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photo courtesy of Geri DeGroff.
(Fall 2000)

Hollst-Lawn Cemetery

(Yutan, Union Twp)
Submitted by
Clarabelle Mares
Lewis-Clark Chapter DAR
Fremont, Nebraska
State:    Nebraska    County:    Saunders    Township:    Union
Section:    SW 1/4 SE 1/4 of Section 33    Township:    15 N    RANGE:    9 E
Recorded By:    Clarabelle Mares    1722 East 19 Fremont, Nebraska 68025
Assisted By:    Kathrine Petersen
Date Recorded:    started 9 May 1977, completed 12 May 1977

Cemetery map

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Tombstone Records

Names Index

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Anderson, Virginia Peters      p26
Arfmann, Stella J              p13
Arfmann, Walter M              p13
Arp, Mary                      p27
Arp, Peter                     p27
Arp, Philip D                  p27
Arps, Anna                     p 4
Arps, Hans                     p 4
Arps, Johann H                 p 4
Arps, John H                   p12
Arps, Otto                     p 4
Arps, Wiene                    p 4
Augustin, Carl F               p 7
Augustin, Clara M              p 7

Backens, Anna                  p 8
Backens, Bertha                p23
Backens, Hans 3                p 8
Backens, Harry J               p23
Backens, Henry J               p23
Bausch, Jerome A               p29
Behrens, Anna                  p 8
Behrens, Beta Wannow           p 8
Behrens, Catherine             p10
Behrens, Dave                  p 8
Behrens, Detlef                p 8
Behrens, Hans                  p10
Behrens, John                  p10
Behrens, Wibken                p10
Berger, Albert                 p18
Beutler, Albert                p 1
Beutler, Christian             p 1
Beutler, Leuis                 p 1
Bishop, Lewis                  p22
Bohlen, Anna                   p 9
Bohlen, Fred W                 p12
Bohlen, Henry W                p 9
Brabec, Anna                   p27
Brabec, Frank                  p27
Brogan, Charles S              p22
Bromm, Arlys Lorene            p26
Bromm, John                    p26
Bromm, Mary M                  p26
Brughmann, Elsaba              p15
Buck, Lucile Miller            p27
Buetler, Anna                  p27
Buetler, Christian             p27
Buhrig, Emma                   p24
Burmeister, Bernice            p 1
Burmeister, Charles            p 1
Burmeister, Christopher        p23
Burmeister, Henry              p 1
Burmeister, Mary               p 1
Burmeister, Minna              p23
Burmeister, Minnie C           p23
Burmeister, William            p27
Burmeister, William M          p23

Carlson, Victor E              p11
Cords,  ?                      p26
Cords, Anna Mary               p27
Cords, Arthur C                p 3
Cords, Christian Carl          p27
Cords, Emma M                  p26
Cords, Fredericke Schroder     p10
Cords, Wm C                    p26
Crabtree, Bessie N             p28
Crabtree, Ira James            p28

Dau, Anna M                    p25
Dau, Gerald Gene               p25
Dau, Henry A                   p25
Dau, Marie A                   p25
Dau, Otto                      p25
Dau, Peter H                   p25
Deerson, Etta L                p29
Deerson, Frank W               p29
Draper, Ernest C               p30
Drews, Chris                   p29
Drews, Ella M                  p18
Drews, Elsie Marie             p29
Drews, Hans                    p18
Drews, Herman                  p13
Drews, John                    p18
Drews, Otto                    p11
Drews, William                 p29
Duerrbaum, Henry F             p18
Duerrbaum, Julie               p18
Duffield, Paul C               p30

Eggers, Anna                   p30
Eggers, Claus J                p 6
Eggers, Dave                   p 6
Eggers, Detlef                 p17
Eggers, Dewey                  p 6
Eggers, Edgar                  p17
Eggers, Eleanor M              p25
Eggers, Elizabeth C            p 6
Eggers, H C                    p24
Eggers, Henry                  p30
Eggers, Henry D                p25
Eggers, Jurgen                 p17
Eggers, LeRoy N                p24
Eggers, Luella                 p24
Eggers, Mary                   p17
Eggers, Wm B                   p 6
Eggers, William B              p 6
Eggers, Willie                 p12
Eggert, Carl Johann Adolf      p 6
Eggert, Hulda Frieda           p 6
Ekman, Carl Eliver             p29
Emshoff, Christian             p15
Emshoff, Herman Heinrich       p15
Emshoff, Mother                p15

