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Logan County History 1885-1985

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Russell Emory, youngest son of Charley and Maude Johnson, was born June  5, 1914, at Stapleton.  He attended grade school at Nesbit and graduated from  Baker Rural High School at Stapleton.  Russell enlisted in the Marine Corp in  April 1942 and was discharged October 1945.  He served as a gunner on a Navy  ship in the Pacific. Lucy Marie Fablinger, daughter of William and Gertrude Fablinger, was  born November 28, 1924, at Gandy.  She graduated from Logan County High  School and attended Kearney State Teachers College in the summer and taught  school for 10 years.  For 3 years she worked as a stenographer and file clerk  for Platte Valley Public Power and Irrigation District in North Platte.

On June 3, 1952, Russell and Lucy were married at the Stapleton  Presbyterian Church.  Since their marriage they have lived on their farm 9  1/2 miles west of Stapleton. This farm was homesteaded by Russell's  grandparents Prince and Nancy Gibbs.  Russell and Lucy have served as 4-H  Leaders, officers in the Presbyterian Church and other civic organizations. 

Russell has served on the Stapletion school board,  ASCS committee, and  director of the Federal Bank Of North Platte.

Thomas Lee was born August 12, 1955.  He attended school at Stapleton,  graduating in 1973.  He married Lyndel Marie Barner in November 1973. Lyndel is the oldest daughter of Dennis and Rose Barner. She also  graduated from Stapleton in 1973 and worked 6 years in the Logan County  Clerk's office.  They live on the Johnson farm and Tom farms with his father.   Their children are Dawn born July 9, 1977. Garrett born May 5, 1979, and  Lyndsi born June 2, 1982.

Geraldine Marie was born August 4, 1956. In August 1957 she was  accidentally killed by leveling equipment on the family farm.

Twin sons, Wayne and Dwayne were born July 4, 1962, and died the next  day.

 Jacqueline Kay, born January 25, 1964, graduated from Stapleton High  School in 1983.  At the present time she is attending Kearney State College  pursuing a degree in Nursing.

Copied by Tracy Johnson Summerville Sept 2001
From Logan Couty through the years 1885-1985


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