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The Nemaha Valley Genealogy Society (NVGS) is transcribing the headstones in all cemeteries in Nemaha County. Their data will not be available on line, contact the NVGS for details.

Auburn area contact: River Valley Memorials; 1206 "K" St. Auburn, NE 68305; Phone 402-274-5218.


Bedford (partial)

Howe, 0.75 m. W, 0.5 m. S

Since 1874


West of Coryell Park

Since 1868

Coryell Mausoleum

Coryell Park

Coryell family

County Poor Farm

NW 1/4 Sec 36, Twp 5, Rg 15


Grant Evergreen

Talmage, 1.5 m. S, 1 m. W

Old community of Grant

Glenrock (partial)

NW of Auburn

Old Glen Rock


NE of Auburn


Helmer Grave Site

SW 1/4 Sec 19, Twp 5, Rg 13


Highland Baptist

Auburn 4.5 m. N, 1 m. E

Since 1869
suzzyt@hotmail.com (Suzzy Thomas)

Highland Methodist

Auburn 4.5 m. N, 1.6 m. E

Since 1871, now defunct


S of Hillsdale

Since 1876

Holy Cross

Auburn, 3.5 m. S

St. Joseph's Catholic Church

Honey Creek

Between Peru & Brownville



S of Auburn

Howell family


Johnson, W 5th St.

Since 1880s

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>  Kite

SE of Auburn

Since early 1870s

Lafayette (partial)

Brock, 2.3 m. N

One of first in Nemaha Co.


NE Sec 12, Twp 15, Rg 13

Since about 1881

London (partial)

Auburn, 2 m. N, 4 m. E

Since 1868

    Martin Luther

NW 1/4 Sec 6, Twp 4, Rg 13

Since 1902

Mount Vernon (partial)

E of Peru, California St.

Old Mt. Vernon town site

Mount Zion

1 mile from S line of Nemaha Co.

Since 1868

Nemaha (partial)

Nemaha City, N 0.8 m. N, 0.6 m. E

Since 1865

Ottens Burial Plot

SE 1/4 Sec 23, Two 5, Rg 13

Otten Children

    Pleasant View

SW of Auburn

Since 1875

St. Bernard
Protestant Burials

Near Julian (French community)

Protestant burials

    St. Deroin

Richardson Co. 0.5 m. S. of line

Indian Cave Park

    St. Frederick

Near Old St. Frederick Townsite

Since early 1870's

    St. James Lutheran

Old Long Branch community

Since 1873

St. Johns Lutheran (partial)

NE 1/4 Sec 9, Twp 4, Rg 13

Since 1875

    St. Matthews Lutheran

Johnson, Sh 105 & Spur 64B

Since 1914

    St. Paul Lutheran

Near Auburn

Since 1915

    St. Paul Lutheran

Hickory Grove

Only Evangelical Lutherans

Sheridan & Sheridan Memorial

1 mile W of Auburn

Since 1858
suzzyt@hotmail.com (Suzzy Thomas)

    Trinity Lutheran

SW 1/4 Sec 18, Twp 4, Rg 13

First burial 1887

    Wagner Burial Grounds

Sec 36, Twp 6, Rg 12

Wagner Family

Walnut Grove

Brownville, 7th & 4th Sts.

Since 1856

    Zion Lutheran

Zion Lutheran Church

Dates to 1872



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