RCHS Museum Art

 Works of
Alice Cleaver, John Falter, Tom Palmerton,
Allan Tubach,  and Other Local Artists
on display in the
Richardson County Historical Society Museum
1400 Chase Street, Falls City.

                            Alice Cleaver
Bridge on the Seine
Man Walking Toward Building
Southwest Indian Home
A painting found in Cleaver home (doubtful if hers)
and one of her paint palettes

                             John Falter
“New Land-Old Land” - Print
1859 A. Lincoln in Barber Chair – Print ____/750
Boy on Mule & Two Boys in Stream – Large 1978
“St. Joseph Gateway West” – Large Print
Tracing for “St. Joseph Gateway West” - Large
“Snowy Afternoon in the Country Store” - 423/500
 “A. Lincoln Reading in Offutt's Store” - 89/500
“The Bridge” - Print
"Neighbor" - Sketch
Stamps - Chautauqua, Black Angus, Hard Red Wheat,   
    From Saturday Evening Post Covers
Falls City Christmas Stone Street-Dec.21,1946
Water Tower – May 24, 1947
School Bus – Oct. 12, 1957

Many Sketches “Down-Thru-The-Ages”
George “PeeWee” Erwin – Sketch
Illustrations in FCHS School Yearbooks 1925-1928
Large collection of Saturday Evening Post Covers & some magazines

                          Tom Palmerton
Richardson County Schools Collage – Print 
Falls City Collage Print

                             Allan Tubach
Two-sided poster of Allegories & Artifacts, 2004
Capitol Seasons, 1998 acryl

Other Artists
Kevin Anderson – Portrait of girl
Avis Bailey – RCHS Museum
Margaret Lewis Bauer – Winter scene
Mae Bowers -Rural scene
Myrtle Simmons Bowers - Castle on river scene
Virgil Brackhahn – Wood carving of RCHS Logo
William Burchard - Farm buildings
Mrs. Ingram (Jennie) Cain – Bell-Jenne House
Aileen Camblin – House at 1624 Lane
_____ Conner – Portraits of Gov. & Mrs. Weaver
Jane Davis – Salem School
Muriel Krueger Docker – Wooded scene
Gertrude Nicholson Finley - Charcoal of children
Lenora Gerhardt - Flowers
Virgene Hunley -  Coffee grinder with fruit and book
Iva Huston - Cardinal
Myrtle Kentopp – Cabin scene and _________
Leonard Kimmel – Indian  Chief
Mary Little – Mountain scene
Luella Herr Marsh – Salem Mill
Maybell Mason – Brook with Birch Trees
Irene Duerfeldt McDowell – Williamsville School
Bill Morsman - Bird
Claudia Moseley – Salem Mill
J Knox O'Neil – Portrait of Gov. Morehead
Katherna Peters - Cabin
Nelle Pfister – Cottier School, Candlelight Cabin, Harvest
Alice Stumbo Prater – Falls City Mill
Pauline Blunt Rose – Falls City Falls
Mary Johnson Rowen – Falls City Falls
Roma Ruegge – Two of flowers
Michael I. Schaible – Lake in woods
Emma Louise Schock – Scenery with a brook
H Smith – Dutch windmills
Gertrude Sare Sperry – Dunlow Castle on a tray
Mrs. Charles (Miranda Myers) Steele –Three of flowers
Leslie Stevens – Glass etching of Salem School
Gilbert Stuart – Portrait of GW Legion Club 1932
Janet Surman – RCHS Museum logo
Helen Tangney – Pasture scene
Louella Weddle – Tree scene
Maude Roland Willey (Campbell) - Farmhouse, Mill

Several Works by Unknown Artists