnson, Eland C             p7
Johnson, Elen Augusta        p7
Johnson, Emil C              p8
Johnson, Emma                p8
Johnson, Emma Christina      p3
Johnson, Esther J            p7
Johnson, Eva A               p5
Johnson, Grace S             p8
Johnson, Henry F             p3
Johnson, Hilda V             p4
Johnson, Ingrid M            p9
Johnson, Johanna T           p9
Johnson, John C              p8
Johnson, Jos                 p5
Johnson, Joseph L            p4
Johnson, Keith F             p3
Johnson, Kenneth W           p8
Johnson, Leila F             p4
Johnson, Lena                p5
Johnson, Mabel Stromberg     p3
Johnson, Mother              p7
Johnson, Oscar Fredrick      p3
Johnson, Sophia B            p5
Johnson, Warren H            p7

Karlson, Gust H              p9

Lange, Antine                p8
Lange, Fred                  p8
Lange, Viola                 p8
Lund, Amanda Magley          p3
Lund, L E                    p3

Magley, Christian            p3
Magnuson, Gust A             p4
Magnuson, Hulda C            p4
Martinson, Anna M            p3
Martinson, Miriam A          p2
Martinson, Nels J            p3
Mattson, Anna                p5
Mattson, John                p5
Mattson, Children            p5
Meyers, Dabney               p3
Milliken, Jeffrey Allan      p4
Moser, William M             p9

Nelson, Charley              p9
Nelson, Ella D               p9
Nelson, Ernest E             p5
Nelson, Isaac                p5
Nelson, Jennie               p5
Nelson, Theodore E           p9
Nelson, Waynne F             p8
Nordquist, Edla Johnson      p5
Nordquist, Simon             p5

Ogden, Ida Engstrom          p8
Olson, August                p9
Olson, Brita                 p9
Olson, Enoch A               p1
Olson, Helga S               p1
Olson, Natalie               p1
Olson, Peter                 p9
Olson, Victoria              p9
Osbeck, Milton R             p5

Payton, Shawnette Rae        p6
Pearson, Harry G             p6
Pearson, Ida C               p6
Pearson, Norma Ann           p6
Pearson, Pete                p6
Person, Father               p5
Person, Louise M             p5
Person, Mildred E            p5
Person, Victor J             p5
Peters, Alvena               p6
Peters, Ben                  p6
Peterson, B August           p8
Peterson, Bernice H          p9
Peterson, David              p8
Peterson, Esther M           p8
Peterson, Henry              p9
Peterson, Maude M            p9
Peterson, Nellie             p8
Plymate, Daniel C            p7
Plymate, Leonard C           p7
Plymate, Virginia Cameron    p7
Purcell, Mont O              p4
Purcell, Ruth A              p4

Rand, Merton Lee             p4
Rand, Myrtle                 p2
Raymond, Geraldine Clare     p9
Riley, Evelyn H              p6
Robinson, Ben D              p1
Robinson, Cora V             p1
Robinson, Gladyce L          p1
Robinson, Helen M            p1
Robinson, Infant             p1

Sabelman, Elizabeth          p1
Sabelman, Emma C             p1
Sabelman, L Gustaf           p1
Schulz, Lester J             p3
Severin, Darlene C           p6
Springer, John               p1
Springer, Laura E            p1
Stransky, Charles            p2
Stransky, Clara Gustafson    p2
Swanson, Albert T            p7
Swanson, Andrew              p7
Swanson, Arthur O            p9
Swanson, Clara E             p7
Swanson, Elna                p6
Swanson, Florence A          p2
Swanson, Gotfred C           p8
Swanson, Levina              p9
Swanson, Mabel Hulstedt      p8
Swanson, Mamie E             p9
Swanson, Mary                p7
Swanson, Peter               p9
Swanson, Walter              p7

Tower, Evelyn Johnson        p5
Turner, Emma Carlson         p5

Udd, August                  p1
Udd, Carl Emil               p1
Udd, Frank E                 p2
Udd, Harry E                 p2
Udd, Milton F                p2

Wageman, Marie               p4
Wageman, Willie A            p4
Washburn, Infant             p1
Williams, Emory              p4
Williams, Huey               p4
Williams, Verna A            p4
Witzell, Axel                p4
Witzell, Clara A             p4

__?_, Grandmother            p8

photo courtesy of Clarabelle Mares.
(May 1977)

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