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photo courtesy of Geri DeGroff.
(Fall, 2000)

Czech National


(Bohemian Township)
Submitted by
Clarabelle Mares
Lewis-Clark Chapter DAR
Fremont, Nebraska
State:    Nebraska    County:    Saunders    Township:    Bohemian
Section:    NE 1/4 SW 1/4 of Section 23    Township:    17N    RANGE:    5E
Recorded By:    Clarabelle Mares    1722 East 19 Fremont, Nebraska 68025
Assisted By:    Kathrine Petersen

Date Recorded:    started 12 April 1977 completed 15 April 1977

Cemetery map

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Tombstone Records

Names Index

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                             Page #
Ably, Barbaba                     p 2
Ably, Ernest M                    p 7
Ably, Jacob                       p 2

Babka, Frank                      p16
Babka, Frantsika                  p16
Bartos, Josef                     p 6
Bartos, Proksida                  p 6
Bartose, Frantiska Zena Anton     p12
Bartosh, Frank                    p 4
Bartosh, Josephine                p 4
Bartunek, Frank                   p13
Bartunek, Katherine               p13
Baur, Anna                        p 6
Baur, Jan                         p 6
Behler, John F                    p 7
Behler, Rosie                     p 7
Belik, John                       p 4
Belik, Kazimir                    p 4
Belik, Mary                       p 4
Belik, Verona                     p 4
Beranek, Amiel L                  p 2
Beranek, Jan                      p 5
Beranek, Joseph                   p 3
Beranek, Katerina                 p 3
Beranek, Russell Dennis           p 2
Berka, Barbora                    p 6
Berka, Matej                      p 6
Beznoska, Anna                    p 3
Beznoska, Bessie M                p 3
Beznoska, Caroline                p 3
Beznoska, Frank Jr                p 3
Beznoska, Frank R                 p 3
Beznoska, Frantisek               p 3
Beznoska, Zelma L                 p 3
Beznosky, Frantisek               p 8
Blatny, Josepina Bunda            p 2
Bobek, ? Katerina **              p17
Bobek, Frank                      p17
Bobek, Jos                        p17
Bobek, Katerina                   p17
Bratetice, Frantiska              p 7
Brozovsky, Josef                  p 5
Brozovsky, Josefina J             p 5
Brozovsky, Mary T                 p12
Buchta, Blanche M                 p 8
Buchta, Frank                     p 7
Buchta, Franz                     p 7
Buchta, John B                    p 8
Buchta, Josef                     p 8
Buchta, Julie                     p 7
Bunda, Ernilie V                  p 4
Bunda, James J                    p 4
Bunda, Josephine                  p 2
Bunda, Rudolph                    p 4
Bunda, Vaclav                     p 2

Cauldwell, Blanche                p13
Cauldwell, Emma                   p13
Cernusak, Emma                    p 1
Cernusak, Joseph                  p 1
Cernusak, R Daune                 p 1
Chairmark, Annie                  p11
Chairmark, Joseph                 p11
Cherney, Inf son                  p 5
Cherney, Joseph E                 p 5
Cherny, Albert                    p 5
Cherny, Albert J                  p 5
Cherny, Anna                      p 5
Cherny, Anna                      p11
Cherny, Charlotte                 p11
Cherny, James                     p16
Cherny, John                      p11
Cherny, Marie                     p 5
Cherny, Mary                      p16
Cherny, Millie                    p11
Cherny, Vaclav                    p 5
Cherny, Victoria                  p11
Chimelka, Joseph A                p 6
Chimelka, son                     p 6
Chlup, Emelije F                  p 7
Chmelka, Marie                    p12
Chmelka, Minnie                   p 6
Chvatal, Mary                     p 3
Cipera, Josef                     p12
Cipera, Josefka                   p12
Cippera, A E                      p 6
Cippera, Aloisie                  p 6
Cippera, Anton                    p 6
Cippera, Josef W                  p 6
Cippera, Joseph                   p 6
Cippera, Kristina                 p 6
Cippera, Louis                    p 6
Cuhel, Anton                      p16
Cuhel, Joseph                     p16
Cuhel, Josie                      p16

