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Helen Irene Peterson

THE PAGES of Nebraska territorial history were still almost blank when epoch-making events transpired near the mouth of the Platte river, and what is now Sarpy County wrote its name in the first chapters of the annals of the enduring commonwealth.

The first permanent white settlement in the primeval wilderness out of which Nebraska was later carved was in Sarpy County; the first building erected by white men, the first missions and church, the first court, newspaper, postoffice, the first seat of territorial government-- all are leaves in the rich history of the smallest county in Nebraska.

Sarpy County named for Colonel Peter A. Sarpy, noted fur trader, measured to all its midstream boundaries, has an area of approximately 265 square miles. The exact size is indefinite and varying because of the shifting changes of its boundary rivers, particularly the Missouri. As a result of the Missouri's moods, the status of some lands along the county's eastern limits is a matter of controversy with the state of Iowa.

Located in the middle section of the extreme eastern tier of counties, Sarpy is cradled in a bend of the Platte river which forms the western and southern boundaries and flows into the Missouri river in the southeastern corner of the county. On the east is "The Big Muddy," and on the north lies Douglas County of which Sarpy was originally a part. Sarpy achieved its separate legislature and in succeeding years has voted down all attempts of reannexation.

Bellevue is the core of Sarpy County's historic interest, and its name is woven into the pattern of local and state history. Invested with a wealth of historical sentiment which perhaps exceeds any other spot in Nebraska, Bellevue today stands high above the Missouri and still commands the magnificent panorama of river, hills and trees which, more than a century and a quarter ago, inspired the Spanish adventurer, Manuel De Lisa, to exclaim, "Belle vue!". Thus Bellevue (beautiful view) was named.

According to tradition, Bellevue began as a trading post, and Indian agency about 1823. Located on the Missouri, about nine miles above the mouth of the Platte, it was accessible to traders and travelers alike. By 1827 it was the chief post of the Missouri country, the principal shipping trading point. Until 1855 it was the most important town in the territory.

The first building erected by white men in Nebraska was the trading post of the American Fur Company, built in Bellevue in the early 1820's and for many years presided over by Peter A. Sarpy. In this building in 1854 the first Masonic lodge in Nebraska was founded; a commemorative monument in Bellevue mentions Peter A. Sarpy as the first Mason.

This trading post became the center of life, white and Indian. Many noted travelers stopped at the post, and some have left records of their impressions. George Catlin, portrait painter in 1832 saw beauty as well as a rich future in the green, rolling hills; in 1833 German Prince Maximillian wrote, "The land is extremely fertile, even when negligently cultivated, it yields 100 bushels of maize per acre, but is said to produce much more when proper care is bestowed upon it." Lt. John C. Fremont stopped at the trading post in 1842 when returning from his expedition to the Rocky Mountains and remarked on Mr. Sarpy's helpfulness and his "hospitable mansion." Rudolph Kurz, Swiss artist, wrote in his diary on June 4, 1851: " I am living in a trading house; I sleep on a buffalo robe; I am again in the midst of Indians who are continually trading with Mr. Sarpy. He lets them have gunpowder, lead and tobacco on credit that they may be prepared for hunting during the summer."

Nearly all the cottonwood logs which formed this old trading post, the first house built by white settlers in Nebraska, are now in the possession of the Nebraska State Historical Society which hopes some day to reconstruct the house according to the original plans. In 1848 the more pretentious Presbyterian mission house was completed, and much interesting history transpired within in.

The name of Fontanelle recurs in the history of Bellevue. Lucien Fontanelle, a direct descendant of a powerful family of the French nobility, married a woman of the Omaha tribe. Two of their sons, Logan and Henry, held many positions of prominence among their people. Logan, educated in St. Louis, was made chief of the Omahas, and influenced them to become civilized and educated, and to follow the peaceful pursuit of agriculture. He was chief spokesman for the Indians when they arranged to cede their lands to the government in 1854. Logan Fontanelle was killed by the hostile Sioux in August, 1855, when he was only about thirty years old. His body was interred on the plateau near Bellevue and what is commonly accepted


to be the site of his grave is now marked by a bulky monument with a granite slate inscription surrounded by cemented smaller pieces of limestone taken from the foundation of the old trading post blacksmith shop.

The deep hollow in the vicinity of his grave is known as Mormon Hollow, where the destitute and suffering Mormons with their leader, Brigham Young, camped in the fall of 1847 and were befriended by Peter A. Sarpy.

Early in 1854 the Bellevue Town Company was formally organized as "The Old Town Company." Peter A. Sarpy and Stephen Decatur were among the "proprietors." That year an enthusiastic Fourth of July celebration saluted the newly created Nebraska Territory, and in November the first Thanksgiving was observed by official proclamation. Claim clubs attempted to regulate land settlement, mostly by assumed authority.

In October, Francis Burt of South Carolina, appointed by President Franklin Pierce as the first governor of Nebraska Territory , arrived in Bellevue. On Oct. 16, 1854, he took the oath of office and two days later died. His untimely death was a mortal blow to Bellevue's hopes of being created the territorial capital. The seat of government was moved to Omaha, then a new settlement approximately eight miles to the north. A series of developments followed which gradually robbed Bellevue of much of its prestige.

Bellevue became an incorporated "city" in 1856, and it was the county seat of Sarpy County until 1876 when, after a bitterly contested battle, it lost the distinction to Papillion, located twelve miles northwest. A third and vigorous contender for the honor was the centrally located, now non-existent town of Sarpy Center, which had been surveyed and platted in 1874.

Papillion, a French word meaning butterfly, was begun in 1870, five years after the Union Pacific railroad was laid through the townsite. It retains the county seat. The first courthouse which was erected in 1875, was replaced in 1922.

A spring and field describes the original site and explains the name of Springfield, a town that came into being in 1881 in the southern district. A disastrous fire in 1903 destroyed nearly half the business section, but the townspeople rebuilt with structures better than before. The county fair, to which Springfield is a host in the fall, draws a splendid array of agricultural exhibits.

The village of Gretna was incorporated in 1881. Gretna's advent on a newly laid line of the Burlington railroad was the cue for the exit of the nearby trading post of Forest City which had been organized thirty years earlier. In its day Forest City was a thriving and important place but was doomed by the railroad which passed it by. Only Forest City cemetery marks the site today.

Gretna, favored by strategic location on a railroad main line and a federal highway, has an outstanding industry in its flour mill. Built in 1898, owned and operated since 1902 by C.S. Weeth, succeeded by his sons since his death, the Gretna Roller Mill is both an industry and a market. Ninety percent of the wheat used for milling is purchased locally. Farmers living as far as fifty miles away bring wheat to the mill to exchange for flour. Much flour is shipped to Omaha. Gretna was named after Scotland's famous Gretna Green.

Bellevue, Papillion, Springfield and Gretna remain the principal towns of the county. Bellevue, population 1, 017, is the largest; Papillion is second with 718. These figures from the 1930 census have since changed considerably. Papillion is the financial as well as the official nucleus of the county. The pioneer banking house of A.W. Clarke, founded in 1880, is now under the presidency of a grandson of the founder.

The towns of Papillion and Springfield have been good neighbors since early days. The diary of the late L.A. Bates, Springfield pioneer, contains these entries:

"Thursday, Feb. 8, 1883. Springfield turned out en masse for a sleigh ride to Papillion. Big dinner; Springfield band wagon drawn by eight-mule team.

"Monday, Feb. 12, 1883. Papillion sleigh party to Springfield consisted of 284 people in 60 sleighs; all kinds from a four horse Council Bluffs bandwagon to a stuffed cow on runners.

Fort Crook military reservation, adjoining the town of Fort Crook in the southeastern part of the county, consists of approximately 545 acres of land. Named in honor of General George Crook, famous early Indian fighter of the regular army, it was established as a military reservation by act of Congress on July 23, 1888. During the World War it was an important training center. Its present command, the Seventeenth U.S. infantry, has been at Fort Crook since 1922. The present garrison totals about 900 men.

The only state institution within the Sarpy area is the fish hatchery located in a scenic spot on the Platte river, almost due south of Gretna. Here the state owns fifty-two acres of land, much of it beautifully wooded bluffs and hills where sparkling spring water adds a charm and wild flowers still grow in abundance. Here is one of the most picturesque and popular picnic grounds in the eastern section of the state. During the year 1935, the guest register was signed by 20,000 visitors representing every state in the union and two foreign countries. The hatchery was established in 1881 following a legislative enactment in 1879.

Sarpy County's church history is distinguished in that the first church in the state and the first missionary were both established there. In 1856, construction of the Presbyterian Church of Bellevue was begun, and this edifice, mellowed by age and memories, is still in regular use. The Bible given


to the church at its completion in 1858 is still being used.

In 1834, Rev. Moses Merrill, a Baptist preacher, established a mission school for the Otoe near Bellevue-- the trail-attempt to educate and refine Nebraska Indians. The ruins of this old mission still stand. The names of Rev. Mr. Merrill and that of Rev. William Hamilton of the Presbyterian mission and church are never to be forgotten for their contributions in the direction of peace and progress as well as for their spiritual ministry.

The people of the county now worship in fourteen churches of the Presbyterian, Lutheran, Methodist and Catholic faiths. Pastors from these churches in some instances serve other organized communities. St. Columbans, of the Society of St. Columban, opened in 1922 near Bellevue, is the principal seminary of the order in the United States for the education of Catholic priests for the mission fields of China. The 200- acre park-like grounds of St. Columbans, which is the county's tenth postoffice, command a sweeping view of the Missouri river and valley.

