Phelps County Nebraska Queries

Phelps County Nebraska Queries

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SWANSON 08 Mar 1999

I am looking for information on both parents of Grace Carolyn SWANSON, who was born in rural Phelps County on 17 Nov 1895 to Frank David and Ida Elizabeth (CHARLESTON) SWANSON. Where was each of them born, when, and to whom? Thanks!

Dick Marston <>

ERICKSON 09 Mar 1999

Anders Eriksson (Andrw Erickson) family: May this family have settled in Perkins county? Anders Eriksson b. 1855 Jan. 2, wife Kristina Sofia b. 1858 March 26, children Hanna Sofia b. 1883, Einar b. 1884 Nov. 28, Signe Teresia b. 1890 Feb. 15, Karl Axel b. 1892 May 9 and Gerda Erika b. 1894 May 10. They left Varnum, Sweden, in 1894 and probably joined Kristina Sofia´s sister Ulrika who lived somewhere in Nebraska before and after 1913 with her husband (name unknown) and two daughters. If you recognize the names, please contact

Kjell Nordqvist

Kjell Nordqvist <>

ABRAHAMSON 20 Mar 1999

Trying to find genealogical information for Gus Abrahamson and his wife.  Mrs. Gus Abrahamson was alive in 1948, when her son Walter passed away in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Walter Abrahamson's obituary in the Colorado Springs, CO paper dated Feb 19, 1948 said that his mother Mrs. Gus Abrahamson was living in Holdredge, Phelps County, NE at the time of his death. There were four children of this marriage: Oscar, Walter, Leila, and Edith.  A granddaughter living in Colorado Springs, Colorado is trying to find this information.  Also her great granddaughter is looking for burial information as
well as a obituary for Mr and Mrs. Gus Abrahamson. Wayne K. Steffensen, Thank you.

SWEDELL, 22 Mar 1999

Looking for any information on Daniel Olof SWEDELL b. 1842, married to Bertha
BERKMAN. Hans Gustaf SWEDELL b. 1847, married to Anna ???. And Eric Johan
SWEDELL b. 1855, married to Lizzie JOHNSON. Also if Gust SWEDELL is a
relation that I have missed.

ROWLEY, 25 Mar 1999

ROWLEY:  I am looking for information on a Louise May Rowley and brother Joseph Howard Rowley.  Both were born in Holdredge, Ne. Louise b 31 Jul 1883, Joseph b 16 Sep 1898.  Would appreciate any info on other siblings and/or parents.
Thank you "Janet and Tom" <>

GABBLE, 01 APR 1999

I have three photos that were among my grandparents photos. As far
as I know, these people are no related to me in any way so I would like
to get them to someone who is related.

Will Gabble
Gabble Boys (5 young men)
Gabble family, Mom and Dad, Lise, Fred, Ida, Bill, Fay, Huey & ?
5 young men, 1 young lady, and a small child that i don't know if male
or female.

Hope you can find some family!

Teri "Terry & Teri Cleaveland" <>


I am searching for information on the Skewes and Cannon Families. Thanks
Karen Goddard Todd Goddard <>


Alex Wellard (Willard) marrided Laura Dengle and lived in/near Holdredge in late 1800's
Had daughters, Lela , Ruby, Leona and Opal. Opal (born in Iowa). Son Percy (died in Iowa). Married names of daughters: Lela Harwood, Ruby Harbaugh, Leona Prideaux, Opal Sandstedt.. Alex was a farmer in the area but due to poor crops moved to Ia. or
IIllinois. Unfortunately, Alex was killled in an accident and the daughters were sent to live in foster homes or with older sibilings. I would like any information on this family for the period they were living in Phelps County. (John Harbaugh)


I have ancestors who immigrated to Bertrand FEB 22, 1894, but were
listed in Gosper County in the 1900 census. 2 boys died between 1894 &
1900, but I cannot find any info on them. As well, there may be 2 or 3
othere births & deaths during this period. Looking for info. Thanks

- MARRIED - 1880
ANE JOHANE (HANNAH) - Nov. 29, 1885
MAREN (MARY) - Aug. , 1886
ANE MARIE (ANNIE) - Oct., 1888

FRED - July, 1894
SOPHIE - 1898
ESTA - April, 1900

Betty Salchert <>

WOLFE, 24 JUN 1999

I am looking for any info on a William S. Wolfe who was married to my great
great aunt Rebecca Logan. I find they had four children..I would like to
find more info on Rebecca, I know her parents, but any other info would be
greatly appreciated...Thank you,
Christy Logan Obermire


I am searching for any information on my great-great grandparents
Christian and Catharine AndREsen. They farmed in Phelps Co.for many
years. Christian(Chris)Andresen was bon in Denmark 1Sept1843...he had
three brothers...Thomas...Peter and Henry. I can find a lot of
Andersons but no AndREsens. Would appreciate any inforation anyone can
give me. Thank you.

Harlan and Shari (Harlan Compton)


Looking for information on Ernst/Ernest Orthmann (alternate spelling Orthman)
and Ida Marie (Vonloh) Orthmann born 9/10/1904 and 6/1/1902, respectively. I
would like to know their date of marriage, parents, etc. Please contact me
via e-mail if you have any information.

