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photo courtesy of Clarabelle Mares.
(April 1977)

Greenwood Cemetery

(Center Township)
(also known as Wahoo Cemetery)
Submitted by
Clarabelle Mares
Lewis-Clark Chapter DAR
Fremont, Nebraska
State:    Nebraska    County:    Saunders    Township:    Center
Section:    NW 1/4 SW 1/4 of Section 34    Township:    15 N    RANGE:    7E
Recorded By:    Clarabelle Mares    1722 East 19 Fremont, Nebraska 68025
Assisted By:    Kathrine Petersen
Date Recorded:    6 April 1977

Cemetery map

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Tombstone Records

Names Index

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                              Page #
Adams, Charlie                    p12
Adams, Harriet                    p12
Ahlgren, Ida Marie                p 3
Alexander, Baker                  p11
Alexander, Rev Thomas             p11
Anderson, Laura M                 p11

Bader, Asa                        p 4
Bader, Clara Jane                 p 4
Bang, Peter                       p 2
Barnes, Lillian                   p 7
Barnes, Eva Manners               p 7
Barnes, N H                       p 7
Barr, Andrew                      p 9
Barton, Clara M                   p 4
Barton, John                      p 4
Beebe, Walter                     p11
Beebe, Weltha B                   p11
Berggren, Antone                  p 6
Berggren, Elizabeth Lee           p 6
Birnie, Mary A                    p 9
Bleich, August E                  p14
Bodley, Eli                       p11
Bodley, Mary Harris               p11
Bodley, Mary Hobbs                p11
Bodin, Emil E                     p14
Borresan, Karen S                 p 8
Borreson, Otto                    p 8
Borreson, Torbjorn                p 8
Broach, Effie J                   p 9
Brodahl, Anna C                   p 1
Brodahl, Eddie                    p 1
Brodahl, Eddie                    p 1
Brodahl, Freddie                  p 1
Brodahl, Nels                     p 1
Bullock, Aneta Patience           p 5
Bullock, Leonard                  p 6

Campbell, Arletta H               p13
Campbell, John R                  p13
Campbell, Josie                   p13
Campbell, Josie                   p14
Campbell, Peter                   p13
Campbell, Peter                   p14
Carlisle, Aurora L                p 7
Carlisle, George S                p 6
Carlisle, George S                p 6
Carlisle, Gertrude                p 6
Carlisle, Margaret W              p 5
Carlisle, Mary J                  p 6
Carlisle, Maude                   p 7
Carlisle, Patience                p 6
Carlisle, Stuart H                p 5
Carlisle, William I               p 7
Carr, Freddie O                   p12
Carr, Dr S P                      p12
Cheney, Ada Broocks               p11
Cheney, Charles Julius            p11
Cheney, Imo V                     p11
Chestnut, Mary J                  p 5
Chestnut, Matthew                 p 5
Christensen, Hans C               p12
Christensen, Louisa               p12
Clark, John B                     p 7
Clark, Nancy A                    p 7
Cole, Mary J                      p14
Coleman, Harry L                  p10
Coleman, Lizzie C                 p10
Conn, Hugh M                      p 4
Conn, James D                     p 4
Cook, Amanda M                    p 6
Cook, Amelia                      p10
Cook, Amelia                      p10
Cook, Charles                     p10
Cook, Lillian B                   p10
Cook, Louisa                      p10
Cook, Mary                        p10
Cook, William                     p10
Cowles, Gertrie                   p12
Cramer, Ebbe Elisabeth Hagstrom   p14
Crawford, Betsy Burns             p 2
Crawford, Johnston                p 2
Crawford, John                    p 2
Crawford, Thomas                  p 2
Crinklaw, Eunice M                p 7
Crinklaw, George L                p 7
Crisman, Baby                     p 1
Crisman, Edward                   p 4
Crisman, James B                  p 4
Crisman, Sarah                    p 4
Cullirigs, Alice M                p 8
Cullings, James E                 p 8

