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George B. Hastings

Y 1886 practically all the government land in what is now known as Perkins County had been taken by homesteaders. With the completion of the Union Pacific railroad, hardy pioneers, and adventurers gradually settled the table lands between the Platte and the Republican river basins. The government had opened this area to homesteaders who completed their filing at. the North Platte land office. The early settlers constructed small shacks on their land and lived there a short time to establish domiciles. Each then eventually "proved up" on his claim and thus acquired title to 160 acres of free land. It was this attraction of free land which brought to this western country many settlers who otherwise would never have located here.
   Early in 1886 the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad announced it would build a line from Holdrege, Neb., to Cheyenne, Wyo. The line was to be about 20 miles south of the Union Pacific right of way and parallel to it. Known by its corporate name, "The Burlington and Missouri Railroad Company," the grade was built in 1886. Rails were laid the next summer through the territory now comprising Perkins County. The first train entered the town of Grant on the Fourth of July, 1887, amid scenes of rejoicing and celebration. Preceding the advent of the railroad the Lincoln Land Company acquired title to property adjoining the right of way and in which were established new towns.
   On March 12, 1886, the town of Giant was platted. It was originally about three-quarters of a mile northwest of the present town site. Learning the railroad would not come to the new town of Grant, the town came to the railroad. At a meeting of representatives of the new community and the railroad it was decided to move the town to its present location and so without even the cessation of business the few buildings were taken to the present site of the village. The town was named after U. S. Grant, Commander-in-Chief of the Union army during the Civil War and later president.
   By the summer of 1887 the territory now comprising Perkins County had been settled sufficiently for the people to demand local government. Negotiations were carried on with the commissioners of Keith County for a division of the county and it was finally determined to divide Keith County east and west, making the new county twenty-one miles wide and forty-two miles long. This proposition was submitted to Keith County voters at the general election held in 1887 and carried. The new county was named in honor of Charles E. Perkins, president of the C. B. & Q. railroad.
   At the special election held on Jan. 6, 1888, the following county officers were chosen: B. F. Brown, clerk; John M. Dempsey, treasurer; L. A. Winchell, sheriff; B. F. Hastings, judge; C. B. Miller, E. F. Athey and H. M. German commissioners. B. F. Hastings later said he rode a little white mule twenty miles to Ogallala after the election and there hunted up the Keith County commissioners. He procured their approval of his official bond and thereby became the first qualified Perkins County officer.
   In the meantime, other towns were established--Venango at the west end of the county, Lisbon, Madrid and Elsie at the east end. The geographical center of the county is approximately two and one-half miles east of Grant and it was first decided to establish the county seat at Perkins Center. By this time Madrid was also a thriving and ambitious community. A bitter fight ensued between Madrid and Grant for the location of the county seat. At the first election Grant, Madrid and Lisbon were contesting for the position. Inasmuch as no town had a majority, as required by the statutes, a second election was held. The second balloting occurred Feb. 28, 1888. Returns of that election indicate Grant received some 8,000 votes and Madrid 2,700. The report of the board of canvassers, however, awarded Grant 902 votes, Madrid 474 and Lisbon 309. Obviously the ballot box had been stuffed with thousands of fraudulent votes, many of which were never even counted. However, the poll books were lost or destroyed and were never found. After this election a contest was instituted in district court to test its validity. Feeling ran high throughout the county and bloodshed was narrowly averted. In October, 1888, at the next District Court term the suit was dismissed on the ground the summons was not issued and served within the statutory time after the vote was canvassed. This decision ended the struggle between Grant and Madrid for the county seat.
   For several years thereafter the country continued to attract settlers, homesteaders and adventurers. Farm loan companies and building and loan associations, believing the country had a remarkable future, extended credit to settlers on the security of their newly acquired farms and homes. At that time the population of the county numbered more than four thousand.
   In 1892 a series of drouth years began, during which the new settlers raised no crops. Many of them, unable to withstand the ravages of the dry, unproductive years and the hardships of pioneer life, abandoned their sod houses, their newly constructed homes and permitted the land to be sold 879