Lisa Dillon Orthmann

OAKES, 28 JUL 1999

Would like more information on my husband's grandfather, Emmett Allison Oakes. Born June 23, 1885 in MO. Died October 14, 1965 in
Bertrand, NE. His wife was Harrietta Sprenkle (Sprinkle) Oakes died April 19, 1938 in Omaha, NE. "EMMETT E. SLACK" <>


Need info on following families that lived in Phelps Co., NE:
Samuel Theodore Louthan (1875-1949) married 1896 Flora Pickering (1875-1934)
Newton Ambrose Louthan (1877-1947) married 1908 Catherine Agatha Walker (1883 - ???)
Guy Hugh Louthan (1881-1975) married 1905 Myrtle Anne Waters (1883-1969)
Any help would be appreciated.
Jack R. Louthan

CARLSON, 16 AUG 1999

I have some ancestors from the Holdrege Area. They are of
Charles Johan Bernard Carlson, Victor Carl Carlson, Lawrence Victor Carlson
and his brothers, Vincent, Warren, Vernon and Wesley Carlson. I would like
to share copies of the photos my Mother, Bonita Carlson Lay had. I am hoping
to find someone with other photos of these families. I especially like the
one photo sitting of Charles, he is a very kind, interesting man and it would
be wonderful to see any other photos.
Thank you for reading this, Leslie Shelley



I am looking for descendants of August S Anderson and Hannah Louisa Anderson (formely Swanson). Both died around 1916-1923 and should be buried in Phelps Co. I hope to share info and learn of August and Hannah's ancestors. As far as I know, both came from Sweden in the late
1800's. My line is August & Hannah to Isaac S Anderson to Rosemary Boyd. August & Hannah's children were Isaac, Hannah, Richard, Joseph, Charlie.


MOOM - 1 Oct 1999

I am looking for information on Peter J. and Harriet Moon. Believed to have arrived in Phelps Co. in 1880. I understand she is buried in Harlan Co. and assume him to be with her. Peter was born 1818 in NY and I believe died approx. 1898. They, along with sons Horace and William, are listed in the 1890-1891 Gazetteers Farmers Directory of Phelps Co. Hoping for an obituary
for Peter or Harriet but any other information would be greatly appreciated.


MOON - 3 Oct 1999

I'm looking for information on Peter J., William, and Horace S. Moon known to be in the Holdrege area in 1890-91 for sure. Also Harriet Tomlinson Moon. Appreciate and help. Thanks
Lorraine Moon Lane


CLAY - 3 Oct 1999

I have a history of the Charles Nelson Clay family dating from 1822 arrival from Sweden till 1962. First generation, John, Swen, Martha, James, Benght, Hannah, and August Clay. More than happy to share what I have.
L. Lane



Who can tell me more about Carl Magnus Youngquist (1851-1901 ?) and his children and grandchildren? C.M. Y. (the uncle of my grandfather) was a pastor in Phelps County, Nebraska. A daughter of C.M. Y., Minnie, corresponded with one of her swedish relatives until about 1950-1955, but then we lost contact to this branch of the family (as well as C.M. Y. -s brother Sven Vilhelm Younguist, Evanston, Illin.). I am interested in the history of my family and would like to get in contact with the descendants of C.M. Y. to ask them some questions about the family.
Thomas Ljungquist, 100 B, route d'Arlon, L-1150 Luxembourg


KIPLINGER - 21 Oct 1999

Would appreciate any info on Fred Kiplinger, Elias Kiplinger of Holdrege, Nebr. Fred Kiplinger married Ida Morgan who was my great aunt.  Elias was Fred's father and I would be very anxious to know where he was born--Indiana or Ohio.
Marlyn Riter
Marlyn Riter <>


NELSON, POTTER - 24 Oct 1999

I am Albert R and Sarah Anderson McVay Potter's ggranddaughter and Charles A. and Ida Johnson Nelson's ggranddaughter. My grandparents were Forrest and Mary Louise Nelson Potter. My Mother was Maxine Althea Potter Heidebrecht. My Father, Harley Heidebrecht was a guard at the Prionser of War Camp at Atlanas.

Mary Berggren
Box 294
Fairmont, NE 68354


LAVENE, WAHL - 07 Nov 1999

Searching for info on LAVENE(LAVINE)&WAHL families.Johannes(Jon)LAVINE (b.8/7/1836,Ordeneds,Karaboda,Sweden;d.12/9/1910)came to US in 1880.Brought family to US in 1888.Wife -Else(OLSDOTTER)OLSON(b. 4/12/1842, Fjalkinge, Sweden;d.10/15/1915). Children -NelsLAVENE,August & Johanna Karoline.Frederick WAHL SR (b.8/6/1852, Germany;d.6/7/1919). Wife - Rosa Otilla DREW (b.3/18/1854, Bromberg,Germany; d.12/30/1918) Children - William, Fred JR, Augusta, Minnie, Eimel, Charles, & August.All settled near Atlanta, NE.
"" <>


ROBINSON - 15 Nov 1999

I am searching for any info/descendants on William "Will" and Mary Francis (WHITE) ROBINSON. I have no information on Will, but Mary Francis WHITE, was the d/o Elijah and Deborah (BABBITT) WHITE. Mary Francis, born, April 05, 1836, Black Brook, (AuSable Forks) Clinton County, New York. According to "The Babbitt Family History," by William Bradford Browne, Mary Francis resided in Rantoul, Illinois, years not known. We know she and her husband, was in Holdredge, Phelps County, NE in 1909, as her niece, Mary Ellen JACKSON and Edgar Clarence STEVENS were married at the ROBINSON Farm, on June 9, 1909. Mary Francis died, Sept. 01, 1915 and on her death certificate, it says she was a widow, so "Will" preceeded her in death. Mary Francis's brother Charles P. WHITE, also lived in Phelps County, in the town of Hayden, NE. I believe it is him in the 1890-91 Wolfe's Gazetteer Farmer's Directory of Phelps County, Nebraska, as there is a C.P. WHITE, of Hayden, listed. Any information on William & Mary (WHITE) ROBINSON or C.P. WHITE, (Charles P.) would be appreciated. My mother visited the farm, with her father in 1926 and there were relatives there, possibly Mary and Will's adult children.Thank you