Dahlberg, Anna                    p14
Dahlberg, John Alfred             p14
Dahlberg, Margaret Louise         p14
Daugherty, Martha E               p10
Daugherty, William H              p10
Dean, Antoinette J                p12
Dean, Franklin                    p12
Dickinson, Caroline               p12
Dickinson, Charles E              p12
Dickinson, Charlotte M            p12

Eddelman, Andania                 p 8
Eddelman, John W                  p 8
Eddelman, Louisana S              p 8
Eddelman, William M               p 8

Fiala, Joseph                     p14
Funk, Janice Rae                  p 5
Flink, William Lee                p 5
Fox, Almeda                       p 1
Fox, Anna                         p 2
Fox, Emmet T                      p 1
Fox. Hannah M                     p 1
Fox, Harry                        p 2
Fox, Jacob Y                      p 1
Fox, James A                      p 1

Gaskin, John                      p10
Granger, Eunice                   p 4
Gregory, Bessie M                 p 7
Gtegory, Brantley M               p 7
Gregory, Noble                    p 7
Gregurich, Joseph                 p14
Grove, Father                     p 3
Grove, Mother                     p 3
Grove, Roxa                       p 3

Hagenbuck, Carrie E               p11
Hagenbuck, Hazel M                p11
Hagenbuck, Ray E                  p11
Hagenbuck, Willard W              p11
Haggard, May L                    p 9
Haggard, Roland H                 p 9
Hagstrorn, S J                    p14
Hansen, Arthur H                  p 2
Hansen, Bertha                    p 2
Hansen, Edith A                   p 2
Hansen, Hans R                    p 2
Hansen, P Louis                   p 2
Hanson, Justina S                 p 3
Haynes, Alfred P                  p14
Haynes, Anna                      p14
Helsing, Alice A                  p 1
Hendricks, Ada Cheney             p11
Hillyer, Harriet                  p14
Hillyer, James W                  p14
Hillyer, Margaret Lillian         p14
Holmes, A Howard                  p 7
Holmes, Ida M                     p 7
Holmes, Lola E                    p 6
Holmes, Louis E                   p 7
Holmes, Mabel T                   p 6
Howell, Daniel                    p 8
Howell, John L                    p 8
Howell, W D                       p 8

Jensen, Andrew D                  p 5
Jensen, Ruth G                    p 5
Johanson, Hanna                   p 1
Johanson, Mary                    p 2
Johnson, Albert                   p 8
Johnson, Anna E Troxell           p 9
Johnson, Annie E                  p 9
Johnson, Bothilda Brodahl         p 1
Johnson, Eunice L                 p 7
Johnson, Harry                    p 4
Johnson, Harry C                  p 7
Johnson, Hedda                    p 8
Johnson, Dr J O                   p 7
Johnson, Kenneth                  p 8
Johnson, Mary                     p 4
Johnson, Paul N                   p 7
Jorgensen, Elizabeth              p 3
Jorgensen, John M                 p 3

Kelly, Maudie O                   p10
Kenyon, Charles P                 p 8
Killian, Carrie A                 p12
Killian, Thomas H                 p12
Knox, Nellie May                  p10
Kraus, Katie                      p 4

Lee, Ann                          p 3
Lee, Mary Alice                   p 6
Lee, Thomas                       p 3
Lees, Abraham                     p13
Lees, Amy C                       p13
Lees, Caroline Smith              p13
Lees, Fannie B                    p13
Lees, Frank J                     p13
Lees, Margaret                    p13
Lees, Walter A                    p13
Lind, Anna Amelia                 p 7
Linderkamp, Lewis                 p10
Lindstrom, Father                 p 9
Lindstrom, Mother                 p 9
Lloyd, Arthur                     p13
Lloyd, Mabel                      p13
Lowman, Ralph J                   p12
Luers, Duane Melvin               p 9
Luers, Emil A                     p 8
Luers, Nellie E                   p 8