Educational beginnings in this smallest county were among the first educational activities in Nebraska.

What is undoubtedly the first teacher's contract of record in the state was entered into on April 1, 1835, when Moses Merrill agreed to "perform the duties of schoolmaster for the youth of both sexes of the Otoe and Missouri tribes of Indians diligently and faithfully." His contemporaries, Samuel Allis and Rev. John Dunbar, were forced to abandon the school which they had established farther up the Platte because of the hostility of the Sioux. One of the first acts after Sarpy County was organized in 1857 under the territorial government was the formation of a public school system. From the humble origin of the Indian mission schools has evolved the efficient school system of today.

Sarpy County's school system now includes four twelve-grade accredited high schools located in Bellevue, Papillion, Springfield and Gretna. The county's schools have an enrollment of 1, 520 pupils and employ 95 teachers. The First Lutheran Parochial school and the Sacred Heart Academy, conducted by the Benedictine Sisters, are both located in Papillion.

Bellevue College, a Presbyterian seminary made possible largely through the beneficence of Henry T. Clark, opened with classes in the fall of 1882. However, the college closed in 1918.

Four railroads serve Sarpy County's small domain: the Burlington main line which passes through Gretna; the Union Pacific, the Rock Island and the Missouri Pacific. The county ahs know telephone communication since 1882 when the line was built from Omaha to Lincoln.

Sarpy County of today is intensively agricultural. All but scraps of the virgin prairie have yielded to the plow and only the few scenic bluffs and timbered hills along its rivers remain reminiscent of the unsubjugated wilderness. Save for these limited rough areas undulating loess hills cover the district. The bluffs are confined to the region of Bellevue and the fisheries, and the more rugged hills adjacent to them melt into the characteristic gently rolling topography. For the most part, wide rich bottom lands adjoin the rivers. The county is unusual in that rivers surround it on three sides. In addition, the Elkhorn river enters for the northwest, and after following a crooked course generally parallel to that of the Platte for four miles, empties into the larger stream. Thus augmented by confluence with the Elkhorn the Platte is a sizeable stream. Nearby, particularly in the vicinity of Meadow, are gravel pits which are important sources of surfacing material for the county roads.

According to the United States census of agriculture in 1935, the average value of land per acre in Sarpy County is the second highest in the state by counties; in 1930 it ranked sixth. Its rise to second place during years of national economic stress is in itself significant. Complete crop failures in this county are unknown. The most trying years in its history, from its history, from an agricultural standpoint, were 1934 and 1936. Corn is the major crop, with wheat, oats and barley next in importance.

In commercial cattle feeding as well as farmer-feeding, this region ranks in the top brackets of the state. Most of the corn raised is fed to cattle or sold to feeders, the demand being such that farmers often receive a price above Omaha grain exchange quotations. Thousands of cattle are fattened each year in local feedlots. Hog raising is also important. Jan. 1 of each year from 1930 to 1938 inclusive found nearly 30,000 hogs on Sarpy County farms. Milk cows and sheep follow in importance.

Proximity to the Omaha stock yards is an advantage to the county's livestock industry. A few statistics are eloquent of the record of growth. In 1859 an assessment showed that the county had 268 horses and mules, 987 meat cattle, 518 swine and 58 sheep. In 1939 there were 13,240 horses and mules, 562 tractors, 13, 240 cattle, 15,380 hogs and 17,780 sheep.

Approximately 45 percent of the rural homes have electricity, either by high line service from Omaha or from private plants. About 70 percent have water piped into the house. Improvements on farms in 1938 were valued at $1,726,635.

Literature in Nebraska had its beginnings in Bellevue in 1854 with the publication of the first newspaper, the Palladium. Later papers continued the story of the evolution of the trading post through eras of agricultural development and human progress. The oldest of the three enduring papers in the county is the Papillion Times, published weekly since 1874. The Springfield Monitor


was established in 1882 and the Gretna Breeze in 1898.

The Palladium, eighty-five years ago spoke prophetically:

Thus quietly and unceremoniously was the birth-time of printing in Bellevue, Nebraska celebrated. Thus was the Nebraska Palladium inaugurated into public service. This event, although to some it may seem unimportant now, will form an epoch in history which will be remembered ages after those present on this interesting occasion are no more. The Palladium was issued from Bellevue, a beautiful spot, amid the far off wilds of Nebraska; issued in the very wake of heathen darkness, and we might almost say, in its midst. We have taken joint possession with the aboriginal occupants of the soil. Our office is visited by the dark children of the forest and prairie, whose curiosity prompts them to witness the operation of the -- to them-- incomprehensible art by which thought is symbolized and repeated in ever-enduring forms on the printed page. As the Indian disappears before the light of civilization, so may the darkness and error of the human mind flee before the light of the press of Nebraska.

ALLAN, MARTIN LUTHER: Painter; b. Sarpy Co, Neb Aug 19, 1870; s of James Allan-Sarah Howell; ed Sarpy Co; Rathburn Bus Coll; m. Alice Snide Oct 1, 1913 Omaha; after father's death in 1876 was reared by S M Pike, Papillion until 21 years old; 1908-1913 owner & opr confectionery store in Papillion; 1914-19 mail carrier, Fort Crook; 1919- painter, Papillion; during Sp-Amer war in Co C 3rd Nebr inf, served in Cuba under Maj Clendenning; past mbr village bd; AF&AM, master; OES, USWV, Lee Forby Cmp 1, Omaha; First Presby Ch; Dem; res. Papillion.

ARBUTHNOT, SAMUEL WINFIELD: Mail carrier; b. Sarpy Co, Neb Sept 11, 1877; s of Thomas C Arbuthnot-Eliza Arbuthnot; ed Sarpy Co; Weeping Water Acad; m Mamie Dooley June 16, 1904 Omaha; s Harvey John, James Carey; d Susie Eliza, Mary Mildred, Ellen Ruth; 1900-01 helper, Neb State fisheries; 1902-09 farmed, Sarpy Co; 1910-1916 in livery barn Papillion; 1916-17 mechanic Ford Garage; 1920-rural mail carrier, Papillion;1918, sheriff, Sarpy Co; Neb St Letter Carriers Assn; MWA; KP; during Sp-Amer war priv in Co C 2nd Neb Inf; res Papillion.

ARMSTRONG, ROBERT B:Physician; b. New Providence Ill, Apr 10, 1865; s of John J Armstrong-Lurinda Knowles; ed Essex Ia; Madison Co Ia; Western Normal, Shenandoah Ia; Omaha Med Coll, MD 1894; Johns Hopkins U, Baltimore Md; m. Helen Chase Nov 27,9012; 1884-87 tchr Page Co Ia; 1887-89 in real est bus, Council Bluffs Ia; 1889-91 prin N 8 Street Sch, Council Bluffs Ia; 1894-97 prac med, Mineola Ia; 1897- prca med, Papillion, oldest phys in both age and prac, Sarpy Co; AF&AM, oldest past master; OED; MWA; Comml Club; KP; Douglas Co Med Soc; mbr town bd 20 years, past chmn; Presby Ch; Dem; hobby, music; res Papillion.

BARMETTLER, RICHARD O: Vice President Biscuit Co; b Des Moines Ia, Aug 3, 1901; s of O H Barmettler-Alice Donnelly; ed St. Cecelia's Sch, Omaha; St. Thomas Mil Acad, St Paul, Minn; Creighton Prep HS, Omaha; Georgetown U; Delta Phi Upsillon; m Jane Semmes Harvey Dec 29, 1925, Memphis, Tenn; s Richard O Jr; d Pollye Jane, Josephine; 1921-24 with Iten Biscuit Co, at Memphis Tenn, 1924-25 tsfrd to Okla City, 1925-30 in chg of icing dept at Omaha, 1930-34 trsfrd to Clinton, Ia as factory mgr. then to Omaha as baking supt; 1934-35 tsfrd to Des Moines as factory mgr, Natl Biscuit Co; 1935 resigned to help org present Iten-Barmettler Co, 1935 pur equipment, 1936-VP, in chg of sales; Ad-Sell Club; C of C; Ar-Sar-Ben; KC; Sacred Heart Cath Ch; hobby taking motion pictures; res Papillion .

BEHRENDT, CHARLES: Retired; b Lyck, Germany Feb 24, 1846; s of Gotfried Behrendt-Anna Crispen; ed Lyck Germany; m Sophie Hertweg Aug 10, 1875 Omaha; d Elizabeth (Mrs Claus Krembeck); 1887-82 oprd Sarpy House Hotel, Papillion; 1882-92 owner, org. opr Charles Behrendt Lbr Co; 1892-96 owner & opr butcher shop; 1896-1900 Sarpy Co treas; 1900-05 Sarpy Co clk; 1905-18 org & oprd Charles Behrendt Cement Co; 1916-36 in real est & loan bus; 1936- ret; 1906-34 notary public; 1925 celebrated 50th wedding anniversary; mbr sch bd 23 years; mbr village bd 6 years; during Franco-Prussian War, 1867-71 in cavalry, Black Hussars; Luth Ch; Dem; hobby, cards; res Papillion.

BELL, FREDERICK B:Druggist; b Washington Co, Neb Oct 3, 1874; s of William Bell-Lydia Read; ed Washington Co; m Cecelia Faye Prall Feb 9, 1910 Omaha; s James W, Paul V; d Marguerite Marie (Mrs Paul Kuhl), Claire E; farmed, Washington & Sarpy Cos until 1904. 1904-06 in drug bus, Elkhorn; 1906- in drug bus Papillion; Cath Ch; Indep; res Papillion.

