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photo courtesy of Clarabelle Mares.
(July 1978)

Indian Mound

(Ithaca, Wahoo Twp)
Submitted by
Clarabelle Mares
Lewis-Clark Chapter DAR
Fremont, Nebraska
Name of Cemetery: INDIAN MOUND CEMETERY (Ithaca, Nebraska)
State:    Nebraska    County:    Saunders    Township:    Wahoo
Section:    NE 1/4 NW 1/4 of Section 28    Township:    14 N    RANGE:    8 E
Recorded By:    Clarabelle Mares    1722 East 19 Fremont, Nebraska 68025
Assisted By:    Kathrine Petersen
Date Recorded:    24 & 25 July 1978

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Names Index

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                         Page #
_____, Aubrey                p20
_____, Father                p20
_____, Mother                p20

Anderson, Anna               p19
Anderson, Arthur W           p17
Anderson, Carl J             p14
Anderson, Edwin H            p14
Anderson, Elmer J            p14
Anderson, Emma C             p14
Anderson, Harry C            p14
Anderson, Dr John G          p19
Atkinson, Agnes E            p 1

Bell, Amy E                  p12
Bell, Nellie                 p12
Bell, Virdie G               p12
Berlin, Friedrika Holz       p 7
Berlin, Julius               p 7
Beyer, Charles               p19
Beyer, Ernstine B            p18
Beyer, Ida                   p19
Beyer, J H Wilhelm           p18
Beyer, Oscar                 p18
Beyer, Roy W                 p 3
Biggarstaff, Anna E          p16
Biggarstaff, Clifford        p12
Biggarstaff, Doris           p12
Biggarstaff, William         p12
Bissell, Sarah A             p 6
Bissell, Willie B            p13
Blake, Jackie Lee            p 9
Bliss, Nettis                p20
Bliss, William O             p20
Boesel, Elsie                p 3
Boesel, Emmery               p 3
Boucher, C F                 p 2
Bowen, Allan H               p14
Boyle, Sybel                 p 1
Boyles, Fred                 p 1
Breyer, Henry W              p21
Breyer, Lawrence L           p21
Breyer, Willie               p12
Breyer, Anna A               p12
Bruce, Eliza                 p16
Bruce, Jessie May            p16
Bruce, Mary J                p20
Bruce, Samuel                p16
Bruce, Wm                    p20
Bruse, Nancy                 p16
Byerley, Dora Knipple        p21

Carlson, Agda Thoms          p 2
Carlson, C J                 p 6
Carlson, Ella                p 6
Carlson, Elsie               p 6
Carlson, Hulda               p 6
Carlson, Pauline             p 6
Carr, Emma                   p19
Carr, Jacob                  p19
Castello, Johnie             p18
Castello, Willie             p18
Charling, Anna               p11
Charling, Carl               p12
Charling, Edwin L            p14
Charling, Emma               p11
Charling, Eric               p14
Charling, Inf dau            p14
Charling, Izetta             p17
Charling, John F             p14
Charling, John               p17
Charling, Sarah E            p14
Christensen, Carrie A        p 6
Clark, Lillie M              p 9
Clark, Ruth C                p 8
Conrad, Charles A            p21
Conrad, Eddie                p21
Conrad, Esther               p21
Conrad, Matilda L            p21
Conrad, Ralph                p21
Cornell, Charles H           p12
Cornell, Ella M              p12
Cornell, Ida D               p12
Cornell, Maria A             p 3

Danley, Evalena              p15
Dech, Alpheus                p 5
Dech, Catharine A            p 5
Dech, Mary A                 p 2
Dech, Reuben                 p 2
Dech, Reuben                 p 5
Dech, William                p 5
Dech, William H              p 2
Deck, Adda M                 p 1
Deck, Elijah                 p 1
Deck, Hannah                 p 1
Desh, Freddie                p10
Doherty, Matthew J           p 3
Dryden, Infants              p18

East, Fred A                 p14
Eberhardt, Eddie             p 2
Eberhardt, George            p 2
Eberhardt, Ida Meyer         p 2
Eberhardt, Nellie            p 2
Eberhardt, Willie            p 2
Eggleston, Burrell           p 9
Eichmeier, August            p 6
Eichmeier, August H          p 6
Eichmeier, Baby              p 6
Eichmeier, Ida E             p 6
Eichmeier, Magretha          p 6
Eichmeier, Martha E          p 6
Elsworth, Dottie             p14
Elsworth, Lydia E            p14
Enbody, Elijah               p10
Enbody, Eva                  p10
Endrew, Alva F               p19
Endres, Glenn E              p19
Endres, Harley T             p19
Endres, Julia A              p19
Endres, William              p19
Erickson, Eric John          p15
Erickson, Johanna Clauson    p15
Everson, Howard W            p14
Ewing, Edna B                p 8
Eyer, Margaret Hess          p 8
Eyer, Philip                 p 8

Fletcher, Jeune Eloise       p11
Frahm, Anna W                p 7
Frahm, Claus J               p 7
Frey, Sophie E               p20
Frey, Rev Wm C               p20
Fuller, Albertina            p 8
Fullerton, Edith H           p21

Gilbert, Claud D             p 4
Gilbert, Earl M              p 4
Gilbert, Fannie A            p 4
Goettsch, Edward F           p 7
Grandy, Albert L             p15
Grandy, Bertha K             p15
Grandy, C Delbert            p15
Granquist, Maria C           p11
Griffey, Amelia Dech         p 2
Griffey, Frank               p 2
Gunther, Elizabeth           p12

Hageman, Albert              p10
Hageman, Charles R           p14
Hageman, Clara F             p10
Hageman, Emma A              p14
Hageman, Fred A              p13
Hageman, Fredericka          p13
Hageman, Inf son             p10
Hageman, Johanna A           p13
Hageman, Judith              p 7
Hageman, Mary Emmanetta      p 7
Hageman, Mathilda Ott        p10
Hageman, Robert A            p 6
Hageman, Rosa F              p 6
Hageman, Roy W               p 7
Hall, Grover C               p18
Hall, William E              p18
Hanke, Rev Albert            p 9
Hanke, Bertha                p 9
Hanke, Edna L                p 7
Hanke, Ezra                  p10
Hanke, Ferdinand C O         p 7
Hanke, Ida L                 p 7
Hanke, Mathilda              p 9
Harmon, B Harry              p11
Harmon, Edna M               p11
Harmon, Esther               p11
Harmon, Father               p11
Harmon, Harriet A            p11
Harmon, Lewis A              p11
Harmon, Maude A              p11
Harmon, Mother               p11
Harmon, Sarah E              p11
Hart, Joseph                 p 5
Hass, Charles E              p19
Hass, Clayton E              p19
Hass, Edward A               p17
Hass, Elmer                  p17
Hass, Elvira G               p19
Hass, Emma A                 p17
Hass, Esther E               p19
Hass, Francis A              p19
Hass, Frankie V              p 6
Hass, Olga R                 p19
Hass, Phyllis E              p17
Hass, Raymond W              p 6
Hengen, Emelia               p 6
Hengen, Lizzie               p 6
Hengen, Nicholas             p 6
Hengen, Peter                p 6
Hengen, Sophia               p 6
Hetrick, Agnes               p 5
Hetrick, Emanuel             p 5
Hetrick, Jacob               p 5
Hetrick, John A              p 5
Holz, Anna A                 p16
Holz, Danny Lee              p16
Holz, Deloris F              p21
Holz, Ferdinand              p12
Holz, Fritz K                p21
Holz, Herman E               p16
Holz, Inf dau                p16
Holz, LaVerna K              p16
Holz, Paul F                 p16
Holz, Sylvia E               p21
Holz, Wilhelmea              p12
Huebotter, Louis             p13
Huebotter, Minnie            p13
Hughes, Reah M               p 4
Hunter, Charles H            p18
Hunter, Margaret             p18
Hutchison, Eva W             p18

Inbody, Emma C               p10
Inbody, Ollie M              p10
Inbody, Willie               p10

Jacobs, Bertha M             p12
Jacobs, Emma M               p17
Jadobs, Hannah J             p12
Jacobs, Helena E             p17
Jacobs, Inf son              p17
Jacobs, John R               p17
Jacobs, Reinhard D W         p12
Jacobs, Wilhelm              p12
Jacobs, Wilkie D             p17
Jacobs, Wilmer A             p17
Jacobs, Winifred A           p17
Johnson, Carl A              p15
Johnson, Hedda L             p15
Johnson, Mary                p21
Jolly, Henry S               p18
Jolly, Ollie May             p18
Jordan, Adolph C             p17
Jordan, August J             p17
Jordan, Charlotte            p17
Jordan, Lena C               p17

Kansanback, August T         p20
Kansanback, Carl             p 8
Kansanback, Elizabeth        p20
Kansanback, Elwine           p 8
Kaufman, Alvin               p14
Kaufman, Louis               p11
Kaufmann, Pauline            p20
Kaufmann, Wilhelm            p20
Kearns, J M                  p14
Keiser, Albert               p 6
Keiser, Benjamin             p 6
Keiser, Catharine            p 8
Keiser, Clara                p 6
Keiser, Cora                 p 8
Keiser, Eli                  p 8
Keiser, Emma                 p 6
Keiser, George W             p 6
Keiser, Hattie               p 6
Keiser, Henry                p 6
Keiser, John                 p 6
Keiser, Maggie M             p 8
Keiser, Mary J               p 6
Keiser, Nellie               p 6
Keiser, Peter                p 6
Keiser, Samuel               p 6
Keiser, Thomas               p 6
Keiser, William              p 8
Kelly, Sarah C               p20
Kelly, Thomas G              p20
Kipling, David B             p13
Knapp, Albert                p 5
Knapp, Deborah G             p 5
Knapp, Horace P              p 8
Knapp, John W                p 7
Knapp, Minnie E              p 5
Knapp, Nancy I               p 7
Knapp, Nettie B              p 8
Knapp, Vallie D              p 8
Knapp, W D                   p 5
Knapp, Willie                p 5
Knipple, Goldie              p21
Knipple, Joseph P            p 8
Krueger, Gladys Soland       p 8
Krueger, John G              p 8

Labarr, Ida                  p 4
Labarr, Myra L               p 4
Larson, Andrew               p 9
Lee, Edith B                 p18
Lipke, Emma Cornell          p12
Lipke, Frederick             p12
Little, Garland L            p12
Loveland, James C            p16
Luhnow, Herman               p19
Luhnow, Minnie               p19

McAuley, J W                 p 4
McKinney, Perry              p 2
McKinney, S Ida              p 2
McKlem, Norma Luhnow         p19

Mailander, Geo               p13
Mailander, Mary              p13
Manske, August               p 7
Manske, George L             p 7
Manske, Herman               p 7
Manske, John Louis           p 7
Manske, Lilly I              p 7
Marcy, Harry K               p20
Mattson, Axel E              p12
Meese, Charly                p13
Meese, Charly O              p13
Meese, Cora A                p16
Mease, Dosia B               p16
Meese, Elizabeth H           p14
Meese, George P              p13
Meese, John                  p13
Meese, Leah                  p13
Meese, Martha J              p13
Meese, Phillip B             p14
Meyer, Amelia                p 9
Meyer, Frederick W           p 9
Mielenz, August              p10
Mielenz, John                p10
Mielenz, Liedia              p10
Mielenz, Mamie               p10
Mielenz, Mary                p10
Milander, Lewis              p 8
Miller, Menerva J            p 9
Mills, E Frank               p 4
Mills, Elizabeth             p 5
Mills, Enoch R               p 4
Mills, Esther                p 4
Mills, Gamalia               p 4
Mills, Katie                 p 4
Moline, Charles W            p19
Moline, Ellen E              p19
Morse, Elisha                p 1
Morse, Jesse                 p 1
Morse, Nora                  p 1

