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Pasture Burials

The following information was taken from McPherson County History Book, published in 1986. Verbal permission to use the book online for this purpose was given by Betty Neal Rodewald Schroeder, Editor.

Names and dates unknown in most cases.

June 26, 1930 - Grandpa Ezekill Trmbly died at the home of his son, Arch. His funeral was at the Flats Church and he is buried beside his wife, Ellen, on the homestead near Flats, where several pines are standing. There are four graves. Grandpa and Grandma Ttrembly and two babies, Mary, daughter of Minnie Trembly and Prime, a Peterson baby, daughter of Bill and Annie. This grave is on the Gary Storer ground and is fenced in.

A birth baby is buried south of the Frank Melvin place that Miles and Jim Snyder own now. This grave has four old buggy axles that mark the grave.

The first baby of Bert Snyder was buried under a cottonwood tree in thier yard.

Babies born to the families of Dan Benson, Sam Wade and Bill Fink were buried on the former George Priest place a short distance from the house. This is northwest of the Wisner Valley. There is a lone cedar tree marking the spot. Pioneer Ranch owns this ground. Ernest Priest was also buried here and later moved to the Miller Cemetery.

On the old Brook Houser place, commonly known as the Lamb Ranch, now owned by Pioneer Company, there are three graves believed to be Houser children. One a baby girl, Alice, and one Rip Davis baby. These graves used to be fenced and had stone markers.

According to Lloyd Haynes there was an old man named Olgal Madding buried just west of Vernard Knolls under a tree in the power line, possibly sometime in 1914-1916. This would be in northeast Mcpherson county.

At one time there were three graves where they called Coyote Springs on the old Hall place, Harv Harvey lived on. These graves were there when they moved there and names unknown. This is on Vernard Knolls place just where you turn to go to Eldon Starrs on the highway and it is believed the road may be built over these graves.

There are graves on the Carl Rundback place near the house south of Ringgold, buried in 1900 or 1902. Grave of Heldenbrand child perhaps.

On the Joe and Ethel Schmidt place south of Ringgold is a grave of a Heldenbrand baby. This is west of the house and has a board fence around it.

There is believed to be a grave north and east of Ringgold on the property of Richard Wells. Unknown who it is. It may have a tree that may be the only marking and tree may be gone now.