BROWN, KARL C: Banker; b Papillion, Neb Nov 25,1895; s of Campbell D Brown-Christine Schaab; ed Papillion HS; U of N, BA; Sigma Chi; m Margaret Donelan July 17, 1923 Plattsmouth; d Marion; 1921- VP Assoc Banking House of A W Clarke, Papillion; during World War, capt of inf; AF& AM; Scot Rite; Shrine; Comml Club; Amer Leg; Rep; res Papillion.

CALEY, MRS C R : Homemaker; b Cook, Neb July 9, 1894; d of Charles H Clark-Nellie Alder; ed Sterling HS 1912; m C R Caley Sept 10, 1913 Sterling; s Lorin Clark; d Gayle D (Mrs D A Anderstrom), Patricia Joan; tchr rural sch near Sterling; 1913-18 homemaker at Adams, 1919-in Springfield; instrumental in obtaining pub lib; chmn lib assn; past VP, past pres Womans Club, also first Sarpy Co pres; past dist chmn comm service, 3 years state chmn comm service, past dist treas, state VP NFWC; past leader 4-H Club; OES, past worthy matron; Meth Ch; hobby, hairdressing; res Springfield.

CLAIRE, WILLIAM J: Mortician; b Neola, Ia Jan 6, 1890; s of William H Claire-Henrietta Porter; ed Ia; Williams Inst of Mortuary Science, Kansas City Kas; m Maude F Swanson Sept 28, 1918 Omaha; 1908-22 with H R Bowen Furn Co, Omaha; 1922-23 owner furn bus; 1924-28 traveling representative for Orchard & Wilhelm Co; 1928-32 part owner Moore-Claire Mortuary; 1932-owner & oper Claire Funeral Home, Papillion; an org & secy Papillion Civic Club, predecessor of Comml Club of which he is now secy; AF&AM, past master; Amer Leg,-past comm; Omaha Athletic Club; Neb & Natl Funeral Dirs Assns; ch mbr & past pres Kiwanis, Benson; during World War, in U S army Oct to Dec 1918; St Paul's Meth Ch; hobby, civic improvement; res Papillion.

CLARK, CLIFFORD E: High school Superintendent; b. Swanton, Neb Oct 9, 1899; s of Henry E Clark-Jessie G Rice; ed Swanton HS; PSTC, BA 1928, mbr basketball team 1921, U of N, MA 1930; Phi Delta Kappa; m Susan E Wicks Apr 15, 1922 Ord; s Robert E; d Marcelle C; 1921-22 prin Burwell grade sch; 1923-24 supt Salem schs; 1924-32 supt Waco schs; 1932- supt Gretna schs; athletic coach during 15 years of teaching; aided in procuring Gretna sch auditorium 1936; AF&AM; Amer Leg, past adjt at Waco, past comm at Gretna; NSTA; NEA during World War, 1918 priv in Co F, section B, SAT U of N, hobby, outdoor sports; res Gretna.

COHEN, ABE:Merchant; b Latvia. Apr 12 1898; s of Samuel Cohen-Dora Fritzhall; ed Hammill Coll, Council Bluffs, Ia; m Frieda Kahn Apr 16, 1922 Council Bluffs; s James Morris; 1916- ptr in Cohen Bros Mdse Store, Gretna; 1916- active in comm work, local farm orgns; mbr farm com to retain co agrl agt; 1931 started present garment factory at Nebraska City, Master White Goods Inc; 1934 recd patent on auto device, wheel lifter, skid control; 1938 served on US grand jury, Omaha, Sept term; 1936 wrote letter to Lincoln Star offering slogan "we have a good president, better keep him"; this was made the subject of an editorial in Oct 29 issue; Boosters Club; mbr vol. fire dept; Amer Leg, ch mbr Leonard Conley post 216; 1918-1919 in 10th div US army during World War; hobby, inventions; res Gretna.

COLLINS, HARVEY A:County Judge; b Abingdon, Ia June 9, 1876; s of Henry R Collins-Louise D Black; ed Imperial HS; Fremont Normal, BSc; U of N; studied law at Creighton U, night sch; m Daisy E Crocker 1902 Fremont; s Gerald E, Wayne H; d Miriam P (Mrs Clayton Cockerill; 1907-22 Sarpy Co supt of schs; 1912 adm to Neb bar, prac since; 1922 Sarpy Co atty; 1934 appted Sarpy Co judge to fill unexpired term of Judge J M Wheat, has been co judge since; with son Gerald has oprd law off in Omaha since 1926; past village atty of Papillion many years; village atty, Gretna; pres 2nd Judicial Dist Bar Assn; Neb St Bar Assn; past pres Comml Club; St Pauls Meth Ch; Rep;hobbies, poetry, bowling; off Courthouse; res Papillion.


CORDES, HUGO T:Grocer; b Sarpy Co, Neb Nov 11 1876; s of Henry Cordes-Catrina Petersen; ed Sarpy Co; m Ida Becker Feb 25, 1902 Douglas Co; s Arthur, Walter Paul; d Esther, Ella (Mrs Dale DeVore), Marie (Mrs Phil Marker), Lillian (Mrs Edward Adams), (Irene (Mrs C F McLaughlin), Gertrude (Mrs Fred Schultz), Lorraine, Mildred; lived on farm in Sarpy Co until 1898; 1898-99 emp in Minn; 1899-1906 farmed in Sarpy Co; 1906-15 engaged in various bus enterprises in Papillion; 1915-27 farmer & dairyman; 1925-28 pur old Courthouse bldg & as ptr of brother oprd auto bus; 1928-30 in real est & ins bus; 1930-retail groc; pres Comml club; Luth Ch; Rep; hobbies, outdoor sports, camping, fishing; res Papillion.

DETER, MRS BESSIE:County Clerk; b Chalco Neb Oct 26, 1899; d of Martin Carlson-Mary Hansen; ed Sarpy Co; Boyles Bus coll, Omaha; m Frank Deter Feb 21, 1925 Omaha; s Donald E; D Arlene M; 1916 with Bradstreet Co (now Dun & Bradstreet) Omaha; 1917-21 with M E Smith &; Co, Omaha; 1922-23 with Mutual Benefit Health & Accident Ins Co, Omaha; 1923-24 with Neb Bridge Supply & Lbr Co, Omaha; 1931-38 Sarpy Co Dep clk; 1938- Sarpy Co Clk; Amer Leg aux; Luth Ch; off Courthouse; res Papillion.

DICKERSON, HOMER LEONARD: Clergyman; b Earling, Ia Aug 14, 1903; s of L L Dickerson-Sarah Ann Nowell; ed Fremont HS 1925; Neb Wes, BA 1930; d Ruth Ann; worked for Fremont Tribune 4 years before finishing HS; Sept 1925-26 pastor at Lyman; 1934-35 pastor at Nickerson; 1935- pastor at Gretna & Spring Grove Meth Churches; served as pastor at Lyman, Rockford & Jamaica in Neb, also at Millburn, Anderson, Fort Colden & Changewater N J; masters thesis study of 100 delinquent boys in the Annandale Reformatory in N J many womans clubs used thesis as study course; article, Juvenile Criminals and the church, appeared in Missionary Review of the World, June 1935 adviser to Plattsmouth sub-dist League of Youth; instr 3 years in Omaha dist summer inst; hobbies, fishing, reading, biography; off Meth Parsonage; res Gretna.

DOOLEY, THOMAS: Abstracter, Real Estate & Insurance Agent; b Salem, N Y Oct 11, 1880; s of Thomas Dooley-Ellen M Whaley; ed Fremont HS; Fremont Normal; m Geneva L Critchfield Sept 20, 1910 Papillion; s James Thomas; d Marian A; came to Sarpy Co Apr 6, 1896 & engaged in farming until 1904; 1904-05 creamery opr, Waterloo Creamery Co, Papillion; 1905-10 in engineering dept UP RR, surveying lines in Colo, Utah & Wyo; 1910-12 in engineering dept UP RR, hdqtrs Omaha; 1912-26 Sarpy Co dep clk; 1916-17 served unexpired term as Sarpy Co clk; 1917-18 farmed, Sarpy abstracter, & in real est & ins bus, Papillion; 1915- register of vital statistics, Papillion; 1927-29 village treas; 1936- village clk; ambassador Knights of Ak-Sar-Ben; Comml Club; Cath Ch; past chmn Sarpy Co Dem Central Com, mbr Neb St Central Com; hobby, livestock; res Papillion.

DUDLEY, GEORGE WILFORD:County Superintendent of Schools; b Barry, Ill Nov 5, 1876; s of John G Dudley-Margaret Ann Parker; ed Hastings HS; U of N, BA: m Verna Wiggins Feb 14, 1903 DeWitt; d Margaret (Mrs Arthur Croft), Eleanor Lou; 1902-06 supt of schs, De Witt; 1906-08 supt of schs, Red Cloud; 1908-10 with Abraham Lincoln HS Council Bluffs, Ia; 1910-12 supt Palmyra schs; 1912-13 with US forest service, Sheridan Wyo; 1913-15 Deadwood S D HS; 1915-23 HS prin, Bingham; 1923-30 supt Gretna schs; 1931- supt Sarpy Co schs; AF&AM: past pres Comml Club; NSTA: hobby, bowling; res. Papillion.