Nagel, Carl H                p20
Nagel, Friederieke           p20
Nagel, Peter                 p20
Nichols, J T                 p16
Nicolson, Inf daus           p20
Nicholson, Mary              p20
Nicholson, Olive M           p19
Nietfield, August D          p17
Nietfield, G Robert Lee      p17
Nietfield, Henry F           p17
Nietfield, Margaret          p17
Nietfield, Roy               p17
Nietfield, William F         p17
Noerenberg, August           p12
Noerenberg, Augusta          p12
Noerenberg, Clara            p12
Noerenberg, Olga             p12
Noerenberg, William          p12

O Kane, Burdette             p15
O Kane, Cory May             p 1
O Kane, Icelona J            p15
O Kane, Jessie               p15
O Kane, John                 p15
O Kane, Leta                 p15
O Kane, Oakley               p15
Olson, Olof N                p18
Olson, Hannah                p18
Olson, John A                p18
Olson, John H                p18
Olson, Millie J              p18
Ort, Baby                    p 8
Ort, Edith M                 p 8

Peglow, Anna Elizabeth       p 9
Peglow, Earl Hubert          p 9
Peglow, Emma M               p 3
Peglow, Ferdinand            p 3
Peglow, Herbert Louis        p 9
Peglow, Herman Frank         p 9
Peglow, May Florence         p 9
Peglow, Ulreka               p 3
Petersen, Cindy              p17
Pickett, Mary E              p 3
Poloth, Bertha               p20
Pobloth, William             p20
Pollard, Benjamin F          p16
Pollard, Nancy J             p16
Power, Anna L                p20
Power, G W                   p20
Pulse, Howard L              p 7
Purbaugh, Lionel C           p16

Quick, Earl                  p 9

Radenslaben, Charles D       p 3
Radenslaben, Dorthy Louise   p 3
Radenslaben, Ida Louise      p 3
Radenslaben, Inf dau         p 3
Radenslaben, Timothy A       p 3
Rafferty, Hattie             p 5
Reim, Bertha F               p19
Reim, Max B                  p19
Rexilius, Albert             p19
Rexilius, Ernest A           p19
Rexilius, Esther             p12
Rexilius, Frank              p12
Rexilius, Harry H            p 3
Rexilius, Hulda              p19
Rexilius, Ronald F           p12
Richey, Scott Wayne          p 3
Robb, Alexander              p20
Robb, Emelia M               p20
Robb, John                   p20
Robb, Melva J                p20
Robbins, Amelia E            p18
Robbins, Benjamin J          p18
Robbins, Henry N             p19
Robbins, Martha Beulke       p19
Roberts, Chauncey            p 5
Roberts, Gertie              p 5
Roberts, Grace               p 5
Roberts, Inf son             p10
Roberts, Loretta             p 5
Roberts, Martha S            p 5
Roberts, Russell L           p 5
Roll, Carl L                 p10
Roll, Louise D               p10
Roll, Otto E                 p10
Rowell, Alice J              p18
Rowell, Eliza                p18
Rowell, Graham               p18
Rowell, Lenora               p18
Rowell, Stratton M           p18

Sandberg, Gust               p11
Sandberg, Sophia             p11
Schiefelbein, Anna I         p17
Schiefelbein, Anna L         p 2
Schiefelbein, Benj F         p14
Schiefelbein, Charles L      p 2
Schiefelbein, Fred J         p17
Schiefelbein, Rosa M         p14
Schmidt, Charles B           p 3
Schmidt, Eilt                p 2
Schmidt, Mary                p 2
Schneider, Anna              p12
Schneider, Annie M           p10
Schneider, Arthur F          p12
Schneider, Henry W           p12
Schneider, John R            p 7
Schneider, Lila M            p12
Schneider, Lodema M          p10
Schneider, Mamie A           p 7
Schneider, Samuel            p12
Schroeder, Bernard           p15
Schroeder, Emilie            p15
Schroeder, Henry F           p12
Schroeder, Matilda           p12
Schuering, Matilda           p 4
Schuler, Mary E              p 4
Schwartz, Inf son            p19
Semenec, Frances E           p 2
Semenec, Frank               p14
Semenec, Geneva L            p 2
Semenec, Jennie              p14
Semenec, Joseph              p 2
Semenec, Katerine            p 2
Semenec, Martin              p 2
Semenec, Martin D            p14
Smith, Frank                 p17
Smith, Howard C              p17
Smith, Ida M                 p17
Smith, Jesse                 p 8
Smith, Katherine             p17
Smith, Mary                  p 8
Smith, Samuel L              p10
Smith, Wm                    p17
Smith, Zola Miles            p17
Snelling, Alice F            p 4
Snelling, Fannie Alice       p 4
Snelling, George V           p 4
Snelling, Henry F            p 4
Snelling, Lt John A          p 4
Snelling, John A             p 4
Snelling, Lydia M            p 4
Soland, Adolph               p 8
Soland, Florence Atha        p 8
Stanke, Anna Berlin          p 7
Stanke, Charles              p 7
Stanke, Dorothy A            p 7
Steen, Charles C             p 9
Steen, Hugo                  p 9
Steen, Olga C                p 9
Steen, Sophia                p 9
Stevens, Albert H            p 3
Stevens, Bertha E            p 2
Stevens, Edwin H             p 2
Stevens, Mary E              p 2
Stillger, Edward C           p20

