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photo courtesy of Geri DeGroff.
(Fall 2000)

Ashland Cemetery

(Ashland, Ashland Twp)
Submitted by
Clarabelle Mares
Lewis-Clark Chapter DAR
Fremont, Nebraska
Name of Cemetery: ASHLAND CEMETERY
State:    Nebraska    County:    Saunders    Township:    Ashland
Section:    Two 12-9    Township:    12N    RANGE:    9E
Recorded By:    Clarabelle Mares    1722 East 19 Fremont, Nebraska 68025
Assisted By:    Kathrine Petersen
Date Recorded:    26 Sep 1978 to 24 October 1978

Cemetery map

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Tombstone Records

Names Index

??? | Initials
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Mc | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | Y | Z
                          Page #
______, Baby                      p 84
______, Bessie                    p 87
______, Bobby                     p 62
______, Father                    p 38
______, Flora, Frank, Fred        p 16
______, Harriet                   p 94
______, Joe                       p 80
______, Judy Kay                  p 90
______, Lillian                   p 30
______, Lillian                   p 21
______, Maggie                    p 45
______, Mother                    p 38

These are initials only
M. K.                             p 58
T. A. M.                          p 70
R. S. R.                          p 61
A. L. W.                          p 88
S. M. W.                          p 49

Adams, Mary Whitney               p 94
Aitken, Alexander                 p 64
Aitken, Andrew                    p 64
Aitken, Cecilia                   p 64
Aitken, James C                   p  9
Aitken, Julia A                   p  9
Albert, Wilhelmina                p 75
Alkire, Charles D                 p 88
Alkire, Della                     p 88
Alles, JoAnn Ruth                 p102
Alley, Alice L                    p130
Alley, Harold W                   p 98
Alley, Helen L                    p129
Alley, Howard Ray                 p 98
Alley, Pearl                      p 98
Alley, Raymond                    p 98
Alley, Willis H                   p129
Allington, Willard L              p127
Almy, Ada Marks                   p 96
Almy, Billings G                  p 96
Ames, Bertha Dell                 p116
Andersen, Andrew                  p 26
Andersen, Jennie                  p 26
Anderson, Agnes Knox              p 37
Anderson, Albert B                p 52
Anderson, Albin                   p127
Anderson, America                 p 45
Anderson, Amos                    p 45
Anderson, Amy Lu                  p103
Anderson, Andrew P                p106
Anderson, Anton E                 p 60
Anderson, Arthur W                p 60
Anderson, Bell M                  p132
Anderson, Blanche F               p 58
Anderson, Bowers A                p 18
Anderson, Caroline                p 18
Anderson, Carrie Wood             p 22
Anderson, Charles E               p 45
Anderson, David                   p 45
Anderson, Edgar I                 p126
Anderson, Edward                  p123
Anderson, Edward M                p 22
Anderson, Effie I                 p 18
Anderson, Elizabeth Long          p 45
Anderson, Elsie L                 p132
Anderson, Frank L                 p 37
Anderson, George O                p129
Anderson, Gerald L                p 10
Anderson, Grace A                 p 58
Anderson, Harry T                 p132
Anderson, Hilda C                 p 60
Anderson, Howard F                p 58
Anderson, Infants                 p 45
Anderson, Infant                  p 52
Anderson, Infant ?                p 60
Anderson, John                    p 18
Anderson, Louise L                p 22
Anderson, Mary                    p 45
Anderson, Mary E                  p 45
Anderson, Robert E                p108
Anderson, Sophia E                p 20
Anderson, Tillie                  p123
Anderson, Victor E                p 20
Angel, Donald W                   p100
Antram, Gertrude B                p 21
Armstrong, Ivan E                 p125
Arnold, Bion J                    p 25
Arnold, Ernest H                  p 25
Arnold, Everton B                 p 25
Arnold, Geraldine A               p 25
Arnold, Geraldine Reynolds        p 25
Arnold, Gordon M                  p 25
Arnold, Joseph                    p 25
Arnold, Maud Louise               p 25
Arnold, Newel                     p 25
Atwood, Charles A                 p 17
Atwood, Claire Fletcher           p 18
Atwood, George H                  p 18
Atwood, John F                    p 17
Atwood, Josephine A               p 18
Atwood, Sarah A                   p 17
Atwood, Stella A                  p 18
Aughe?, Albert L                  p 11
Aughe, Baby                       p  9
Aughe, Diantha                    p 24
Aughe, Dora                       p 11
Aughe, Ellen B                    p 11
Aughe, Elsie Harriett             p 21
Aughe, Frances                    p 72
Aughe, Fred O                     p 51
Aughe, Jacob                      p 72
Aughe, Jacob T                    p 11
Aughe, Jr                         p  9
Aughe, Lawrence                   p 19
Aughe?, Malissa                   p 11
Aughe?, R B                       p 72
Aughe, W L                        p 24
Aughe, Willard                    p  9
Aughe, Winnie P                   p 11
Aughey, Cecelia D                 p 72
Aughey, Fransis H                 p 72
Aughey, John P                    p 72
Aulger, Della May                 p  8
Aulger, J C                       p  8
Austin, Lewis G                   p 50
Austin, Mary A                    p 50
Avery, Alice C                    p 47
Ayres, C Lande                    p126