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for taxes or foreclosed. Many of the early settlers returned with their families to the eastern states. The population of the county dwindled to less than fifteen hundred people. Land values collapsed. Most of the inhabitants left the towns and practically all of the buildings were removed.
   The early settlers of Perkins County endured severe hardships of frontier life. In these days water was a great scarcity and a valuable commodity. Ordinary drinking water was hauled in barrels, buckets and kettles for a distance of three to twenty-seven miles. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Erlewine hauled water for seven years before they could afford a well. The M. B. Hull family hauled water from Ogallala and Mrs. Hull did the family washing in the waters of the Platte. Isaiah Babcock, an early settler, dug a well in the west part of the county which all the neighbors used for a number of years. A. Jackman, living northeast of Grant, had one of the first wells in the county. From it he supplied water to seventeen families for seven years. The average depth of wells in the county is approximately two hundred feet and the difficulty of drilling a well or digging one by hand to that depth may well be understood.
   In the early days the usual house was made of sod because the homesteaders had no money with which to purchase lumber or other building material. These sod houses were warm and although not attractive in appearance were sturdy and well built. Poles for the frames of these sod houses were cut from trees growing in the Platte river. Sod blocks were cut and stacked to form the walls. The walls were frequently plastered with a mixture of sand and magnesia. Usually the roof was covered with a light layer of sod. A shingle roof was unusual and evidence of great wealth. C. S. Sexson records his parents had an excellent sod house of six rooms with board partitions. The Arterburn home was a frame house 12x16 feet, sodded on the outside.
   The pioneers of Perkins County were young people seeking homes in the free land of the west. Many of them were Civil War veterans. Jesse P. Griffith, a Civil War veteran, was one of the early builders of western Nebraska. He earned his first wages, as did many others, working on the construction of the B. & M. railroad. He carried mail overland to rural post offices not served by the new railroad. His family says wild horses and antelope were seen frequently on his long drives across the plains. J. M. Thompson of Elsie and W. J. Watkins of Venango are other typical pioneers of Perkins County. Mr. Watkins was for many years auctioneer, sheriff, farmer and rancher. The old fashioned Fourth of July celebration was not complete unless he, riding a well-groomed white horse, headed the parade. C. C. Lyon established a mercantile business in 1886 and continued to operate it until his death in 1936. For more than fifty years he was a factor in building and developing the country. B. F. Hastings located at Grant in 1886 and served as county judge and later as county attorney for twenty-one consecutive years. He, too, was a leader in business and civic affairs until his death in 1938.
   Among the hazards of pioneer life none was more fearful than the prairie fire. In the days when the country was new and the native grasses still grew abundantly the outbreak of a prairie fire was a community disaster. Frequently thousands of acres were burned by fires which could not be controlled. A wall of flame from five to twelve feet high rolling across the prairie as fast as a horse could run was an object of terror by day and a grim specter of disaster at night.
   At the outbreak of the World War Perkins County experienced the beginning of another land boom. Values of farm land in western Nebraska mounted rapidly. The ranges were broken up and reduced to a high state of cultivation. Herds of cattle disappeared and the tractor came into use. With abnormal prices prevailing during the World War ... wheat sold at $2.50 per bushel ... owners were encouraged to abandon their herds of cattle and to break out the black, fertile land for wheat and corn. The subsequent years have witnessed the gradual decline of these values, and a return to the level of other days. In the succeeding years the people of western Nebraska have learned to adjust themselves to new conditions, new types of farming and crops which do well in a semi-arid country. The tractor and the combine have revolutionized farming on the western plains.
   In 1901 Perkins County acquired title to the old First National bank building at Grant and used it as a courthouse until October, 1927, when the new courthouse on its present site was completed at a cost of $125,000. A three story stone building on a gentle slope west of the main business district of Grant now houses the government of the county.
   In all the years of its development Perkins County has provided excellent common schools and high schools for the education of its children. Fifty-five common school districts provide education for over thirteen hundred students. The school system now supports high schools in the various towns of the county. In addition, there is located at Grant a standard county high school, with about 250 students.
   The ambitions of the early founders of Perkins County have been fully realized. Agriculture has been and remains the chief industry of the county, 567,000 acres of farm land lying within its boundaries. Wheat and corn are the principal crops. The average rainfall as determined from the records for forty years is 18.88 inches per year. On the lands suited to grazing, live stock raising is an important industry. It is now the second largest wheat producing county in the state. Altogether Perkins County continues to be a prosperous happy community where the influence of hardy pioneers of other days still remains.


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   ADAMS, ANDREW CALVIN: Lumber Dealer; b Bostwick, Neb Mar 23, 1897; s of James Moore Adams-Rachel McKeown; ed Sterling Kas; Sterling Kas Coll, 1919; m Wilma Faye Blair June 23, 1926 Superior; d Gwendolyn Claire, Lynelle Faye; 1919 tchr & athletic coach Thomas Co HS, Colby Kas; 1920-23 supt Lorraine Kas rural HS; 1923-24 tchr Honolulu Mil Acad, Honolulu Hawaii; 1924 secy & mgr Adams Lbr Co, Madrid; past chmn sch bd; past mbr village bd; trustee & SS supt Meth Ch; hobby, church work; res Madrid.

   ADAMS, WILLIAM HENRY: Lumber Dealer; b Bostwick, Neb Oct 2, 1882; s of James Moore Adams-Rachel McKeown; ed Nuckolls Co; Hastings Bus Coll; m Sarah Jane Shaw June 18, 1913 Nelson; s Wendall W; d Evelyn Faye, Theone Maxine; 1903-19 with Oliver Lbr Co, Hastings; 1919- pres & gen mgr Adams Lbr Co, Grant; past chmn town bd; past mbr sch bd; Rotary; Comml Club; past trustee & SS supt Congl Ch; res Grant.

