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photo courtesy of Clarabelle Mares.
(April 1977)

Marietta Presbyterian

(Marietta Township)
Submitted by
Clarabelle Mares
Lewis-Clark Chapter DAR
Fremont, Nebraska
State:    Nebraska    County:    Saunders    Township:    Marietta
Section:    SW 1/4 SW 1/4 of Section 8    Township:    15 N    RANGE:    8E
Recorded By:    Clarabelle Mares    1722 East 19 Fremont, Nebraska 68025
Assisted By:    Kathrine Petersen
Date Recorded:    6 April 1977

Cemetery map

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Tombstone Records

Names Index

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                           Page #
Adams, Susan S                 p 8
Adams, Theodore L              p 8
Akerson, Alfred                p 9
Akerson, Carl A                p 9
Alm, Agnes                     p 9
Alm, Alfrid                    p 9
Alm, Amelia J Olson            p10
Alm, Andrew A                  p10
Alm, Charles W                 p10
Alm, Lyman H                   p11
Alm, Mynerd                    p 9
Alm, Nora                      p10
Alm, Robert C                  p11
Anderson, Agnes E              p 7
Anderson, Augusta C            p 1
Anderson, Carl A               p 1
Anderson, Charlie              p 7
Anderson, Dorothy May          p 1
Anderson, Gilbert              p 7
Anderson, Herman L             p11
Anderson, Mabel E              p 9
Andrew, Alexander              p 5
Andrew, Edward                 p 5
Andrew, Isaac                  p 5
Andrew, John                   p10
Aston, Rev Edwin               p10
Aston, Frances M               p10
Aston, Mary Jane               p10

Barnett, Nora J                p 6
Bell, George W                 p 2
Bell, Isabelle Ellison         p 2
Benjamin, Aseaneath            p 4
Benjamin, Cora A               p 4
Benjamin, J A                  p 3
Benjamin, Laura E              p 4
Benjamin, Martha Ellen         p 3
Benson, Anna L Alm             p10
Blair, Anna                    p10
Blair, Robert                  p10
Blair, William S               p 9
Brainard, Florence Perry       p 7
Brown, Alfaretta               p 8
Brown, John                    p 8

Campbell, Mary                 p 8
Campbell, William R            p 8
Carlberg, Gustaf A             p10
Carlberg, Hilda M              p10
Carlberg, Theodore C           p10
Carlson, C Conrad              p11
Carlson, Cecil H               p11
Carlson, Esther M              p11
Carlson, Hilda S               p11
Carlson, Lillie Magnuson       p11
Carlson, J Oscar               p11
Carlson, Minnie                p11
Clegg, Isaac                   p 3
Clegg, Susan C                 p 3
Cooper, Grace C                p 4
Cordsen, Behrend Johnson       p 7
Cordsen, Marie Elizabeth       p 7
Cordsen, Martin Bernard        p 7
Cordsen, Tomman                p 7
Crinklaw, Hellen               p 2
Crinklaw, James                p 1
Crinklaw, John A               p 8
Crinklaw, Mary Hattie          p 2
Crinklaw, Minnie L             p 3
Crinklaw, Nellie L             p 8
Crinklaw, Walter               p 2
Currier, Aruba O               p 8

Davis, Charles                 p 7

Edvall, Frans                  p11
Edvall, Mary                   p11
Eggleston, Francis             p 8
Eggleston, Frank H             p 9
Eggleston, Elizabeth           p 8
Eggleston, Ellen               p 9
Elliott, James                 p 1
Ellison, Anna J                p 3
Ellison, E Murle Hoagland      p10
Ellison, George H              p11
Ellison, Isabella              p 2
Ellison, James                 p 2
Ellison, Lorene O              p11
Ellison, Opal                  p11
Ellison, Ruth                  p11
Ellison, William               p 3
Ellison, William J             p10