Faudel, Maggie                 p31
Fischer, Stephen W             p14
Fogler, Clifford E             p16
Folster, Maggie                p10
Forrest, Hope                  p23
Frahm, Anna M                  p16
Frahm, Emma Zaugg              p 1
Frahm, Infant                  p27
Frahm, Katie Wicht             p 4
Frahm, Kenneth Richard         p27
Frahm, Thomas                  p16
Frahm, Wiebka C                p16
Fuchser, Anna E                p15
Fuchser, Christian             p15
Fuchser, Christian             p15
Fuchser, Elizabeth             p15
Fuchser, Hans                  p 8
Fuchser, Inf                   p15
Fuchser, Johanna H             p23
Fuchser, John                  p15
Fuchser, Ruby R                p28
Fuchser, Ruth M                p15
Fuchser, Walter H              p28
Fuchser, Willard               p23
Fuchser, William               p23
Furret, Anna                   p 1
Furrer, Gottfred               p 1
Furrer, Herman F               p19
Furrer, William J              p 1

Grafe, Alice P D               p15
Grafe, Anna D                  p15
Grafe, Frederick W             p15
Gilster, Catherine             p21
Gilster, Ferdinand C           p21
Goersz, Elsa                   p19
Goersz, Fred                   p19
Goersz, Friedericke            p19
Groth, Hans                    p17
Groth, Katy                    p17
Grothendick, Augusta           p25
Grothendick, William           p25

Hamann, Etta                   p17
Hamann, Frederick              p17
Hamann, Frederick Ferdinand    p19
Hamann, John F                 p19
Hancock, William H             p14
Hansen, Johann                 p 5
Hansen, LaMont Leevis          p14
Hansen, Mary                   p 1
Hansen, Martin C               p 1
Hayen, Arthur T                p 9
Hayen, Nellie L                p 9
Hayen, Wilhelm F               p 9
Heldt, Anna                    p 3
Heldt, Dennis Roy              p18
Heldt, Detlef                  p21
Heldt, Eliza                   p21
Heldt, Geo                     p30
Heldt, George H                p 3
Heldt, Henry                   p18
Heldt, Herman F                p31
Heldt, Imogene Rae             p18
Heldt, Inf son                 p 6
Heldt, John N                  p 6
Heldt, Jurgen                  p 3
Heldt, Kenneth & Keith, twins  p25
Heldt, Lena Schulz             p18
Heldt, Mary                    p 6
Heldt, Mary                    p30
Heldt, Nicholas                p 3
Heldt, William J               p18
Henningsen, Elsie H C Trost    p23
Henningsen, Inf son            p 2
Henningsen, Inf son            p23
Henningsen, John C             p23
Henningsen, Peter              p 2
Henningsen, Wolvereggers       p 2
Heuck, Anna                    p25
Heuck, Frauke                  p25
Heuck, George                  p 9
Heuck, George D                p 9
Heuck, Hennig                  p25
Heuck, Henry                   p25
Heuck, William T               p 9
Hirsch, Eleanor                p 5
Hirsch, Fred F                 p 5
Hirsch, Fredricka              p18
Hirsch, Fredericke C           p18
Hofmann, Henry J               p29
Hollst, Anna                   p 2
Hollst, Carsen                 p 2
Hollst, Christine              p 2
Hollst, Claus                  p 2
Hollst, Frank                  p 2
Hollst, Elsaba                 p 2
Hollst, George                 p 2
Hollst, Gilbert H              p20
Hollst, Hans                   p 2
Hollst, Joachim                p 2
Hollst, Laura                  p24
Hollst, Robert T               p20
Hullhorst, Ada B               p 5
Hullhorst, Frances S           p 5
Hullhorst, Rev Frederick       p17
Hullhorst, Rev Frederick C     p 5
Hullhorat, Lewis               p 5
Hullhorst, Paulina             p17
Hullhorst, Ruth Pauline        p 5