PETERSON, 20 Nov 1999

Looking for any information on Erick George PETERSON, b April 25, 1855 in
Sweden, d July 17, 1907 in Holdrege NE m Carolina Christina NELSON b March 12, 1860 in Sweden. Erick and Carolina were married in Sweden before coming to America in 1879. Their children were: Charles, Ellen, Jennie, Alma, Emma, Oscar, Teckla and Harry. I would love to have any information on the parents of Erick and Carolina, or any of their siblings. I would be happy to share any information I have on their decendants. You can send me e-mail or reply to this
querry page. Barbara Allen

JOHNSON, 17 Jan 2000

I am searching for the family of Lorene JOHNSON, who lived at R. 1 Box 127, Loomis, Nebraska 68958. Loomis is in Phelps county. Mrs. Johnson was searching on the Lemuel WILLIAMS, who came from Southern (Franklin County) Illinois. She visited the Elder Williams Cemetery located at Ewing, Illinois several years ago and left her name with another WILLIAMS decendant, but we lost contact. She could be deceased by now, but would like to contact someone in her family. I know that it is a shot in the dark. Thanks you so much. Betty Sink


JOHNSON, 26 Jan 2000

Looking for any information on John Frederick Johnson and his family. John F. and Sarah (Anderson) Johnson and their children, Charles, Victor, Augustine (Guffy), Hilmer, left Sweden bound for the United States. Alfred, John's brother also came with them. They arrived in 1880??, and it is believed they were in Holdrege, Phelps county, NE for some time. They were members of the Lutheran church, so they could be mentioned on church records. They moved to Iowa, as they are listed in the 1885 Marion Cty., IA census. I do not know if they would be listed in the 1880 Phelps county census. Any infomation would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Sheri Hubbell

VANDIKE, 7 Feb 2000

I VANDIKE I am searching for information on the John and Griffy Vandike families who lived North of Huntley, Nebraska about 1900. Bev Tracy

KIPLINGERS, 12 Feb 2000

Searching for any information regarding Rev Elias Kiplinger,father of my great Aunt Ida Morgan Kiplinger. Kiplingers were noted bankers in Holdrege. Thank you.
Marlyn Riter, Denver



I am trying to locate information on the Swedish Free Mission church in Holdrege, Phelps county, NE. I have not had much luck searching through the net. Does anyone have any information about this church? Does it still exist? Did it change names? Are the church records available in Holdrege somewhere? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,
Brad Edeal


McDONALD/HYATT , 7 Mar 2000

I'm looking for ancestry information on MARY LOUISA ADELAIDE McDONALD (b. Jan. 22, 1864, Philadephia, PA, to Alexander and Mary Ann (Kirkpatrick) McDonald; m. in Harmony, Nebraska to WILLIAM PAIGE HYATT, b. Sept. 27, 1857, East Smithfied, PA, to Samuel and Anna Elizabeth (Austin) Hyatt). It is believed siblings of Mary Louisa McDonald as well as siblings of William Hyatt were in Holdredge. Mary Louisa McDonald's daughter, BESSIE PEARL HYATT, died March 16, 1959, in Holdrege and believed to have been married to Oscar Lindgren. Any connections or leads would be appreciated.
Cassi Conlin Bauman, West Chester, OH


KEARNS, TANNER, 17 Mar 2000

My grandfather was born in Atlanta, Phelps County, Ne. in May 1905. I am trying to find some information on his parents, William Oakley Kearns and Harriet Isabelle Tanner. Any info provided will be a big help!! Wayne Watts. I can be contacted at



My relatives, William D. Hurd and wife Lucinda, strong Catholics, lived in Betrand, Phelps County, NE during the late 1800's and died around 1895; their daughter Harriet Hurd, married R. Peter Larson and lived and died in Betrand. Other children lived there also I am trying to find church records and the cemeteries were Hurd members were buried. I have heard that some may have been buried in Elwood, Gosper County, NE as there may not have been a Catholic cemetery nearer Bertrand. I would like to know of a Catholic church near or in Bertrand in the late
1800's. Thanks you for any help!! Dave in Seattle, WA



Looking for any information on Erick George Peterson b 1855, Ostergotland Sweden d 1907 Holdrege Nebraska. His wife was Carolina Christina Nelson, b 3/12/1860 in Sweden, d 3/26/1943 Holdrege Nebraska. I have a great deal of information on their decendents, but would like any information on their siblings and ancestors. I know that Erick and Carolina married in Sweden shortly before coming to America and on the death certificate Erick's father was listed as Peter Carlson, mother not listed. Neither of Carolina's parents are listed on her death certificate. Would also be interested in finding some information on two Peterson's buried in the family plot at Prairie Home Cemetery in Holdrege that I have been unable to connect to the family. One is just named as Mr. Peterson on the records at the cemetery, the other is Gustaf Peterson b 3/9/1848 in Ostergotland Sweden, d at the age of 80 in 1928 at the Home for the Aged of the Immanuel Deaconess Institute in Omaha. Someone named Minnie Slater signed papers at the cemetery but it shows no relationship. Gustaf was widowed at the time of his death. Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to offer and if I can provide any information needed on their decendents, I would be happy to do so.