Babbitt, George H                 p 81
Babbitt, Hattie A                 p 81
Baer, Byron H                     p115
Bahm, Ernest G                    p129
Bahm, Mabel E                     p129
Bahm, Steven Craig                p123
Bailey, Dave                      p 89
Bailey, Elmer T                   p 37
Bailey, Emma J                    p 89
Bailey, Jennie F                  p 41
Bailey, Laura M                   p 37
Bailey, Martha J                  p119
Bailey, Mattie L                  p 13
Bailey, Rebecca                   p 41
Bailey, Samuel                    p 89
Bailey, William                   p 41
Bailey, Wm P                      p119
Baker, Amanda A                   p 78
Baker, David                      p 38
Balder, Arthur                    p 23
Balder, Augusta                   p 23
Balder, Benjamin                  p 23
Balder, Edda                      p 23
Balder, Elvera                    p 23
Balder, John H                    p 23
Baldwin, Amanda E                 p 86
Baldwin, Cora M                   p 33
Baldwin, Eunice V                 p 52
Baldwin, Harvey A                 p123
Baldwin, John S                   p 52
Baldwin, Leta R                   p123
Baldwin, Sylvia L                 p 88
Baldwin, William E                p 88
Baldwin, Fred                     p 61
Ball, Henry T                     p 85
Ball, Jesse                       p 85
Ball, Leta V                      p101
Ball, Mary                        p 61
Ball, Mary A                      p 85
Ball, Pete E                      p101
Ballou, Catherine F               p113
Ballou, Earl B                    p127
Ballou, Elizabeth                 p 71
Ballou, Emor S                    p 71
Ballou, Emor S                    p113
Ballou, James B                   p113
Ballou, Jessie Cecilia            New 
Ballou, Jessie H                  p 71
Ballou, Lou B                     p114
Ballou, Marie Lohry               p113
Ballou, Martin E                  p 71
Ballou, Martin E                  p113
Ballou, Martin E                  New 
Ballou, Otis M                    p114
Ballou, Otis Martin               p113
Ballou, Susan                     p 71
Balog, Joseph                     p132
Barbee, Alice M Durkee            p 64
Barbee, Bessie C                  p 64
Barbee, Charles Byer              p 64
Barbee, Kathryn Adella            p 43
Barbee, Mary L                    p 64
Barbee, Robert S                  p 64
Barbee, Sylvia Woodbury           p 44
Barbee, William E                 p 64
Bargar, Arley                     p102
Bargar, Bertha K                  p 58
Bargar, Clayton                   p 55
Bargar, Elmer L                   p 61
Bargar, Gilbert C                 p 54
Bargar, Hannah J                  p 55
Bargar, Harry L                   p 58
Bargar, Joseph A                  p 61
Bargar, Mary A                    p 61
Bargar, Olive Genett              p 54
Bargar, W B                       p 61
Barger, Gerald G                  p112
Barger, Jane E                    p117
Barger, John A                    p117
Barger, Leah R                    p117
Barger, Lillie L                  p117
Barger, Robert M                  p112
Barger, Wm I                      p117
Barger, Wm L                      p117
Barnes, Cora                      p 92
Barnes, Crispin                   p 92
Barnes, Kenneth M                 p 92
Barnes, William C                 p 10
Barnhill, A H                     p 47
Barnhill, Nancy B                 p 47
Barrow, John W                    p120
Barrow, Maude                     p120
Barta, Mayme K                    p  2
Barta, Rudolph H                  p  2
Barta, Sadie T                    p116
Barton, James L                   p128
Bates, Gladys G                   p111
Bates, Tim H                      p111
Batten, Batten                    p 85
Beamon, Maxine Warddrip           p  3
Beaty, William J                  p 73
Becker, Amanda                    p 87
Becker, Naomi C                   p 87
Becker, Wm Ellery C               p 87
Becker, William N                 p 87
Beckman, Arthur O                 p124