Tracy, Caleb F               p 8
Tracy, Elbridge              p 8
Tracy, Louisa                p 8
Tracy, William A             p 8
Treptow, Ben W               p14
Treptow, Friedericke         p12
Treptow, Herman A            p 3
Treptow, Herman H            p 3
Treptow, Katie               p 3
Treptow, Richard H           p 3
Treptow, Samuel G            p 3
Thoms, Albert                p15
Thoms, Albert                p15
Thoms, Baby                  p15
Thoms, George                p15
Thoms, H Karl F              p 2
Thoms, LeRoy C A             p 2
Thoms, Mother                p15
Thoms, Otto                  p15
Thoms, Willie                p15
Timm, Anna                   p14
Timm, August                 p14
Timm, Carl W                 p 7
Timm, Hedwig F               p21
Timm, Marlow F               p 7
Timm, Sophia A               p21
Timm, Wilhelm A              p21

Uebberhein, Charles          p13
Uebberhein, Elmer H          p13
Uebberhein, Emma E           p13
Ullstrom, Albert             p15
Ullstrom, Helen May          p15
Ullstrom, Hulda W            p15
Ullstrom, Pearl J            p15

Van Buren, Gwendolin         p 1
Van Sickle, George W         p 4
Van Sickle, Martha O         p 4
Van Sickle, Richard H        p 4
Van Sickle, Susan            p 4
Van Sicle, C W               p 4
Vick Children                p 9
Vick, Herman Carl            p 9
Vick, Hulda A                p 9
Vick, Marie Martha           p 9
Vick, Robert                 p15
Vick, Wilhelm F              p 9
Von Housen, Cora             p 1
Von Housen; Elsworth         p 1
Von Housen, George           p 1
Von Housen, Lovey            p 1

Wagner, Andnew J             p20
Wagner, Anna B               p20
Wagner, Augusta              p15
Wagner, Earl                 p20
Wagner, Gustav F             p15
Wagner, Jane                 p15
Wagner, Julia                p 4
Wagner, Ona R                p15
Walter, Electa               p16
Walter, Freddie              p16
Walter, Isabella J           p16
Walter, James H              p16
Walter, John H               p16
Walter, Thomas L             p16
Walter, William Finley       p16
Watson, James                p16
Watson, Mabel                p16
Wilhelm, Archie B            p13
Wilhelm, Henry N             p16
Wilhelm, John P              p13
Wilhelm, Macie G             p16
Wilhelm, Mary L              p13
Wilhelm, Nellie M            p16
Wilhelm, Noah                p13
Will, Cecil                  p 1
Will, Charles H              p 1
Will, Edith G                p 1
Will, Ethel                  p 1
Winchell, Douglas J Jr       p13
Winchell, Douglas J Sr       p13
Winchell, Harvey E           p13
Winchell, Kathy Susan        p13
Wright, Agnes Snelling       p 4

Young, Wanda K               p 3
Youngstrom, Jessie M         p18
Youngstrom, Nels O           p18

Zingre, Philura A            p 6
Zingre, T E                  p 6
Zinke, William A             p13

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