   ANDREWS, T PRESLEY: Implement Dealer; b Grundy Co, Mo Jan 26, 1889; s of John Andrews-Lydia Boon; ed Chase Co; m Bertha Egan July 23, 1913 Holyoke, Colo; d Doris (Mrs Donald Potts); 1913-30 ptr Andrews & Sons Impl Co, Lamar; 1920-30 Lamar P M; 1930- ptr & mgr Andrews & Sons Impl Co, Grant; Midwest Farm Impl Dlrs Assn; AF&AM; Chris Ch; hobby, hunting; res Grant.

   BECHTEL, HOWARD: County Sheriff; b Fillmore Co, Neb Mar 1, 1886; s of Frank Bechtel-Laura Griffith; ed Perkins Co; m Zata Smith Dec 23, 1905 Geneva; s Arthur (dec), Lester, James, Guy; d Isabel (Mrs Carl Bolton), Helen (Mrs Harry McVay); 1904-05 with J B Reed horse & cattle ranch, Oxford; 1905-15 rancher & stockraiser in Perkins Co; 1915-38 owner & mgr, Bechtel ranch, Perkins Co; 1934- Perkins Co sheriff; past mbr sch bd, Perkins Co; mbr sch bd, Grant; past noble grand, Madrid IOOF; Meth Ch; hobby, study of human nature; off Courthouse; res Grant.

   BECK, MRS CHRISTINA: Pioneer; b Ontario, Canada Apr 26, 1885; d of Harvey Hogan-Christina Van Norman; ed Ontario, Canada; m John Beck Nov 10, 1880 Elmwood (dec); s Harry B; d May E, Hattie B, Maude E; 1870 came to Elmwood; 1892- resident of Perkins Co; past pres Grant Womans Club; Chris Sci Ch; hobby, flowers; res Grant.

   BELL, FIRMAN MERRILL: Physician & Surgeon; b Adamsville, 0 Sept 11, 1873; s of Jared C Bell-Martha Caldwell; ed Adamsville 0; Ensworth Central Med Coll, St Joseph Mo, MD 1904; Scio 0 Coll; m Laura Miles Nov 7, 1907 Grant; d Leneta (Mrs J Cochran), Jane (Mrs Howard Mefford); 1896-1900 HS prin, Derby Ia; 1904- phys & surg, Grant; Perkins Co phys; Tri-Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; past mbr sch & town bds; past pres Comml Club; Rotary; past master AF&AM; Scot Rite 32o; Meth Ch; res Grant.

   BULLOCK, GUY BERNARD: Retired; b Mercer Co, Ill Aug 1874; s of John Bullock-Sarah Shoemaker; ed Mercer Co, Ill; Franklin Co; m Mary E Chelf Jan 1895 Smith Co Kas; s Wardle E, Noel E (dec), Wayne D; 1885 came to Neb; 1895-1910 farmer in Perkins Co; 1910- in hdw, furn & undertaking bus, Madrid; past mbr town & sch bds, Perkins Co; 1918-28 Perkins Co commr; past noble grand IOOF; res Madrid.

   BULLOCK, WARDIE ELMO: Hardware & Furniture Dealer; b Franklin Neb May 17, 1897; s of Guy B Bullock-Mary E Chelf; ed Perkins Co; KSTC; m Ruby Mann Apr 11, 1921 Louisville Ky; d Audrey Marilyn; Joyce Gay, Mary Jean; 1917-18 sch tchr, Perkins Co; 1919-20 with Liverpool, London & Globe Ins Co & Hedwall-Sunburg Ins Co; 1922- ptr in firm of Bullock & Bullock, Madrid; owner & mgr Wallace Funeral Home, Wallace; past mbr town bd, Madrid; 1936 pres Perkins Co Fair Assn; past noble grand IOOF; trustee Meth Ch; hobby, children; res Madrid.

   CAROTHERS, ROLLO LEEPER: Pharmacist; b Norwood, Ill June 22, 1874; s of Robert L Carothers-Sarah Jane Vance; ed Mercer Co Ill; Madrid; Creighton U; Highland Park Coll, Des Moines; m Ethel Burson Dec 9, 1903 Grant; d Marian (Mrs Elmer Hendrickson); 1885 came in covered wagon to Keith Co; 1896-1905 with Bartholomew Drug Store, Gothenburg; 1907-31 owner & mgr Grant Pharm; 1931- ptr in Grant Pharm; Comml Club; past master AF&AM 308; Scot Rite 32o; Congl Ch; hobby, golf; res Grant.

   CHRISTENSEN, CLARENCE M: Merchant; b Boone Co, Neb June 7, 1893; s of Thomas Christensen- Caroline Halverson; ed U of Colo; m Helen McNichols July 31, 1923 Omaha; 1919-28 with father in Christensen & Myhre Store, Tilden; 1928- owner & mgr Christensen Cash Store, Madrid; 1930- mbr town bd; past mbr sch bd; during World War 1918-19 in Marine Corps, stationed at Portsmouth Va.; Amer Leg; Presby Ch; hobby, baseball; res Madrid.

