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Maple Grove

(Cedar Bluffs, Cedar Twp)
Submitted by
Clarabelle Mares
Lewis-Clark Chapter DAR
Fremont, Nebraska
Name of Cemetery: Maple Grove Cemetery (Cedar Bluffs, Nebraska)
State:    Nebraska    County:    Saunders    Township:    Cedar
Section:    SW 1/4 NE 1/4 of Section 2    Township:    16    RANGE:    7 E
Recorded By:    Clarabelle Mares    1722 East 19 Fremont, Nebraska 68025
Assisted By:    Kathrine Petersen
Date Recorded:    27 Aug 1976, completed 21 Sept 1976

Cemetery map

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1976 Tombstone Records
2001 Index

1976 Names Index

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                         Page #
Alkire, Elizabeth Clapham         p 2
Allen, Albert                     p 5
Allen, Mrs Albert                 p 5
Allender, A Ceorge                p 3
Allender, Alice C                 p 3
Allender, Annabella               p 3
Allender, John H                  p 3
Allender, Maxine C                p 3
Andersen, Dorothea M              p19
Andersen, Junior Dean             p 9
Anderson, Myrtle Haxby            p18
Andrews, Grace M                  p21
Andrews, Oscar F                  p21
Anthony, John                     p15
Anthony, Lucie                    p15
Anthony, Will F                   p15
Arbogast, Anna M                  p 7
Arbogast, Clara E                 p 7

Baily, Agnes J                    p18
Bailey, George W                  p15
Bailey, Lydia Anne                p15
Baldwin, Orvil G                  p 3
Baldwin, Pearl                    p 3
Baldwin, Rachel L                 p 3
Barrett, Frank N                  p10
Barrett, Racheal E                p10
Barrett, Sam                      p10
Barrett, Vida Loudon              p10
Beck, Baby                        p 6
Beck, Dora                        p 6
Beck, Edward J                    p 6
Beck, Lucille                     p 6
Beck, Valentine                   p 6
Beebe, Amy R                      p11
Beebe, Curtis E                   p11
Beebe, Frank E                    p11
Beebe, Harley T                   p11
Beebe, Margaret E                 p11
Beebe, S C                        p11
Behrens, Alice Mae                p17
Behrens, Alvin B                  p17
Behrens, Herman J                 p17
Bignell, Susan Ann                p13
Bignell, William R                p13
Black, D Y                        p 4
Black, Sarah A                    p 4
Blair, Della                      p14
Blair, LeRoy                      p14
Booze, Baby(2 of them)            p13
Booze, Carl J                     p13
Booze(?), Grandma                 p13
Booze, Hattie                     p13
Booze, James                      p13
Booze, Marilyn                    p13
Booze, Susannah                   p13
Bouer, John H                     p18
Bouer, Marie                      p18
Boulier, Alexander                p10
Boulier, Clifford J               p10
Boulier, Effie L                  p22
Boulier, Irvin Stanley            p10
Boulier, Sarah A                  p10
Bowman, Karo H                    p17
Bowman, Walter W                  p20
Bradley, Anna                     p 2
Brainard, Alice                   p14
Brainard, Alonson Charles         p13
Brainard, Alonson Upllman         p13
Brainard, Amelia T                p13
Brainard, Arthur G                p 4
Brainard, Charles G               p 4
Brainard, Cornelia N              p 4
Brainard, Edward Everet           p 1
Brainard, Henry H                 p 4
Brainard, Inf son                 p14
Brainard, Irena Mira              p 1
Brainard, Joshua B                p 4
Brainard, Tena                    p 4
Bridges, Ada B                    p18
Bridges, Clara                    p18
Bridges, Wm                       p18
Brogan, Elisabeth Alkire          p 2
Brown, Adam J                     p17
Brown, Carl D                     p 2
Brown, Edith L                    p17
Brown, Laura E                    p17
Brown, Leonard W                  p17
Brown, William A                  p17
Bruning, Emery H                  p 2
Bruning, Lewis A                  p 2
Bruning, Mary Ann                 p 2
Bruning, William H                p 2
Bushey, Francis                   p 6
Buttrick, Irene F                 p 2
Buttrick, John W                  p 2
Buttrick, Sarah                   p 2
Buttrick, Watson                  p 2