Datel, Anna                       p12
Datel, Anna                       p12
Datel, Anton                      p12
Datel, Barbara                    p12
Datel, Josef                      p12
Datel, Joseph                     p12
Docekal, Frank                    p 4
Docekal, John                     p 7
Docekal, Jos                      p 4
Dodge, Charles B                  p 8
Dodge, Henry                      p11
Dodge, John P                     p11
Dodge, John P                     p11
Dolezal, Anna                     p14
Dolezal, Frank                    p14
Dufkova, Marie                    p 2
Dunder, Fred                      p 4
Dunder, Sophia                    p 4

Eckstein, Adolph                  p13
Eckstein, Frank                   p13
Eckstein, Ludvik                  p13
Eckstein, Orpha L                 p13
Eckstein, Otilie                  p13
Eckstein, Otilie                  p13
Eckstein, Rosy                    p13
Eckstein, Vaclav                  p13
Exstine, Marie                    p 7

Feala, James Peter                p10
Feala, Mary                       p10
Fiala, Anna                       p15
Fiala, Anton                      p15
Fiala, Anton P                    p 5
Fiala, Ernest                     p15
Fiala, Helen R                    p15
Fiala, John                       p15
Fiala, Louis                      p15
Fiedler, Anna                     p 4
Franklin, Mary                    p17
Franklin, Robert                  p 8
Franta, Anna                      p11
Franta, Elizabeth                 p14
Franta, Harold                    p 2
Franta, Jakub                     p11
Franta, James A                   p14
Franta, Joseph J                  p 3
Franta, Marie                     p 3

Grebenicek, Eman                  p 3
Grebenicek, Emma                  p 3

Haba, Antonie                     p15
Haba, Jan                         p15
Hajek, Louis A                    p 9
Hamrdle, Josef                    p16
Hamrdla, Marie                    p16
Hartl, Anton                      p14
Havelka, Emilie                   p16
Havelka, Joseph                   p16
Hines, Anna                       p 3
Hines, Anna                       p10
Hines, Anna                       p16
Hines, Anton                      p 7
Hines, Anton                      p16
Hines, Christina                  p10
Hines, Edward V                   p11
Hines, Emanuel                    p10
Hines, Emillie                    p11
Hines, Ervin                      p 4
Hines, Frank                      p11
Hines, Frank A                    p11
Hines, Frank James                p10
Hines, Frank L                    p 3
Hines, Frank R                    p10
Hines, James                      p 4
Hines, Jan                        p16
Hines, John                       p 7
Hines, John O                     p 4
Hines, Josef                      p16
Hines, Josef                      p16
Hines, Joseph E                   p14
Hines, Josephine                  p16
Hines, Katherine A                p11
Hines, Kenneth Jerome             p11
Hines, Marie                      p 7
Hines, Mary                       p11
Hines, Rose                       p10
Homer, Anna                       p12
Homer, Edward                     p12
Homer, Fred                       p12
Homer, John C                     p12
Homer, Mary                       p12
Homer, Mary M                     p12
Hromas, Anna Ably                 p 1
Hromas, Frank J                   p 1
Hrusa, Anna                       p12
Hrusa, Frank                      p12
Hynek, Emil                       p 4
Hynek, Emil W                     p 3
Hynek, Frank                      p 3
Hynek, Frank C                    p 3
Hynek, Henry                      p 4
Hynek, James                      p 3
Hynek, Katie                      p 4
Hynek, Rosie                      p 3
Hynek, William A                  p 3

Jakub, Anna                       p14
Jakub, Frank                      p12
Jakub, Frank                      p14
Janecek, Marie                    p 8
Janecek, Wenzel J                 p 8
Janovec, Emilie                   p14
Janovec, Jan                      p14
Janovec, John J                   p14
Janovec, Marie                    p14
Jelinek, Frank A                  p 2
Jelinek, Jacob                    p 8
Jelinek, Marie                    p 2
Jelinek, William F                p 2