Beckman, August P                 p124
Beckman, Ethel G                  p124
Beckman, Madeline G               p126
Beckman, Olivia W                 p124
Bedford, H H                      p 94
Beetison, Alice E                 p 83
Beetison, Amelia                  p 80
Bestison, Harry C                 p 80
Beetison, Israel                  p 80
Beetison, J William               p 80
Beesley, Andrew                   p111
Beggs, John F                     p 15
Behrens, Alva F                   p127
Behrens, Katie                    p 56
Behrens, Mary F                   p127
Belcher, Irma H                   p129
Bell, Amanda Jane                 p 72
Bell, Frances                     p 49
Bell, John H                      p 72
Bell, Lt Leonard K                p 49
Bell, Lillian E                   p 49
Bell, Nelson C                    p 49
Benting, Kent                     p 85
Bentz, A G                        p 13
Bentz, Allen L                    p 13
Bentz, Bertha                     p 13
Bentz, Catharine                  p 13
Bentz, Infant                     p 13
Bentz, Johnnie                    p 13
Bentz, Leo Allen                  p 13
Berger, Dora                      p130
Berger, Verda V                   p110
Berkeimer, Adam                   p 13
Berkeimer, J R                    p 12
Berkeimer, John                   p 12
Berkeimer, Sarah E                p 12
Berkeimer, Susanna                p 12
Berkhiemer, Ruby Ellen            p 63
Betts, Clyde                      p 51
Biede, Barry G                    p102
Biede, Bernard R                  p102
Biede, Ernest W                   p102
Biggerstaff, Della K              p 10
Biggerstaff, Dorsey A             p 88
Billings, Alice                   p 22
Billings, Celia E                 p107
Billings, Dibrell                 p 23
Billings, George                  p 22
Billings, Lester D                p107
Billings, Rachel                  p 51
Billings, Richard                 p 51
Bingham, Horace E                 p 77
Bingham, Inf son                  p 77
Bingham, Mina D                   p 77
Birdsall, Wilber S                p107
Bishop, Harriet J                 p 93
Black, Sarah J                    p  6
Blackman, Charles H               p 19
Blackman, William C               p 83
Blair, Caroline                   p 91
Blair, Charles                    p 18
Blair, Mabel C                    p 18
Blair, William H                  p 18
Blaisdell, Fannie M               p  1
Blankenship, Clifton E            p 84
Bliss, Cassius                    p116
Bliss, Conner V                   p116
Bliss, Jessie                     p116
Bliss, Marjorie A                 p116
Bloom, Andrew G                   p121
Bloom, Anna E                     p121
Bloom, Anna K                     p 86
Bloom, Olof O                     p 86
Bockelman, Carol Jean             p105
Bockelman, Karen Kay              p105
Bockelman, Steven Earl            p105
Bockelman, Willard Allen          p105
Bohn, Anton                       p127
Bohn, Rose                        p127
Boling, James L                   p  1
Boling, Jamie                     p  1
Boller, Gertrude B                p122
Boller, Herman W                  p122
Boller, Loran A                   p133
Boller, Oliver H                  p130
Bond, Barbara A                   p 98
Bond, Dan                         p 78
Booher, Roy V                     p  1
Booher, Wm E                      p  1
Boring, Glen G                    p 51
Boring, Mary M                    p 51
Bornmann, Herbert L               p115
Bower, Everett Grant              p124
Bower, Min                        p  3
Bower, Ray E                      p124
Bower, Seth Allen                 p124
Bowers, Grant C                   p 29
Bowers, Joseph C                  p 29
Bowers, Harry H                   p 48
Bowers, Minnie E                  p 29
Bowers, Roy H                     p 48
Box, Arthur J                     p130
Box, Wm E                         p126
Bradbery, John T                  p 66
Bradsby, Ida B                    p  9
Bradsby, John A                   p  9
Bradsby, Mary E                   p 32