   COLLIER, CHARLES H: Lumber Dealer; b Champaign, Ill Jan 24, 1861; s of Joseph Collier-Mary Adler; ed Champaign Ill; m Amelia Doerffel May 26, 1892 York; s Gerald W; 1880 came to Neb; 1880-90 with Carl Zimmer Gen Store, York; 1890-1901 ptr, Fohrbach & Collier Lbr Co, Grant; 1901- owner & mgr Collier Lbr Co, Grant; Neb Lbr Mchts Assn; Comml Club; past master AF&AM; past noble grand IOOF 212; Congl Ch; res Grant.

   COLLIER, GERALD W: Lumber Dealer; b Grant, Neb May 14, 1893; s of Charles H Collier-Amelia Doerffel; ed Grant; Doane Coll, AB 1913; Mass Inst of Technology; Theta XI; m Dora Richmond Sept 11, 1919 Ogallala; s Charles R; d Roberta Ruth; 1919- with father in Charles H Collier Lbr Co; past mbr town bd; Comml Club; 1st secy & past master AF&AM 308; during World War 1917-19 was in 323rd field signal batt, AEF; Congl Ch, trustee; hobbies, hunting & fishing; res Grant.

   CONOVER, WILLIAM CYRIL: County Attorney; b Pawnee City, Neb Apr 26, 1898; s of John H Conover- Jennie A Atkinson; ed Pawnee City; Lincoln Co; U of N Sch of Agr, Curtis; LBC; U of N; studied law in firm of Perrin & Kier, Lincoln; m Ferne Floyd Sept 4, 1928 Sullivan Ill; d Mona Lee; 1922-23 with F B Dickerson Co, Lincoln; 1923-24 & 1927-29 with Farm Journal of Philadelphia; 1924-25 with Lett's Bakery, Lincoln; 1926 in auditing dept, Illinois Power & Light Co, Decatur Ill; 1928-32 ptr in Capitol Comml Service, Lincoln; 1932- prac law, Grant; 1934 Perkins Co atty; past village atty of Madrid & Venango; 14th Dist, Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; Comml Club; IOOF; trustee & SS supt Congl Ch; past chmn Perkins Co Y R Club; hobby, music; off Courthouse; res Grant.

   COX, KENNETH BERNARD: Hardware Dealer; b Sutherland, Neb July 9, 1899; s of John Cox-Lucy McGrew; ed Sutherland; m Lorna Hilliard Nov 7, 1926 Greeley Colo; 1921-28 with Cowles-White Lbr Co, Wallace; 1928- ptr & mgr Cox-Cowles Hdw Co, Grant; 1938- mbr village bd; Neb Retail Hdw Assn; Comml Club; IOOF; Meth Ch; hobby, gardening, res Grant.

   DOBBS, URV V: Postmaster; b Fort Worth, Tex Nov 1, 1889; s of Cornelius M Dobbs-Mary Jane Chapman, ed HS; m Willa M Twyman Oct 11, 1907 Hereford Tex; s John Wilson (dec); foster d Mildred Lukens; 1920- dir in Tribune-Sentinel Co, Grant; 1934- P M; past village clk; Comml Club; Rotary; past, roaster AF&AM 308; past worthy patron OES; past noble grand IOOF 212; Chris Ch; off Postoffice; res Grant.

   DUDDEN, BARNEY A: Grain Dealer; b Clay Co, Neb Mar 30, 1886; s of George Dudden-Berdena Gerdis; ed Clay Co; m Belle Collins Aug 1911 Hastings; s Garrett B, Orville J; Raymond L; d Alis (Mrs, David A Deden), Berdena, Christine; 1907-12 farmer, Adams Co; 1912- farmer, Perkins Co; 1927- owner & mgr Dudden Grain Elevator, Venango; past mbr town bd; Comml Club; past master AF&AM 308; res Venango.

   EKBERG, ALVAN WILLIAM: County Treasurer; b Orleans, Neb June 10, 1899; s of Martin Ekberg-Anna Gahley; ed Orleans; m Edna Easton July 17, 1925 Littleton Colo; d Phyllis Jean; 1921-25 farmed in Harlan Co; 1925-26 with Orleans Lbr Co; 1926-37 with Adams Lbr Co, Grant; 1937- Perkins Co treas; Comml Club; 1935- secy Grant AF&AM, past master Orleans; Meth Ch; hobbies, hunting & fishing; off Courthouse; res Grant.

   ELWELL, CLAUDE HEROLD: Dentist; b Verdel, Neb Sept 29, 1906; s of Frank Elwell-Julia Ann Sarver; ed Winner S D HS; U of N, DDS 1930; Delta Sigma Delta; m Frances Bellows June 5, 1932 David City; s Don L; d Claudette Ann; 1930- dentist, Grant; Neb St & ADA; past secy Comml Club; Rotary; AF&AM; Congl Ch; res Grant.

   FITZGERALD, JAMES E: General Manager Oil Co; b Sioux Co, Neb Oct 3, 1898, s of John Fitzgerald-Abbie Hunter; ed Bartley; St Josephs Coll, Rensselaer Ind; m Hazel West June 25, 1927 Ogallala; s Edward Dean; d Beverly Jean, 1919-22 farmed, Perkins Co: 1922-28 with Continental Oil Co, Grant; 1928- org & gen mgr Grant Co-op Oil Co; 1936 dir Consumers Co-op Assn, Kan



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sas city Mo; during World War 1917-18 in USN, USS Madrona, USS tug 81; Comml Club; Congl Ch; hobbies, hunting & fishing; res Grant.

