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Tom & Lyn Harrison
Pastfinder Library have small maps of each section of  the three cemeteries listed below to help people find the graves they are looking for. We will give these out free if they need them.

Riverside Cemetery
Wilber Czech Cemetery
This cemetery had approximately 586 burials that we have either read or found information on, but there is also a Potter's Field here, with no information available to date.

Aden    Allen    Alley
Allsman   Andrus   Anthony
Atherton     Baker   Ballard
Barbaux    Barmby    Barnes
Bates    Bean   Beeney
Beers    Berger   Biglow
Binger    Bingham    Black
Bond     Bottorff   Bowman
Brodrick    Brolliar    Brown
Buck    Buckland   Bullis
Byfield     Cantrell   Cartwright
Castor     Chaloupka   Christy/ie
Civin     Clark  
Clements    Cooper    Cordts
Covey     Cox   Cromer
Cromer     Crumb   Davey
Davis      Davison   Demerest
Dickens     Dix   Doane
Dodson     Dolezal   Drain
Dwyer     Early   Eldred
Elliott     Erb   Exceen
Ferguson    Fetrow    Fike
Fish     Flower   Forbes
Fullerton     Fulmer   Furgeseon
Gilland     Givens   Goodell
Gouff     Greer   Grimm
Haney     Harbecker   Harding
Hardy     Harrod   Hartman
Harvey     Hastings   Hayden 
Hayes     Hill   Holtz
Hopkins     Horst   Howard
Hroch     Hulse   Ingham
Jennings     John   Jones
Kepkjen     Klein   Kline
Knapp     Koci   Kyle
Litten     Littrell   Love
Lowe     Magnusson   Mallory
Mann     Mashek   Masher
Masters     Mastings   McClun
McCormick     McElroy   McGregor
McManus     McNeeley   Meisenbach
Miller     Millie   Millstead
Misek     Mitchell   Montgomery
Moore     Morrison   Mosher
Nieting     Nutt   O'Brien
Ohler     Oyler   Parter
Patton     Peach   Percy
Percy/Beers     Perry   Pickens
Porter     Reedy   Reha
Rehtus     Rhea   Richey
Rife     Robinson   Rork
Rosen     Ross   Rozen
Rozena     Savage   Sefcik
Shary     Shearer   Shestak
Shirey     Slider   Sloan
Smith     Spadt   Spencer
Stafford     Stanley   Stewart
Stocton     Streight   Swain
Terrell     Thompson   Tracy
Treadway     Tucker   Turner
Uebel    Van Meter    Vilda
Wedgewood    Wehn    Wheeler
Whipple     White   Wickham
Wilber     Wilson   Wlaschin
Wolf     Woods   Wyckoff