I am trying to locate the Moses Hill cemetary records, located near Holdrege, NE. I am researching the EDEAL family, several of which are buried in this cemetary. Charles EDEAL married Emma J. Samuelson in 1875. They farmed and ran restuarants in the Phelps, Dawson, Buffalo counties region. If anyone has any other information on this surname I would like to contact you. Thank you,
Brad Edeal


WADMAN, 29 Mar 2000

Location: Holdrege NE Phelps County Otto Nels and Matilda Marie Wadam (in Phelps county NE approx 1880-1890) I would like to learn how many children the couple had and what their names were. I'm a descendent of one of their children Paul. I think he was born in Phelps County NE around 1890 but I'm not sure. If by chance they had to put Otto or Matilda had to put their birth places down, I'd really like to learn that. I'd also like to know how long they were in NE, where their farm was or how big it was or what folks were growing and what was happening in Phelps County at the time. Basically, I'd be happy with anything you can tell me. Anderson, Ken


GRANTHAM, Moses Oliver. b. 1850 in Missouri. My Great Great Grandparents farmed in Phelps Co. and their descendent resided there for many years. I am descended from Moses' dau., Ruth Adeline Grantham WOODMANCY. Emily Christine Grantham, dau. of Moses Oliver Grantham, married Walter J. MOORE at Holdrege in 1910. I am interested in exchanging information with anyone researching these lines.

Ruth Elder
Olympia, WA


HEFNER, 27 May 2000

I am looking for information on both parents of Glenn Lucius HEFNER, who was born in Atlanta, Phelps County, on 27 June 1896 to James Marston and Nina Lois (HOUSEHOLDER) HEFNER. Where was each of them born, when, and to whom? Thanks!

Dick Marston <>


WHITLATCH, 07 Jun 2000

Seeking information about the ancestors, siblings and descendants of GEORGE W. TAYLOR (b. 1846 in IL) m. Anita (or Annetta) Josephine Hill (b. 1952 in Ohio) They had seven children, all born in Illinois. Their son's name was Eugene Taylor and their daughters' names were: Ledora, Amauda (Maude), Estella, Grace, Bertie and Bertha. (Bertie and Bertha were twins.) Sometime after 1880, the Taylors moved to the Holdrege, Nebraska area where they farmed outside town. Ledora married BENJAMIN MCARTHUR; Amauda married L. T. DEAHL; Estella married JACOB "JAKE" CORT (who also farmed near Holdrege); Grace married ARTHUR GADDIS; Bertha married FLORENTINE WINGERD, (who farmed outside Holdrege); Bertie married WILLIAM ELIJAH WHITLATCH, and Eugene married LILLIE BELLE WHITLATCH. If you have any information about any of these individuals or their descendants, I would appreciate your e-mailing me. My e-mail address is: <> Will be happy to share what we have on this family. Thankyou!


VOREIS, 21 Jun 2000

My fathes name is Marvin Oren Voreis-parents Charles Leanord Voreis and Jessee Elizabeth Morse-Marvin born April l9l6 in Phelps county. Need info on Charles Leanord Voreis line



I am looking fro ANY information about Lillie Louise SANDSTEDT, b.july 2, 1884 in Holdredge,Phelps Co.,Nebraska. Lillie is the daughter of Edward SANDSTEDT and Hannah SWANSON. she married Brant Appleton ANDERSON. any help would be appreciated, as i have alot to learn about my great-grandparents, Lillie & Brant. Shanta (



Am looking for info on Fandrei family that moved to Phelps county from Jefferson county around 1910. We have common ancestory. Earl "Skip" Michels


CARSTENS, RENKEN - 24 Aug 2000

I believe my grandfather (Herman Carstens) and grandmother (Emma Renken) were residents of Bertrand before my grandfather died in 1927. I don't have any paperwork to confirm this, however. I am looking for any information about these two family names in Phelps County.
Thank you. Chris




I'm looking for any information on Louise (Scheppert) Schroeder b 7/5/1856 d. 4/9/1934 and her husband Phillip C. Schroeder (no dates available). Possibly a marriage record time period from 1871-1878. Death record for Louise 4/9/1934. They had the following children Nellie b. 2/3/1877 d. 12/12/1951 , Rose and Viola (dates unknown) and Ernest b 10/16/1890 d. 7/4/1970. Any information would be appreciated. This is in the Bertrand NE area, I think Nellie was born in Bertrand. Thank you
"Marlene" <>



John Hodgson married Viola Anderson during the late 1940's to early 1950's. He had moved to Holdrege from Elwood where he farmed. He is buried in Elwood Cemetery 7/23/1958. I don't know where she is buried. Viola had been previously married and Anderson was her previous married name. She had a niece who lived in the area. There were no children of her marriage to John. Any information about this very special couple would be appreciated.
Julie Moes


SMITH - 26 Oct 2000

I have a photograph taken by a Mrs.. Wyatt, of Holdrege, NE. On it is written Mary Eva Smith. I believe this may be the daughter if Edith and John Smith, married in 1883, Ravenswood, WV. Edith was the daughter of James and Araminta Smith, of Monroe Co, OHIO, and sister of Eva Smith Nye and Alice Smith Bullard.
I found a listing in the 1890-91 Gazetteer Farmer's Directory for a John SMITH of Holdrege, and wonder if this may be "my" John and Edith. John was listed in his father, Judge Joseph Smith, of Revenswood WV's obit. as an attorney and farmer.
Is anyone familiar with John or Edith SMITH, Mary Eva SMITH, or Mrs..Wyatt, the Holdrege photographer?
Sandra Ferguson
"Sandra Ferguson" <>


