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Eclipse Cemetery

The following information was taken from McPherson County History Book, published in 1986. Verbal permission to use the book online for this purpose was given by Betty Neal Rodewald Schroeder, Editor.

The Eclipse church was built in 1917 and is Episcopal. It is served by the minister from Hyannis and Mullen. The Eclipse Cemetery was named for the Eclipse post office which was located in the Tucker home. The Tucker ranch was established in the 1880's by Marvin Tucker's grandfather. He was a Blacksmith, brought his family to Nebraska and homesteaded just southeast of the church. He buried 2 children near the homesite which was the beginning of the Eclipse cemetery located thirty miles southwest of Mullen, Nebraska in Hooker County. See the story of how the cemetery was established in the Mcpherson County History Book.

All burial plots but two are marked with stones. Graves are: