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photo courtesy of Clarabelle Mares.
(April 1977)

Edensburg Lutheran

(Mariposa Township)
Submitted by
Clarabelle Mares
Lewis-Clark Chapter DAR
Fremont, Nebraska
State:    Nebraska    County:    Saunders    Township:    Mariposa
Section:    N 1/2 NE 1/4 of Section 27    Township:    15N    RANGE:    6E
Recorded By:    Clarabelle Mares    1722 East 19 Fremont, Nebraska 68025
Assisted By:    Kathrine Petersen

Date Recorded:    started 27 April 1977 completed 30 April 1977

Cemetery map

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Tombstone Records

Names Index

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                          Page #
Amberg, Andrew J              p 4
Amberg, Carry                 p 4
Amberg, George A              p 4
Amberg, John W                p 9
Amberg, Maria                 p 9
Anderson, Alexander           p13
Anderson, Alfred              p 6
Anderson, Algot               p 8
Anderson, Anders Fredrick     p 2
Anderson, Anders J            p 9
Anderson, Andrew G            p 3
Anderson, Andrew P            p 3
Anderson, Ann L               p 7
Anderson, August              p 8
Anderson, August J            p 1
Anderson, Augusta C           p 4
Anderson, Augusta S           p 3
Anderson, Caroline Louisa     p 2
Anderson, Christiana J        p 3
Anderson, Claude G            p13
Anderson, Daniel M            p 1
Anderson, Edward              p 8
Anderson, Erick               p 2
Anderson, Esther              p 8
Anderson, Fern                p 8
Anderson, Fredreka            p 9
Anderson, Fredrick            p 9
Anderson, Fredrik             p12
Anderson, Gustaf A            p 7
Anderson, Herbert F           p 2
Anderson, Ida Olson           p 1
Anderson, Johanna Strandi     p 6
Anderson, Joseph A            p 1
Anderson, Lizzie              p 8
Anderson, Marie W             p13
Anderson, Mary C              p 6
Anderson, Oscar B             p 1
Anderson, Oscar F             p13
Anderson, Otto                p 4
Anderson, Robert              p 9
Anderson, Sarah               p 8
Anderson, Sophia              p 1
Anderson, Sophia              p 9
Anderson, Swan                p 9
Anthony, William              p11

Berry, Albertina J            p 7
Barry, Anton                  p 6
Barry, Charly E               p 9
Barry, Daisy C                p 8
Barry, Elmer A                p 7
Berry, Hilma                  p 6
Barry, Johanna M              p 6
Barry, John A                 p 8
Barry, John S                 p 8
Barry, Lenard E               p 7
Barry, Sven A                 p 9
Barry, Swan                   p 7
Bengtson, Albert T            p 9
Bengtson, Amanda J            p11
Bengtson, Father              p11
Bengtson,Lyman F              p11
Bengtson, Minnie J            p11
Bengtson, Mother              p11
Berquist, Anna Adele          p 3
Bergquist, Wm Gerhardt        p 3
Bergquist, Aurelia            p 3
Bergquist, Frank              p 3
Bergquist, Rev Frank W        p 3
Bergquist, Joseph             p 3
Bergstrom, Elenore            p12
Bern, Ada Marie Anderson      p 2
Bern, Emil                    p 2
Bern, Eva C                   p 2
Bern, John                    p 2
Bjorn, Britta Nilson          p 1
Bjorn, G A(?)                 p 1
Blomberg, Andrew P            p 5
Blomberg, Carrie              p 5
Blomberg, Frank H             p 5
Blomgren, Frederick           p 6
Blomgren, Fridolf             p 6
Blomgren, Hannah              p 6
Blomgren, Howard V            p 6
Blomgren, John J              p 6
Blomgren, Oscar               p 6
Boquist, Arndt A              p 9
Boquist, Martin N             p 9
Brodahl, Anna Nelson          p 6
Brodahl, Florence M           p 6
Brodahl, John                 p 6
Brown, Ida S                  p 4
Burklund, Alex W              p 7
Burklund, Augusta Helsing     p 7

Chadwick, Allison June        p 2
Chelberg, Andrew              p 3
Chelberg, Christina           p 3

Dalton, Edmund                p13
Dalton, Edward                p13
Dalton, Hannah                p13
Dalton, Katie                 p13
Dalton, Mary M                p13

