Superior's Honor Roll © 1998 WNO
from The Superior Express, Superior, NE, 1918
Superior's Honor Roll [1917-1918] Following is a list of the names now having stars on the Superor Service Flag. If there are any names omitted, or if there are any mistakes in the list, the committee in charge, consisiting of Mrs. W. S. Young, Mrs. Roy King and Miss Eunice Conn, will appreciate it if you will so inform them. If there are any new names, who are likely to be missed, take them to Mrs. Roy King, who has the list at the jewelry store. It is the desire of the committee, as well as the Express to have the list as complete as possible.

*Those who have been killed or died with disease.
[Note: This list is copied in the order printed. The list is alphabetized only by the first letter of the surname.]
*Leslie Adams
William Akers
Chas. E. Andrews
Harry Andrews

*Glenn Bailey
Wendell Beal
Edward Bacon
Carl Bacon
Chas. Bertram
Wm. Frank Buck
Sam R. Buck
Chester Buckles
Richard Burnight
Peter Boernson
Leslie Brokaw
Chas. Blackstone
Jesse Beck
Mike Beitler
Adley Broyles
Henry J. Brehm
Oscar Bennett
Alexander Brehm
Wm. Bashford
Wilbur Blair
Vernon McBroom
Fred Bossenmeyer
Robert Bosserman
Ray Bunting
Henry Barton
Ralph Barker
James Burge
Joe Burge
Boyd Burge
Hawley Barnard
Leo J. Brehm
H. A. Boden
E. S. Barr

Miles Carter
Alza Collette
Archie Chaney
Cecil Chaney
Kenneth Calder
Irl Cochran
Oscar Carter
Otis Carter
Rufus Collette
Frank Conley
Chas. Christensen
Hans Christensen
Leslie Christiansen
Arthur Christensen
Murl Alvin Clark
Robert Christensen

Newell Davis
John Dougherty
May Dailey
Lloyd Davies
Alonzo Davis
Elgin Drew
Ralph Davenport
David Dunn
Carl Dysart
George Duwe

Lloyd Elliott
J. L. Edenburn
Albert Ebaugh
Kenneth Edsall
Lloyd Erwin
Dewey Etherton
Ernest Eberhart
Maurice Erwin
Roy Esten
John Estep

Roy Fagg
Lyle Fenimore
Albert Farrington
_____ Fitzpatrick
Ivan Fisher
Leland Fisher
Will Fike
*Earl Fisher
Chas. Fultz
Harry Fultz
Ora Fisher

Arthur Gabrielson
Cris Green
John Gremeiss
Ernest Gray
J. L. Giffin
Lee Gates
Allen Gilchrist
____ Gillispie
Evart Goodrich
Ancel Green
Randolph Gingrich
Herbert Gittings
*Ralph Gehring
Ray Goodhue
Ina Gittings

Grant Harbolt
Wm. Harkins
Wm. D. Hunter
Clarendon Hodges
Paul Haffner
La Vern Haffner
Ralph Headrick
George Honeycutt
Earl H[ower?]
Peter H[an?]sen
Chas. Glen Hout
Burton Huff
Ivan Heath
Ernest Hayes
Curtis Heath
Ross Headrick
John Humphrey
August Hasemeyer
Don Hutson
Charles Higer
Arba Hager
Fred Hasemeyer
Fred Hintz
Fred Hansen
*Charles Hansen
Will Hintz
E. E. Haffner
Ralph Hicks
Charles P. Harkins
Vernon Hunter

Sunday Itellico
John Itellico

Frank Johnson
*Charles Johnson
Levi Jones
Ray Jarvis
Pete Jensen
*Ray Jones
Levi Jones
Guy Jones, Jr.
Earl Judd

Joe Keifer
Oswin Keifer
James Kane
Glenn Kamm
Ralph Koken
Noble Kiler
Alexander Kiser
Percy Korb
Bet Kline
Harry Kinnebruch
Noble Kenny
Ernest Korb
_____ Klingenberger
James A. Klinker

Don Lyne
Floyd Lyman
Leo Langer
*Taylor Lewis
Austin J. Leland
Arthur Longfellow
August Lunzman
Earl Lionbergr
Herschel Lester
W. A. Lacey
Roy Lockenour

James Marshall
T. O. Merchant
Henry Michaud
C. A. McKeown
Waldo McKeown
*William Mathers
Guy O. Martin
Chris Matthiesen
Edward Miller
Willard Macey
Dr. H. H. Miller
James Moore
James Matthews
Ralph McKinnon
Guy Miller
Lloyd Moffit
Don Montgomery
Glen McCall
Roy Marshall
Floyd McConnell
Stanley Matthews

J. C. Nicholson
John Nicholson

Lewis Oliver
Lewis Ogelvie
Francis O'Brien

Bert Pool
Presley Pool
Dr. David B. Pine
Russell Packwood
Harvey Paul
Ray Paul
Wayne Pharris
James Pharris
Charles Pharris
Elmo Phillips
Wendell Phillips
Melvin Perrine

Raymond Quinn

Lewis Russell
Hugo Rustow
Clyde Roe
Chris J. Ruberg
Peter Ruberg
Clyde Ross
Glen Riley
R. C. Rassmussen
Cecil Rose
Victor Rasmussen
Frank Reed
Stanton Rhodes
Lloyd Rhodes
Emmett Ross
Merritt Rice
Golden Reid
Ray Riley

David C. Schaffer
Lewis Stuart
William Schultz
Fred Straley
James Stewart
Ora Singer
*John Sibert
Clyde Sprigg
Ralph Sprigg
Charles Smiley
Merle Semke
Victor Se[e?]ck
Archie Shambaugh
Ed Schaer
Irving Scheetz
Guy Scheetz
Alanson Scofield
J. S. Swanson
Lee Spencer
Richard Smith
Jim Shank
Elmer Snell
Jack Snell
William Spratt
Ralph Salyard
Herbert Stubbs
Clair Shaw
Geo. Shroyer
Vilas Spohn
Ernest Sanders
Frank Schmeling
Frank Southard

Dr. J. A. Trowbride
David Thompson
Harry Touzalin
Mons Thompson
Kenneth Tyler
C. M. Thompson
Barney Tripp
George Thompson
J. A. Tartar

Frank Underwood

Chester Van Housen
Walter Verbeck

Ruth Welsh
Charles Welsh
Andrew Wilcox
Edward Winebar
Archie Wardrop
Roy Wilcox
Harry Warton
Edwin Wyatt
A. L Wright
Howard Whiting
Joe Wilkins
Tom White
Bert Williams
Frank Wells
Hollist Weir
Elmer Whitmers
Geo. Wasdsworth

A. B. Youn
C. O Yount

from The Superior Express,
POB 408, Superior, NE 68978, 1918.

printed here with the kind permission of The Superior Express

The material for this page came to me in the mail late in April 1998. It is part of a collection of scrapbooks kept by a former resident of Superior, Nuckolls County, Nebraska. They were donated to expand knowledge and heritage by Glen Bennet [Tucson, AZ], whose mother kept these wonderful books.
© 1998 William Neil Oliver