McClean, Margaret                 p 3
McClelland, Mildred S             p 8
McClurkin, Rev T Z                p13
McKee, Freddie Forest             p10
McKlem, A Josephine               p 6
McKlem, Cora V                    p 6
McKlem, Samuel B                  p 6
McNeil, John                      p10
McNeil, Martha                    p10

Magnusson, Anna                   p 2
Magnusson, Ebba                   p 2
Magnusson, Frank E                p 2
Magnusson, Ida C                  p 2
Magnusson, John M                 p 2
Magnusson, Olga                   p 2
Manners, Edna Bell                p 7
Manners, George H                 p 6
Manners, Gordon                   p 7
Manners, John R                   p 7
Manners, Joseph                   p 6
Manners, Mary J                   p 6
Manners, Minnie B                 p 6
Mauck, Ann V                      p11
Mauck, Frances J                  p11
Mauck, Jacob                      p11
Mauck, Lena Mae                   p11
Mauck, Samuel D                   p11
Mauck, William T                  p11
Meeker, Lucinda                   p 9
Meeker, R H                       p 9
Middleton, Charlie                p 8
Miller, David                     p 6
Motes, Lloyd F                    p13
Murray, James A                   p 8

Neff, Clara                       p 2
Nerf, Joseph H                    p 2
Negley, Jessie M                  p 1
Neiswanger, Lorand                p 5
Nenzen, Lydia M                   p 5
Norgard, H H                      p 7
Norgard, Henry T                  p 8

Olson, Elof A                     p 7
Olson, Selma J                    p 7
Ort, Celia                        p 9
Ort, Christie                     p 9
Ort, Harry                        p10
Ort, Jacob                        p 9
Ort, John Charles                 p10

Palmer, Gilbert                   p 8
Paulson, A                        p 3
Paulson, Gustafva                 p 3
Pedersen, Elsie Dee               p13
Pedersen, Nels C                  p13
Peterson, Andrew                  p 3
Peterson, Christina M             p 3
Phelps, E B                       p 5
Phelps, Isaac E                   p 4
Phelps, Isaac N                   p 4
Phelps, Mariette                  p 4
Phelps, Nancy C                   p 4
Phelps, Nancy Tower               p 4
Phelps, Nellie C                  p 5
Pierson, Anner                    p 5
Plymate, Jennette E               p 1
Priestley, Ernest W               p 8

Rood, Herman                      p12
Rood, Jennie                      p12
Rood, Margaret M                  p12
Rouf, Leonard L                   p 5

Schiefelbein, Ernest S            p10
Schiefelbein, Jacqueline C        p10
Scow, Anna                        p13
Scow, Christian                   p13
Scow, Louis I                     p13
Seaman, Albert J                  p 3
Sexton, Mary Phelps               p 4
Sharkey, James                    p 5
Steen, Sgt. Theo                  p 5
Stevens, Agda Cordelia Magnusson  p 2
Stevens, Alice J                  p 2
Sturdevant, George M              p 9
Sturdevant, James O S             p 9
Susta, Hugh C                     p 5
Swanson, Carl Arthur              p 1
Swanson, Hanna                    p14
Swanson, John E                   p14

Talbot, Earl L                    p 2
Treptow, Elcie                    p13

Upson, Theodore                   p 6

Van Horn, Ben H                   p 4
Van Horn, Elizabeth               p 4
Viets, Clarissa A                 p12

Wahlin, John A                    p 9
Weaver, Mabel                     p 4
Webster, Rebecca A                p13
Webster, Richard F                p13
Weidenhaft, Mabel Jane            p 4
Westerfield, Emma                 p 9
Westerfield, Sena                 p 9
Westlund, Charles J               p 3
Westlund, Ellen                   p 3
White, Lula                       p13
Whitten, Charles William          p 4
Whitten, Dora Luretta             p 4
Whitten, Henry Edward             p 4
Whitten, Thomas                   p 4
Whitten, Sarah L                  p 4
Wolfe, Albert Elliott             p 3
Woodburn, Hugh                    p 5
Worrall, Mack O                   p11
Worrall, Nancy E Mauck            p11

__?__, Robert E                   p 3

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