FRICKE, FRANCIS H: Retired; b Sarpy Co, Neb Dec 29, 1864; s of William Fricke-Caroline Uhe; ed Sarpy Co; m Mary Schobert June 15, 1898 Papillion; s John W; reared in Sarpy Co., farmed with father until 1897; 1897-1924 farmed indep. raised Shorthorn cattle & fed hogs; 1924-ret; past mbr dist & Papillion sch bds; Meth Ch; Rep; father came to Neb 1857; res Papillion.

FRICKE, WILLIAM: Retired; b Sarpy Co, Neb Jan 17, 1868; so of William Fricke-Caroline Uhe; ed Sarpy Co; reared in Sarpy Co, farmed with father until 1897; 1897-1931 farmed indep, raised shorthorn cattle, raised & fed hogs; 1931-ret; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, farming; father came to Neb 1857; res Papillion.

GLEDHILL, THOMAS E: Farmer; b Orleans Co, N Y July 5, 1856; s of John Henry Gledhill-Annie Isaac; ed Sarpy Co; m Anna Gates Dec 25,1877 Papillion; s John (dec), Amos (dec); d Inez (Mrs L H Hood): 1878- indep farmer in Sarpy Co; moved to present place in 1900 & engaged in cattle bus; owns several farms in Sarpy Co; 1897-1910 trustee Bellevue Coll; dir sch bd dist 4, 15 years; dir Livestock Natl Bank of Omaha 30 years; Episc Ch; hobby, livestock; Richard Daniels, stepfather, came to Sarpy Co in 1867, farmed and raised cattle until death in 1904; res Papillion.

GRAMLICH, ADAM H: Retired; b Sarpy Co, Neb Feb 25, 183; s of Alois Gramlich-Matilda Watkins; ed Sarpy Co; m Matilda Lutz Dec 20, 1899 Sarpy Co; d Blanch Irene (Mrs R B Campbell); Hazel Marguerite (Mrs Donald R Boyd); reared on farm in Sarpy Co; 1896-99 with brother farmed in Sarpy Co; 1899- 1917 farmed indep; 1917 moved to Papillion & ret from farming in 1921; 1925-26 lived in Los Angeles Cal; 1919-23 Sarpy Co commr; served several terms on sch bds in rural dist & Papillion; AF&AM; Dem; hobby, woodwork; res Papillion.

GRAMLICH, SAM: Retired Farmer; b Papillion, Neb Jan 18, 1856; s of Alois Gramlich-Matilda Watkins; ed Sarpy Co; m Edith Trumbull Sept 14, 1880, Bellevue; s Alois, Frederick William; d Matilda, Alice Maud, Cordelia, Barbara Elizabeth, Edith, Mary, Mattie Christina; one of the first children born at Papillion; began farming in 1867, ret in 1938; has lived on same place 82 years; past mbr sch bd dist 6; past pct assessor; Grange; mbr Meth Ch since 1875; Dem; res Papillion.

HAEBERLEIN, H.W: Clerk of District Court; b New York City, May 8, 1908; s of Carl Herman Haeberlien-Marie May; ed Papillion HS 1927; Amer Bus Coll, Omaha; m. Irene A Helwig Sept 9, 1935 Nebraska City; d Jan May; 1929-34 Bkkpr, Denker Auto Co, Papillion; 934-clk of dist court; Business Men's Club, Bellevue; Comml Club; VP, Neb Assn of Clks of Dist Court; Sarpy Co Fair Assn; St Luke's Luth Ch; YD club; hobby, sports; off Courthouse; res Papillion.

HARBERG, ROY H: Highway Contractor & Lumber Dealer; b Omaha, Neb Mar 8, 1887; s of John Henry Harberg-Margaret D Mohrman; ed Central HS Omaha 1904; m Irene Bergers June 19, 1913 Fremont; s John LeRoy; d Doris Irene; 1906-14 in lbr brokerage bus in Omaha; 1914 ent retail lbr bus in Springfield; 1923 ent contracting bus on fed & municipal highway work; pres Harberg Lbr Co, Springfield; secy-treas Metz Construction Co, Springfield; dir Wright & Wilhelmy Co, Omaha; chmn Sarpy Co ARC drives during World War; mbr sch bd 1920-22; Assoc Gen Contrs of Amer; Neb Lbr Mchts Assn; Knights of Ak-Sar-Ben; AF&AM; Scot Rite, Tangier Shrine, Omaha; Natl Geographic Soc; St. Marks Luth Ch, Omaha; Rep; hobby, fishing; off & res Springfield.

HARE, DONALD E: Superintendent of Schools; b Lincoln, Neb Feb 16, 1903; s of W E Hare-Edith Mae Bennet; ed Lincoln HS; U of N, BSc, MA; Phi Kappa Tau; Phi Delta Kappa; m Ruth A Trabert Feb 11, 1926 Yankton S D; s Donald E Jr, Richard Ronald; d Phyllis Ruth; 1925-26 prin Butte HS; 1926-27 supt Lorenzo consolidated schs; 1927-30 supt of Cortland schs; 1930-35 supt Brock consolidated schs; 1935-36 supt Brainard schs; 1936- supt of Papillion consolidated schs; NSTA; NEA; Comml Club; Meth Ch; hobbies, reading , travel; res Papillion.

HOHEISEL, HENRY: Clergyman; b Klein Schmellenchof, Oppeln Silesia June 30,1860; s of Henry Hohelsel-Catherine Blassius; ed parochial sch, Leavenworth, Kas; Benedictine Coll, Atchison, Kas; St Francis Seminary, Milwaukee, Wis; 1885 ordained at Milwaukee; 1885-86 pastor St Mary's Ch, Werst Point;1886-88 pastor St. Patrick's Ch, Chadron; 1888-91 pastor St Augustin Ch, Schuyler; 1891-97 pastor Sacred Heart Ch, Oleyn; 1897-pastor Columbkille's Ch, Papillion; pastor of one church longer than any other priest in Neb; Cat Ch; Indep; hobby, gardening; off & res Papillion.


HORN, A A:Mayor; b Gretna, Neb Nov 1, 1885; s of D L Horn-Alice E Eliza; ed Gretna HS 1902; m Mabel R Gates Sept 1, 1909 Gilmore; s Donald; d Ruth; 1902-07 well driller with father; 1907- indep well driller; mbr city counc 15 years; mayor of Papillion; comml Club; Neb Well Drillers Assn, chmn 1938-39; hobby hunting; res Papillion.

HORNBY, PETER H:County Agricultural Extension Agent; b Walton, Neb Mar 9, 1901; s of Peter Hornby-Mary Schultz; ed Walton HS; U of N BSc; Alpha Chi Sigma; Palladian; m. Edith Olds June 5, 1926 Lincoln; s. James S, Edward W, Roger T; 1923-24 athletic coach & science tchr, Bloomfield HS; 1925-26 prin & athletic coach; Deer Lodge Mont; 1926-27 chemist, Anaconda copper Mining Co, Anaconda & Butte Mont; 1927 tchr of mathematics, science & athletics at Hooper; 1927-31 farmed in Lancaster Co & emp in dept of rural economics, U of N; 1932-33 in dept of rural economics, U of N; 1933 Sarpy Co agrl agt, also mgr own farm in Lancaster Co; AF&AM, Bethany; Kiwanis, Anaconda Mont; Comml Club; Order of Yellow Dogs, Lincoln; Amer Chemical Soc; Prot; hobbies, hunting, athletics, livestock; off Courthouse; res Papillion.

HUGHES, MRS BERTHA CLARK: Homemaker & Clubwoman; b Bethany Ill July 3, 1880; d of Zedock Hudson Clark-Emma Josephine Scheer; ed South Omaha HS 1899; Northwestern U, Sch of Speech 1901; m John Rutherford Hughes June 5, 1907 Omaha; d Mary Jane (Mrs Richard Dale Joy); 1901-07 HS tchr of literature and public speaking, professional reader and teacher of public speaking and parliamentary law; 1907- homemaker; Natl Parliamentarians, VP from Neb; Omaha Womans Club; Bellevue Womans Club; bd mbr & state parliamentarian NFWC, state radio chmn 6 years; PTA, pres Central HS Assn; state pres PEO 1913-14, treas natl educational loan fund 1917-19, supreme pres 1921-23, chmn Neb St history com; First Central Congl Ch; Rep, mbr natl speakers bur, twice presidential elector; hobbies, book reviews, poetry, attending conventions; res Rutherford Ridge, Bellevue Blvd, RFD 5, South Omaha.

HUGHES, JOHN RUTHERFORD: Livestock Dealer; b Woodbury Co, Ia May 5 1878; s of Thomas Ackerly Hughes-Mary Wauters; ed Sioux City Ia HS 1898; U of Mich, Law Sch; m Bertha Estella Clark June 5, 1907 Omaha; d Mary Jane (Mrs Richard Dale Joy); with Benton, Van Sant & Hughes, livestock dlrs, Omaha; mbr Neb St legislature 1923; Omaha Livestock Traders Exchange, pres; Omaha Livestock Exchange; AF&AM; Scot Rite; Tangier shrine; IOOF; BPOE; First Central Congl Ch; Rep; father veteran of the War of 1848 & Civil War, capt Co A, 9th regiment Missouri batt, cavalry attached to 9th regiment, Missouri inf; off 819 Exchange Bldg; res Rutherford Ridge, Bellevue Blvd RFD 5, South Omaha.

JARMAN, ZACHARY TAYLOR: Implement Dealer; b Springfield, Neb Aug 1, 1885; s of Zachary Taylor Jarman-Mary Blakewell; ed Sarpy Co; m Kathryn Maude Snide Dec 28,1916, Wahoo; reared on farm near Springfield & worked with father until 1905; emp on farms near Springfield until 1914; 1914-16 farmed indep; 1916-17 emp by impl dlr in Ashland; 1917-20 farmed; 1920 sold stock, equipment & crops & moved to Springfield but worked farm 1 year; 1921-25 emp by L L Coryell Oil Co as local representative; 1925- representative for Continental Oil Co, also opr gen impl store; WOW, secy-treas; mbr town bd; Sarpy Co Bowling Club; Meth Ch; res Springfield.

KING, GEORGE F: Retired; b Buchannan, Neb Feb 2, 1859; s of Jacob King-Christine Christensen; ed rural sch; m Lida E Hall Mar 16, 1892, Douglas Co; s Claire F, Forest H, Max S; d Gladys L (Mrs Ernest Sass), Hazel E (Mrs Roy Calhoon); 1874-76 messenger boy for Western Union Teleg Co, Lincoln; 1876-78 opr Western Union Teleg Co, Sedalia, Mo; 1879-84 with Western Union Teleg Co at Omaha short time, then with Atlantic & Pacific Teleg Co when pur by Western Union Teleg Co; 1881-82 in chg of govt teleg lines from Fort McKinney halfway to Fort Fetterman, Wyo; 1882-89 with Rocky Mtn Teleg Co; 1890-92 City Engineer, 1890-92 city engineer, South Omaha; 1892-1917 with South Omaha stockyards; 1917 with Carlile Commission Co, Kansas City, MO; 1918-36 with Cudahy Packing Co, Omaha; 1936- ret; AF&AM, past master; res Papillion.

KRAMBECK, FRED: Retired; b Sarpy Co, Neb May 28, 1880; s of Wulf H. Krambeck-Wilhelmine Prinz; ed Sarpy Co; Gretna; m. Sophie M. Suhl Sept 24, 1902 Sarpy Co; s Howard C, Herbert F N (dec 1906); d Mathilda M H, Mildred M L (Mrs Henry a Biel); 1897-99 worked on farm, Sarpy Co; 1899-1934 farmed, Sarpy Co; 1934- ret; 1911-14 treas sch dist, 1918-1933 dir; 1922- treas W Sarpy Drainage Dist; 1934-37 Forest City pct chmn Corn-Hog Program; 1937 mbr Sarpy Co Agrl Conservation Com; 1931 chmn depositors com when Bank of Gretna closed; 1937 mbr village coun; Luth Ch, treas also past coun mbr & past secy; 1927 chmn & treas bldg com for construction of new parsonage; Rep; hobbies, reading hunting; res Gretna.

LEADERS, CHARLES J:Farmer; b Sarpy Co. Neb Oct 29, 1887; s of August Leaders-Sarah Lutz; ed Bell Sch, Sarpy Co; U of N Coll of Agr; m Elsie Mundt Mar 25, 1914 Springfield; reared Earl Mortensen; 1908-32 farmed near Papillion; 1932- cattle buyer & stock feeder; 1930 won blue ribbon for grand champion load of sheep. Ak-sar-Ben Livestock show; moderator sch bd 6 years; United Luth Ch, secy 4 years; Rep; hobby, travel; res Papillion.

LUTZ, HAROLD J:Hardware Dealer; b Sarpy Co, Neb Nov 7, 1899; s of John J Lutz-Susie Thompson; ed Bell sch, Sarpy Co; m Clara Ehlers Mar 10, 1920 Papillion; d Delores; 1910-20 farmed with father, Sarpy Co; 1920-37 farmed indep in Sarpy Co; 1937- ptr in Lutz Hdw & Impl Co, Papilion; VP comml club; hobby, hunting; res Papillion.

MARGARET, OSWALD H: Physician; b Quincy, Ill July 17, 1877; s of Ernest C Margaret-Johanna Balcke; ed Pekin Ill HS; St Louis Coll of Phys & Surgs 1899; Omaha Med Coll, MD 1900; m Malinda H Leist Sept 26, 1925 Lincoln; s Ernest C, John L; d Amelia (Mrs John H Kuitert); 1900-03 prac med, Omaha; 1903- prac med Papillion ; 1906- local phys for UP RR; past phys Sarpy Co bd of insanity; past ofcr Sarpy Co ARC; BAS committeeman; Amer Leg, first comm Harry Rossard post; Comml Club; AF&AM, past master, secy; OES; during World War, capt in med corps of U S army Aug 1918- Jan 1919; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, sports; res Papillion.

MANGOLD, ARTHUR U:Pharmacist; b Douglas Co, Neb July 4, 1886; s of Peter Mangold-Mary Glandt; ed Douglas Co; Fremont Coll of Pharmacy, PhG; m Florence Gordon Mar 6, 1912 Lincoln; s Kenneth G, Edwin A, Rolland H; d Helen G, Beulah L, Phyllis E, Marie F; 1906-08 pharm Brush Drug Store, Ashland; 1908-10 pharm in Shubert, Bellwood & Pender; 1910-11 with Pilcher Drug Store, Walthill; 1911-12 owner & opr L.A. Bates Drug Store, Springfield; 1912- owner & opr Mangold Drug Store, Gretna; 1930-39 mbr sch bd; 1934-35 mbr village bd; AF&AM; Neb Pharm Assn; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, reading; res Gretna.

MEGEL, FRED W: Coal, Lumber & Implement Dealer; b Papillion, Neb June 23, 1894; s of Wendel Megel-Mary Long; ed Papillion HS; m Lyla A Rozmarin Nov 7, 1922 Omaha; s Robert Fred; d Mary Loraine, Jeannine Ann, Patricia Lu, Alice Joan; 1913-14, 1919-20 emp by father; 1915-17 farmed & helped father; 1920-22 RR mail clk; 1922 took chg of father's bus; 1928- owner & opr coal, lbr, impl bus, Papillion; past mbr town bd; during World War in U S Army 1918-19; Amer Leg, past adjt; Comml Club; mbr exec com Neb Lbr Mchts Assn; Cath Ch; Dem; hobbies, fishing, baseball; res Papillion.

MOELLERING, H C: Clergyman; b Bazile Mills, Neb Apr 3, 1898; s of Rev Theodore Moellering-Anna Schust; ed Hampton; Luth Normal Sch, Seward 1902; Concordia Coll, Fort Wayne, Ind 1908; Fremont Normal; Concordia Seminary, St Louis, Mo; m Anna Albrecht June 2, 1915 Oxford; s Theodore E, Howard Armin, Ralph L; 1911 ordained at Arapahoe; 1921-28 pastor St Peters Luth Ch, Snyder; 1928- pastor First Luth Ch, Papillion; 1927- secy mission bd of N Neb dist, Mo synod; Omaha Pastoral Conf; hobby, music; res Papillion.

MOORE, GERALD R: Manager Lumber Co; b Osceola, Neb May 28, 1890; s of Henry Harvey Moore-Ollie Jane Miller; ed Woodburn Ia; Ia St Coll, Ames; U of Mich, Ann Arbor; m Elsie A Lutman June 9, 1917 Minneapolis Minn; 1905-08, 1913-14 with F R Dalbey Lbr bus at Woodburn Ia; 1908-10 with I J Dalbey lbr bus, Mt Ayr Ia; 1911-12 with I J Dalbey Lbr Co, Macksburg Ia; 1915-16 with F R Dalbey Lbr Co,


Arispe Ia; 1917 with Imperial Lbr & Elevator Co, Rugby & Granville N D; 1920 at Ia Agrl Experiment Station, Ames Ia; 1922-23 asst mgr Ashland Lbr Co, Ashland; 1923 mgr Gretna Lbr Co; won award from Farm Mechanics Magazine for most practical & complete floor design for small house; during World War, 1917-19 priv in Co C 10th engineers, disabled; Amer Leg; Prot; Indep; hobbies, fishing, drafting, design; res Gretna.

MUNDELL, HARRY G: County Sheriff; b Picaway Co, O Nov 30, 1875; s of James Mundell-Mary Renick; ed Garnett Kas; m Henrietta Nicholson Dec 24, 1903 (dec 1922) s Walter E, Teddy W; d Inez (Mrs H E Lacy), Ethel (Mrs Lloyd Kober); m Ida Hinkle June 2, 1935 Fremont; 1894-95 with Western Newspaper Union, Wichita Kas; 1895-1903, 1913-28 farmed in Sarpy Co; 1903-10 mgr elevator for Evans Grain Co, Meadow; 1910-13 farmed in Burt Co; 1928-30 with Natl Stone Co, Sarpy co & Ash Grove Lime & Portland Cement Co, Louisville; 1930- Sarpy Co sheriff; MWA, Springfield; Comml Club; past mbr town bd; past mbr & past director sch bd; hobby, bowling; res Papillion.

NICKERSON, ELMER S:Attorney; b Greenville, Penn Sept 11,1866; s of Joseph Arnold Nickerson-Margaret L McClimans; ed Fredonia Inst; Edinboro St Normal Sch, BE, ME 1888; Allegheny Coll, Meadville Penn, BA 1892, MA 1895; U of Omaha, PhD 1900; m Lulu P Patterson 1896 Papillion; s Ralph J, Edward C, James F; 1888-89 tchr, Penn; 1892-93 ; Latin instr, Ind St Normal Sch; 1896-97 supt Gretna schs; 1898-99 supt Fullerton city schs; 1900- prac law, Sarpy Co; 1913-22 Sarpy Co atty; counsel for Banking House of A W Clarke; local atty CRI& P RR 23 years; local atty for MoP RR; past village atty Papillion & Gretna; past pres 2nd Judicial Dist Bar Assn; Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; SAR; Neb St Hist Soc; AF&AM; Meth Ch; Rep; res Papillion.

