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Clarabell Mares has graciously given us permission to post the indexes for the Saunders County cemeteries that we will be adding as they are transcribed. She and other volunteers have spent a lot of time walking and recording the tombstone records for each of these cemeteries, and we want to give them all a special "Thank-you". Claire has also given us permission to post the photos that she took of the cemeteries when they were indexed. Renee Bunck has spent a lot of time scanning them in for us, plus making copies of the indexes and sending them to us. Guy Podgornik, Geri DeGroff, Roma Black and Karen Steele have all been either taking pictures of the cemeteries or working on getting updated information. Thank you to all of the great volunteers!

Claire is associated with the Eastern Nebraska Genealogical Society (ENGS). You may visit their webpage at

Many of these cemeteries have more than one name. We will make an effort to give those names if we know them. If you know of other names for these cemeteries, please contact us. There are a few small cemeteries that have no names, and these will be added to the list as we get them prepared for the web. If you have any information on these cemeteries, please contact Connie Snyder at: I've tried to put the name of the township where each cemetery is located as it is posted. The map below has approximate locations for the cemeteries. We do not have an exact location yet for all of them. The indexes listed under Family Plots are not on the map. The numbers on the map correspond to the numbers on the table below.

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Saunders Co. Cemeteries map

Cemetery location maps have been added to most indexes. Can you help to verify their accuracy?
(*** = no index, pictures only)
1. Alma Lutheran  (Wahoo Twp)31. Rock Creek Grace Lutheran
    (Richland Twp)
2. Ashland - 2009
    (Ashland, Ashland Twp)

    Ashland - 1978
32. Sacred Heart (Cedar Hill)
    (Bohemia Twp)
3. Bethel  (Chapman Twp)33. St. Cyril & Methodius (Plasi)
    (Elk Twp)
4. Czech Presbyterian  (Chapman Twp)34. St. Francis
34a. Sunrise (legal name: K of H)
(Wahoo, Nebraska)   (Stocking Twp)
Non-NEGenWeb Project site Index
available for both.
5. Clear Creek  (Clear Creek Twp)
Non-NEGenWeb Project site Index available.
(Located in USGenWeb Tombstone Project.)
35. St. James Catholic  (Union Twp)
6. Bethesda  (Mariposa Twp)36. St. John (Prague, Nebraska)
    (Chester Twp)
7. Bohemian National (Chester Twp)
    (Prague, Nebr.)
37. St. John's (Weston, Nebr.)
    (Chapman Twp)
8. Czech National (Killian)
   (Bohemian Twp)
38. St. Joseph's (Douglas Twp)
    (Holy Rosary)
9. Bohemian National
     (Newman Twp)
39. St. Mary's 1976 Index
      St. Mary's 2001 Index
    (Morse Bluff Twp)
10. Edensberg Lutheran
    (Mariposa Twp)
40. St. Mary's
    (Oak Creek Twp)
11. Estina  (Leshara Twp) 41. St. Therese 1976 Index
     St. Therese 2001 Index
     (Little Flower of Jesus)
     (Church of The Seven Dolors)
     (Estina Catholic Church Cemetery)
     (Pohocco Twp)
12. Fleming - 1976 Index
      Fleming - 2001 Index
      (Douglas Twp)
42. St. Vitus (Newman Twp)
    (Touhy, NE)
13. Green Mound  (Marietta Twp)43. St. Wenceslaus (Center Twp)
14. Greenwood (Center Twp)
      Also known as Wahoo Cemetery
44. Swedeburg Covenant Church 
    (Fridhem)   (Richland Twp)
15. Evangelical Presbyterian  (Elk Twp)45. Union 1976 Index
      Union 2001 Index
      (Cedar Twp)
16. Evangelist-Wiegand 1976 Index
      Evangelist-Wiegand 2001 Index
      (Cedar Twp)
46. Union (Mariposa Twp)
     (St. John's)
17. Critten-Barrett (Pohocco Cemetery)
    (Pohocco Twp)
47. Valparaiso
    (Oak Creek Twp)
18. Hollst-Lawn (1977)
     Hollst-Lawn (2007)
     (Yutan, Union Twp)
48. Weston
    (Chapman Twp)
19. Indian Mound (Ithaca, Nebr.)
      Indian Mound - 2002 update
    (Wahoo Twp)
49.William T. Bender  (Union Twp)
20. Johannes - 1976 Index
      Johannes - Dec. 2001 Index
       (Cedar Twp)
50. Zion Evangelical  (Green Twp)
21. Maple Grove - 1976 Index
      Maple Grove - Dec. 2001 Index
      (Cedar Bluffs, Cedar Twp)
51. Zion Lutheran  (Green Twp)
22. Marietta Presbyterian
    (Marietta Twp)
52. Znami  (Chapman Twp)
23. Morningside (Wahoo Twp)53. Mt. Zion  (Rock Creek Twp)
    (Ingram)  (old Mt. Zion)
24. Pleasant Hill  (Richland Twp)
    (est. 1872)
54. Willow Creek  (Chester Twp)
    Willow Creek #2
   (as published in "Nebraska Ancestree)
25. Pleasant Hill  (Richland Twp)
    (est. 1883)
55. Abandoned Church Cemetery  (Mariposa Twp)
26. Parmenter  (Marble Twp)56. Unknown  (Oak Creek Twp)
    (near Valpariso)
    (Jensen Cemetery)
27. Platteville  (Pohocco Twp) updated 2001   Various Family Plots
28. Pleasant View (Leshara Twp)
   Once known as Bethel Cemetery
29. Pohocco Lutheran 1976 Index
      Pohocco Lutheran 2001 Index
      (Pohocco Twp)
Cemetery indexes found on other sites:
30. Rock Creek
    (Rock Creek Twp)
Prague Presbyterian Cemetery
Same as # 15, Evangelical Presbyterian Cemetery
Located in USGenWeb Tombstone Project.
(*** = no index, pictures only)

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