NORLIN - 13 Nov 2000

I am trying to find information on the August Norlin family who lived around Holdrege in the 1890's and probably around 1920. I think August married someone named Carrie. Where did they go? When did they die and where are they buried? August is the brother of my gr. grandfather, Gustav Olson, who is buried in Prairie Home Cemetery at Holdrege.
Thanks to anyone who can help. Helen Whannel
"Helen Whannel" <>

CLARK - 21 Nov 2000

Looking for information on the Guy W. Clark family lived in or around Bertrand, NE. He was suppose to have been a doctor. Any help would be most appreciated. Thaks ahead of time. Bonnie


HEDLUND - 24 Nov 2000

I am looking for relatives of Olof Hedlund, Mattias Hedlund, Carl Hedlund. Olof is my great great grandfather and settled in Holdrege and settled there in1876. Mattias was his brother and Carl his son. If you have any information you may e-mail me at Thank You
Karen Hedlund Scott


JOHNSON - 5 Dec 2000

My Uncle farmed outside of Axtell. Not knowing where the county line is it could be either county. His name was Arthur Johnson. I know my Grandfather, Albert Johnson, was from the same area and then moved to Kearney.
Betty Schmidt <>


Nord, Nordenson, Nelson, Olofson or Olson - 18 Dec 2000

Father: Olof Nilsson Nord or Nordenson, born in 1844 and married in 1873.
Mother: Emma Carolina Olofsdotter, born in 1846.
Children: Anna Carolina Olofsdotter and Emma Kristina Olofsdotter, born in 1875+ADs- and Amanda Olivia Olofsdotter, born in 1878. When the family left Sweden in 1878, they were heading for Extell. I do not know their final destination in America.
I am trying to research what happened to this family in America. Any information or research suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.
Ron in Dalesburg at
"Ronald Johnson" <>


BLANK - 29 Dec 2000

Searching through Neb. for my lost family, I found two surnames in Phelps Co. This is all I have on my family history. I have a old birth certificate: my father: Kenneth Gordon BLANK, b. Gordon, Neb. Feb. 10, 1914, his father: William John BLANK, b. Marion, Wis. the mother: Georgia LYON, b. Gordon, Neb. William and Georgia had two children, my father Kenneth and his sister Loreen. They got a divorce and Georgia married 2nd husband Frank SWANEY, Kenneth and Loreen used the SWANEY name, but there was never an adoption. Kenneth married my mother under the SWANEY name and I was born under the SWANEY name. My mom and dad divorced when I was maybe 3 months. I found my dad after being an adult. But he died only three months after I found im, not giving me time to find my family history. Thanks to anyone that can help me find the LYON and the BLANK and the SWANEY families that can connect with any of us. Harold SWANEY email:


Skewes - 15 Jan 2001

I am looking for information on the SKEWES and WINTHER and SHAFER families of Phelps County. My grandmothers mom was Dorothy Skewes. I believe that the Winthers and Skewes are related because I found a picture of a Peter Winthers in a box of family photos I also have pictures of some of the Skewes family and would make copies if anyone is interested. Please contact me at if you are interested in these families. Thanks Dawn
"Dawn Schilke" <>


I am researching Sarah (FRENCH) HARR who died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Adam STOCKMAN in Holeridge, Nebraska. Sarah had two granddaughters at the time of her death May 9, 1907 - Sarah & Martha STOCKMAN. I would like to contact anyone researching the STOCKMAN line in the hopes of learning more about the HARR connection. Thank you.

Mary Saggio


JONES - 5 Feb 2001

I am looking for the family of Dr. D.W. Jones and Maxine Morral Jones, he was suppose to be on the staff of Brewster clinic and Hospital in Holdrege, Neb. They had three sons: Donald, David, Thomas Ellsworth Woulda pprciate any help on this familY


CARLSON - 17 Feb 2001

Looking for information for my geneology on a Joann and Sophia Carlson, believed to have been living in Holdredge, Phelps County, Nebraska in or around 1893. These are my grandparents. My grandmother was born in Holdredge, her names was Anna. She had six brothers and sisters named, Ado, Emo, Carl, Teresa, Minnie and Signa. Her parents came form Sweden.
Valerie Edwards
"Richard & Valerie Edwards" <>


MOLINE - 18 Feb 2001

Looking for parents of Dorothy Moline, born 11/6/1890 in West Mark, Phelps, Nebraska, married in Kingsburg, California in 1914 and died in Fresno, California January 6, 1966.

Daniel & Pearl Leach <>


CLARK - 18 Feb 2001

I am searching for more infroamtion on the G.W. Clark family. He was a Dr. in Bertrand and he and his wife Rena had 4 children.Lois, Harold, Leonard and Charlotte. Would like to find futher information on this family. Thanks Bonnie <>


LOREN - 4 Mar 2001

I have pictures of my great grandfather, Samuel Loren, his two oldest daughters, and others in front of a sod school house in Nebraska, early 1900, when the family were there homesteading. There seems to be conflict as to where they lived. Some of the family say Hastings, NE and others
say Holdrege, NE. My great grandfather, William Isaac, was born in Sept 18,1889, during the time they were homesteading there. His two older sisters are in this picture. I also have a family picture in front of another sod structure. My father thinks that maybe Hastings was the place that
the family went to Nebraska and then went on to Holdrege. I would love to have some help on this. The family later returned to Illinois. Loren had a cousin, Isaac Barber, that went with him but he was not married at that time.

Does anyone know if there are any sod school houses still in tact? There was a relative since deceased that was supposed to have went to this school probably in the last 10-15 years.