Fletcher, David G              p 2
Fletcher, Elizabeth Bain       p 2
Fletcher, Elizabeth J          p 2
Fletcher, John R               p 2
Fletcher, Margaret A           p 2
Fletcher, Rev Wm               p 2
Franson, Anna                  p11
Franson, Elmer J               p11
Franson, Frank                 p11
Fraser, Charlotte              p 2
Fraser, Delma                  p 3
Fraser, James W                p 2
Fraser, John A                 p 2
Fraser, Robert T               p 2

Gaffin, Laura A                p 3
Gaffin, Mary A                 p 3
Gaffin, J N                    p 3
Gaffin, James H                p 3
Gaffin, Mabel L                p 3
Giffin, Bertha Schofield       p 6
Gilchrist, Alice C             p 1
Gilchrist, Ellen               p 1
Gilchrist, James               p 1
Gilchrist, Janet               p 1
Gilchrist, John H              p 1
Godfrey, Pearl                 p 7
Grandy, Chauncey L             p 4
Grandy, Chauncey S             p 4
Grandy, Hannah M               p 4
Grandy, Myrtie E               p 4
Gustus, Anna M                 p 9
Gustus, John                   p 9

Haggard, D G                   p 6
Haggard, Elizabeth             p 6
Haggard, Emma M                p 6
Haggard, Frank L               p 6
Haggard, L James P             p 6
Haggard, Mary J                p 6
Haggard, William C             p11
Hancock, Anson U               p 5
Hancock, Flora B               p 5
Hancock, Floy I                p 4
Hancock, John                  p 5
Hancock, John                  p 5
Hancock, Laura B               p 4
Hancock, Morris H              p 4
Hancock, Sarah                 p 5
Hays, Mary B                   p 2
Hays, Milton J                 p 2
Hays, Peter P                  p 2
Henderson, Ruby                p 7
Hoaglund, Bessie               p 8
Hoaglund, George               p 8
Hoaglund, Hazel                p 8
Hoaglund, Mary E               p 8
Holt, August                   p 2
Hultberg, Johan A              p 1

Jacobson, Emma O               p11
Jacobson, Fred C               p11
Jacobson, John F               p11
Jacobson, Josephine R          p11
Johnson, Alfonso               p10
Johnson, Amelia                p 8
Johnson, Carl A                p 8
Johnson, Charles G             p 8
Johnson, Dorothy E             p 9
Johnson, Emil C                p 9
Johnson, Erick J               p 7
Johnson, Floyd J               p11
Johnson, Helen H               p10
Johnson, Inf son               p 5
Johnson, Ireve V               p 8
Johnson, Lavina A              p 7
Johnson, Minnie                p 9
Johnson, Ralph E               p 8
Johnson, Raymond D             p 8
Judes, Hannah Mary             p 7

Knutson, Fanny                 p 7
Kempton, Abraham P             p 1
Kempton, Helen C               p 1
Kempton, J Pearl               p 1
Keyes, Eva Sams                p 4

Lamar, Curtis Mershaw          p 5
Lamar, Emila Love              p 5
Lamar, Ivan Duane              p 5
Lamar, Lillian Lenora          p 5
Lamar, Margaret E              p 5
Larson, Albin                  p 5
Larson, Lars                   p 5
Larson, Marie                  p 5

McCord, Blane M                p 7
McCord, Charles I              p10
McCord, Clara B                p 3
McCord, Emma E                 p 5
McCord, James L                p 3
McCord, Jennie F               p 3
McCord, Louise J               p 7
McCord, Mary E                 p 3
McCord, Mary Susan             p 3
McCord, Minnie A               p10
McCord, William D              p 3
McCord, William H              p 5
McCutcheon, Anna Marie         p11
McKinnon, Elizabeth            p 5
McKinnon, Samuel               p 5