NICKERSON, MAE A BAXTER: Homemaker; b Pipestone, Minn Dec 18, 1892; d of Clayton H Baxter-Lunette Otis; ed Marshalltown Ia; Nurses Training St Luke's Meth Hosp, Cedar Rapids Ia; Western Reserve V, Cleveland O; m Ralph J Nickerson Oct 14 1923 Papillion; d Martha M, Joan B; 1914-16 priv nurse, Cedar Rapids Ia; 1919-21 first Linn Co nurse, under supervision of ARC, Cedar Rapids Ia; 1921-23 supvr rural pub health nursing service for ARC in Neb; 1923 supvr Sarpy Co nursing service Papillion; active since in orgn, conducts special activities in Sarpy Co ARC; pres PTA 2 years, dist VP; leader past 3 years in Girl Scout work; org, first pres Papillion Comm Coun, 1938; past mbr Amer Leg aux; during World War, O/S with ARC mil hosp 1, Neuilly, France; Woman's club, 2nd VP; Omaha YWCA; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, travel, internatl relations; res Papillion.

NICKERSON, RALPH J: Attorney; b Gretna, Neb May 14, 1897; s of E S Nickerson-Lulu Patterson; ed Papillion HS; Allegheny Coll, Meadville Penn, BA 1920; Creighton U, LLB 1923; Bellevue Coll; Phi Delta Theta; m Mae A Baxter Oct 14, 1923 Papillion; d Martha M, Joan B; 1915-16 tchr, Sarpy Co; 1922 adm to Neb bar; 1924- ptr of father in law firm Nickerson & Nickerson; village atty Papillion Bellevue several years; 3 years village atty, Springfield; 1931-38 Sarpy Co atty; firm attys for Western Sarpy Drainage Dist, Banking House of A W Clarke; local attys for CRI & P RR & MoP RR; atty for UP RR; 1928-30 BSA leader troop 60; past chmn 1 year home service, Sarpy Co ARC; AF&AM, past master; Amer Leg, past adjt, service ofcr; past pres 2nd Judicial Dist Bar Assn; Neb St Bar Assn; comml Club, past pres; during World War, enl in USN, sea duty on USS Mars, trained at Newport R.I, navy sch at Philadelphia & Mare Island Cal; disch May 1919; St Pauls Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, travel, analyzing insurance; res Papillion.

O'FLYNN, JOHN JOSEPH:Clergyman; b Nenagh, Co Tipperary, Ireland Mar 5, 1891; s of Timothy O'Flynn-Catherine McKenna; ed Ballywilliam sch, co Tipperary, Ireland; Nenagh HS; Kilallooe, Co Clare Coll; All Hallows Coll, Dublin; U of Ireland, BA; tied for 1st place in honors, won $1000 in scholarships; later ranked highest in theology class; 1917 ordained priest, Dublin; 1917 came to Amer, apptd asst in Sacred Heart Parish, Omaha; 1918-21 asst pastor, St Peters, Omaha; 1921-22 first pastor, Lyons; 1923-37 pastor, Lynch, refinanced & reopened Sacred Heart Hsp, procured sisters & doctors from Germany, hosp has 45 beds & $100,000 worth of property; 1937- pastor at Gretna, built comm hall, 1938; KC; hobbies, golf, fishing, hunting, football; res Gretna.

PATRICK, WILLIAM R: Attorney; b Arlington Heights, Ill Mar 17, 1869; s of George Patrick-Jane M Whitmore; ed Ill m. Wilhelmine Harder Nov 30, 1908 Omaha; s Donald W; d Jean K; past city atty; Sarpy Co atty 7 years; state sen 1907; trustee Neb Sch for the Deaf, Omaha & Neb Sch for the Blind, Nebraska City; trustee Bellevue Coll; tchr adult Bible class 10 years; was supporter of William Jennings Bryan; AF&AM; res Bellevue Blvd, Sarpy Co.

PATTERSON, MRS MARGARET: b Gretna, Neb Oct 3, 1898; d of Patrick J Langdon-Elizabeth Hughes; ed Gretna HS 1917; St Clara Coll Sinsinawa Wis; KSTC; m Benjamin H Patterson June 17, 1920 Gretna; s Charles J, Benjamin H; d Rosemary Elizabeth; 1928-35 music tchr, Gretna; 1935- P.M. Gretna; dir Sarpy Co ARC; past mbr Woman's Club; Neb League of Dist PMs; Natl Assn of PMs; St Patrick's Cath Ch, organist & choir dir since 1928; Dem; hobby, music; off PO; res Gretna.

PETERS, JOHN ARTHUR: Physician & Surgeon b Bellevue, Neb Jan 11,1873; s of William H Peters-Ellen M Bates; ed Doane Coll; Neb Wes; Omaha Med Coll; 1902 prac med, Louisville; 1902- prac med, Springfield; ptr of Dr A G Hamilton in oprn of hosp until 1915; Sarpy Co coroner 2 years; Sarpy Co health ofcr 2 terms; mbr town bd 2 terms; KP; during World War, ent U S army Aug 1917, med corps 80th div, It, disch as capt June 1919; res Springfield.

PETERSEN, VICTOR M: County Surveyor; b Sarpy Co, Neb Aug 1906 ; s of M P Peterson-Annie Olsen; ed South Omaha HS; U of N BSc 1929; Delta Sigma Phi; 1929-31 special training with Curtis Lighting Inc, Chicago; also did sales engineering work in Minn & Ia; 1931-33 worked for father in construction & repair work S of Omaha; 1933-35 with U S coast & geodetic survey Washington D C; 1935-36 owner & opr Gamble Store, Hampton Ia; 1936-37 did repair & construction work on father's farm; 1937-38 in chg of electric installation, construction & repair work in transforming tungsten mill into mill for recovering gold, Boulder Colo; 1938-39 made improvements on own property, Sarpy Co; 1939- Sarpy Co surveyor; Dem; hobby, sports; res Papillion.

PETERSON, CHRISTIAN A: Farmer; b Hjorring, Denmark Mar 9, 1867; s of Anders Peterson-Mariana Peterson; ed Omaha Comml Coll; m Jessie Grell July 1, 1896 Chalco; s William G; D Mabel (Mrs V C Smith), Bernice (Mrs W N Barkley), Helen Irene, Yvonne; 1872 came to USA, then to Sarpy Co; farmed near Gretna, used bookkeeping knowledge to keep record of all transactions; sch bd mbr since 1888; donated pub park to Gretna in 1919; owner & opr 399 acres of land known as Sunnyside Farm near Gretna; AF&AM, Scot Rite; Farm Bur; MWA; Dem; hobby, travel; res Gretna.

PETERSON, HELEN IRENE:Writer; b Gretna, Neb July 2, 1900; d of Christian A Peterson-Jessie Grell; ed Gretna HS; U of N, BA 1926; Phi Beta Kappa; undergraduate asst in U of N English dept; mbr editorial staff Daily Nebraskan 4 years; correspondent for Omaha World-Herald; has sold articles to Scribners, Country Gentleman, Ladies Home Journal & Farmers Wife; had play published by W N Bugbee, Syracuse N Y; author of A Fever Patient Speaks, Scribners 1937; wrote prize travel article for midwest section of Country Gentleman May 1937; book reviewer; author Sarpy Co history in this volume; OES; NFWC publicity chmn for 2nd dist; First Bapt Ch, Lincoln; Dem; hobby, keeping a diary; res Gretna.

PFLUG, JOSEPH W:Retired; b Douglas Co, Neb Nov 20,1862; s of Jacob Pflug-Margaret Byres; ed Sarpy Co; m Caroline Fase June 23, 1887 Sarpy Co; s Walter Henry, Leslie William; d Mattie (Mrs Fred Reimers); 1878-1920 farmed, Sarpy Co; 1920-21 resident Santa Cruz Cal; 1921- ret; 1937 celebrated 50th wedding anniversary; past mbr sch bd; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, hunting; res Papillion.

PRINZ, CHARLES AUGUST:Farmer; b Sarpy Co, Neb June 22, 1883; s of August Frederick Prinz-Henrietta Stahl; ed Millard HS; U of N; m Louise Glasshoff Aug 16, 1905 Millard (dec); s Elmer August; d Florence M (Mrs Emery Megel); m Martha Busekist June 15, 1938 Omaha; 1900-05 farmed with father ; Sarpy Co; 1905 farmed Sarpy Co ; breeder Guernsey Cattle; pres Sarpy Co Farm Bur; pet chmn Agrl Conservation com; Kountze Memorial Luth Ch, Omaha; res Papillion.


REIMERS, HENRY GEORGE: Merchant; b Douglas Co, Neb June 16, 1882; s of Jurgen Reimers- ---------; ed Sarpy Co; m Ella Stender Oct 6, 1909 Omaha; d Eleanor Ruth; 1900-09 farmed, Sarpy Co; 1909-32 ptr in Stender & Reimers Hdw Co, Gretna; 1932- owner & opr Reimers Groc, Gretna; 1927- mbr sch bd; 1913-25 mb town coun, past treas; Boosters Club; TPA; mbr vol fire dept; hobby, travel; res Gretna.

