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   William and Gertrude Fablinger

William Russell Fablinger, eldest son of Nicholas and Margaret Blake  Fablinger was born March 14, 1876, in Jo Davis County near Hanover, Illinois.  In 1881 a few  months after his mother’s death, his father took two of his sons, Will and George, to live  with a relative, Mrs.

Johns Schlect of Auburn NE., while he went on west to homestead.  In 1886 Mr.  Fablinger returned to Logan County by covered wagon to their new home (where Beryl  Frosh now lives).

Will received his schooling in the rural schools.  He first attended  “High Point,” a sod school about a mile east of their sodhouse.  He also attended “Red Brick” located southeast of the Logan County Co-op Station.  His last school was Frolkey School located  1/2 mile northeast of Jack Smith’s home.

As well as helping his father and neighbors, he did freighting out of  North Platte.  He served as the Director of the Farmer’s State Bank of Gandy.

Minnie Gertrude was the eldest daughter of Gus and Minnie Hughes.  She  was born on August 23, 1894, on Garfield Table and attended the Garfield School.  The  Hughes family moved to Tabor, Iowa, and in the fall of 1911 Gertie enrolled in the 9th grade.   The following January she came down with Typhoid Fever and was bedfast for 6 weeks.  Later that  year the family moved back to the homestead on Garfield Table.

On June 16, 1915, Will and Gertie were married.  The couple went by buggy  (about 8 miles), to a friends home who took them in his auto to North Platte for their  wedding.  The newlyweds made their home with Gerties parents, helping with the work.  It  was here their daughter Alice was born in 1916.  In 1921 they moved to the old Fablinger  Place.  1922 brought two special events; another daughter Elsie and the purchase of and moving to  a farm just south of the limits of Gandy.  Here two more daughters joined the family, Lucy in  1924 and Esther in 1930.  All four daughters attended the Gandy Grade School.  Following  graduation from Logan County High School they taught school and attended Kearney State Teachers  College during the summer.  

Alice and Walter Rockwell of Gandy, were married at the First Methodist  Church of North Platte.  Elsie married Edgar Hubbell in Bend, Oregon.  Lucy and Russell  Johnson were married in Stapleton United Presbyterian Church.  Ester married Byron Blevens  at the Gandy Methodist Church.  Rev. Edward Holub of Stapleton Officiated at the weddings  of Alice, Lucy and Esther.

Will and Gertie knew what the “Depression” of the ‘30’s was the banking  closing government buying of cattle.  Along with farming to supplement income, they  milked twelve to sixteen cows shipping some cream, churning and molding butter delivered to a  store in exchange for staples, eggs were also “traded” at the stores.  Gertie always had a  large garden and the family assisted with its care and harvest.  When possible Will, using one of  his larger teams worked on the road construction for a few dollars a day.  

Through good times and bad there was always room and food for family,  friends, neighbors, and the stranger.  All the family were active in the Methodist  Church and community affairs.

In 1944 they sold the farm and bought a house and several lots in Gandy  (The John Fletchers now own the house).  There was no retirement with garden, flowers,  chickens, and two cows, and borders.  Will was a high school custodian for a few years.

 On  January 4, 1963, Will died at home after several weeks of poor health.  Gertrude died September 29,  1973, at St. Mary's Hospital in North Platte.  They are both buried in McCain Cemetery.

From the History of Logan County Nebraska, pg 145
Copied by Tracy Johnson Summerville September 2001    


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