Iffert, Paul Herman            p 5
Ireland, Clifford J            p15
Ireland, Laura E               p15

Jacobs, Albert W               p12
Jacobs, Anna Wilhelmina        p 8
Jacobs, Arthur Edward          p29
Jacobs, Edward B               p29
Jacobs, Emilie                 p 8
Jacobs, Fred H                 p 8
Jacobs, Genevieve G            p29
Jacobs, Heinrich               p 8
Jacobs, Heinrich Jr            p 8
Jacobs, Henriette              p 8
Jacobs, Laura                  p29
Jacobs, Meta                   p 8
Jacobs, Minnie                 p 8
Jacobs, Peter                  p 8
James, Sarah Jane              p 7
James, William Ornan           p 7
Jensen, Eunice                 p31
Jensen, Katherine              p31
Jensen, William W              p31
Johnson, Alvin J               p20
Johnson, Charles W             p25
Johnson, Emma M                p25
Johnson, Gustav A              p12
Johnson, Janice Ann            p11
Johnson, John G                p20
Johnson, Katie Schulz          p20
Juds, Anna H Matz              p 4
Jurgens, Marguerite Hofmann    p29
Jurgensen, John F              p26
Jurgensen, Chris               p11
Jurgensen, Detlef              p16
Jurgensen, Etta                p17
Jurgensen, Etta                p26
Jurgensen, Maria               p17
Jurgensen, Peter               p17
Jurgensen, Peter Jr            p17
Jurgensen, Rosie               p11

Karloff, Sarah A M             p16
Karloff, Amanda M              p 6
Karloff, Anna                  p16
Karloff, Anna M                p16
Karloff, Augusta               p29
Karloff, Carll A C             p 6
Karloff, Charles W             p29
Karloff, Frank                 p16
Karloff, Frederich             p 3
Karloff, Fridarika Aude        p 6
Karloff, John E                p29
Karloff, John H                p16
Karloff, Lizzie                p 5
Karloff, Louisa                p 5
Karloff, Maria S               p 3
Karloff, Minnie D              p29
Karloff, Sophia                p 1
Karloff, Sophia                p 3
Karloff, Wilhelm J H           p 5
Karloff, William               p 1
Karloff, Wm J M                p16
Keeler, Richard R              p23
Kennec, Anna                   p24
Kennec, Dave Henry             p14
Kennec, Father (G?)            p24
Kennec, Otto                   p29
Kennez, Clara C                p15
Kennez, John F                 p15
Kirchmann, Baby                p27
Kirchmann, Heinrich            p24
Kirchmann, Henrietta           p27
Kirchmann, Johanna D           p24
Kirchmann, John M              p27
Klein, Emilie H                p19
Klein, Louis R                 p15
Klein, Paul G                  p19
Klein, Wilhelmina F            p15
Kleinworth, Anna E             p 9
Kleinworth, Catharina E        p 9
Kleinworth, Claus J            p 9
Kleinworth, Hans               p 9
Kleinworth, Inf son            p 9
Kleinworth, Laura              p 9
Kleinworth, Peter W            p 9
Koch, Helena                   p 7
Koch, Mathias                  p 7
Kolb, Bertha                   p16
Kolb, Carolina                 p 2
Kolb, Caroline                 p16
Kolb, Clara                    p16
Kolb, Johann F                 p 2
Konagel, Meta Krahmer          p26
Krahmer, Anna                  p26
Krahmer, Elsie A               p26
Krahmer, Gustav H              p13
Krahmer, Herman                p26
Krahmer, William B             p26
Kruger, Bertha Ida             p10
Kruger, Frederick J            p10
Kruger, Harold                 p10
Kruger, Marie Sophie Cords     p10
Kruse, Rosa                    p 9
Kuhr, Anna                     p25
Kuhr, Catharine N Bohinsen     p 3
Kuhr, George                   p11
Kuhr, Henry                    p25
Kuhr, Herman                   p25
Kuhr, Hinrich                  p 3
Kuhr, Hinrich                  p 3
Kuhr, John                     p12
Kuhr, Kenneth H                p25
Kuhr, Tena                     p25