Brandson, Dawn D                  p100
Breeden, Leota E                  p118
Breeden, Sam                      p118
Breemes, Frank J                  p102
Breemes, Richard A                p102
Bricker, Amos W                   p 90
Bricker, Esther A                 p125
Bricker, Harry V                  p125
Bricker, Nancy J                  p 87
Bricker, Rachel                   p 90
Bricker, Samuel W                 p 87
Bright, E A                       p 63
Bright, Susana                    p 63
Brodahl, Harry S                  p121
Brodahl, Nellie                   p121
Broderick, Emily                  p 63
Broderick, William                p 63
Brome, S D                        p 92
Brooks, Ernest L                  p101
Brothers, Gertrude                p 54
Brothers, Lucinda R               p 53
Brothers, Wm H                    p 53
Brothers, William H               p 54
Brown, Nellie M                   p126
Brown, Roy                        p126
Brown, Stephen J                  p 15
Brownell, Mother                  p 88
Brummer, Florence D               p104
Brush, Doris Eleanor              p 71
Brush, Druella Elizabeth          p 71
Brush, Hobart                     p 71
Brush, Laura A                    p 70
Brush, Mamie E                    p 71
Brush, Marcus                     p 70
Brush, Marcus                     p 71
Brush, Mary E                     p 71
Brush, P B                        p 70
Bryan, Addie M                    p 46
Bryan, Almira M                   p 31
Bryan, Anna E                     p 31
Bryan, Arabell M                  p 45
Bryan, Baby                       p 46
Bryan, Dow                        p 45
Bryan, Elizabeth                  p 30
Bryan, Ella                       p 45
Bryan, Ella May                   p 31
Bryan, Emma                       p 45
Bryan, Floyd K                    p 31
Bryan, George                     p 99
Bryan, George J                   p114
Bryan, Gladys L                   p114
Bryan, James A                    p 31
Bryan, John J                     p 44
Bryan, Leila                      p 31
Bryan, LeRoy                      p 31
Bryan, Mabel                      p 46
Bryan, Martha E                   p 31
Bryan, Minerva                    p 45
Bryan, Roland A                   p 31
Bryan, Samuel G                   p 46
Bryan, Sarah J                    p 44
Bryan, W Randolph                 p 31
Bucholz, Liddie F                 p126
Buck, Harriett L                  p101
Buckmaster, Clarence A            p116
Buckmaster, Earl R                p116
Buckmaster, Gladys G              p116
Buckmaster, Mae                   p116
Buell, Charles                    p 13
Buell, Mary I                     p 13
Buell, Sally D                    p 13
Buhre, Olletta Calvert            p 27
Bundy, Infant                     p101
Bundy, Nannie J                   p114
Bundy, William S                  p114
Bunker, Mannie A                  p 83
Bunker, Mary Ann                  p 83
Bunnell, Dr T A                   p 47
Burdick,  John                    p 51
Burge, Charles S                  p 45
Burgess, Laura Patton             p 48
Burr, Jackie O                    p 99
Burr, O V Dayton                  p 99
Burr, Othello V                   p106
Bushnell, Diana C                 p113
Bushnell, Infant                  p 31
Bushnell, Marvin E                p113
Buskirk, Walter C.                p103
Buster, Albert H                  p108
Buster, Nellie H                  p108
Butler, Caroline Brush            p 71
Butler, Caroline L                p 36
Butler, Charlotte A               p 36
Butler, Dwight W                  p 36
Butler, Edna E                    p 36
Butler, Gerald E                  p125
Butler, John W                    p122
Butler, Nellie C                  p 32
Butler, Richard E                 p 36
Butler, Timothy W                 p 36
Butler, William M                 p 36
Butts, Earle E                    p 82
Butts, Leola                      p 82
Butts, Sarah O                    p 82
Butts, W C                        p 74
Butts, William J                  p 82