Callaway, Dorothy Clapham         p 2
Case, Carrie E                    p11
Case, Frank E                     p11
Case, William E                   p11
Clapham, Edward                   p 2
Clapham, John Henry               p 6
Clapham, Minnie Fisher            p 6
Crocker, John                     p 1
Croghan, Robert E                 p16
Crosby, George H                  p15
Crosby, Mary J                    p15
Croshaw, Addie M                  p13
Croshaw, Alvena                   p13
Croshaw, Anna M                   p21
Croshaw, Charles A                p21
Croshaw, Charlotte                p13
Croshaw, Clarence                 p13
Croshaw, E Blanch                 p13
Croshaw, Glenn V Sr               p11
Croshaw, Lawrence                 p13
Croshaw, Melinda                  p13
Croshaw, William                  p13

Denham, Helen                     p11
Denham, Jeanette B                p11
Denham, Thomas                    p11
Dickey, Emma K                    p14
Dickson, Clarence                 p10
Dockweiler, J Francis             p15

Fauquet, Alain                    p 8
Fenstermacher, Baby               p 7
Fenstermacher, Baby               p14
Fenstermacher, Gerald             p 7
Fenstermacher, Irvin              p14
Fenstermacher, John               p 7
Fenstermacher, Luella Muehleis    p 7
Fenstermacher, Oscar M            p 7
Fenstermacher, Philibena          p 7
Fenstermacher, Ruby May Loudon    p 7
Foster, Etta                      p13
Foster, George                    p13
Fouquete, Bert                    p14
Fowler, Mary B                    p17
Fowler, William A                 p17
France, C Earl                    p12
France, Louise J                  p12
Fritz, Esther M                   p18

Gabriel, Andrew E                 p21
Gabriel, Crescentia               p 3
Gabriel, Emma R                   p 3
Gabriel, Henry L                  p 3
Gabriel, John                     p 3
Gabriel, Laura L                  p21
Gabriel, Otto W                   p 3
Garn, Myrtle E                    p 6
Gaughen, M Leonard                p 8
Gaughen, Thelma V                 p 8
Genoways, Luella B                p 4
Gidley, Bessie J                  p17
Gidley, Clement                   p17
Gidley, Grace M                   p17
Glemm, Ham                        p16
Glemm, William H                  p16
Griffin, Minnie                   p15
Griffin, Thomas                   p15
Guddeback, Lafayette              p11

Hadley, James Elmore              p 1
Hadley, Minnie Ivory              p 2
Hale, Richard                     p15
Hannah, Roy R                     p12
Hapke, Gustaf J                   p20
Hapke, Henrietta L                p20
Hapke, Kenneth W                  p20
Harding, Emil H                   p18
Harding, Nellie                   p18
Harlin, Mary C                    p 9
Harlin, Otto G                    p 9
Harmon, Addie F                   p11
Harmon(?), Caroline E             p11
Harmon, Edward C                  p11
Harmon, Ethel C                   p11
Harmon, Nellie                    p11
Harmon, William J                 p11
Hasch, Robert E                   p15
Haxby, Ella V                     p20
Haxby, John                       p 8
Haxby, John C                     p12
Haxby, Sarah E                    p12
Haxby, William                    p12
Haxby, William C                  p 2
Haxby, Zora B                     p 2
Headley, Charles H                p19
Headley, Raymone J                p19
Henrichson, Ervin C               p19
Heyen, John M                     p20
Hills, Adele Tawney               p 7
Hills, Frank J                    p 7
Hills, George S                   p16
Hills, Harriet A                  p 7
Hills, Hattie Mae                 p16
Hills, M Stillman                 p 7
Hills, Ray H                      p 7
Hodge, Mary Louisa                p 4
Holloway, John H                  p18
Holst, Julius                     p 6
Holst, Lucy                       p 6
Hoshor, John                      p 8
Hosher, Lloyd E                   p10
Hund, Grace                       p15
Hunt, Arlene A                    p19
Hurst, Ida M                      p18
Hurst, Ira T                      p18
Hurst, Rebecca J                  p18
Hurst, Thomas P                   p18
Hurst, William J                  p18
Hutchinson, Mary E                p12
Hutton, Bessie I                  p17