Lehnert, Inf daus              p22
Lehnert, John W                p22
Lienau, Hans                   p27
Loeffler, Eva S                p11
Loeffler, Frederick F          p11
Lorenz, Elsie M                p28
Lorenz, Henry                  p28
Lorenz, Margaret               p23
Lorenz, Metta C                p23
Lorenz, Peter F                p23
Lorenz, Susan Kay              p29
Lorenz, Theodor                p23

Mahlendorf, Frank              p15
Mahlendorf, Heinrich Wm        p15
Mahlendorf, Johnnie            p15
Martens, Marie Frieda Ricka    p28
Martens, Wilm H                p28
Matzen, Claus                  p 5
Matzen, Claus                  p 5
Matzen, LaVerta A              p29
Matzen, Lizzie                 p29
Matzen, Louis                  p29
Matzen, Wiebke C Wagemann      p 5
Michel, Elise                  p15
Michael, Fred                  p15
Miller, Anna                   p22
Miller, Carl                   p 5
Miller, Charles F              p27
Miller, David Fred             p21
Miller, Edward                 p 7
Miller, Fred A                 p21
Miller, Fred J                 p 7
Miller, Helen D                p19
Miller, Henry                  p19
Miller, Henry A                p27
Miller, John                   p27
Miller, Mulius                 p 4
Miller, Lena                   p21
Miller, Lena                   p27
Miller, Lillie                 p 7
Miller, Lizzie Stamp           p27
Miller, Louie                  p 5
Miller, Margaretha Backons     p 8
Miller, Maria J                p 4
Miller, Maria Stamp            p 7
Miller, Marion                 p22
Miller, Nikoles                p 4
Miller, Otto F                 p19
Miller, Rose E                 p21
Miller, Russell Lane           p14
Miller, William                p 7
Miller, William C              p22
Moline, Carl Wm                p20
Moline, Ragnar Carl            p20
Moller, Baby                   p15
Moller, Doug                   p15
Muller, Emma                   p 5
Mumm, Anna C                   p17
Mumm, Anna D                   p11
Mumm, Artie W                  p 8
Mumm, Catherine M              p18
Mumm, Charlie                  p19
Mumm, Eland A                  p14
Mumm, Ernest G                 p17
Mumm, Frances Steele           p20
Mumm, George                   p 8
Mumm, Harry                    p16
Mumm, Henry                    p 4
Mumm, Henry                    p17
Mumm, Henry P                  p17
Mumm, Herman                   p17
Mumm, Inf dau                  p16
Mumm, Inf son                  p17
Mumm, Inf so                   p21
Mumm, Johannes F               p 4
Mumm, John                     p11
Mumm, John F                   p17
Mumm, Jurgen                   p 9
Mumm, Katharine Margaretta     p 4
Mumm, Katie                    p19
Mumm, Louis G                  p 8
Mumm, Mary                     p 8
Mumm, Roy E                    p 8
Mumm, Wiebke                   p 9

Neff, Levian                   p16
Nelson, Dolph                  p31
Nelson, Dorathy Miller         p 7
Nelson, Gus M                  p31
Nelson, Katie                  p16
Nissen, Christ                 p15
Nissen, Christine              p15
Nissen, F William              p13
Nitz marker                    p15
Nitz, Augusta                  p24
Nitz, Emilia                   p24
Nitz, Gustav A                 p24
Nolting, John A                p24
Norton, Robert W               p14