Thank you
Betty Coffman
513 Ave C
Ft Madison, IA 52627


CARLSON - 6 Mar 2001

Looking for information for my geneology on a Joann and Sophia Carlson, believed to have been living in Holdredge, Phelps County, Nebraska in or around 1893. These are my grandparents. My grandmother was born in Holdredge, her names was Anna. She had six brothers and sisters named, Emile, Evo, Carl, Teresa, Minnie and Signa. Her parents came form Sweden.Valerie Edwards <>


Arnold Leroy CONLEY - 9 Mar 2001

Arnold Leroy Conley was born in Phelps County, NE Nov 8 1887. Son of Stephan A Douglas Conley and Jane (Jennie Kilpatrick) Conley. They lived there approximately 10 years before moving back to McLean County, IL. I don't know where in the county they lived. Just checking
to see if anyone has any connection to this family. Stephan A Douglas Conley is the son of William Conley who is my great-great grandfather. Thanks!
Susan J Macy


VANDERPORT - 20 Mar 2001

Looking for my great-grandfather, VANDERPORT, James who resided with wife, Jane and children in Holdrege approximately 1883 through 1893. He is listed in the 1890-1891 Phelps County Gazetteer Farmer's Directory. Does he and family appear in any census records? Looking for more specific information on him, wife and children as may appear in a census.
- Norma Abrams,


LUND - 5 Apr 2001

Hi my name is Kim (Lund) Heier. I am seeking information on my father's family. My 2nd great grandfather was Carl A. (Svenson) Lund born 5/14/1857 in Ramkvilla, Sweden. Died 2/10/1937 in Holdrege, Nebraska. He married Emelia S. ? She was born 8/25/1866. Died 6/1/1960 in
Holdrege, Nebraska.

Their son, my great grandfather was Arthur C. Lund born 8/3/1887. Died 3/29/1976. He married Selma M.? She was born 7/28/1886. Died 2/1/1965. Their children Lucille C. Lund born 7/20/1912. Died 5/28/1993. Clarence Arthur Lund, my grandfather born 3/11/1914 in Holdrege,
Nebraska. Died 8/25/1990 in Denver, Colorado. Married Francis Marie Bergstrom. They had 7 children. And Lorene M. Lund born 10/26/1916.
Died 2/26/1991.

If you have any information, please contact me at Thank you for your time.
Kim (Lund) Heier (Joe Heier)


DOBBINS - 28 Apr 2001

I'm looking for information about the family of Stephen Dobbins (1815-?)and his wife, Matilda Nicholson (1821 -?). Stephen married in Washington County, Indiana, moved his family to Mercer County, IL in the 1880's, with the family ending up in Phelps County, Nebraska. I'm not sure if Stephen made it to Nebraska or died in Illinois.

His children were: William Dobbins b. 1839; Delila Dobbins b. 1841; Nancy Dobbins b. 1843; Jane Dobbins b. 1846; Thomas Dobbins b. Aug. 27 1849, d. Feb. 28, 1929, married Feb. 2. 1883, Mercer County, IL. Any information would be helpful. Thank you!
Suzanne Dobbins


ALLEN - 25 May 2001

My dad, Clifford Eugene Allen was poisoned in December 1951. He lived in Holdrege, Nebraska. I am looking for: 1)newsclippings about the event, 2)obituaries, 3)police reports and 4)directions to Moses Hill Cemetary. Can you help with any of this? I was only a baby when he died and I'm just trying to uncover some of the mystery of this man. Thanks.


ALLEN - 25 May 2001

I am trying to uncover the mystery of my dad who died when I was a baby. His name was Clifford Eugene Allen. He lived in Loomis, Nebraska and was poisoned in December 1951. Any assistance you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. --Carolyn Reed



I am searching for information and/or descendants of Sven Anderson, who lived at Box 14, Holdrege at the time of my grandfather Hans Peter Johnson's (Jansson) arrival in Phelps County from Sweden in 1902. Hans listed Sven as his uncle on his immigration records at Ellis Island.
Sven also paid for my grandfather's trip from Sweden. Hans P. Johnson was from Järbo parish in Gästrikland, now Gävleborg, Sweden.
Thanks, Susan Thompson gigsusthom@sedona .net



I am looking for information regarding Samuel P. Moser and Rebecca Alice Moser (Maiden name Polly/Palem/Paley). They were my ggg grandparents. They moved to Phelps Co., NE in 1873 with their children and homesteaded there. I have not been able to locate their place of birth, death or burial, even though I have made numerous attempts to do so. Nor do I know who their parents were. They were both born somewhere in Pennsylvania between 1817-1819. Their children were George W. Moser, Sara (Moser) Dale, Catherine Ann "Katie" (Moser) Foster, Jacob Jake Moser, Cordelia (Moser) Whitney, Josephine (Moser) Steward, and Nancy Moser. Samuel and Rebecca were found in the 1860 Darke Co., OH census, the 1870 Warren Co., IA census, and the 1880 Phelps Co., NE census. Samuel was then found in the Doniphan Co., KS 1895 census without Rebecca and then was not found in either census for 1900. Since much of their family remained in Phelps Co., I would presume that they may be buried somewhere in Phelps Co. I would appreciate any help anyone can offer.
Thank you. Debby Hoglund, 3195 Cypress Pond Pass, Duluth, GA 30097