Jackson, Isabella                 p 1
Jacobs, Boy P                     p 6
Jacobs, Hans F                    p 6
Jacobs, John C                    p 6
Janecek, Edward W                 p 7
Janecek, Jemima                   p 7
Janecek, Jitka                    p 7
Janecek, Ludwig                   p 7
Janovec, Raymond                  p19
Jesse, Anna                       p 5
Jesse, Inf dau                    p 5
Jesse, Joe                        p 5
Jesse, LaFayette                  p 5
Johnson, Albert B                 p 3
Johnson, Bernard Carl A           p 8
Johnson, Bessie                   p 3
Johnson, Della Ann                p 3
Johnson, George                   p 3
Johnson, Hilma                    p10
Johnson, Inf son                  p 3
Johnson, Maude                    p 3
Jones, Bertha J                   p22
Jones, Marjorie                   p 7
Jones, Rudolph G                  p22
Jurgens, Lyle E                   p20

Karash, Laura Belle               p14
Keegan, Della M                   p 1
Keller, John Paul                 p22
Keller, Mary                      p22
Keller, Wayne Louis               p22
Kile, Nancy Ann                   p12
Kile, Matthew M                   p12
Killian John                      p 4
Killian, Olive                    p 4
Killian, Victoria                 p 4
Kimble, Frank                     p19
Kirchmann, Verner K               p22
Kissel, Bertha                    p 4
Kissel, Clarence P                p 4
Kissel, Della                     p 4
Kissel, Martha P                  p 6
Knapp, Barbara A                  p 5
Knapp, Frank B                    p 5
Knapp, Lillian R                  p 5
Knapp, Lula A                     p 5
Knapp, Ned W                      p 5
Knapp, Randall H                  p 5
Knapp, Raymond H                  p 5
Kolb, Grace Mae                   p20
Kolb, Lewis H                     p20
Krause, Pearl                     p19
Krause, Rudy A                    p19
Kreizel, Amanda                   p14
Kreizel, Amiel                    p14
Kreizel, Carl                     p14
Kreizel, Frank                    p14
Kreizel, Fred                     p14
Kreizel, Herman B                 p14
Kreizel, Minnie                   p14
Kreizel, Paul                     p14
Kreizel, Tina                     p14
Kruse, Henre J                    p18
Kubr, Lydia Ann                   p20

Lawrence, Mary J                  p 2
LeGrand, Medford L                p21
LeGrande, Delbert L               p20
LeGrande, Dora M                  p21
LeGrande, Leland LeRoy            p20
LeGrande, Louis                   p21
LeGrande, Ruby                    p22
Lichtenberg, Francis V            p21
Lockner, Adam                     p 2
Lockner, Edmund A                 p 2
Lockner, Minnie                   p 2
Lockner, Robert A                 p 2
Lockner, Rowena M                 p 2
Lorenzen, Andrew P                p 6
Lorenzen, Caryl                   p 6
Lubker, Hans O                    p18
Lubker, Herbert H                 p18
Lubker, Hulda L                   p18
Lubker, Peter                     p18
Lutton, Bertha C                  p14
Lutton, Carl N                    p14
Lyman, Ada                        p12
Lyman, Edna Knapp                 p 5
Lyman, Florence Edna              p12
Lyman, Frank T                    p12
Lyman, John W                     p12
Lyman, Laura Nielsen              p12

McCauley, Alexander               p18
McCauley, Anna S                  p18
McCauley, Inf son                 p 3
McCauley, Irvin E                 p 3
McCauley, Mary E                  p 3
McCauley, Robert                  p20
McCauley, Robert L                p 3
McCauley, William J               p 3
McKellip, James H                 p16
McKillip, Della                   p21
McKillip, Eva L                   p17
McKillip, Joe J                   p21

Mahrt, Elsie                      p19
Manke, Arthur P                   p20
Martin, Clara M                   p 6
Martin J David                    p14
Martin, John J                    p 6
Martin, LeRoy Roy A               p 6
Martin, Lurana A                  p14
Martin, Mathias                   p 6
Martin, Susie C                   p14
Mayes, John Calvin                p19
Miller, August                    p 6
Miller, Rev David K               p17
Miller, Hattie Ethel              p 4
Miller, Henrietta                 p 6
Miller, Ludwig                    p 6
Miller, Mattie C                  p17
Million, Ella M                   p15
Million, Robert Arthur            p15
Mohr, Garry                       p10
Moody, Robert James               p21
Morehouse, Adelaid M              p 5
Morehouse, Alexander P            p 5
Mowbray, John E                   p 1

Nick, Alvena E                    p14
Nick, William F                   p14
Novak, Edward                     p19