Ogden, Howard Jr               p23
Ohm, Anna                      p22
Ohm, Baby Boy                  p19
Ohm, Cathinka                  p22
Ohm, Claus J                   p20
Ohm, Ella                      p20
Ohm, Elmer                     p19
Ohm, Elsie                     p20
Ohm, Elsie Ohm                 p22
Ohm, Emma                      p26
Ohm, Floyd H                   p18
Ohm, Fred C H                  p22
Ohm, George                    p18
Ohm, George F                  p22
Ohm, George W                  p20
Ohm, Hanna C.                  p28
Ohm, Hans J                    p19
Ohm, Henry J                   p28
Ohm, Herman                    p22
Ohm, Jacob                     p22
Ohm, John                      p22
Ohm, John Jacob                p 7
Ohm, John W                    p20
Ohm, Katharina                 p10
Ohm, Lena                      p19
Ohm, LeRoy C H                 p20
Ohm, Lizzie Spech              p21
Ohm, Loretta                   p26
Ohm, Mary                      p22
Ohm, Pauline C                 p18
Ohm, Peter                     p10
Ohm, Wm                        p26
O'Neal, Clyde Edward           p13

Park, Robert H                 p17
Park, Ruth R                   p17
Parmenter, Harry C             p26
Parmenter, Myrtle D            p26
Passo, Augusta                 p 9
Passo, Chris                   p 9
Passo, Ella M                  p 9
Passo, Harry M                 p 9
Paulsen, Anna                  p28
Paulsen, Caroline C            p28
Paulsen, Henry H               p28
Peters, Alice                  p 5
Peters, Baby son               p 2
Peters, Elsabea C              p10
Peters, Elsabea C              p10
Peters, Elsie M                p 6
Peters, Frederica              p 5
Peters, Frederica              p 5
Peters, Herman                 p16
Peters, Inf son                p 6
Peters, Johan M                p16
Peters, John N                 p17
Peters, John W                 p 2
Peters, Laura                  p17
Peters, Louis F                p 9
Peters, Norman O               p14
Peters, Otto F                 p 6
Peters, Peter                  p 9
Peters, Philip Barden          p17
Peters, Wilhelmine C           p16
Peters, William J              p10
Petersen, Fred M               p12
Peterson, Andrew E             p19
Peterson, Arthur               p11
Peterson, Edwin G              p19
Peterson, John                 p19
Peterson, Mary                 p19
Peterson, William M            p14
Phillips, Ray                  p23
Phillips, Rose A               p23
Pieper, Claus                  p15
Pieper, Ingrid Greta Norlund   p15
Poulos, John A                 p28
Prinz, Catherina               p 8
Prinz, Claus F                 p 8
Prinz, Della B                 p13
Prinz, Elsie                   p 8
Prinz, Henry                   p13
Prinz, John                    p 8
Prinz, John                    p13
Prinz, twin sons               p 8
Prinz, William                 p27
Puls, Fred Jr                  p30
Puls, Geo F                    p30
Puls, Gertrude H               p30

Reese, Catharina               p 2
Reese, Emma                    p 2
Reese, George                  p 2
Reese, Herman                  p 2
Reese, Inf dau                 p23
Reese, Katie                   p 2
Reese, William                 p24
Reese, Wm Jr                   p24
Ricketts, Clifford C           p13
Riecken, Helen                 p19
Rolli, Christian               p 1
Rolli, Elisabeth               p 1
Rolli, Verena                  p 1
Rowe, Linda Lee                p20
Rowe, Lynore Greta             p20