Cade, George Irvin Jr             p130
Calder, John W                    p  2
Calkins, Ida May                  p 15
Calvert, Alfred Louis             p 27
Calvert, Carl A                   p 27
Calvert, Charles Richard          p 16
Calvert, George F                 p 26
Calvert, Hezekiah                 p 26
Calvert, Jane A                   p 26
Calvert, Lillian Wood             p 27
Calvert, Martha                   p 26
Calvert, Susan D                  p 16
Cameron, Mary Ella                p 63
Campbell, Albert                  p117
Campbell, Alta Bell               p 56
Campbell, Ardell                  p 56
Campbell, C Russell               p122
Campbell, Carl                    p 56
Campbell, Catherine P             p 75
Campbell, Charles H               p122
Campbell, Cora Edith              p122
Campbell, David A                 p 86
Campbell, Edwin                   p 56
Campbell, Elizabeth Ann           p120
Campbell, Gladys                  p 56
Campbell, Glen R                  p102
Campbell, Harold W                p104
Campbell, John                    p 86
Campbell, Luella                  p121
Campbell, Mary E                  p 14
Campbell, Michael J               p 60
Campbell, Minnie L                p 86
Campbell, Nellie E                p117
Campbell, Olga Eunice             p120
Campbell, Robert P                p 74
Campbell, Sarah                   p 86
Campbell, Walter L                p 75
Campbell, Wilbur E                p121
Campbell, Willard                 p 56
Campbell, Willis                  p 56
Carey, Clifford D                 p 71
Carey, Julia A                    p 71
Carey, Timothy                    p 71
Carey, Timothy C                  p 71
Carey, Verona M                   p 71
Carnicle, Jacob L                 p129
Carnicle, Kenneth M               p129
Carnicle, Larry L                 p105
Carnicle, Pearl M                 p129
Carr, Addison                     p  3
Carr, Darrel                      p  3
Carr, David N                     p  3
Carr, Elmer E                     p100
Carr, Evelyne                     p  3
Carr, Luella E                    p  3
Carr, Lulu M                      p  3
Carr, Mattie E                    p 91
Carr, Nancy J                     p  3
Carr, Wallace A                   p 91
Carter, Allie M                   p 76
Carter, Edward C                  p 76
Carter, Harriett M                p 76
Carter, Oliver F                  p 76
Carter, Zella                     p 76
Case, Emma H                      p 39
Case, Ivy N                       p 39
Chamberlain, Emma B               p 86
Chamberlain, James H              p 86
Chamberlin, Earl W                p 54
Chamberlin, Earnest               p 24
Chamberlin, Elizabeth D           p 54
Chamberlin, Dr Ferdando C         p 54
Chamberlin, Florence              p 24
Chamberlin, Julia                 p 24
Chamberlin, Leona A               p 54
Chapin, Myrtle Bryan              p 45
Chapman, Anna K                   p110
Chapman, Claude C                 p110
Charling, Carl T                  p107
Charling, Myrtle                  p107
Christian, Dora L                 p 37
Christensen, Iva M                p128
Churchill, Ann L                  p 96
Churchill, Harry E                p 97
Churchill, Louis C                p 97
Churchill, Marie C                p 96
Churchill, Nellie G               p 96
Churchill, Sarah E                p 97
Clark, Alta F                     p 14
Clark, B G                        p 26
Clark, Dr Bennett H               p 96
Clark, Deborah B                  p 96
Clark, Delbert F                  p 81
Clark, Delbert F                  p 89
Clark, Etta S                     p 88
Clark, Dr Eugene E                p 96
Clark, Hazel M                    p 64
Clark, Hester K                   p 89
Clark, James L                    p  9
Clark, John W                     p  9
Clark, Josephine                  p  9
Clark, Katherine                  p 89
Clark, Mabel S                    p 89
Clark, Mary A J                   p 64
Clark, May                        p 64
Clark, Nancy E                    p  9
Clark, Otto                       p 14
Clark, Richard                    p 89
Clark, Richard C                  p  9
Clark, Sarah M                    p  9
Clark, Susie Shepard              p 81
Clark, Vern O                     p 88
Clark, W E                        p 64
Clark, William F                  p 64
Clark, William W                  p  9
Clark, Willie L                   p  9
Clark, Willis                     p  9
Clarke, Arthur R                  p 44
Clarke, Bertha J                  p 43