Kadlec, Anna                      p16
Kadlec, Barta                     p 6
Kaplan, Emil                      p15
Kaplan, Emilie                    p15
Kaplan, Frank                     p15
Kaplan, Mary                      p15
Kavan, Agnes                      p 1
Kavan, Agnes B                    p 1
Kavan, Anna                       p 4
Kavan, Barbora                    p15
Kavan, Frank C                    p 1
Kavan, Frantisek                  p15
Kavan, Frantiska                  p 1
Kavan, Jakub                      p 1
Kavan, James J                    p 1
Kavan, John                       p 1
Kavan, John                       p 4
Kavan, Maria                      p15
Kavan, Marie                      p15
Kavan, Marten                     p15
Kavan, Mary                       p 1
Kavan, Terezie                    p15
Kavan, Vaclav                     p14
Kavan, Veronika                   p14
Killian, Charles A                p13
Killian, Tomas                    p13
Killian, Tommie                   p13
Klappal, Anna                     p 8
Klappal, Frank                    p 8
Kocour, Joseph                    p17
Kocour, Mary                      p17
Koranda, Anna                     p 7
Kratky, Josephine                 p11
Kratky, Rudolph                   p11
Kratochvil, Frank                 p15
Kratochvil, Frank J               p15
Kratochvil, Joseph                p15
Kratochvil, Marie                 p15
Kroger, John                      p 7
Kroupa, Geo                       p 9
Kroupa, Matous                    p 9
Kunes, Anna                       p 6
Kunes, Vaclav                     p 6

Mahlik, Anna                      p11
Mahlik, Marie                     p11
Mahlik, Martin                    p11
Malihk, Children                  p 8
Mares, Katherine                  p13
Mares, Leopold                    p13
Mares, Mary                       p13
Mares, Thomas                     p13
Matejicek, Anton                  p 2
Matejicek(?), Barbora             p 2
Matejicek, John                   p 4
Matejicek(?), Josef               p 2
Matejicek, Joseph                 p 2
Matejicek, Vaclav                 p 4
Matousek, Ellen Vavak             p 4
Meacham, Charles                  p13
Mensik, Anton                     p 4
Mensik, Anton                     p12
Mensik, Apolena                   p 9
Mensik, Frantisek                 p 4
Mensik, Josef                     p 9
Mensik, Josefa                    p 9
Mensik, Magdalena                 p12
Mensik, Marie                     p 4
Mizera, Frantisek                 p 5
Mizera, Marie                     p 5

Nesladek, Alma                    p17
Nesladek, Anna                    p12
Nesladek, Frank                   p12
Nesladek, James                   p17
Nesladek, Josef                   p 7
Nesladek, Libbie                  p17
Nesladek, Marie                   p12
Nesladek, Matyas                  p12

Ondracek, Anton T                 p 2
Ondracek, Frannie                 p 2
Ondracek, Karel                   p14
Ondracek, Louis                   p14
Ondracek, Mary                    p14

Pabian, Albert                    p 8
Pabian, Anna                      p 9
Pabian, Frances                   p 9
Pabian, John                      p 9
Pabian, Marion                    p 5
Pabian, William H                 p 9
Pacas, Barbora                    p 7
Pacas, Ludvik                     p 7
Pallas, Katerina H                p 5
Peck, Sue Ann                     p14
Pernicek, Anton                   p14
Pernicek, Mary                    p14

Racek, Anna                       p 1
Racek, Anna                       p16
Racek, Agnes                      p14
Racek, Agnes                      p14
Racek, Edward                     p16
Racek, Emil                       p14
Racek, Frank                      p 1
Racek, Frank R                    p 2
Racek, James                      p 1
Racek, John                       p 1
Racek, Libby R                    p16
Racek, Louis                      p 1
Racek, Marie                      p 2
Racek, Mary L                     p14
Racek, Matej                      p 1
Racek, Mike                       p 1
Racek, Terezie                    p14
Racek, Vaclav                     p14
Racek, Veronika                   p14
Racek, William                    p14
Ragsdale, Etta L                  p15
Reznicek, Anton Jr                p16
Reznicek, Emma                    p16
Reznicek, Frances                 p16
Roubal, Ernest A                  p10
Roubal, James F                   p10
Roubal, Josef                     p10
Roubal, Joseph J                  p10
Roubal, Josephine                 p10
Roubal, Olivia V                  p10
Roubal, Sylvia M                  p10
Ruzicka, Anna Fiala Tomasek       p10
Ruzicka, Frank                    p 9
Ruzicka, Josepka                  p15
Ruzicka, Mary                     p 9

