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photos on this page courtesy of Clarabelle Mares.
(August 1978)

Clear Creek Cemetery

(Clear Creek Township)
Submitted by
Clarabelle Mares
Lewis-Clark Chapter DAR
Fremont, Nebraska
State:    Nebraska    County:    Saunders    Township:    Clear Creek
Section:    NW 1/4 SE 1/4 of Section 23    Township:    13N    RANGE:    9E
Recorded By:    Clarabelle Mares    1722 East 19 Fremont, Nebraska 68025
Assisted By:    Kathrine Petersen
Date Recorded:    1 August 1978

Cemetery map

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Tombstone Records

Names Index

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Adsit, Daniel                     p2
Adsit, Hattie                     p3
Adsit, Jennie                     p3
Adsit, Margaret                   p2
Adsit, Mary A                     p3
Adsit, Shuble                     p3
Aldrich, Timothy R                p8

Bargar, Joseph S                  p2
Baumgardner, Harry                p1
Brodahl, Betsey                   p6
Brodahl, Olof                     p1
Brodahl, Swan                     p6
Bumgardner, Lucinda               p4
Bumgardner, Samuel V              p4
Burton, Amos F                    p5
Burton, Inf dau                   p5
Burton, Mary S                    p5

Carr, Lenora                      p5
Carr, Mariah B                    p5
Carr, Robert                      p5
Chamberlain, Evert H              p5
Chamberlain, Hattie               p5
Chamberlain, Ida                  p5
Chamberlain, Inf dau              p5
Chamberlain, T K                  p5
Cox, Hannah E A                   p8

Davis, Ella G                     p6
Dodds, Martha J                   p2

Eggleston, Eliza                  p3
Everman, George O                 p1
Everman, Rosa J                   p1

Fairley, Elizabeth E              p7
Fairley, Margaret A               p7
Fairley, Michael                  p7
Fenton, Isabel C                  p5
Foglesong, LeRoy                  p6
Frederick, Albert W               p6
Frederick, Art H                  p6
Frederick, Oliver                 p4
Frederick, Orlena L               p6
Frederick, Theo M                 p4
Frederick, Viola V                p4

Gammon, Hugh C                    p3

Hall, Benjamin                    p6
Hall, Elizabeth                   p6
Hall, Francis B                   p6
Hall, Goldie M                    p6
Hall, Harriet A                   p2
Hall, Laura                       p6
Hall, Oscar S                     p2
Hall, Roy M                       p6
Halstead, James                   p5
Halstead, Mary Jane               p5
Halstead, Phebe Jane              p5
Hollingsworth, Carl A             p2
Hooker, Eva                       p4
Howe, Susan                       p8

Johnson, Ebrine                   p3
Johnson, Nora A                   p7

Keelerd, George G                 p4

Leblanc, Arthur                   p8
Leblanc, Octavie                  p8

McCoy, Mary E                     p3
McGuire, Harry O                  p7
McGuire, Inf dau                  p7
McGuire, Rosella E                p7
Marble, Ethel May                 p8
Marble, Hiram                     p8
Marble, Johnnie                   p8
Marble, Johnnie C                 p8
Marble, Willie                    p8
Mays, Andrew                      p3
Mays, Carrie E                    p4

Norris, Emly E                    p5
Norris, Frances M                 p5
Norris, G W                       p5
Norris, George W                  p5
Norris, Mary M.                   p5
Norris, Thomas C                  p5

Osborn, Minerva E                 p5

Paine, Lauren                     p1
Parks, Corpl Jas S                p2
Parmenter, Daisy M                p6
Parmenter, Ella B                 p6
Parmenter, Estella M              p6
Parmenter, Ida B                  p6
Parmenter, Minnie A               p6
Price, Martha L                   p5

Richardson, Cynthia N             p7
Richardson, Sarah A               p7
Robbins, George W A               p5
Rodgers, Andrew S                 p1
Roe, Stella Ellen                 p2
Royle, Elizabeth                  p7
Royle, Jonathon                   p7

Sanberg, Pluma E                  p2
Sanders, Ernest                   p6
Sanders, John H                   p6
Sanders, Louvina I                p6
Sanders, M H                      p6
Sawyer, Harold A                  p7
Secor, Bulah                      p4
Secor, Catharine                  p4
Secor, Freddie                    p4
Secor, Theron                     p4
Skiles, B F                       p5
Skiles, Sarah O                   p5
Smith, Austin                     p8
Smith, Betsey Howe                p8
Smith, Curtis A                   p8
Smith, George A                   p8
Smith, Mary Ann                   p8
Sproat, Barbara E                 p5
Sproat, Mary Z                    p5
Stevens, Clara                    p3
Stevens, Cyrenus                  p3
Stevens, Floyd                    p3
Stevens, Frances M                p3

Tarpenning?, Benjamin H           p4
Tarpenning, Eliza E               p4
Tarpenning, Elizabeth             p1
Tarpenning?, Essie A              p4
Tarpenning, Harrison              p4
Tarpenning, Mary E                p2
Tarpenning, Perry                 p1
Thompson, Mary M                  p1
Thompson, William                 p1
Thulin, Anna                      p6
Thulin, Emma                      p6
Tompkins, Catherine L             p7

Ueberrhein, George                p3
Ueberrhein, George                p3
Ueberrhein, Mary                  p3
Ullstrom, Eva                     p4
Ullstrom, Hulda S                 p4
Ulistrom, John P                  p3
Ullstrom, Louisa L                p3

Wagner, Alva O                    p4
Wagner, Alvin O                   p4
Wagner, Charles D                 p4
Wagner, Lavina B                  p4
Wagner, Nancy J                   p5
Wagner, William                   p5
Wagner, William H                 p4
Wells, Emma L                     p1
Wells, Eva Irene                  p1
Wells, W W                        p2
Williams, Edith                   p7
Williams, Isabel                  p7
Williams, Margaret                p7
Williams, Melvin L                p7
Williams?, Robert                 p7
Williams, Stella                  p7
Wilson, Andrew A                  p3
Wilson, Bertie                    p3
Wilson, Irvin J                   p3
Wilson, Lucinda                   p3
Withrow, Elba Philo               p2
Withrow, Elmer                    p2
Withrow, Everard Bradford         p2
Withrow, Inf son                  p1
Withrow, Lizzie                   p2
Withrow, Ramoline                 p2
Wolfe, Abner H                    p7
Wolfe, Mildred                    p7

Clear Creek Cemetery    gravestones
photos courtesy of Clarabelle Mares.
(August 1978)

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