Sagert, Alice L                p14
Sagert, Inf son                p 9
Sagert, John L                 p 2
Sagart, Louisa                 p 9
Sagert, Mary                   p 4
Sagert, Minnie C               p 2
Sagert, Wilhelm                p 9
Sake, Anton J                  p23
Sandoe, Elena                  p14
Schlesiger, Clara A            p21
Schlesiger, Clifford C         p21
Schlesiger, Harry R            p21
Schlesiger, Joseph             p30
Schlesiger, Lena               p30
Schmid, Jacob F                p 4
Schmid, John                   p 4
Schmid, Leona                  p 4
Schmid, Luise                  p 4
Schmid, Regina                 p 4
Schmidt, Zena D                p22
Schneider, Don F               p29
Schneider, Nancy Lee           p14
Schultz, Helena                p13
Schulz, Ben H                  p 8
Schulz, Charles                p25
Schulz, Chris W                p 8
Schulz, Clifford               p25
Schulz, Edgar H                p11
Schulz, Lt Elmer F             p22
Schulz, Emma                   p 2
Schulz, Emma                   p22
Schulz, Frauke                 p 8
Schulz, Fred                   p14
Schulz, George S               p22
Schulz, George W               p23
Schulz, Grover C               p 8
Schulz, Harry J                p22
Schulz, Herman                 p22
Schulz, Howard G               p31
Schulz, Inf dau                p22
Schulz, Inf son                p23
Schulz, James                  p 8
Schulz, Johannes               p 6
Schulz, John                   p 2
Schulz, John                   p22
Schulz, John Abraham           p22
Schulz, Jurgen                 p 2
Schulz, Lizzie C               p23
Schulz, Lois L                 p23
Schulz, Louise                 p 2
Schulz, Mabel                  p22
Schulz, Mabel A                p17
Schulz, Margaretha             p 2
Schulz, Margaretha             p 2
Schulz, Mary L                 p22
Schulz, Millie                 p22
Schulz, Nora                   p 8
Schulz, Rudolph A              p 7
Schulz, Verna M                p11
Seefus, Henry J                p11
Sevenson, Cristina             p24
Shaul, Floyd Edgar             p12
Shaul, Lena R                  p30
Shaul, Robert G                p30
Siebken, Byron L               p30
Siebken, Cheryl Lynn           p30
Siebken, Detlef                p 6
Siebken, Elizabeth             p 6
Siebken, Fredrick Lee          p30
Siebken, Henry                 p26
Siebken, Jurgen                p17
Siebken, Mamie                 p17
Siebken, twins                 p30
Siebken, Velmer                p 6
Siemsen, Anna Marie            p24
Siemsen, Detlef                p24
Siemsen, Ella                  p 6
Siemsen, Emma                  p24
Siemsen, Frederika             p 6
Siemsen, Sophia                p24
Sieverkrupp, Augusta           p10
Sievers, Anna                  p12
Sievers, Harry P               p26
Sievers, Jacob                 p 3
Sievers, Jacob J               p10
Sievers, John                  p 3
Sievers, John                  p16
Sievers, John Jacob            p26
Sievers, Jurgen                p 3
Sievers, Laura                 p 3
Sievers, Louis                 p12
Sievers, Magdalena K           p16
Sievers, Maggie                p 3
Sievers, Mark                  p16
Sievers, Max A                 p10
Sievers, Paul W                p 3
Sievers, Wiebke                p16
Spech, Dorothy                 p28
Spech, Eloise                  p28
Spech, Ethel                   p28
Spech, Fred                    p28
Spech, Helen M                 p22
Spech, Henry B                 p22
Spech, John H                  p 9
Spech, John H                  p28
Spech, Jurgen F                p 9
Spech, Lizzie M                p 9
Spech, Luella                  p22
Spech, Martha H                p 9
Spech, Mary K                  p28
Spech, William F               p21
Speckmann, Emma A              p29
Speckmann, John D              p29
Stamp, Catharine               p10
Stamp, Clara M                 p28
Stamp, Elmer & Edward, twins   p21
Stamp, Emma                    p10
Stamp, Fred                    p21
Stamp, Fred J                  p28
Stamp, Herbert G               p21
Stamp, John                    p 5
Stamp, John                    p10
Stamp;, Lena                   p 5
Stamp, Minnie                  p10
Stamp, Minnie Hilgert          p21
Stamp, Wilhelmine M            p21
Standen, Frank G               p18
Standen, Wilhmina A            p18
Stange, Alwine C               p11
Stange, Anna L                 p 6
Stange, Cathariena             p 6
Stange, Celia                  p11
Stange, Claus                  p 6
Stange, Elsie M                p 6
Stange, Henry                  p 7
Stange, Herman H               p11
Stange, Herman J               p 6
Stange, Inf son                p 6
Stange, Lucile Yocum           p27
Stange, Maggie                 p 7
Stange, Mary                   p11
Stange, Wolwer                 p 6
Starmann, Martha H             p18
Starmann, Viola F              p18
Starmann, Herman F             p18
Storm, Anna                    p13
Storm, Cathy Sue               p26
Storm, Clara C                 p26
Storm, Edna L                  p12
Storm, Etta C                  p19
Storm, George                  p13
Storm, Gladys D                p11
Storm, Hans                    p 5
Storm, Henry                   p26
Storm, Harman J                p19
Storm, Inf                     p 5
Storm, John H                  p19
Storm, Katie                   p26
Storm, Linda Margarata         p21
Storm, Lizzie                  p20
Storm, Otto H                  p12
Storm, Sophia M                p 5
Storm, William                 p20