Sabatka, John                     p12
Satorie, Antonie                  p10
Satorie, James                    p 9
Satorie, James Carl               p 9
Satorie, Joseph                   p10
Satorie, Katharine                p 9
Satorie, Marie Rejnk              p10
Satorie, Max                      p 8
Satorie, Rose                     p10
Satorie, Stella                   p 9
Savlik, Jakub F                   p 1
Savlik, Marie                     p 1
Schroeder, Alvin                  p 8
Schroeder, Katherine              p 8
Shavlik, Anna                     p 6
Shavlik, Anton                    p 6
Shavlik, Frances                  p 5
Shavlik, Frances                  p15
Shavlik, Frank                    p 6
Shavlik, Frank L                  p 6
Shavlik, Jacob                    p 5
Shavlik, Jakub                    p 5
Shavlik, Jakub                    p 5
Shavlik, John                     p 6
Shavlik, John                     p 8
Shavlik, Josef                    p 5
Shavlik, Joseph P                 p15
Shavlik, Ludmila                  p 5
Simanek, Mary Ann                 p14
Simpson, Inf son                  p17
Soucek, Barbora                   p11
Soucek, Frank                     p11
Soukup, Anton                     p10
Soukup, Antonin                   p12
Soukup, Frantisek                 p 8
Soukup, Marie                     p12
Soukup, Rosalie                   p10
Stritecky, Clara M                p 5
Stritecky, John J                 p 5
Suchank, Jan J                    p17
Suchy, Child                      p16
Svec, Lizzie Hines                p14
Swoboda, Joseph                   p 8
Swoboda, Mary                     p 8

Thomsen, Niels P                  p 5
Tomasek, Adolf                    p 7
Tomasek, Carie                    p16
Tomasek, Carie                    p16
Tomasek, Christina                p10
Tomasek, John                     p16
Tomasek, Katerina                 p 7
Tomasek, Ladislav                 p 7
Tomasek, Lawrence J               p10
Tomasek, Matej                    p10
Tomasek, Son                      p10
Tomasek, Vaclav                   p10
Turecek, Rosy                     p 7

Urban, Alden P                    p 8
Urban, Anna                       p 8
Urban, Frank J                    p 8

Vachal, Inf dau                   p 9
Vais, Jan                         p 6
Vais, Marie                       p 6
Vech, Alice Ann                   p 9
Vech, Anna                        p 1
Vech, Anna                        p10
Vech, James                       p 1
Vech, Marie                       p 1
Virka, Elaine Ann                 p10
Virka, Emil                       p10
Virka, Emma                       p10
Virka, Jan                        p 3
Virka, James                      p10
Virka, Veronika                   p 3
Vlasak, Frank A                   p 3
Vlasak, James                     p 5
Vlasak, Mary B                    p 3
Voboril, Anna M                   p 1
Vojtech, Frank                    p15
Vojtech, Jiri                     p15
Vojtech, Josephine                p15
Vopalensky, Anna Ruzena           p 5
Vopalensky, Annie                 p13
Vopalensky, Edward                p13
Vopalensky, Edward R              p 9
Vopalensky, Frank                 p 5
Vopalensky, Frank                 p13
Vopalensky, John                  p 2
Vopalensky, Klara K               p13
Vopalensky, Margaret              p13
Vopalensky, Mary                  p 5
Vrana, Anna                       p17
Vrana, Howard L                   p17
Vrana, Matej                      p17

Walla, Anna                       p15
Walla, Barbora                    p 6
Walla, Emma                       p 6
Walla, Jaroslav                   p 6
Walla, John                       p15
Walla, John                       p15
Walla, Julia                      p 6
Walla, Katerina                   p15
Walla, LaVern L                   p 6
Walla, Lewis                      p 6
Walla, Mary                       p 9
Walla, Philip                     p 6
Walla, Phillip                    p 9
Walla, Phillip                    p 9
Weber, Emil                       p 7
Wesely, Bernard A                 p 9
Wesely, Emma                      p 3
Wesely, Mary                      p 9
Wesely, Vincent                   p 9
Wirka, Anna Chvatal               p 3
Wirka, Leonard                    p 3

Zakovec, Anna                     p 2
Zakovec, Inf son                  p 2
Zakovec, Jan                      p 2
Zakovec, John A                   p 2
Zakovec, Josefka                  p 2
Zakovec, Kristinie                p 2

photo courtesy of Clarabelle Mares.
(April 1977)

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