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McCain Cemetery (pg 48)

How McCain Cemetery came into being will be found in the article by Viginia 
Johnson Lindstrom, "From Mother's Diary", found later in this book.

It was in 1897 when the first meeting of the McCain Cemetery Association was 
held.  For many years the meetings were held in the Chappell school house 
(later known as the Frolkey school).  Then they moved the meetings to the 
courthouse at Stapleton.

The cemetery is located on Highway 92, four miles south and one and one-half 
miles east of Stapleton.  It is the largest of the three cemeteries in the 
county.  Besides the land donated by mrs. Adaline (McCain) Loudon and 
James Loudon, two other plots have been added.  In 1907, an acre of land, 
east of the original plot was purchased from H.L. McClay, and in 1957, two 
acres west were bought from William Brabham.

In 1957 a care-taker was hired for the grounds, and many improvements were 
made to the looks of the cemetery.  A Board of Trustrees oversees the care 
and use of the land and supervises the up-keep of the cemetery.  
(from 1962 Edition)

McCain Cemetery A-C

McCain Cemetery C-H

McCain Cemetery H-L

McCain Cemetery L-R

McCain Cemetery R-Y & Lewis at the end


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