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This cemtery began as a small family burial plot, but in later years a few lots were sold to others. The two related families, Grabow and Brandt, account for a large percent of the burials. I have found no deed for the cemetery itself, only deeds for individual lots sold by Johann Grabow in the "Grabow Grave yard>"

The north-south rows run from the west end to the east end of the cemetery. The lots numbers run from west to east beginning at the south end and ending at the north end of the cemetery.

Recently a marker for Heinrich F.W. Grabow (1838-1873) was found elsewhere and although his connection to the Grabow family buried in the cemetery is unknown, the marker was placed in the cemetery with the following plaque attached:"Heritage Unknown, Placed by J.C."Curt" Grabow."

The cemetery is located at 186th and Cornhusker Rd. in the Southeast Quarter of Sec 20, Twp 14, Range 11. The cemetery has not been used for many years, but the property is well maintained by family members.

Gary Iske, Sarpy County Genealogical Society, 1995.

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