   FUHR, FRED PETER: County Judge; b Johnson Co, Ia Dec 31, 1871; s of Nicholas Fuhr-Margaret Lenz; ed Red Oak; Ia; Perkins Co; m Hilma Johnson Jan 15, 1896; s Nicholas A, George J Carl F; d Margaret May (Mrs Claude Nomer), Grace E, Ida Alice (Mrs R E Denslow); 1892-1923 farmed in Perkins CO; 1923- Perkins Co judge; 1916-23 trustee Elsie Equity Merc CO; 1919-23 Perkins CO commr; 1901-23 mbr sch bd dist 72; 1917-23 pres Elsie Fed Farm Loan Assn; past noble grand IOOF 212; Rebekah; MWA; Meth Ch; hobby, hunting; off Courthouse; res Grant.

   GAUGER, CHRISTIAN CARL: Merchant; b Grand Island, Neb Sept 3, 1896; s of Louis G Gauger-Mary Zimmerman; ed Eustis; m Lillian Adams June 10, 1925 Holbrook; s Wendell Lee; 1919-29 asst mgr Louis G Gauger Store, Eustis; 1929- owner & mgr Gauger Store, Madrid; 1930- mbr town bd; mbr sch bd; during World War 1918 in USN, Great Lakes Training Station; AF&AM; Scot Rite 32o; Meth Ch; hobbies, hunting & fishing; res Madrid.

   GAUGER, OTTO E: Merchant; b Eustis, Neb June 14, 1905; s of Louis Gauger-Mary Zimmerman; ed Eustis; U of N; Phi Sigma Kappa; m Ethel Blodgett Nov 1929 North Platte; s Norman L, Stephen; d Judith; 1927-29 ptr Gaugers Store, Eustis; 1929-35 ptr, Gaugers Store, Madrid; 1935- owner & mgr Gauger Store, Grant; pres Grant Tennis Club; Comml Club; Rotary; AF&AM; Congl Ch; hobby, tennis; res Grant.

   GRIFFITH, WHISTLER HENRY: County Clerk; b Carroll Co, Mo Oct 1875; s of Jesse P Griffith-Isadore Sterne; ed Dakota Territory; Grant; m Florence M Miles Oct 25, 1900 Grant; s Lyle W, Paul L, Glenn M; 1893-1900 tchr in Perkins Co; 1900-10 farmed in Perkins Co; 1910-12 & mgr Griffith Hdw Co, owner Grant; 1912-18 with Lyon Hdw Co; 1918-39 Perkins Co clk; past mbr town bd; past mbr sch bd; trustee & steward, Meth Ch; Yeomen; off Courthouse; res Grant.

   HANLEY, STEWART BRUCE: Superintendent of Schools; b Kearney, Neb June 30, 1900; s of Benjamin F Hanley-Leona E Detamore; ed Custer Co; Palisade Colo; KSTC; U of N; Caledonian; m Ada Emma Haring July 17, 1921 Franklin; s Theodore S; d Gwendolyn 1; 1922 tchr & coach, Hildreth; 1923-25 tchr & coach, Pleasanton; 1926-28 prin of Milburn rural consolidated sch; 1929-34 prin Perkins Co H S; Grant; 1934- Perkins Co supt of schs; 1935- secy, bd of regents, Perkins Co HS; NSTA; Rotary; 1929- BSA scoutmaster of troop 160; IOOF; Congl Ch; hobby, woodcraft; off Courthouse: res Grant.

   HARRIS, MRS GERTRUDE: Merchant; b Creston, Ia. Apr 17, 1880; d of Samuel P King-Zerilda D Paugh; ed Walnut Grove, Ill; Francis Shinier Acad in Ill; m William R Harris Jan 2, 1904 Oberlin Kas (dec); d Neva L (Mrs Bert Beatty), Zelma H (Mrs George Dobson); 1915-16 owner & mgr Harris Millinery, Clarks; 1916-32 owner & mgr Harris Millinery, St Paul, Beatrice & Lincoln; 1935- ptr & mgr Variety Shop, Grant; Womans Club; B&PW; OES; Presby Ch; hobby, travel; res Grant.

   HASTINGS, CHARLES B: Druggist; b Grant, Neb June 21, 1906; s of Benjamin F Hastings-Amelia E Buckland; ed Grant HS; Doane Coll, BA 1927; Alpha Omega; m Grace Tillotson Nov 27, 1930 Venango; 1927-28 with Butler-Welsh Grain Co, Omaha; 1928-29 with Comml Bank, Grant; 1930- owner & mgr Venango Pharm; past mbr town bd; treas Comml Club; AF&AM; Congl Ch; hobby, golf; res Venango.