Edlund, Nile J                p 7
Edlund, Nile J                p 7
Edlund, Wm                    p 7
Erickson, Betsie              p13
Erickson, Clarence W          p 4
Erickson, D                   p12
Erickson, Ella                p 4
Erickson, Emil                p 9
Erickson, Ernest W            p 4
Erickson, Esther L            p 4
Erickson, Hans P              p 4
Erickson, Harvy V             p 4
Erickson, Henry               p 6
Erickson, Manguhilder         p 1
Erickson, Marie               p12
Erickson, Selma               p 9
Erickson, Sophia              p 6
Erickson, Valentine           p 4

Freeman, Joel M               p 2
Friedlund, Bertha C           p11
Friedlund, Emanuel U          p11
Frostrom, Elizabeth           p 3
Frostrom, Jacob P             p 3

Halgren, Anna Carolina        p 8
Haroldson, Bernt              p12
Halgren, Carl Erick           p 8
Halgren, Charles J            p 8
Halgren, Ida                  p 8
Haroldson, Harry N            p12
Haroldson, Hugo               p12
Haroldson, Inf                p12
Hansen, Hanna                 p 4
Hanson, Bengta Matssen        p 4
Hanson, Inf dau               p 1
Hanson, Inf dau               p 4
Hanson, Olof                  p 4
Hanson, Victor E              p 4
Helsing, Abraham              p 7
Helsing, Abraham              p 7
Helsing, Anna                 p 7
Helsing, Emma C               p 7
Helsing, Ernest R             p 7
Helsing, Hulda                p 9
Helsing, Johann               p 7
Helsing, John                 p 7
Helsing, Krestina             p 7
Helsing, Maria H              p 7
Henrichson, Gerrt P           p 2
Henry, Vendla Adail           p 4
Hokanson, Olof                p10
Hokanson, Sven                p10
Holh, Hannah K B Person       p10
Houfek, Emma                  p11
Houfek, Frank J               p11
Houfek, Gustave               p10
Houfek, Helen Delores         p11
Houfek, Inf son               p11
Houfek, James                 p 2
Houfek, Joseph                p 2
Houfek, Robert E              p11

Isaacson, Ida                 p 3
Isaacson, Levi                p 3
Issacson, Nels                p 3

Jackson, Andrew J             p12
Jackson, Fred A               p 4
Jackson, J Frederick          p 4
Jackson, Johanna C            p 4
Jackson, Nellie               p12
Jackson, William J            p12
Johnson, Alfred               p 6
Johnson, Amenda M             p11
Johnson, Anna                 p 5
Johnson, August               p11
Johnson, Brent Lynn           p 8
Johnson, Brian Lee            p 8
Johnson, Clarence E           p13
Johnson, G J Ole              p11
Johnson, Hannah               p 6
Johnson, John P               p 5
Johnson, Margareta            p 2
Johnson, Rose R               p13
Johnson, Stella Blomgren      p 6
Jonson, Olof                  p 9

Kalstrom marker               p 8
Kalstrom, Clara Albertina     p 9
Kemerling, Fay                p11
Krumpus, Mary                 p12
Krumpus, Mathew               p12

Landholm, Mary Susan          p 4
Lanik, Fern Brodahl           p 6
Lanik, Joe H                  p 6
Larson, Erick                 p 5
Larson, Jennie M              p 8
Larson, Oscar E               p 5
Larson, Swan L                p 8
Larson, Wilhelmina            p 5
Lind, Andrew                  p10
Lind, Anna B                  p 1
Lind, Anna C                  p 1
Lind, Edward A                p 1
Lind, Hanna                   p10
Lind, John A                  p 1
Lindblad, J E                 p13
Lindgren, Anna M              p 5
Lindgren, Anna R              p 5
Lindgren, Carl Henry          p 5
Lindgren, Clara P             p 2
Lindgren, Eldora              p 5
Lindgren, Emery               p 5
Lindgren, Emil P              p11
Lindgren, Lenard              p 5
Lindgren, Louise              p11
Lindgren, Nils F              p 5
Lindgren, Peter M             p11
Lindgren, Walter E            p 2
Linn, Arthur                  p13
Lloyd, Emma                   p 7
Lundberg, Olof N              p 9
Lundholm, August              p 1
Lundholm, Carl M              p 1
Lundholm, Carl Oscar          p 1
Lundholm, Eva M               p 1
Lundholm, Hilda               p 1

Malmberg, Frank D             p 6
Malmberg, Hanna               p 6
Malmberg, Swan                p 6
Martinson, Felix              p 4
Meusborn, Richard J           p 8

