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This cemetery was named because many of the families whose members are buried there were Pennsylvania Dutch, who had immigrated to Nebraska. Most references I've found call it the Pennsylvania Cemetery, including the plat and most obituaries. However, the deed (see below) mentions the "New Pennsylvania Cemetery Association" and I have found two obituaries (1907 for Cluxton and 1928 for Moyer) which refer to it as the Breckenridge Cemetery. There was a Breckenridge family in that part of the county, but they are buried in the Forest City Cemetery and the plat shows no Breckenridge as a lot owner.

The deed for the cemetery (consisting of one acre of land in the Southwest Quarter of Sec 30, Twp 14, Range 11) was undated, but was recorded on 30 Aug 1875 in Book "H", Page 559. The grantor was Mary J. Long and the grantee was "the New Pennsylvania Cemetery Association, by its board of Trustees." That cemetery association has been defunct for decades.

The first known burial was that of Sarah Rishel in 1868 and the last know burial was that of Frank Rishel in 1935. It is located on private land and there is no public access. It is north of Highway 370 between 192nd St. and 204th St. just east of Gretna.- Gary Iske


NOTE: There has been a lot of work done on the cemetery. It is no longer overgrown and there is access to it. A historical marker has been placed and all the stones have been photographed.

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