1890 Nebraska State Gazetteer for Loup County


 Loup County, Nebraska
Created in 1883 out of unorganized lands in Central Nebraska

County Seat, Taylor, Nebraska
Created, established, and elected the County Seat in 1883


Nebraska State Gazetteer

Business Directory and Farmer list for 1890-1891,

Omaha: J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509-510 Paxton Block, 1890
Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J. M. Wolfe  & Co,
in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C.

Business Directory

Almeria is a village in the southwestern part of Loup county, eight miles from Taylor, the county town, with about seventy-five inhabitants, a Methodist church, a hotel, etc. It is located on the route of the proposed extension of the B. & M. R. R. to Brewster.

     Copp W B, shoemaker.                 
     Granger G L, hotel and livery.       
     Haythorne Lewis W, genl mdse and hardware.                          
     Hodges W R Rev, pastor M E church.   
     Hoellwarth T H, genl mdse and hardware.                          
     Johnson Lewis, jewelry.
     Kneipp F P, harnessmaker.
     Power W S, live st ck.
     Ritchey James T, drugs.
     Stone Henry, blacksmith.
     Wright W R, justice.
     Wright W R Mrs, postmaster.
Butka, a post office in the extreme northern part of Loup county, 20 miles north of Taylor.

Cooleyton, a country postoffice, offering accommodations for about 25 families whose main pursuit is farming, is located in the southern part of Loup county, about eight miles west of Taylor, the county seat.

Kent, a village in the southeastern part of Loup county, on the Loup river, six miles from Taylor, the county seat. Population, 25.
Powers Ed, blacksmith.
Riddle W H, drugs and groceries.
Severa Joseph, genl mdse, hardware and postmaster.
Moulton, a postoffice in the northwestern part of Loup county, 18 miles west of Taylor.

Nunda, a postoffice in the eastern part of Loup county, eight miles from Taylor.

Taylor, the judicial seat of Loup county, is located in the southern part of the county, on the North Loup river, about six miles east of a projected line of the B. & M. R. R., to pass across the southwestern part of the county. It has a population of 150. A bank, two hotels and two newspapers, the Loup County Clarion and the Taylor Republican, contribute to the business advancement of the place. Wheat and livestock are the chief products.
Adams Wm, blacksmith.
Alberti L H, attorney.
Belcher Wm, farm machinery.
Carter H E, prop Pavillion Hotel, county attorney.
Emig Geo P, drugs.
Evans John H, attorney.
Farmers House, J L Vinnedge prop.
Fields C H Mrs, millinery.
Hanigan J, principal public school.
Helmkamp Joseph, editor Taylor Republican.
Kolb H, wagonmaker.
Kolb R, blacksmith.
Kregiel Joseph, harnessmaker.
Lashbrook J B, editor, Loup County Clarion.
Loup County Bank, capital $5,000, F A Dann pres, 
A U Dann cashier, Guy Dann asst cashier.
Loup County Clarion, J B Lashbrook editor.
McMullen & Conrad, genl mdse.
McMullen W L Mrs, millinery.
Moon & Bragg, attorneys.
Pavillion Hotel, H E Carter prop.
Rainier & Son, livery.
Republcan Publishing Co, I Evans mgr, pubs Taylor Republican.
Riddle W H, drugs.
Rusho Joseph, hardware, crockery.
Scott Dell Mrs, millinery.
Scott G F, genl mdse, postmaster.
Shawley W F, phys.
Somerville N M Mrs, pastor M E church.
Taylor Republican, Jos Helmkamp editor.
Vinnedge J L, prop Farmers Home, billiard hall and livery.
Walker R B, genl mdse.
Wisely J L, flour and feed mill.