Thomas, Alvin Carl             p20
Thomas, Anna                   p 4
Thomas, Benny F                p30
Thomas, Charles H              p18
Thomas, Effie M                p18
Thomas, George                 p 4
Thomas, George P               p10
Thomas, Henry                  p 4
Thomas, Herman Phillip         p30
Thomas, Hinrich                p 3
Thomas, Inf dau                p 3
Thomas, Irene L                p18
Thomas, John F                 p16
Thomas, Katherine Ann          p18
Thomas, Katie                  p16
Thomas, Laura Leona            p30
Thomas, Margaretha C Meve      p 3
Thomas, Mary                   p16
Thomas, Matilda                p10
Thomas, Peter L                p 3
Thomas, Phillip                p 3
Thomas, Valentine              p16
Thomas, Wiebke Jurgensen       p 3
Trost, Carl H                  p28
Trost, Christian H             p19
Trost, Clarence H              p28
Trost, Ella A                  p19
Trost, Herman C                p28
Trost, Inf dau                 p20
Trost, Otto C                  p20
Trost, Irma A                  p12
Trost, Rosa M                  p20
Trost, Wilhelmina.             p19
Turner, Melvin DeLoss          p13

Ueberrhein, Roy H              p25
Utesch, Anna Hesse             p10
Utesch, Johann                 p10
Utesch, Karl                   p10

Wageman, Bertha                p11
Wageman, John H                p11
Wagemann, Annine Christiene    p 4
Wagemann, Johanna S F          p 4
Wagemann, Margaretha           p 4
Wagemann, Maria                p 4
Wagemann, Mina                 p 4
Wagemann, Peter F              p 4
Wagner, Emil J                 p24
Wagner, Louis Otto             p24
Wagner, Orville R              p25
Wagner, Otto F                 p24
Wagner, Tena                   p24
Wannow, Anna Marie             p24
Wannow, William                p24
Weidensall, Robert H           p25
Weidensall, William H          p25
Wicht, A J "Dave"              p21
Wicht, Hans                    p 4
Wicht, Johann                  p 4
Wicht, Magdalena               p 4
Wicht, William                 p26
Widman, Grover H               p13
Widman, Larry Wayne            p26
Williams, Traci Lee            p13
Williams,  ?                   p12
Witte, Anna                    p30
Witte, Fred L                  p30
Witte, Frederick P             p16
Witte, Henry                   p16
Witte, Kathryn P               p29
Witte, Lizzie                  p17
Witte, Willhelmine             p16
Witte, William                 p16
Wittwer, John                  p21
Wittwer, Louise                p21
Woods, George G                p 7
Woods, Gertrude O              p 7
Woods, Lawrence B              p 7
Woods, Sarah E                 p 7
Wuthrich, Magdalen Zaugg       p 1
Wuthrich, Susie                p 1
Wuthrich, Ulrich               p 1

Yocum, Harry A                 p27
Yocum, Harry E                 p26
Vocum, Harry H                 p20
Yocum, Marvin A                p27
Young, George A                p28

Zaugg, Alfred Otto             p21
Zaugg, Cathrine                p20
Zaugg, Elisabeth               p 1
Zaugg, Elmer J                 p23
Zaugg, Esther Elizabeth        p21
Zaugg, John                    p20
Zaugg, John U                  p 1
Zaugg, Leona S C               p23
Zaugg, Marie                   p21
Zaugg, Orletha                 p20
Zaugg, Ruth Marie              p21
Ziemer, Clarence C             p20
Zurbuchen, Clara               p 1

photo courtesy of Guy Podgornik.
(Fall 2000)

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