ROBINSON, JAMES M:Postoffice Clerk; b New York City, N Y Sept 22, 1856; s of William Robinson-Elizabeth McCoy; ed Bellevue; m Mary Boyer Aug 20, 1912 Fremont; s James Klingeman; 1857 came to Neb; 1871-72 emp by King's Stave Mill, Milwaukee Wis; 1872-76 farmed , Sarpy Co; 1887-95 homesteaded & farmed, Box Butte Co; 1895-1903 worked in Papillion; 1903-12 with Wilcox Hotel; 1912-17 oprd boarding house; 1917- clerk in P O; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, gardening; res Papillion.

ROSS, ERNEST: Auto dealer; b Papillion, Neb Dec 1, 1910; s of Fred J Ross-Mary Schmid; ed Papillion HS; m Eleanor Crandall Sept 8, 1934 Omaha; 1929-31 mechanic for Kopecky Chevrolet Co, Papillion; 1932- owner Ross Motor Co; Comml Club; AF&AM; hobbies, hunting, fishing, travel; res Papillion.

RUTHERFORD, LOYD: High School Superintendent; b Concord, Neb Dec 22, 1903; s of E A Olson-Selma Olson; ed Concord HS; Luther Coll, Wahoo; Augustana coll, Rock Island, Ill; U of N, BSc & MA; Phi Delta Kappa; m Veola Magnusson Aug 24, 1926 Wahoo; s Warren Loyd; 1923-26 tchr, North Platte; 1926-30 supt Wallace schs; 1930-supt Springfield schs; AF&AM, Wallace; NSTA; Swedish Luth Ch, Wahoo; Rep; res Springfield.

SANDER, HERMAN A: Retired; b Philadelphia, Pa Feb 27, 1867; s of William Sander-Mary Fecht; ed Papillion; Wyman's Comml Coll, Omaha; m Pauline Zimmermann Oct 17, 1894 Omaha; d Marie K (Mrs Fred W Rice), Gretchen E; emp in US Natl Bank of Omaha 8 years; 1897-39 owner & opr gen mdse store, Papillion; past mbr village bd; past mbr sch bd 13 years; org first Comml Club, Papillion; treas Cedarvale Cemetery Assn; AF&AM; St Paul's Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, reading; res Papillion.

SCHNACK, ADOLPH: Farmer; b Gretna, Neb Jan 24, 1894; s of Marcus Schnack-Doris Prehn; ed Gretna HS; m Mayme Brey Feb 18 1920 Gretna; s Marcus; d Lois; 1920- indep farmer; during World War joined 6th div med corps 38th ambulance Co Oct 5 1917, disch June 26, 1919, O/S 12 mos; Amer Leg, comm 1934-35; moderator sch bd dist 32 since 1912; Luth Ch; Rep; hobby, travel; res Gretna.

SCHRAM, JACOB L: County Commissioner; b Sarpy Co, Neb Aug 15, 1895; s of Robert Schram-Elizabeth Tex; ed Papillion; m Frieda Stark June 30, 1920 Papillion; d Mary Catherine; 1919-farmed indep in Sarpy Co; 1938-Sarpy Co commr; 1937-mbr consolidated sch bd; Cath Ch; Dem; hobby, fishing; res Gretna.

SNIDER, EDWIN G: Retired Farmer; b Iowa City, Ia July 6, 1872; s of Abram S Snider-Margaret Ann Snider; ed Sarpy Co; m Clara M Gottsch Feb 13, 1900 Omaha; s Abram H; d Mildred, Ethel, Lillian, Clara; 1893-1937 farmed on old homestead 2 1/2 m N of Springfield, ret in 1937; 1928-37 moderator sch bd dist 24; AF&AM; OES; Congl Ch; Rep; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Springfield.

SORENSEN, CALVIN W: County Treasurer; b Orient S D Aug 11, 1907; s of William Sorenson-Charlotte Webb; ed Papillion HS 1927; Amer Bus Coll, Omaha; m Josephine Wagner Aug 31, 1935 Wilber; d Linda Lou; 1928-29 emp by various people; 1932-34 emp on several farms near Papillion; 1934-Sarpy Co treas; Comml Club; Neb Assn of Co Treas; Dem; Hobby, reading; off Courthouse; res Papillion.

SPEARMAN, JAMES P: Real Estate Dealer; b Henry Co, Ia Apr 6, 1868; s of Andrew Jackson Spearman-Martha Lake; ed Papillion; Tabor Coll, Tabor Ia; m Margaret Ralston Oct 109, 1893 Palmyra; s Bert Ralston, James Olin; d Agnes (Mrs Robert J Wilson), Faith (Mrs Daniel Seibold), Mary Pearl (Mrs Elmer Rogers), Thelma (Mrs R C Munkers), Helen (Mrs Emmet Vestedt); 1884 P M, Papillion; 1889-90 oprd confectionery; 1890-91 owner & opr livery barn; 1891-1902- owner & opr gen mdse store; 1898-1916- 1922-30 auctioneer & in real est bus; 1916-22 Sarpy Co treas; 1930-38 Sarpy Co clk; 1938- auctioneer & in real est bus; stockraiser & feeder many years; mayor & mbr village bd several terms; Comml Club; AF&AM; 32 Scot Rite; Tangier Shrine; Presby Ch; Dem; hobby, livestock; res Papillion.

STENDER, WILLIAM: County Assessor; b Sarpy Co, Neb Nov 28, 1880; s of John F Stender-Sophie Loptin; ed Sarpy Co; m Marie Siert June 17 198 Millard; s Woodrow W (dec); d Mildred; 1905-34 farmed indep in Sarpy Co; 1934- sarpy Co assessor; 1931-34 pct assessor; 1914-34 treas & dir sch dist 41; Luth Ch; Dem; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res Gretna.

STEPP, JOHN W: Railway Agent; b St Paul, Neb Aug 25, 1890; s of Antone Stepp-Katherine Peters; ed St Paul; Boyles Bus coll, Omaha; m Frances Klein June 5, 1922 Papillion; d Phyllis Marie, Betty Jean; 1905-06 with DeVry Ice Co, St Paul; 190-17 with UP RR, clk , opr & agt in St Paul, Schuyler, Brady Callahway, Belgrade; 1919-agt for UP RR, Papillion; 197-19 in U S N, radio electrician & observer, trained at aviation sch in Minneapolis, completed course at Harvard U, Cambridge Mass, served in Palmboeuf France as radio opr on dirigible aircraft, patrolling & convoying in Bay of Biscay, disch 1919; KC, Grand Island; ch mbr Coml Club; Amer Leg; ORT; UP Old Timers Club No 3; Neb Safety Coun; hobby, fishing; res Papillion.

STRAWN, JOSEPH E: Attorney & Abstractor; b Loogootee, Ind June 5, 1887; s of Enoch A Strawn-Alice Wildman; ed Grand Island Bus & Normal Coll 1910-11; m Ruth M West May 4, 1918 Papillion; s Robert Gael, Joseph Gerald; 1912-15 bkkpr & asst cash Chapman State Bank; 1915-18 bkkpr in Banking House of A W Clarke, Papillion; 1918-19 in U S army during World War, inf unassigned at Fort Omaha, Fort Crook & Papillion; 1919-23 in indep abstracting bus, Papillion; 1923-31 Sarpy Co clk; 1931 adm to Neb bar, took control of abstracting bus & estab prac ; 1935-37 city atty of Bellevue & Papillion; Comml Club; adjt & comm Amer Leg; Cath Ch; Rep; hobby, farming res Papillion.

STRAWN, MRS RUTH M: Abstracter; b Papillion, Neb Sept 2, 1893; d of Charles S West-Mary E D'Arcy; ed Papillion; m Joeph E Strawn May 4, 1918 Papillion; s Robert Gael, Joseph Gerald; 1913-18 asst P M, also emp in offs of Sarpy Co judge & clk of dist court, Papillion; 1922- 30 oprd own abstract bus; 1930-mbr firm Strawn & Strawn , abstracters; Amer Leg aux, 2nd VP; Womans Club; secy-treas Altar Soc , Cath Ch; Rep; res Papillion.

TANGEMAN, CORT FREDERICK: Automobile Dealer; b Clayton Co, Ia Jan 9, 1892; s of H J Tangeman-Anna Diers; ed Louisville; Boyles Bus Coll, Omaha 1910; m Mayme Williams Mar 1923 Omaha; s Robert Cort, Stewart Edward, Thomas Lee; 1910-13 asst cash, Farmers & Mchts Bank, Gretna; 1913-16 with father in Tangeman Gen Mdse Store; 1916-17 owner & opr Tangeman Garage; 1919-22 owner Oldsmobile Agcy, Council Bluffs Ia; 1922-Ford dir, Gretna; 1930-mbr town coun; 1929- sch bd treas; 1917-19 during World War in Fort Omaha balloon sch of U S army; Boosters Club; Amer Leg; AF&AM, 32; Tangier Shrine; hobby, hunting; off & res Gretna .