Farmer List

Abbott Geo W, Almeria		Lindsey T, Burwell
Abbott John, Almeria		Lindsey W H, Burwell
Adams H A, Taylor		Lotta C L, Burwell
Adams H W, Taylor		Lotta R S, Burwell
Albertie A R, Almeria		Lydell Lyman, Taylor
Albertie L H, Taylor		McCann Jas, Almeria
Alexander Jas A, Almeria	McCann T, Almeria
Alger M O, Kent			McCord H C, Taylor
Anderson Frank, Taylor		McCord M A, Taylor
Andrews L D, Almeria		McKenzie John, Burwell
Austin L D, Moulton		McWart T J, Burwell
Ayers S H, Burwell		Marion Ogden, Moulton
Bails Arch, Almeria		Marsters Sam, Taylor
Baker A B, Moulton		Martin C N, Taylor
Baker Jas L, Kent		Mast J D, Taylor
Baker W, Kent			Mast Levi, Taylor
Bale G W, Almeria		Merrill Burt, Kent
Beachy Thos, Almeria		Merrill Elmer, Taylor
Beager C F, Moulton		Merrill G W, Taylor
Beal J A, Almeria		Mills J T, Almeria
Beavers F M, Almeria		Mills R T, Taylor
Belcher A S, Almeria		Miror C, Kent
Benson M P, Moulton		Mitten O L, Moulton
Blair Alfred, Kent		Moninger Wm, Almeria
Bogue Geo M, Kent		Moon Arthur E, Kent
Bork Fred, Kent			Moore Matilda, Kent
Bott Timothy, Burwell		Moore Thos, Taylor
Bowers, Isabell, Almeria	Moore Wm, Almeria
Brady Ebenezer, Burwell		Moulton A J, Almeria
Briggs Jane, Kent		Moulton L M, Moulton
Bright Chas, Moulton		Moulton R B, Moulton
Britton Albert, Taylor		Moulton O P, Moulton
Britton Francis, Taylor		Moyer Michael, Almeria
Brookman W C, Almeria		Moyer O, Almeria
Brown James, Almeria		Myers Chas, Moulton
Burnfield A, Moulton		Myers J A, Almeria
Butka Francis B, Butka		Myers John sr, Almeria
Butka James, Butka		Myers J M, Almeria
Byerly John, Moulton		Myers R N, Almeria
Calvert Geo, Cooleyton		Nelson J A, Almeria
Campbell G S, Taylor		Newton H, Moulton
Capek Anna, Taylor		Nixon A, Moulton
Capek, Murry, Tayler		Nixon C, Moulton
Carl John, Kent			Ogden M, Moulton
Carter A L, Almeria		Oliver W M, Moulton
Carter J M, Moulton		Olney John, Butka
Chapman Alford, Cooleyton	Parkins John, Kent
Chessman Chas, Moulton		Partridge Fred, Butka
Clark Chas, Almeria		Payton J C, Taylor
Clark Geo F, Almeria		Perry Emily, Kent
Clark J F, Almeria		Peterson Z, Kent
Clark Wm A, Almeria		Phillipps H A, Moulton
Clevenger, F M, Cooleyton	Piepgrass H, Almeria
Cline P, Moulton		Plank Conrad, Taylor
Coder F, Moulton		Plank J M, Taylor
Collins F W, Taylor		Poland M W, Taylor
Collins J H, Taylor		Post Jared, Moulton
Collins M, Moulton		Powers A J, Kent
Conrad O H, Cooleyton		Powers E A, Kent
Cook E A, Cooleyton		Powers F M, Kent
Cook F M, Cooleyton		Prall John, Kent
Cooley A B, Cooleyton		Ragan John H, Taylor
Copper Chas C, Almeria		Rainier Chas, Taylor
Copper M A, Almeria		Rainier J H, Taylor
Correll A A, Moulton		Rainier J T E, Taylor
Correll C L, Almeria		Rainier Riley, Taylor
Court Geo, Kent			Rains L W, Almeria
Court Wm, Kent			Raish Thos, Almeria
Cram W I, Cooleyton		Ramsey James, Burwell
Crane Lincoln, Butka		Ramsey J W, Burwell
Crane Marshall, Burwell		Ramsey Robt, Burwell
Crane Martin, Burwell		Reeves Joseph L, Kent
Crane Morgan, Burwell		Reeves T J, Kent
Craven C L, Almeria		Reniff A E, Kent
Craven E E, Almeria		Reniff J L, Kent
Craven Jas A, Almeria		Reynolds W H, Moulton
Croughl Thos jr, Taylor		Richardson J H, Almeria
Croughl Thos sr, Taylor		Ridell John, Taylor
Crump L, Kent			Robertson S E, Moulton
Cuatt Thos, Burwell		Roblyer J H, Almeria
Cunningham S M, Moulton		Rogers W C, Almeria
Dalina A M, Taylor		Rourk B O, Kent
Darrah Albert, Kent		Ruppel L F, Cooleyton
Darrah Edwin, Kent		Rusho Charles, Taylor
Delesdunier J U, Almeria	Sanders C F, Moulton
Delsaver G F, Almeria		Saunders Frank, Burwell
Delsaver W H, Almeria		Sawyer B S, Moulton
Dills J H, Almeria		Scott David, Taylor
Dolen Jno, Burwell		Scott H M, Kent
Doughty R B, Taylor		Scott James W, Taylor
Dudley J A, Almeria		Scribner Jacob B, Kent
Dudley J F, Almeria		Seamen Henry, Kent
Dunbar W H, Moulton		Sears S V, Almeria
Dutcher Reuben, Taylor		Severa Joseph, Kent
Dutcher R L, Taylor		Sherman G H, Burwell
