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photo courtesy of Clarabelle Mares.
(August 1977)

Czech Presbyterian Cemetery

(Chapman Township)
Submitted by
Clarabelle Mares
Lewis-Clark Chapter DAR
Fremont, Nebraska
State:    Nebraska    County:    Saunders    Township:    Chapman
Section:    NE 1/4 NW 1/4 of Section 25    Township:    14N    RANGE:    6E
Recorded By:    Clarabelle Mares    1722 East 19 Fremont, Nebraska 68025
Assisted By:    Kathrine Petersen
Date Recorded:    30 August 1977

Cemetery map

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Tombstone Records

Names Index

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Caha, Alma Esther               p6
Caha, Anna                      p1
Caha, Anna                      p6
Caha, Frank                     p5
Caha, Joseph                    p6
Caha, Jozef                     p6
Caha, Ladislav                  p6
Caha, Marie                     p6
Caha, Rose E                    p6
Caha, Rudolph                   p1
Caha, Stanley R                 p4
Caha, William                   p6
Cejnar, Anna                    p6
Cejnar, Rev Vaclav              p6

Dolezal, Anton                  p1
Dolezal, Emil                   p1
Dolezal, Frank                  p4
Dolezal, James B                p1
Dolezal, Louis                  p1
Dolezal, Mary                   p4
Dolezal, Ruben Paul             p4
Dolezal, Vaclav                 p1
Dostal, Anna                    p5
Dostal, Matej                   p5

Erickson, Godfrey A             p6
Erickson, Maria Caha            p6

Hedlik, F                       p7
Hedlik, Rosalie                 p7

Jasa, Albie F                   p6
Jasa, Anna                      p3
Jasa, Anna                      p5
Jasa, Antonia                   p5
Jasa, Antonie                   p6
Jasa, Bohumil J                 p3
Jasa, Ferdinand A               p5
Jasa, Frank                     p5
Jasa, Frantiska                 p7
Jasa, Gusty                     p3
Jasa, James                     p5
Jasa, Jerry                     p3
Jasa, John                      p3
Jasa, John                      p5
Jasa, Joseph                    p2
Jasa, Joseph                    p3
Jasa, Josephine                 p2
Jasa, Joseph M                  p2
Jasa, Karel                     p3
Jasa, Libbie M                  p2
Jasa, Mary                      p5
Jasa, Mary Trutna               p2
Jasa, Matej                     p6
Jasa, Robert L                  p2
Jasa, Vencl                     p7

Kaspar, Ella                    p4
Kaspar, Vincent                 p4
Krafka, Anna                    p4
Krafka, Charles                 p4
Krafka, Frank                   p4
Krafka, George                  p4
Krafka, John Sr                 p4
Kucera, Inf                     p6

Lopour, Emil B                  p1
Lopour, Emily                   p1
Lopour, Inf dau                 p1
Lopour, Rosie                   p1

Musil, Albie                    p1
Musil, Emil                     p1

Novak, Agnes                    p3
Novak, Inf dau                  p5
Novak, Jose M                   p3
Novak, Louis J                  p5
Novak, Frances                  p5
Novak, Mae                      p5
Novak, Mary                     p3

Pallas, Anna                    p5
Pallas, Anton                   p5
Pallas, Charles                 p5
Pallas, Franc                   p7
Pallas, Frank                   p6
Pallas, James Jr                p5
Pallas, Joseph                  p4
Pallas, Joseph J                p2
Pallas, Marie                   p5
Pallas, Ruth M                  p6
Pallas, Vaclav                  p5
Pallas, Vaclav                  p5
Pecena, Baby                    p5
Pestal, Anton                   p1
Pestal, Charles A               p6
Pestal, Eleonora                p2
Pestal, Emilie & Jan, twins     p2
Pestal, Frank                   p6
Pestal, Genevieve R             p6
Pestal, John                    p2
Pestal, Josef                   p2
Pestal, Marie                   p7
Pestal, Samuel J                p6
Pastel, Teresie                 p6
Pokorny, Adolph                 p2
Pokorny, Aloisie                p1
Pokorny, Anna                   p2
Pokorny, Baby                   p6
Pokorny, Father                 p6
Pokorny, Frances                p2
Pokorny, Frances E              p6
Pokorny, Frank                  p2
Pokorny, Frantiska              p2
Pokorny, Henry Sr               p1
Pokorny, Inf son                p4
Pokorny, Jan                    p2
Pokorny, John                   p1
Pokorny, John T                 p2
Pokorny, Josef                  p1
Pokorny, Josef                  p2
Pokorny, Joseph F               p6
Pokorny, Marie                  p2
Pokorny, Marie                  p6
Pokorny, Marie Vajgrt           p6
Pokorny, Mother                 p6
Pokorny, Rosalie                p1
Pospisil, Josef                 p2
Pospisil, Marie                 p2
Proett, Marjorie E              p4

Ruzicka, Anna                   p2
Ruzicka, Bohumil                p2
Ruzicka, Emil E                 p2
Ruzicka, Frances                p7
Ruzicka, Jerry                  p3
Ruzicka, Jerry V                p3
Ruzicka, Joseph                 p2
Ruzicka, Ladislav S             p2
Ruzicka, Mary                   p3
Ruzicka, Stanley                p2
Ruzicka, Vaclav                 p7

Semenec, Frank                  p4
Semenec, Mary                   p4
Shultz, John                    p1
Sklenar, Anna                   p3
Sklenar, Anton                  p3
Sklenar, Antonin                p3
Sklenar, Baby                   p5
Sklenar, Francis                p3
Sklenar, Frantiska              p3
Sklenar, James                  p3
Sklenar, Jan                    p3
Sklenar, Richard B              p3
Sklenar, Rudolph                p5
Sklenar, Rudolph E              p4
Smolik, Karel                   p3
Svoboda, Barbara                p5
Svoboda, John                   p5

Trutna, Antonia                 p4
Trutna, Bessie                  p2
Trutna, Charles                 p4
Trutna, Charles B               p4
Trutna, Frantiska               p7
Trutna, Jan                     p5
Trutna, John Edward             p5
Trutna, Josef                   p7
Trutna, Kenneth T               p1
Trutna, Kenneth T               p2
Trutna, Marie                   p5
Trutna, Maria Sklenar           p5

Veskrna, Emil                   p3
Veskrna, Joseph                 p3
Veskrna, Josephine              p3
Veskrna, Jozef                  p3
Veverka, Charles J              p5
Veverka, Lillie Marie           p5
Veverka, twins                  p5

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