Clarke, Capt J K                  p 44
Clarke, Mary L                    p 43
Clarke, Minnie L                  p 44
Clarke, Thomas C                  p 43
Clemmons, Richard                 p 99
Cline, A B                        p116
Cline, Darel O                    p116
Cline, Sadie I                    p116
Closson, Juliette W               p 57
Closson, Mary M                   p 57
Closson, Myrtle                   p 57
Clouse, A L                       p 73
Clouse, Calvin                    p 35
Clouse, Edgar                     p 59
Clouse, Elizabeth                 p 35
Clouse, Helen V                   p 73
Clouse, J F                       p 35
Clouse, J F                       p 35
Clouse, Jane                      p 59
Clouse, Jason C                   p 62
Clouse, Logan                     p 35
Clouse, Marie                     p 59
Clouse, Minnie B                  p 62
Clouse, Mother  ?                 p 35
Clouse, Walter                    p 59
Clouse, William T                 p 68
Cochran, Audrey Huffman           p 29
Coffin, Carol M                   p 93
Coffin, Charlie                   p 57
Coffin, Minnie                    p 57
Coffin, Sherry                    p 93
Coffin, Robert V                  p 93
Colbert, Carrie                   p 13
Colbert, John F                   p 69
Colbert, Juliet Iliff             p 69
Cole, Anna                        p 46
Cole, Braud                       p 46
Cole, Carrie M                    p 46
Cole, Channing E                  p 46
Cole, Harlan C                    p 46
Cole, Harriet B                   p 46
Cole, Lester O                    p 46
Cole, Linetta L                   p 46
Cole, Sylvia E                    p 46
Cone, Ella M                      p 24
Cone, Henry H                     p 24
Cone, William A                   p 24
Conley, Clara E                   p 77
Converse, Lynn E                  p115
Converse, Salome A                p115
Cook, Abel D                      p 47
Cook, Celia                       p125
Cook, Charles                     p 99
Cook, Jay G                       p 90
Cook, Laura M                     p 81
Cook, Mary                        p 81
Cook, Nellie                      p 81
Cook, Nelson G                    p 81
Cook, Richard                     p125
Cook, Thomas G                    p 81
Cook, Wm F                        p 99
Cooley, Charles A                 p 56
Cooley, Frances R                 p 56
Coon, Harley K                    p 66
Cooper, Jack McElwain             p 21
Cope, Homer L                     p122
Cope, Mary                        p 30
Cope, Russell J                   p 59
Core, Elijah L                    p 20
Core, Gladys B                    p 43
Core, Ira C                       p 44
Core, Mary E                      p 20
Corey, Father                     p 47
Corey, Mother                     p 47
Cornelius, Ralph                  p 24
Corwin, Alpharetta E              p 54
Cowan, Allen L                    p 39
Cox, Sophie M                     p126
Cox, Wilby D                      p126
Coy, George B                     p  8
Coyer, Carrie                     p 80
Coyier, Sylvia A                  p 65
Coyier, Thom E                    p 79
Craig, Baby                       p 83
Craig, Charles R                  p 83
Craig, Daisy Ballou               p113
Craig, David Crookshank           p 82
Craig, Elmer O                    p 83
Craig, Mary M                     p 83
Craig, Mary Sample                p 82
Craig, Minnie A                   p 83
Craig, Thomas T                   p 83
Crane, Amanda                     p 74
Crane, Asa                        p 84
Crane, Bess F                     p 84
Crane, Calvin                     p 25
Crane, Ella                       p 84
Crane, Florence                   p 74
Crane, Howard H                   p 84
Crane, Lexane                     p 25
Crawford, Christian S             p106
Cremer, Joann                     p 10
Cremer, Joseph                    p 10
Creese, LeRoy G Jr                p104
Creese, LeRoy G Sr                p104
Creese, Nellie                    p104
Crouch, Daniel Allen              p129
Crouse, Alice H                   p  3
Crouse, Ela                       p  3
Crouse, Mary E                    p  3
Cullen, Margaret J                p 85
Cullen, Minnie E                  p 85
Cullen, Peter J                   p 85
Curfman, Daniel                   p 51
Curfman, Surlinda                 p 51
Curtis, Gerald J                  p124
Curtis, Henry W                   p 80


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