Olsen, Albert W                   p 9
Olsen, Anna                       p 9
Olsen, Charles                    p 8
Olsen, Christina                  p 9
Olsen, Emil                       p 9
Olsen, Erik                       p 9
Olsen, Sophie                     p 9
Olsen, Teckla                     p 9
Oman, Christina                   p10
Oman, John                        p10
Ostrand, August                   p 8
Ostrand, Charlotte H              p 8
Ostrand, Ellen Elizabeth          p 8
Ostrand, Ida K                    p 8
Ostrand, John V                   p 8
Ostrand, Joseph Gust              p 8
Ostrand, Otto                     p 8
Otredosky, Anna                   p 6
Otredosky, James W                p 6

Palmer, Albert C                  p12
Palmer, Emma E                    p11
Palmer, Ely                       p11
Palmer, Fanny M                   p11
Palmer, Mary E                    p12
Palmer, Maude E                   p 2
Palmer, Perry E                   p11
Palmer, Raymond                   p 9
Palmer, Sadie A                   p 9
Parker, Mary E                    p 4
Paul, Alexander                   p11
Paul, Carrie E                    p11
Paul, Frank L                     p11
Paul, Mary F                      p11
Paulson, Jeffrey L                p16
Pecena Bessie A                   p 4
Peck, Ernest F                    p12
Peck, Lydia                       p12
Peck, Mary D                      p12
Peck, Vincent W                   p12
Petersen, Anna V                  p22
Petersen, Harry E                 p13
Petersen, Martha L                p15
Petersen, Peter                   p15
Petersen, Peter H                 p22
Phillippe, Marguerite H           p 2
Phillippe, Nancy L                p 2
Pickett, James Snyder             p14
Pickett, Mardel Hansen            p14

Rae, Hugh                         p 4
Rae, Emma Jane                    p 4
Ralston, David                    p17
Ranslem, Augusta                  p16
Ranslem, Baby                     p17
Ranslem, Bertha E                 p15
Ranslem, Charles                  p16
Ranslem, Charles F                p16
Ranslem, Ella Nellie              p17
Ranslem, Emma A                   p17
Ranslem, Erma                     p17
Ranslem, Ernest                   p17
Ranslem, Ferdinand H              p 1
Ranslem, Frank                    p15
Ranslem, Karl L                   p16
Ranslem, Leonard                  p17
Ranslem, Mary A                   p16
Ranslem, Richard                  p15
Ranslem, Shirley Ann              p17
Ranslem, Sophia                   p 1
Ranslem, William M                p17
Reed, James A                     p16
Reed, Sarah                       p16
Rhein, Willi                      p 6
Rhode, E H                        p 9
Ridsdale, Sarah A                 p 2
Roberts, David                    p12
Roberts, Elsie                    p20
Roberts, Margaret E               p12
Roberts, Thomas                   p12
Roberts, Thomas G                 p20
Rogers, Gertrude                  p11
Rogers, J Frank                   p11
Rohwer, Henry                     p19
Rolfson, Balser                   p 4
Rolfson, Cora May Kissel          p 4
Romans, Charles                   p18
Ross, Lauren                      p16
Roumph, Henry F                   p20
Roumph, Myrtle M                  p20
Royse, Rev James W                p10
Ruark, Elizabeth                  p 5
Runte, Carl R                     p19

