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photo courtesy of Renee Bunck.
(Summer, 2000)

Johannes Cemetery

(Cedar Twp)
Submitted by
Clarabelle Mares
Lewis-Clark Chapter DAR
Fremont, Nebraska
State:    Nebraska    County:    Saunders    Township:    Cedar
Section:    NE 1/4 NE 1/4 of Section 8-16-7    Township:       RANGE:   
Recorded By:    Clarabelle Mares    1722 East 19 Fremont, Nebraska 68025
Assisted By:    Diane Buch
Date Recorded:    June 5, 1976
Names Index by Connie Snyder

Cemetery map

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Tombstone Records

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Names Index


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Auten,  Samuel W                       p4
Auten,  Mary C Wolff                   p4
Auten,  Maggie E                       p4

Backhus,  Fredrich                     p4
Backhus,  Cathrine A                   p4
Bacthus (Backhus),  Johann S           p4
Bacthus (Backhus),  Friedrich U        p4
Beck,  Chresten M                      p2
Brandes,  Maria                        p2

Carstensen,  Howard L                  p1
Carstensen,  Ness E                    p1
Carstensen,  Peter                     p1
Carstensen,  Fannie M                  p1

Duncan,  Metha M                       p3

Ebeling,  Conrad                       p1
Ebsen,  Alvena                         p1
Ebsen,  Mary Elizabeth                 p1
Ebsen,  Peter F                        p1
Ebsen,  Lena                           p1
Ebsen,  Wilhelmina                     p1
Eggers,  William F                     p5
Eggers,  Rosina L                      p5
Ehlers,  Anna                          p5

Frantz,  Maria                         p1

Hansen,  Claus H                       p5
Hansen,  Alwine M                      p5
Hansen,  Cecelia                       p6
Hansen,  Claus H                       p6
Hansen,  Herman H                      p6
Hansen,  Kline                         p6
Harlin,  Charles                       p3
Harlin,  Anna M                        p3
Harlin,  Eddie A                       p3
Harlin,  C A                           p3
Harlin,  M G                           p3
Harlin,  R A                           p3
Hennings,  Christian                   p1
Henrichsen,  Hans P                    p4
Henrichsen,  Mary K                    p4
Henrichson,  Agnes                     p6
Henrichson,  K A                       p6
Henrichson,  Ruby C                    p6
Hensen,  Detlef                        p4
Hensen,  Mary                          p4
Hinrichsen,  Minnie C                  p3
Holk,  Hans                            p2
Holk,  Fredricke                       p2
Holst,  Henry                          p5
Holst,  Minnie                         p5
Holst,  Eddie                          p6
Holst,  Mary                           p6
Hord,  Pearl A                         p5
Huscher,  F A Heinrich                 p1
Huscher,  Anna Chr. Margaretha         p1
Huscher,  Andreas                      p4
Huscher,  Anna F                       p5
Huscher,  Anna C                       p5
Huscher,  J Andrew                     p5
Huscher,  Laura C                      p5
Huscher,  Fred                         p5
Huscher,  Therese                      p5

Ivey,  Paul                            p2

Jepsen,  Hans                          p6
Jepsen,  Christine Thomsen             p6
Jepsen,  Mary Demiler                  p6
Jepsen,  Christine Ebsen               p6
Jepsen,  Karl                          p6
Jepsen,  Hans                          p6
Jessen,  Jes Peter                     p3
Jessen,  Cathrina M                    p3
Johansen,  Peter                       p5
Johansen,  Anna                        p5
Johansen,  Elizabeth A                 p5
Johansen,  Emma M                      p5
Johansen,  Jannie                      p5
Johansen,  Mary A                      p5
Jorgensen,  Matilda                    p2
Jorgensen,  Anna M                     p2
Jorgensen,  Louis                      p2

Koch,  Carl A                          p4
Koch,  Wilhelmine                      p4
Kock,  Emma                            p5
Kolb,  George J                        p4
Kolb,  Hans                            p4
Kugler,  Joseph P                      p5
Kugler,  Florence F                    p5

Lambrecht,  Victoria Pageler           p2
Lichtenberg,  Clara                    p3
Lichtenberg,  Fredericka               p3
Lichtenberg,  Walter F                 p3
Lichtenberg,  Carl Louis               p6
Lichtenberg,  Anna Hartford            p6
Lichtenberg,  Infant                   p6
Lichtenberg,  Infant dau               p6
Lichtenberg,  Louis                    p3
Lorenzen,  Andrew                      p2
Lorenzen,  Dorthea A                   p2
Lorenzen,  Margaretha M                p3
Lorenzen,  Emma C                      p3
Lorenzen,  Carsten                     p3
Lorenzen,  Thomas P                    p3
Lorenzen,  Andreas                     p3
Lorenzen,  Christina                   p3

Mahrt,  Inf son                        p4
Mathies,  Johann                       p4
Matthies,  Maria Catharina             p4
Matthies,  George                      p6
Matz,  Mary M                          p1
Miller,  Ingeborg                      p6
Miller,  Jens K                        p6
Miller,  Anna M                        p6

Pageler,  Bernhard H                   p2
Pageler,  Hattie E                     p2
Pageler,  Hans                         p2
Pageler,  Marie                        p2
Pageler,  Catharina Knuth,             p2
Pageler,  Gerhard Henry                p2
Pageler,  Gesche M                     p2
Pageler,  Bern                         p2
Paulsen,  Hans                         p1
Paulsen,  Nis P                        p4
Paulsen,  Hannah Kolb                  p4
Paulsen,  Anna                         p4
Paulsen,  Herman N                     p4
Petersen,  Hans F                      p1
Petersen,  Frederich H                 p4
Petersen,  John H                      p4
Petersen,  Dora C                      p4
Petersen,  John                        p4
Petersen,  Jurgen H                    p5
Petersen,  Mary                        p5
Petersen,  George                      p5
Petersen,  Julius                      p5
Petersen,  Sophie                      p6
Petersen,  Baby                        p6
Petersen,  Justine                     p6
Prange,  Hazel Agnes                   p4
Prange,  Cheryll Ann                   p6

Schere,  Clarence W                    p2
Schere,  William                       p2
Schere,  Annie B                       p2
Schere,  Fredericka                    p3
Schere,  Ludwig                        p3
Scherrer,  Johann                      p1
Schultz,  John                         p5
Schultz,  Wiebke                       p5
Sierts,  Margaretha                    p1
Sukstorf,  Adolph K                    p5
Sukstorf,  Magdalena G                 p5

Thomsen,  H Peter                      p5
Thomsen,  Anna C                       p5
Thomsen,  Peter                        p6
Thomsen,  Catharina                    p6
Thomsen,  Lena D                       p6
Thomsen,  Doris                        p6
Thomsen,  Frederick                    p7
Thomsen,  Anna M                       p7
Thomsen,  Louise C                     p7
Thomsen,  Alma C                       p7

Wolfe,  John G                         p3
Wolfe,  Ella M                         p3
Wolff,  Peter A                        p3
Wolff,  Anna C                         p3

Yessen,  Inf son                       p1

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