   HASTINGS, MRS DOROTHY: Musician; b Sandwich, Ill Feb 20, 1892; d of William Hamilton Robertson-Fannie Schnebly; ed Chicago Ill; Milwaukee-Downer Coll, Milwauke Wis; Oberlin Coll, Oberlin 0, BA 1912, MA 1913; grad work Columbia U; Sherwood Sch of Music, Chicago; Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Oberlin 0; Phi Beta Kappa; m George Buckland Hastings Sept 6, 1917 Chicago; d Frances Elizabeth (dec); Virginia Irene; 1913-15 tchr Grand Prairie Seminary, Onarga Ill; 1916-17 tchr in Earlham Coll, Richmond Ind; now instr in violin & piano; during World War Perkins Co woman's chmn of 4th & 5th Liberty Loan drives & assoc mbr Perkins Co draft bd; 1928- regent Perkins Co HS; 1920-24 mbr Legislative Ladies League, treas 2 years; 1938 mbr Womens Coun & workshop leader, Girl Reserves; ch mbr, 1937-38 pres of Womans Club; 1939 pres Perkins Co Fedn of Womens Clubs; historian Amer Leg aux; Congl Ch, dir of choir since 1921, choir dir in presentation of Messiah; hobby, stamp collecting; res Grant.

   HASTINGS, GEORGE BUCKLAND: Attorney; b Denver, Colo July 2, 1892; s of Benjamin F Hastings-Amelia E Buckland; ed Grant; Doane Acad & Coll; Oberlin Coll, Oberlin 0, BA 1913; Harvard U, LLB 1916; Alpha Omega; Phi Delta; m Dorothy Virginia Robertson Sept 6, 1917 Chicago; d Frances Elizabeth (dec); Virginia Irene; adm to bar 1917; 1917- prac law, Grant; 1920-24 state sen 29th dist; 1926- 30 Perkins Co atty; 14th Judicial Dist, Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; Rotary; 1930-35 mbr state game, fish & forestation commission; during World War 1918 in troop E cavalry OTS, Camp Stanley Tex, sgt; Amer Leg; AF&AM; Scot Rite 32o; past trustee Congl Ch; Rep, 1932 Perkins Co chmn State Central Com; hobbies, tennis & hunting; res Grant.

   HURLBURT, RAYMOND L: Merchant, b Utica, Neb Apr 30, 1902; s of Ernest Hurlburt-Rose Nash; ed Utica; m Mamie Craige Aug 8, 1923 Utica; d Betty Jean, Rita Lee; 1923-26 with father in grain bus, Utica & York; mbr exec bd of Neb Master Bakers Assn; Comml Club; AF&AM; Congl Ch; hobbies, hunting & fishing; res Grant.

   JACKMAN, ERNEST EUGENE: Bank President; b Lowpoint, Ill Mar 4, 1884; s of Ameal Jackman-Kate Dunn; ed Perkins Co; Grant; Franklin Acad, Franklin; Doane Coll, BA 1908; studied law in off of John Beveridge, Grant; Alpha Omega; m Ruth Waggner Apr 24, 1912 Grant; s Fred Willard, Charles Eugene, Herbert Lee, Richard LeRoy; d Margaret Ruth; 1908 cash, Venango State Bank; 1908-14 asst cash & cash Comml Bank, Grant; 1915-30 helped org & was cash Farmers State Bank; 1928 adm to Neb bar; 1928- prac law, Grant; 1930-35 cash Farmers Natl Bank, 1935- exec pres; 1938- pres Farmers State Bank, Madrid; 1927-31 mbr Neb legislature, 88th dist; 1939 pres Midwest Regional Clearing House Assn; Neb & Amer Bankers Assns; 1938- pres Rotary Club; 1912- secy & dir sch bd; past chmn town bd, village clk; AF&AM; IOOF; Rotary; Meth Ch; Rep, 1912 del to state conv, 1934-36 candidate for congress in primaries; res Grant.

   KEITHLEY, ANDREW THOMAS: Retired; b Harrison Co, Ind Mar 24, 1845; s of James Kelthley-Angeline McCallen; ed Harrison Co, Ind; m Martha Welch Nov 1867 Blandinsville, Ill (dec); s Fred (dec); d Annie (Mrs P C Klein); m Marilda Swearingen June 10, 1920 Holdrege; 1875-94 in farming & hdw bus, Milford; 1894-97 homesteaded in Keith Co; 1897- ret; during Civil War 1863-65 in 2nd Ill cavalry; IOOF; Meth Ch; hobby, horses; res Madrid.

   KELLER, GRANT E: Oil Dealer; b Grant, Neb Feb 9, 1901; s of John B Keller-Lydia ___; ed Grant; Lancaster Co; m Ruth Lenora Harney Dec 23, 1928 Grant; d Bonnie Jean, Mary Alice; 1922-24 farmed, Perkins Co; 1925-26 with Bankers Life Ins Co, Lincoln; 1927 stock buyer, Perkins Co; 1928- whol distributor Continental Oil, Perkins Co; Rotary; Comml Club; Meth Ch; hobbies, hunting & outdoor sports; res Grant.