My grandparents were born in Phelps County, Nebraska. I would like to contact any relatives still living in the area. My grandfather's name was Charles Edward Burgeson. He was born in the Holdrege area Mar. 18, 1884. He had 8 siblings, Martin, Anna, Amanda, Emma, Oscar, Edna, George and Clarence. His father, Andrew (Anders) Burgeson (Borjesson or Borgeson) died August 30, 1913 and was a farmer in the area. His mother, Inga Maria Larson died April 20, 1901. Both parents were born in Sweden. They were homesteaders in the area and came about 1878. Anders' (Andrew) brother, Andreas, also known as Andrew also moved to the Holdrege area and homesteaded there, also. He had 4 children: Augusta, John Emil, Carl Richard, and Gustaf Edward. His wife's name was Anna Christina Johnson. Anders and Andreas were born in Skar, Forlanda, Hallandslan, Sweden. Inga Maria Larson was born in Skerstad, Jonskopingslan, Sweden. Anna Christina Johnson was born in Granna, Jonskopingslan, Sweden. I would appreciate any information anyone could give me concerning my relatives. I would appreciate hearing from any relatives that still live in Nebraska or in any other area of the country. There are not many Burgesons or Abrahamsons left.

My grandmother's name was Mae Myrtle Abrahamson. She was born Dec. 12, 1891 in Wilcox, Nebraska. She had 6 siblings: Marvin, Harvey, Mable, Amy, Edna and Rawlin. Her father's name was John F. Abrahamson. Her mother's name was Mathilda Carolina Nelson. John farmed until 1912 when he moved into Holdrege to do various jobs in town. He was a carpenter and cabinet maker. The family moved to Kingsburg, CA in 1913.

Carol Burgeson Vaughan -



Since the Ellis Island Web Site came into existance, I have gained some information that has led me to Loomis, Phelps Co., NE.

Emil Andersson died in WWI and is buried next to my grandfather, Peter Thurstenson and the death documents list my grandfather as next of kin. We knew Emil was my grandfather's nephew.

We find Emil's immigration records at Ellis Island and the ship manifest showing arrival at Ellis Island on 5/16/1904. Travelling with Emil was his sisters, Anna (19 years and 6 months old) and both she and Emil were listed from Svenskof, Sweden. The second sister (Elna - 22 years and 3 months old) appeared to be married to Anderson Persson (30 yuears old and 7 months) and their son Ernst O. Persson (2 years and 4 months old). The ship manifest indicated they had tickets to Loomis, Nebrask where they would joing their sister, Mrs. Hanna Carlson of rural Loomis. With this limited information, does anyone connected with Phelps County have any information on this family? Joe Thurstenson, Siloam Springs, AR - <>



I am searching for information and/or descendants of Sven Anderson, who lived at Box 14, Holdrege at the time of my grandfather Hans Peter Johnson's (Jansson) arrival in Phelps County from Sweden in 1902. Hans listed Sven as his uncle on his immigration records at Ellis Island. Sven also paid for my grandfather's trip from Sweden. Hans P. Johnson was from Järbo parish in Gästrikland, now Gävleborg, Sweden. Thanks, Susan Thompson - gigsusthom@sedona .net


WALTERS - 18 Jun 2001

Any info on Thomas Walters (b1849) family enumerated on 1885 Cns. in Phelps Co. Divide Precinct. May have been in Lake Twnship,also. Dunbar family was realted to Thomas' wife Martha Rachel Watts Walters. My great- grandmother,Margaret Ellen Walters (b 1877 Mt.Sterling, Ill.) was 8 y.o. on 1885 Cns. I would love to find some record of her, i.e. school etc. Rosamund and Scott Walters were born in Nebraska circa 1885 and 1887. Ron McLaughlin -



I am trying to locate information on my grandfathers family. The only information I have is from a very rambling disorganized letter my mother wrote when she was almost 80. My grandfather's name was August Swanson. He had at least two brothers who lived in Nebraska. Possibly in Holdredge. His family was from Sweden and he immigrated in 1892. His brothers were in the US before that although possibly not in Nebraska. Brothers were named Albert and Frank. Other names that may be linked. Christensons, Johnsons, and Norenes. Time frame would be 1890 till 1930. My mother remembered visiting relatives when she was young. (In the '20's) Thank you.
"Patricia Theobald" <>


FRANKES - 8 Jul 2001

I am trying to find out some information on Julnet Dunlap Frakes. She was hurt on May 22,1898 in a horse buggy accident. We think it was a runaway team that went through a barb wire fence. She died on May 26, 1898 in Bertrand, Nebraska. Her funeral was on June 12,1898 in Bertrand. Please let me know if there is a website to check out or if you can help me research this lady.
Thanks, Bill Lovell - <LovelWW@LOUISVILLE.STORTEK.COM>


JOHNSON - 11 Jul 2001

I am looking for information on the family of James and Emma Johnson. They were known to have been in Holdrege in 1910. Emma was born in Ohio, to Samuel and Elizabeth Myers. Any help would be greatly appreciated. "Deana Carter-Smith" <>


ABRAHAMSON - 19 Jul 2001

I found out there is a Paul Abrahamson who lives in Holdrege who is distantly related to me. We are related through his mother. My great-great grandmother, Charlotta Peterson Abrahamson had a sister named Louisa Christina who married a Carl Johnson. We are related through a daughter of their's. They also had sons named Lenus and Elmer. Does anyone know this family or how I could get in contact with them? Thank you.
Carol Burgeson Vaughan


SJOGREN - 19 Jul 2001

I forgot to mention there was a woman named Yvonne Sjogren who was also related through the Abrahamson family. If anyone knows if she is still in the Funk, NE area, please let me know.
Thank you Carol Burgeson Vaughan - <>


