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Commonly known as the Fisher Farm Cemetery (as is the adjoining Beth Hamedrosh Hagadol (BHH) Cemetery), this small Jewish cemetery was first started in 1901. The BHH Cemetery had already been established nearly 20 years earlier. These two cemeteries, along with the Fisher Farm and Hrabik Cemeteries are located on 42nd St. 1/2 miles south of Giles Rd.

The deed for the property was signed on 9 Dec 1901 and filed on 20 Feb 1902 in Book 35, Page 13. The consideration was $150.00 and conveyed the land (2/5) acre from Marie and Vincent Hrabik to the Congregation Share Zion. A later deed transferred owndership from the Congregation Share Zion to Chevra B'nai Yisroel (dated 9 Sep 1909 and recorded 29 Nov 1909 in Book 43, Page 90). A third deed then transferred ownership from Dhevra Bnai Isroel [sic] to Bnai Abrahm Society of South Omaha (dated 6 Jan 1915 and recorded 13 Jan 1915 in Book 46, Page 599).

There is a memorial marker at the entrance which is engraved:
"Max Sacks Memorial.
In loving memory and gratitude
for his 42 years of tireless
and devoted effort on behalf of

There are seven rows of graves, identified by signs at the south end of each, as "Sec.1" through "Sec.7". Some of the earlier BHH Cemetery burials are actually located in Sec 1 of Bnai Abraham. Most of the graves have raised concrete borders outlining the grave itself and the enclosed area is planted with ground cover. The cemetery is well maintained and is still being used, but it has nearly reached its capacity.

One interesting marker is in Sec. 6, which is engraved "Congregation of Israel- 1962. Jewish prayer books which are worn out and can no longer be used for services cannot be burned or otherwise destroyed. They can, however, be buried for disposal and this monument marks the site of burial of these sacred books.

Gary Iske, Sarpy County Genealogical Society, 1995.

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