Sailing, Clinton R                p 3
Sailing, Maggie O                 p 3
Sailing, Mary                     p 3
Sailing, Mithcel                  p 3
Sampson, Samuel W                 p 5
Savage, Lula Edna                 p10
Schere, Herman                    p15
Schere, Inf son                   p15
Schere, John                      p15
Schere, Josie                     p 1
Schere, Lewis J                   p 1
Schere, Lilly B                   p15
Schere, Louis A Jr                p20
Schere, Robert R                  p21
Schere, Sophie                    p15
Schneider, Elizabeth R            p15
Schneider, Louis                  p15
Schneider, Marguerite             p19
Schroeder, Adolph G C             p 9
Schroeder, Anna C                 p 9
Scott, Alice G                    p 3
Scott, Ethel M                    p 9
Scott, George C                   p 9
Scott, Harry G                    p 3
Scott, Lester                     p21
Scott, Mary C                     p 3
Scott, Orson A                    p 3
Seeberg, Della H                  p 8
Seeberg, Peter H                  p 8
Settles, Malinda A                p16
Shanahan, Mark D                  p13
Shannon, Oliver J                 p11
Shipp, Nora B                     p 9
Sholts, Anna                      p18
Sholts, Leo H                     p18
Sholts, Loulie M                  p18
Sholts, Orin H                    p18
Sievers, Henry                    p21
Sievers, Ida                      p21
Smith, Anna                       p 8
Smith, Asa                        p10
Smith, Claude I                   p 7
Smith, Edna C                     p 9
Smith, Florence V                 p 8
Smith, Grover F                   p10
Smith, Inf son                    p 9
Smith, Joan                       p10
Smith, John                       p10
Smith, Joseph                     p 8
Smith, Joseph Jr                  p 8
Smith, Kenneth L                  p16
Smith, Margaret E                 p10
Smith, Marion J                   p 8
Smith, Mary                       p 8
Smith, Mary                       p10
Smith, Raymond                    p 9
Sohl, Ezra                        p14
Sohl, John Wendell                p14
Spoonhour, James F                p 8
Spoonhour, Robert W               p 8
Spoonhour, Shea                   p 8
Spoonhour, Verna                  p 8
Spoonhour, William G              p 8
Spraktes, Evangeline              p 5
Staats, Glen                      p 7
Staats, Grace                     p 5
Staats, Henry K                   p 7
Staats, Inf son                   p 7
Staats, Jeremiah F                p13
Staats, Jesse Smith               p11
Staats, John H                    p 5
Staats, John W                    p 5
Staats, Marey E                   p13
Staats, Nellie                    p 5
Staats, Sara L                    p 7
Staats, Sarah J                   p11
Staley, Elizabeth                 p 4
Staley, Sylvester                 p 4
Stanfield, E E                    p18
Stuehrk, John                     p12
Summerville, Louise               p21
Swope, Cynthia                    p12

Tawney, Ada M                     p18
Tawney, Annie M                   p16
Tawney, Charles A                 p16
Tawney, Ella B                    p16
Tawney, George O                  p16
Tawney, John E                    p16
Tawney, John E Jr                 p18
Tharp, Herbert F                  p19
Thomsen, Mary C                   p21
Thomsen, William F                p21
Tribbey, Charlie Edward           p13

Villwok, Albert T                 p22
Villwok, Emma M                   p22

Walker, Julia M                   p13
Walker, Katherine Lampert         p16
Walker, Ozro M                    p16
Walker, Samuel N                  p13
Welty, Abram                      p 9
Welty, Derriass                   p19
Welty, De Etta                    p 9
Welty, Dora A                     p10
Welty, George W                   p10
Welty, Ira A                      p 9
Welty, M Louise                   p19
Welty, Richard B                  p 9
Welty, Vesta M                    p10
Westring, L H                     p 5
Westring, Ricky                   p 5
Weyant, Anna M                    p19
Weyant, George B                  p19
Wheeler, Mollie Roe               p12
Wheeler, Thomas J                 p12
Whidden, Valetta                  p20
Wiegand, Henry                    p 6
Wiegand, Jacob                    p21
Wiegand, Louis                    p21
Wiegand, Marie                    p 6
Wilcox, Lester D                  p12
Wilcox, Sara M                    p12
Wild, Harry R                     p12
Wild, Margaret R                  p12
Williams, Albert F                p 3
Williams, Albert M                p 3
Williams, Benjamin                p 9
Williams, Charles                 p 2
Williams, Charles S               p 1
Williams, Eliza A                 p 3
Williams, Ella K                  p 9
Williams, Evertte A               p 1
Williams, Floyd J                 p 1
Williams, Frances E               p 3
Williams, Harley                  p19
Williams, Ida M                   p 2
Williams, Inf                     p 1
Williams, J Benjamin              p 9
Williams, Jennie E                p 1
Williams, John L                  p 8
Williams, Johnnie M               p 3
Williams, L Earl                  p17
Williams, Laura A May             p 1
Williams, Lee                     p 1
Williams, Leoma C                 p 8
Williams, Louis D                 p 9
Williams, Louise R                p 8
Williams, Matilda                 p 9
Williams, Milly J                 p 2
Williams, Minnie Belle            p17
Williams, Richard                 p 1
Williams, Richard                 p 3
Williams, Ruth                    p19
Williams, Walter J                p 1
Willis, Charles                   p12
Winslow, Catherine                p 7
Winslow, Hiram A                  p 7
Winslow, John McLaren             p 5
Winslow, Mary K                   p 5
Winslow, Mary K                   p 5

Yerger, Frank                     p12

Zakovec, Richard F                p14

______, Russell                   p18
______, G Floy                    p18

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