Nelson, Anna Johnson          p 5
Nelson, Carl                  p 8
Nelson, Carl J                p10
Nelson, Charlotta             p10
Nelson, Edmont                p 3
Nelson, Elgurt                p 5
Nelson, Elina                 p 5
Nelson, Ernest F              p 7
Nelson, Esther                p10
Nelson, Gordon E              p 4
Nelson, Hattie                p10
Nelson, Helen                 p10
Nelson, Henry G               p 5
Nelson, Johannes              p 3
Nelson, Karolina              p 3
Nelson, Lena                  p 3
Nelson, Minnie J              p 7
Nelson, Olof                  p 9
Nelson, Robert L              p10
Nelson, Viola Marie           p 6
Noreen, Carl Leonard Conrad   p 5
Noreen, Charley               p 5
Noreen, Emfred Edwin          p 5
Noreen, Emma Marie            p 5
Nygren, Alfred E              p 5
Nygren, Elna                  p 5
Nygren, Gaylord F             p11
Nygren, Hans                  p 5
Nygren, Jennie W              p11
Nygren, Oscar F               p11
Nygren, Peter                 p 5
Nyquist, Pastor J P           p 3

Ochander, Leslie E            p11
Olin, Charles F               p12
Olin, Eva                     p12
Olson, Albertina              p 7
Olson, Anna A                 p 9
Olson, Anna C                 p10
Olson, Arthur C               p 5
Olson, Bengt                  p 5
Olson, Bernt                  p12
Olson, Cecilia                p 5
Olson, Christina              p 3
Olson, Elsa Swanson           p 3
Olson, Elvin L                p12
Olson, Emelia Swenson         p 9
Olson, Emfred J               p12
Olson, Emil                   p 3
Olson, Ernest L               p12
Olson, Harry W                p12
Olson, Hattie A               p 7
Olson, Henry William          p 6
Olson, Hilda E                p 3
Olson, Hjalmar                p10
Olson, Jennie                 p12
Olson, Jennid M               p 5
Olson, Johanna Katharina      p 5
Olson, Mathias                p 5
Olson, Minnie P               p 7
Olson, Nels                   p 3
Olson, Oscar                  p10
Olson; Peter B                p 7
Olson, Swan                   p12
Olson, Tina                   p 3
Olson, Victor E               p12

Pearson, Alfred A             p13
Pearson, Alieda O             p13
Pearson, Amanda               p 6
Pearson, Clarence             p 6
Pearson, Eric                 p 6
Pearson, John A               p13
Pease, Carrie                 p12
Person, Kathrina              p 1
Person, Maria                 p 1
Person, Nels                  p 5
Person, Per                   p 1
Peterson, Albert F            p 2
Peterson, Andrew              p 8
Peterson, Charles J           p11
Peterson, David F             p 2
Peterson, Emma                p11
Peterson, Harold L            p 2
Peterson, Inf son             p 8
Peterson, Johanna K           p10
Peterson, Lotta S             p 8
Peterson, Lydia               p10
Peterson, Selma               p 2
Peterson, Swan P              p10
Peterson, Tekla P             p 2
Petterson, James A            p13
Pipkin, Cora                  p12
Ripkin, Marvin                p12
Pipkin, Melvin                p12
Potadle, Anna                 p 4

Rufer, Charles A              p 6
Rufer, Ellen                  p 6
Roslund, Emily                p 4
Roslund, Frank J              p 4

Sampson, Alfiel A             p 8
Sampson, Inf                  p 9
Sampson, John W               p 8
Sorensen, Hans C              p 8
Sorensen, Henry I             p 8
Sorensen, Martha M            p 8
Sorensen, Mary C              p 8
Sorenson, Alfred              p 2
Sorenson, Andrew              p 1
Sorenson, Anna L              p13
Sorenson, Elina               p13
Sorenson, Herman S            p 2
Sorenson, Isabelle            p 1
Sorenson, Nels                p13
Stewart, Lillian F            p10
Swanberg, Anne                p10
Swanberg, Esther Eleanora     p10
Swanberg, N Henry             p10
Swanberg, Nellie Sophia       p10
Swanberg, Wm                  p10
Swanson, Emma C               p 7
Swanson, Martin               p 7
Swanson, Noble E              p 7
Swanson, Mr & Mrs Swan        p 9

Vermeline, Herman             p11
Vermeline, Hulda              p11
Vermeline, Victor W           p11
Veskrna, Carol J              p 2

Westergren, Knut P            p10
Wyman, Ewilyn                 p 3

Gravestone  Gravestone
Photos courtesy of Clarabelle Mares.
(April 1977)

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