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Another one of the numerous family cemeteries located in Sarpy County, it was a burial place for members of the J.D. Snell family and was located on the family farm.

In the 1930's a new highway called the O.L.D. Highway (later called the D.L.D. Highway) was built through southwestern Sarpy County. This highway would later become US Highway 6. The right of way passed through the Snell farm and through the cemetery.

The remains were disinterred and moved to the LaBorde Cemetery on the east edge of Gretna. It is not know positively who all was buried in the Snell Cemetery, but probably included Stanley, Merrill and Willie Snell (three young boys), Nancy Snell and John Van Slyck. Van Slyck's relationship to the Snell family has not been established. These individuals are buried in the Snell family lot in LaBorde Cemetery, Lot 09 S.

Gary Iske, Sarpy County Genealogical Society, 1995.

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