   KUNKEL, THOMAS CLARK: Druggist; b Newburg, Penn Dec 8, 1868; s of Martin Kunkel-Agnes Hefflebower; ed Polk Co; Lincoln; m Susie Lyman Oct 12, 1891 Osceola; s Leslie L, Harold LeRoy; 1889-90 owner & mgr Kunkel Drug Store, Holdrege; 1890-92 ptr in Kunkel Bros Drug Store, Osceola; 1893-1906 in drug & jewelry bus, Weeping Water: 1906-11 owner & mgr T C Kunkel Drug Store, Venango; 1913- owner & mgr Kunkel Drug Co, Madrid; 1936- dir Kunkel Drug, Inc; owner & mgr Midway Apts, Madrid; Congl Ch; res Madrid.

   LYON, BRUCE K: Attorney; b Grant, Neb Oct 11, 1898; s of Christopher C Lyon-Grace Hull; ed Grant; U of N, LLB 1926; U of Southern Cal; Phi Alpha Delta; m Mary Fitzgerald Jan 15, 1922 Grant; d Patrica Anne, Mary Christine; 1927- prac law, Grant; 1930-34 Perkins Co atty; past city atty; past chmn town bd; during World War 1918 in USN, naval training station, San Francisco Cal; Amer Leg; past pres 14th Judicial Dist Bar Assn; Neb St Bar Assn; past master AF&AM 308; Congl Ch: Dem; 1935- Perkins Co chmn State Central Com; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Grant.

   LYON, FAYE: Merchant & Funeral Director; b Grant, Neb; d of Christopher C Lyon-Grace Hull; ed Grant; University sch of music; LBC; 1924-36 with father in C C Lyon Furn Store; 1936- owner & mgr Lyon Furn Store & Funeral Rome; OES; Congl Ch; hobby, travel; res Grant.

   MUFFLEY, MARK PAUL: Dentist; b Omaha, Neb Feb 16, 1910; s of Paul H Muffley-Blanche Thompson; ed Ainsworth; U of N, DDS 1934; m Marie Buresh Aug 18, 1934 Grand


in Nebraska


Island; d Jeanne Marie; 1934-36 dentist, Hebron; 1936-37 dentist, Lincoln; 1937- dentist, Grant; 7th Dist Dental Soc; Neb St & ADA; 1939- secy of Comml Club; Congl Ch; hobby, music; off Theater Bldg; res Grant.

   MURRAY, ARTHUR W: Editor & Publisher; b Franklin, Neb Mar 2, 1909; s of William Henry Murray-Grace Mae Sincock; ed Bloomington HS; Bird City Kas HS; U of N, BA; 1933- publisher of Madrid Herald; chmn village bd; SW Neb Press Assn; NPA; Comml Club; mbr vol fire dept; IOOF; hobbies, golf, hunting, fishing; res Madrid.

   O'NEAL, MRS MARY GARDNER: Merchant; b Hennepin, Ill Apr 11, 1904; d of Lewis Gardner-Minnie Tottersman; ed Scottsbluff; Grant; m Theron R O'Neal Nov 23, 1922 Grant; 1926-31 with Grant Cash Store; 1931-37 mgr Red & White Store at Grant, 1937- owner & mgr: hobbies, gardening, flowers; res Grant.

   PANKONIN, HERMAN L: Garage & Implement Dealer; b Perkins Co, Neb Jan 10, 1895; s of Herman E Pankonin-Bertha Roessler; ed Grant; m Margaret Logan Sept 4, 1920 Grant; d Phyllis, Shirley; 1917- ptr Pankonin Bros Garage & Impls, Grant; during World War 1918-19 SC, radio dept of aviation Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburg, Penn & Tours, France AEF; past bd mbr Congl Ch; hobby, hunting; res Grant.

   PAUL, HOWARD CLINTON: Pharmacist; b Verdon, Neb May 10, 1910; s of George V Paul-Elizabeth Conover; ed Franklin; Palisade; Capitol Coll of Pharm, PhG; m Velma D Forsyth Aug 28, 1933 Imperial; 1931-37 pharm with Kunkel & Davis Inc Grant; 1937- owner & mgr Rexall Drug Store, Grant; Neb Pharm Assn; Rotary; Comml Club; AF&AM; OES; Congl Ch; res Grant.

   ROMINE, WALTER VINCENT: Merchant; b Irving Ill Nov 29, 1883; s of James Milton Romine-Rosa Cynthia Wiley; ed Irving Ill; m, Essie D Huber May 19, 1909 La Harpe Kas; 1904-10 emp as engr, La Harps, Kas Ice Co; 1910-15 with father in garage, Del Norte, Colo; 1915-21 with Vollmer Bros Garage Shop, Colorado Springs; 1921-22 ptr in Dix Garage, Dix; 1922-37 ptr in Stanley-Romine Motor Co, Grant; 1937- owner & mgr Gamble Store, Grant; 1931- fire chief, Grant; past mbr town bd; Comml Club; past master AF&AM 308; bd mbr Meth Ch; hobby, travel; res Grant.