Edgington J, Burwell		Shoemaker A E, Burwell
Eldridge Jas, Almeria		Showmaker H M, Kent
Eleston Mary, Kent		Shoemaker S M, Burwell
Elliott Perry, Butka		Shokey Jacob, Burwell
Engler Leonard, Almeria		Simonson Olof, Taylor
Evans Wm, Taylor		Skinner J M, Taylor
Ewing O D, Moulton		Smith C H, Moulton
Fay Stephen, Taylor		Snurr L E, Almeria
Ferris J M, Burwell		Snurr M E, Almeria
Forbes W H, Almeria		Snyder C F, Almeria
Fox E A, Taylor			Snyder E E, Almeria
Fox G E, Taylor			Stantorf C L, Taylor
Fox I R, Taylor			Stephens Isaac, Taylor
Fox M T, Taylor			Stevens V F, Kent
Francis J L, Burwell		Stevens Wm, Almeria
Francis W W, Burwell		Stone Henry C, Almeria
Fry Julius, Almeria		Stover Isaac, Kent
Fuller Chas, Kent		Strohl Daniel, Kent
Furguson Jos, Taylor		Strohl Jacob L, Almeria
Gahring Peter, Kent		Strohl Matilda, Almeria
Gard D A, Kent			Strong C E, Almeria
Garner W M C, Kent		Swales Thos, Kent
Gilbert E N, Burwell		Swanson Axel, Taylor
Gingery Jno, Moulton		Swartout John W, Kent
Godfrey G W, Almeria		Sweet R H, Taylor
Godfrey Walter, Almeria		Sweet Wm H, Taylor
Golson J C, Moulton		Talt H F, Kent
Graham I G, Kent		Taylor E H, Kent
Gray Floyd, Burwell		Taylor W M, Moulton
Gray Mary Jane, Kent		Thomes Francis M, Almeria
Gregg David M, Almeria		Thomas G W, Almeria
Griffin Frank, Butka		Thomas John, Moulton
Griffith Howard, Kent		Thomas Lafe, Moulton
Grings Hiler, Taylor		Thomas W M, Moulton
Grummit Jno, Taylor		Thompson Jas, Almeria
Gurnsey A M, Kent		Thompson Jno, Almeria
Hale Geo M, Butka		Thompson P S, Kent
Hall David, Cooleyton		Thorp Jas A, Kent
Hall Joel, Cooleyton		Tillinghast J B, Kent
Hannagan J H, Kent		Tillinghast T A, Kent
Hannagan Jno T, Kent		Tobiasson A T, Almeria
Hannagan Thos, Kent		Tobiasson T H, Almeria
Hannaman Thos, Burwell		Tolen J E, Moulton
Harrib Chas, Butka		Trendal John, Almeria
Harter Jos, Taylor		Troxel Mary J, Almeria
Hartford J E, Burwell		Ullery Abraham, Burwell
Harvey J H, Taylor		Ullery F J, Burwell
Helbig John Mrs, Kent		Ullery Samuel, Burwell
Helmkamp Henry, Kent		Ullery W F, Burwell
Henderson J M, Moulton		Usher Isaac, Almeria
Henry A M, Almeria		Vanhoughton J G, Kent
Henry B F, Moulton		Vanhoughton J Z, Kent
Henry W W, Almeria		Vanhoughton N L, Kent
Hesselgesser John, Burwell	Vanhoughton R, Kent
Hesselgesser R, Burwell		VanMeter J B, Almeria
Hesselgesser S, Burwell		Vannedge Wm M, Almeria
Hetfield John G, Kent		VanRheern Peter, Almeria
Hetfield Zeba W, Kent		Wade Mack, Moulton
Himebaugh H H, Almeria		Walace H, Moulton
Hoge J N, Almeria		Walker B F, Moulton
Hooper Henry, Taylor		Walker James, Taylor
Hopping Luman, Almeria		Walker James A, Taylor
Hughs Brainard R, Kent		Walker Warren, Taylor
Hughs Frank M, Kent		Watts D T, Kent
Hunderford W, Taylor		Weed C N, Butka
Hurlburt, Fred, Kent		Weeks E A, Taylor
Hyatt John, Moulton		Wertz David, Moulton
Hyatt Sam, Moulton		Whitaker Lewis, Taylor
Hyatt W H, Moulton		White John W, Taylor
Hyde S V, Moulton		White Smith, Kent
Hyde V, Almeria			White L M, Moulton
Jackson R A, Kent		White W A, Almeria
Jackson W H, Kent		Whiteting C E, Butka
Jarvis M F, Moulton		Wilbors Jacob, Almeria
Johnson Ben, Taylor		Willard Eliza, Kent
Johnson Clark, Taylor		Williams R D, Taylor
Johnson Lewis, Moulton		Williams Thos, Taylor
Johnson R, Moulton		Williams W H, Moulton
Kamery J W, Moulton		Wirsig Frank A, Taylor
Kinder G W, Almeria		Wisely James L, Taylor
Krombach Adam, Moulton		Wishman August, Kent
Krombach Geo, Moulton		Wolf John W, Taylor
Kruger Geo, Burwell		Woods R A, Taylor
Kruger Gus, Burwell		Worth Geo H, Almeria
Lamb M A, Burka			Worthington C A, Moulton
Larins M, Almeria		Wright Chas, Almeria
Larm A G, Kent			Wright Chas W, Taylor
Larm W L, Burwell		Wright Mahlon, Moulton
Lasey Chas, Moulton		Wright Wm, Almeria
Leeder Jos, Almeria		Wright Wm B, Almeria
Lewis A J, Burwell		Zindulka John, Almeria
Lewis John, Taylor	

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