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photo courtesy of Geri DeGroff.
(Fall, 2000)


(Old Pohocco)

(Pohocco Township)
Submitted by
Clarabelle Mares
Lewis-Clark Chapter DAR
Fremont, Nebraska
Cemetery map

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Tombstone Records

Names Index

                    Page #

Barrett, Danny           p2
Barrett, Elvina          p2
Barrett, Musetta         p2
Beaver ------            p2
Bridge, Matilda M.       p1

Carver, Bernice          p1
Chritten, Enoch          p2
Chritten, Salome         p2
Church, Delgena E.       p2
Church, Infant dau.      p2
Church, Mabel            p2

Dickey, Gneeva           p1
Dickey, Leonard M.       p1
Dickey, Letta            p1

Genoways, George         p2
Genoways, Lewis H.       p2

Haxby, Dorothy           p1

Kelley, Charles          p2
Kelley, Frank            p2
Kelley, Maud             p2
Kelley, Thomas           p2
Kelley, Walter           p2
Klingensmith, -----      p2
Krug, J.                 p1

Lee, Elizabeth           p1
Lee, Rosa N.             p1

Methven, George A.       p1

Peck, D. H.              p1
Peck, R. E.              p1

Reed, Eleanor            p1
Reed, Rebecca            p1

Sampson, Earl V.         p1
Sampson, Emma M.         p1
Sampson, Harold          p1
Sampson, Minnie          p1
Sampson, Nettie          p1
Sampson, William J.      p2
Shutt, Harvey            p2

Trenhaile, George        p1
Trenhaile, Mary          p1

Walace, ------           p2
Walace, Infant           p2
Wells, Elmer             p2
Woods, Miranda           p2

photo courtesy of Geri DeGroff.
(Fall, 2000)

Tombstone Records

Located at Camp Eagle Scout Camp, in Saunders County, is an old cemetery. Many of the markers are missing, some have been replaced by families. Some markers are trees. It is not kept up, but is in native grass. If you visit it in the spring, the grass is not too high.

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