GRAHAM - 12 Aug 2001

Looking for information on Malon and Alberta Graham and their children Betty and Joyce. In the 1963 obituary of Malon's brother, Malon is listed as living in Holdridge. Older family members believe Malon's wife Alberta was from Holdridge. I have a picture of the family showing Betty and Joyce as girls about ages 8 and 10 probably taken about 1950 more or less. Malon died in Hanahan, South Carolina in 1974. Betty and Joyce would be my first cousins, and, as the family genealogist, I want to make contact with them or their descendants. Joyce Brown in Iowa


HILL - 26 Aug 2001

Am looking for a death record for Margaret Wayt Hill, wife of Rufus Lucore Hill, who died in Phelps County ca. 1888. The Hills originally were from Iowa and after Margaret's death, Rufus returned to Iowa. Please contact Janetta Clemons at with any info. Thanks.


GARVEY, HARVEY - 8 Sep 2001

Looking for info on 3 Garvey brothers that came from N.Y. to Phelps Co.and Hall Co. Neb.Willard Garvey born 1837 N.Y. lived Wood River, Hall Co, Walter Garvey born 1848 N.Y. and James Garvey[ Harvey] born 1850 N.Y.He died in Mascot, Neb.July 1,1930 and is buried in Atlanta, Phelps Co. His wife was Margaret Murray. Also I need where their father is buried. He came to Neb. and was living with son Willard in 1880 census after his wife died in N.Y. He was 80 at that time. I hope to find others off of this line as I have alot of info to share. Dawn Pratt at


HJELMFELT - 14 Sep 2001

I'm looking for information on my grandfathers family. His name was Robert Howard Hjelmfelt (later on he changed the spelling to Hemfelt). I do know that his parents names were Elmer Valentine Hjelmfelt & Roberta May Talbert. My grandfather was born October 26, 1913 at 915 Sherman St. Holdrege, Phelps Co., Nebraska. He married Ivas Corrine Bergstrom (I don't know location) they lived and died in Houston, TX. If anyone has any information please contact me at , and please put Hjelmfelt/Talbert in the subject line. Thank you, Deborah Stoughton



CLARK photo studio, MYERS, SMITH, SUTHERLAND - 18 Sep 2001

I have a portrait of an ancestor, Laura Belle MYERS, aka Belle MYERS, aka Dolly MYERS, aka Dolly SUTHERLAND (her stage name) who was married for a short time to Judson Adonorum SMITH (actor and circus performer). The portrait is probably from the 1880s and was done by C.E. CLARK of Holdrege. Does anyone have any knowledge of these two people or their performances? Does anyone know what years this photography studio operated? The photo appears to possibly be a promotional photo, as Belle was dressed in what appears to be an Elizabethan gown (stage costume?) rather than one of her regular gowns. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Linda Harris. -


JOHNSON - 29 Sep 2001

Looking for death dates for Margaret and Salmon Johnson.. They had a daughter living in Phelps Co. named Matilda Bengtson. <>


RICHEY - 9 Nov 2001

I am looking for a family of Stark's. Isaac Stark married to Elizabeth Richey died in Norman Kearney, NB. in the year of 1912. I don't know when they went to Nebraska from Indiana. Isaac was born in Green County, Indiana in1822. Their children were Sarah b 1848, Frances Marion (Frank) b 1852. He died in Indiana in 1931., David b 1854, Rebecca Jane b 1856, Mary b 1859< Lucette?, Furnina?, Elizabeth ?, William Alonzo ?, Shelly Pearl?, Boone?. We descend from Frank but can find nothing on his parents. He was listed as a farmer and his parents were Abraham and Sarah Stark and they died in Indiana. Any help will be appreciated. Kaye at


MULLEN - 30 Nov 2001

Is there somewhere on-line that i can find a mortality schedule for 1885? or the state census for 1885?? Looking for my ggaunt, Mary Logan Mullen..I believe she died between 1880-1900..since there doesnt seem to be an 1890 census..i am stuck..not sure if she died here in phelps county or in cass county...any help sure would be appreciated...Also looking for GROVES...
thank you, christy logan obermire <>


KLEINSCHRODT - 16 Dec 2001

I'm looking for any information about Kleinschrodt in Phelps county. Kleinschrodt John C. (born 1855 in IL) and Anna, nee Fackler, together with daughters Chloie, May, Carrie and Myrtle (all born in Iowa), lived in Lincoln and Phelps counties, NE, from about 1890-1893. Son Leroy was born Feb 5, 1891 in Holdrege. They later moved to Whiteside Co., IL (where son Guy was born Mar 1894). Juergen Kleinschroth, Freiburg, Germany


PHELPS - 16 Dec 2001

Jonathan Phelps was my great=grandfather. He came west to Oregon in 1883. I am looking for any information on him or his wife Charlotte.
"Blanche Pickering" <>


YORTY - 7 Jan 2002

I am looking for information about the YORTY family in Phelps County, in particular, the children of Jacob Cole YORTY. Jacob Cole YORTY, widower, was a blacksmith in Atlanta. He died in 1915 and was buried in Round Prairie Cem. (Civil War vet.) in Holdrege. He had a son David Lavant YORTY, who may have lived in Lancaster County, son William, who married Mary Whitlatch and moved to Idaho; daughter, Jennie who married Edwin PICKERING; daughter, Elizabeth, who married J. ELDRIDGE; and daughter, May, who married ? McDONALD. I would appreciate any information about J.C. YORTY or any of his children. Thank you, Katherine.
"Katherine Winslow" <>


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