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The Ball Cemetery began as a family cemetery. It is located south of Cornish Rd. on 174th St. (also known as Ball Rd.) Although begun as a family cemetery, a neighbor, David Addleman, reinterred one of his children, who had been buried elsewhere, in the Ball Cemetery. Thus the oldest grave marker (1869) actually predates the establishment of the cemetery.

Among those buried in the cemetery is William "Rattle Snake Pete" Liddiard, descrebed in 1938 and 1939 newspaper articles as "the famous former United States marshal, Springfield [NE] marshal and implement dealer, who left here to join Buffalo Bill, and later died on the west coast, was brought back to Ball Cemetery for burial. [He] was one of the colorful characters of the old west. He featured his famous bicycle handle bar mustache. But despite that failing, he was one of the fastest 'on the draw' of all the U.S. Marshals."

Gary Iske, Sarpy County Genealogical Society, 1995

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