   SPITZ, FRANK GEORGE: Implement Dealer; b Butler Co, Neb Oct 11, 1893; s of Frank Spitz-Emma Leppard; ed Butler Cc; m Dell Anderson Feb 14, 1912 Exeter (dec); d Edna (Mrs Orville Hollis); m Elizabeth M Biggs Oct 10, 1935 Elko Nev; 1914-15 ptr in Spitz Bros Garage, Exeter; 1915-19 owner & mgr F G Spitz Recreation Parlor, Exeter; 1919-34 farmed, Kimball Co; 1934-35 in impl bus, Kimball; 1935- owner & mgr Spitz Farm Equipment Co, Grant; Midwest Farm Impl Dlrs Assn; Comml Club; Cath Ch; hobbies, farming & livestock; res Grant.

   STANLEY, EARL THOMAS: Auto Dealer; b Linn Co, Kas May 21, 1878; s of George S Stanley-Hattie Laird; ed Linn Co Kas; m Eunice Romine Dec 1905 La Harpe Kas (dec); d Grace (Mrs Willard Stolz); m Mildred Huber Nov 1920 La Harpe Kas; s Maurice; d Margaret; 1900-10 oil & gas driller Kas & Okla; 1911-12 well drilling contr, Walla Walla Wash; 1913-15 in auto bus, Del Norte Colo; 1915-16 in oil bus, Colorado Springs; 1916-18 with Gibson & Holkenbrink, Denver Colo & Kimball; 1918-22 mgr Ford Agcy, Bushnell; 1922- owner & mgr Stanley Motor Co, Grant; past mbr town bd; past chmn Comml Club; Meth Ch; res Grant.

   STEHR, HARRY L: Hotel Owner; b Hastings, England Sept 30, 1869; s of Harry Stehr-Esther Feast; ed St Mary's, Haywarth Heath, Sussex England; Paris France & Hanover Germany; m Abbie Hunter July 14, 1908 Hot Springs, S D; s Ed Fitzgerald, John Fitzgerald, William Fitzgerald; d May (Mrs Bruce K Lyon); 1889-1910 commission broker, importing pure-bred horses from Paris France; 1910 owner & mgr Grant Hotel, Grant; Episc Ch; hobbies, fishing & hunting; res Grant.

   TE SELLE, LLOYD C: High School Superintendent; b Firth, Neb Mar 23, 1909; s of Garrett Te Selle-Jennie Wismer; ed Firth; Neb Wes, BA1930; U of N; U of Southern Cal, MSc 1935; Phi Delta Kappa; Theta Phi Sigma; m Mildred Bellows June 18, 1931 Blair; d Jeana Lee, Cecilia Beth; 1930-35 prin & coach, Perkins Co HS at Grant; 1935- Perkins Co, HS supt; Rotary; Comml Club; Congl Ch; hobby, fishing; res Grant.

   UPRIGHT, FRED JOSEPH: General Manager Telephone Co; b Denver, Colo June 10, 1900; s of William Upright-Lulu Roberts; ed Denver, Colo; m Ada M Hirschman Nov 25, 1928 Grant; s John William; 1921-22 with Holdrege Electrical Co; 1922-27 combination man for Northwestern Bell Tele Co, Grand Island; 1927-29 owner, & mgr Grant Tele Co; 1929- gen mgr Central Neb Tele Co, Grant; 1927 village clk; 1938- pres Comml Club; AF&AM; Congl Ch; off Tele Bldg; res Grant.

   WHEELER, FRANK: Real Estate Agent; b Geneva Lake, Wis Oct 7, 1876; s of Samuel W Wheeler-Sarah Ann Bailey; ed Geneva Lake Wis: Walworth Acad, Walworth Wis; m Minnie J Greenman Apr 24, 1902 Grant; s Samuel Judson; d Flossie G (Mrs William Stransky); Frances A (Mrs Floyd Scott), Leota (Mrs Irvin Flaming); 1896 came to Neb; 1897-1902 sch tchr in Hayes, Chase & Perkins Cos; 1902-07 farmed, Perkins Co; 1907-13 owner & mgr gen mdse store, Madrid; 1913-16 elevator mgr, Madrid; 1916-29 owner of Frank Wheeler Auto Agcy; 1916- real est & ins bus, Madrid; past mbr town & sch bds; Neb Real Est Assn; Meth Ch, chmn of bd since 1925; res Madrid.

   WYKERT, FRANK McKINLEY: Hardware Dealer; b Sarpy Co, Neb Oct 28, 1895; s of Wendell Bromlow Wykert-Carrie Ann Satterfield; ed Sarpy Cc; m Golda Fenwick Aug 22, 1921 Grant; s Dwayne Carmen; d Floraine May, Eileen Ann; 1916-20 farmer in Sarpy & Perkins Cos; 1921 with Standard Oil Co; 1922-38 with C C Lyon Hdw & Furn Co, Grant; 1938- owner & mgr Wykert Hdw Store, Grant; during World War 1917-19 in 134th inf machine gun Co, AEF; Amer Leg; past mbr town bd; Neb Retail Hdw Assn; Comml Club; AF&AM: Congl Ch; hobby, outdoor sports; res Grant.



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