Mack, Mary A                   p 4
Mack, Warren                   p 4
Meckley, John W                p 6
Meckley, Juno O                p 6
Melin, Agnes S                 p 9
Melin, Caroline                p 9
Melin, John                    p 9
Miners, George                 p 6
Miners, Helena                 p 6
Miners, Johanna F              p 6
Miners, Mary H                 p 6
Miners, William H              p 6
Mollerstrom, Albin J           p 2
Moss, Irvie M                  p 3
Mowers, Emma Alene             p 3
Mowers, Fred M                 p 3
Mowers, Ira                    p 3

Nelson, Gustav                 p 9
Nelson, Johanna                p 9
Nelson, Nels P                 p 5
Nigh, Mary A                   p 8
Nigh, William                  p 8

Olson, Brita                   p 2
Olson, Harold B                p 8
Olson, Hilda B                 p 2
Olson, Ida C                   p 2
Olson, Peter P                 p 2
Olson, Ruth R                  p 2
Orme, Harriet E                p 1
Orme, William H                p 1
Ostenberg, Caroline            p 8
Ostenberg, Charles             p 8

Page, Bernie Earl              p 8
Palm, Peter                    p 5
Pease, A M                     p 5
Pease, Horace                  p 5
Pease, Laura                   p 5
Pease, Lydia                   p 5
Perry, Charles                 p 7
Perry, Christina M Gilchrist   p 1
Peterson, Andrew J             p10
Peterson, Augusta              p10
Peterson; Lloyd H              p10
Popken, Bertha M               p 7
Popken, Frieda M               p 7
Presba, Charles W              p 3
Presba, Elva A                 p 3
Presba, Fred M                 p 3
Presba, Ida May                p 3
Presba, James W                p 3
Presba, Lucy A                 p 3

Rand, Bessie E                 p 6
Rand, Catherine L              p 6
Rand, Lottie L                 p 6
Rasmussen, Anna M              p 2
Rasmussen, Eva May             p10
Rasmussen, Herbert             p10
Rasmussen, Mabel C             p 2
Rasmussen, Math                p 2
Rhode, Daisy Rand              p 6
Rider, Louise M                p 4
Robinson, Earl G               p 4
Robinson, Ivan E               p 4
Robinson, Merle J              p 4

Sams, Joseph A                 p 4
Sams, Peter                    p 4
Sams, Theresia                 p 4
Sanderson, Clifford            p 9
Sanderson, Lucy                p 9
Sanderson, Marion E            p 9
Scales, Mary                   p 8
Scitner, Elizabeth             p 4
Scitner, John                  p 4
Schofield, Fanny               p 6
Schofield, Frank               p 6
Schofield, Maria J             p 6
Schofield, Sally               p 6
Schofield, Samuel              p 6
Seeberg, Betsey                p10
Seeberg, M Peterson            p10
Serene, Christine C            p 9
Serene, Erick H                p 9
Skoog, Christine C             p 9
Skoog, John A                  p 9
Smith, Alvah C                 p 4
Smith, Jeanette Fletcher       p 2
Steele, Richard S              p 9
Sutton, Alexander Ely          p 5
Sutton, Ellen Ely              p 5
Sutton, James                  p 5
Swanson, Alice                 p11
Swanson, Anna                  p 4
Swanson, Carry Irma            p 9
Swanson, Charles J             p11
Swanson, Edward A              p 4
Swanson, Fritz H               p 4
Swanson, John E                p 4
Swanson, Lars J                p 4
Swanson, Reka                  p 4

Taylor, Emma M                 p 7
Taylor, Lydia M                p 7
Tishendorf, Augusta            p 9
Tishendorf, Herman F           p 9
Tishendorf, Hilmer E           p 9

Vance, Albert E                p11
Vance, Dorleska A              p11

Ward, Hugh                     p 8
Ward, Sarah                    p 8
Whinnery, E M                  p 7
Whinnery, Emily M              p 7
Whinnery, J M                  p 7
Williams, Dorothy V            p 1
Williams, Lucinda Price        p 7

Ellison or Bell, Ellen M       p 2

photo courtesy of Clarabelle Mares.
(April 1977)

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