TATE, GUY E.County Attorney; b Norman, Okla Apr 21, 1897; s of Charles L Tate-Anna Constable; ed Lodgepole & Plattsmouth; U of N 1916-18; Creighton U 1921-22; Omaha Law Sch, LLB; Phi Delta Chi; m Elizabeth Schmitz June 13, 1930 Omaha; s Robert Crompton; d Beverly Jean; 1915-16 sch tchr in Cheyenne Co; 1918-19 during World War in U S army signal corps stationed at Camp Mead Md, training at Lincoln; 1920 pharm for Sherman-McConnell Drug Co, Omaha; 1921 with Fenton Drug Co & J K McDowell Drug Co, Lincoln; 1921-22 special salesman for Borden Groc Co, Omaha; 1923-26 with Phoenix Life Ins Co & Ins Sch, Hartford Conn & Omaha; 1926-27 state agt for Natl Life Ins Co; 1927-31 with Mass Mutaul Life Ins Co of Omaha; 1931-32 wrote ins & att night law sch; 1933 adm to Neb bar; 1933- prac law & mgr ins bus; 1936- elec Sarpy Co atty, disqualified on residential grounds; 1939- Sarpy Co atty; Amer Legion ,Bellevue; Bellevue Mens Club; Dem: Prot; res Papillion.

THOMAS ERNEST HENRY: Clergyman; b Gelsenkirchen, Germany Jan 12, 1901; s of Fred Thomas-Theresa Fuss; ed Naperville Ill; Northwestern Coll 1918-19; Martin Luther Sseminary, Lincoln 1919-27; m Olga Hansen June 14, 1927 Gretna; s Donald Lee; d Fay Ann; 1914-18 emp in coal mine as mule driver, brakeman & motorman, also worked during summer vacations while attending school; ordained June 1, 1927, called to Resurrection Evang Luth Ch of


Gretna as supply pastor 1925-27, pastor since 1927; has remained in Greta though recd calls from other parishes; 1934- also pastor Friedens Luth Ch in Papillion; hobbies, fishing , golf, cabinetmaking; res Gretna.

TOWER, MRS NELLIE S R: Abstracter; b Sarpy Co, Neb June 26, 1877; d of Homer Smith-Elizabeth Robinson; ed Papillion; m Charles B Tower Sept 23, 1902 Papillion; s William Robinson; left an orphan, reared by grandparents; when 16 years of age assisted grandfather in abstract bus; after marriage assisted MR Tower who took chg of the office until his death in 1925; Mrs Tower has since managed the bus which is oldest abstract off in state; USWV aux, Widows Club at Omaha; Presby Ch; off & res Papillion.

TRENT, WILLIAM N: County Commissioner; b LaPlatte, Neb Dec 13, 1878; s of John Trent-Rosa Bell Deranzy Lee; ed Bellevue; m Engellta Rothery Feb 18, 1915 Lincoln; s John Arthur; 1898-1900 farmed with father in Sarpy Co; 1900-31 owner groc store, Bellevue; 1916-24 P M, Bellevue; 1932- Sarpy Co commr; 4 years pct assessor; mgr Bellevue baseball team 25 years; mbr Omaha baseball team 15 years; Sarpy Co Hist Soc; hobbies, hunting, baseball; father came from Va, settled in Sarpy Co 1878, farmed 30 years; off Courthouse; res Bellevue.

TRUMBLE, FRED D: Retired; b Sarpy Co, Neb Jan 3 1858; s of A Whitman Trumble-Cordelia Kingman;ed Sarpy Co; m Maggie Gates Feb 4, 1880 Sarpy Co; s Charley (dec 1932); D Edith (Mrs H J Lanktree), Irene; reared on farm & in spring 1880 farmed indep after marriage; 1880-86 farmed S of Chalco; 1886 pur farm SW of Papillion; 1886-1919 farmer & stock feeder; 1919- ret; mbr sch bd 2 terms; First Presby Ch; hobbies, stock & chickens; res Papillion.

TRUMBLE, HARLAND WHITMAN: Farmer; b Papillion, Neb Jan 6, 1904; s of Charlie Trumble-Vera Critchfield; ed Papillion; U of N, BSc; m Velma Jennings Feb 18, 1928 Lincoln; s Charlie; d Margaret Ellen; 1928-38 farmed with father in Sarpy Co; 1938-indep farmer, raiser of hybrid corn; 1929- trea sch dist 35; chmn Sarpy Co Agrl Conservation Com; AF&AM 39; Meth Ch; hobby raising hybrid seed corn; res Papillion.

UHE, HERMAN: Owner Manufacturing Co; b Sarpy Co, Neb Sept 9, 1880; s of William Uhe-Agnes Haug; ed Sarpy Co; m Elsie L Wiebel Aug 7, 1923 Council Bluffs Ia; s Clyde De Paul, Glenn Howard; 1899-1900 farmed rented farm in Sarpy Co; 1904-16 oprd own farm in Sarpy Co; 1916- owner Uhe Mfg Co of Papillion; also in retail impl, auto & hdw bus; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, inventions; res Papillion.

WARD, JOHN M: Farmer & Stockfeeder; b Springfiled, Neb Oct 29, 1894; s of John M Ward-Eliza Evans; ed South Omaha HS; m Mildred Holman June 14, 1922 Gordon; s John Morris, Robert Holman; 1915-17 emp by brother-in-law George Condon cont, Gordon; 1917 enl is U S army O/S 15 mos; 1919 disch from army & retd to Gordon; 1919-20 farmed with Arthur Brenau, Gordon; 1921 pur farm near Gordon & farmed until 1924; 1924-27 farmed near Springfield; 1927- opr Condon & Ward farm S of Papillion; feeds cattle & hogs on large scale; mbr sch bd 9 years, missed only one meeting during that time; Amer Leg, comm; AF&AM, past master at Papillion & Springfield; OES; Farm Bur: St Paul's Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, fishing, livestock; res Papillion.

WEETH, MISS ALICE: Educator; b Gretna, Neb; d of John Weeth-Theresa Kapius; ed Grenta; PSTC; Neb Wes; has taught in Valparaiso, Chalco, Gretna; active in politics 15 years as vice-chmn, secy & committeeman of Dem party in Sarpy Co; leader in all civic & comm affairs; correspondent for Gretna Breeze & South Omaha Sun; Neb Writer's Guild; OES; NSTA, dist 2; hobby, contest; off & res Gretna.

WEETH, EDWARD P: Miller & Grain Dealer; b Gretna, Neb Aug 5, 1893; s of C Stephen Weeth-Carrie Prince; ed Gretna HS 1912; Armour Inst of Technology, BSc 1917; mbr Acacia; m Verda D Westenbarger June 30, 1926 Ashland; 1919 on return from U S army, emp by father in mill, Gretna, 1924 after death of father, with brother assumed ownership of mill; during World War, ent U S army Sept 17, 1917 served O/S with 35th engineers, disch June 1919; mbr village bd 16 years; Boosters Club; AF&AM, Chicago; Scot Rite, Omaha; Omaha Grain Exchange; Neb Grain Dirs Assn; Millers Natl Fedn; Rep; hobbies, reading, baseball; res Gretna.

WEETH, MRS MABEL MARY: Homemaker; b Clay Center Kas Feb 8, 1895; d of Frank B Spence-Sarah Ann Shoaf; ed Atlantic Ia HS 1913; Drake U; m Arthur L Weeth Mar 26, 1927 Omaha; sch tchr in Ia 6 years; pres 2nd dist NFWC since Apr 1938, mbr state bd; trustee Neb Soc for Crippled Children; pst pres Sarpy Co Womans Club; 1st pres Gretna Womans Club; Omaha Womans Club; dir ARC; treas Amer Leg aux; mbr lib bd; mbr B&PW Omaha 2 years; Rep del to Sarpy Co convs 1934-36; attends Luth Ch in Gretna; hobbies, flowers, travel; father pioneer miller; res Gretna.

ZIEGENBEIN, MRS DOROTHY HOWARD: Editor; b Alden Minn Mar 13, 1908; d of Glenn Howard-Minnette Hulbert; ed Ashland HS; U of N; Kappa Delta; Theta Sigma Phi; m James R Ziegenbein July 12, 1930 Hot Springs S D ; d Martha Minnetts; assoc editor Ashland Gazette 8 years; past scey Ashland Womans Club; Gretna Womans Club; Amer Leg aux; Birthday Bridge Club; Mari-Octo Club; First Congl Ch at Ashland, past clk; res Gretna.

ZIEGENBEIN, JAMES R: Publisher; b Memphis, Neb Feb 13, 1908; s of C H Ziegenbein-Martha Humboldt; ed Ashland HS 1925; U of N; Xi Psi Phi; U of N band; m Dorothy Howard July 12 1930 Hot Springs S D; d Martha Minnette; 1931-38 with father-in-law, Glen Howard who owned the Ashland Gazette at Ashland; 1938- owner & publisher Gretna Breeze; past secy Ashland C of C; ch mbr& dir Ashland Rotary; past mbr Ashland band; AF&AM; Lincoln Musicians Assn; NPA; Boosters Club, chmn; Meth Ch; hobby, music, res Gretna.

ZIMMERMAN, FRANK: Retired; b Millard, Neb Jan 22, 1878; s of Henry Zimmerman-Anna Busche; ed Sarpy Co; m Bertha Elizabeth Gottsch Feb 20 1901 Papillion; s Henry John; d Mabel Henrietta (Mrs Randall Biart), Hazel Augusta (Mrs J P Latham), Margaret Anna (Mrs Harold Engberg); completed ed in Gretna Sch when 14 years old; left home when 18 years of age & worked on farms 4 years; after marriage farmed indep near Springfield until 1911; 1911-16 owned & oprd caf‚ & saloon, Springfield; 1916-33 mbr firm of Weeth & Zimmerman later Zimmerman and Gottsch & now known as Zimmerman Feed Yards, engaged in bus of buying, selling & feeding cattle & hogs; one of largest livestock businesses in state; fed more that 25, 000 head of hogs annually; pictures of feed yards appear in the Neb sch geographies ; Luth Ch; res Springfield.


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