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Logan County History 1885-1985

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                                  Nicholas Fablinger

Nicholas came to Logan County in September 1886 and homesteaded southeast of Gandy.  He was the son of George and Margaret Pope Fablinger, born March 6, 1846, in Maryland near Washington D.C. 

The family was living in Illinois when President Lincoln called for volunteers to serve in the Union Army for 100 days.  Eighteen year old 
Nicholas enlisted in Co. C. 140 Illinois Volunteers.  After the 100 days he enlisted  in the 96th Regiment and was transferred to Co. H 21st.  When the Civil War ended he received an honorable discharge.   In March 1875, Nicholas married Margaret Blake.  The had 3 sons;  William, George and Edward and one daughter Lillian.  

This family lived on a farm in western Illinois.  Margaret died on April 29, 1881, six weeks after  the birth of Lillian.  Mr. Fablinger was busy on the farm and wondered how he  could go on farming and be able to provide all the things his young children  needed.  After much thought and discussion, with his wifes parents, who were helping with the care of the children, Nicholas decided he should go to Nebraska. So  with mutual agreement, the two youngest children Edward, and Lillian, were left to  be raised by their grandparents.  He took Will and George as far as Auburn, Ne, where they were left  in the care of an aunt, Mrs. John Schlecht, while he  went on west.  

Nicholas found what he was looking for in Logan County about six miles southeast of Gandy on Garfield Table.  He made small living quarters,  purchased basic supplies and equipment, joined the Garfield Methodist Church, helped neighbors and decided he had made the right choice.  He then made the trip back to get his two sons.  How long that trip in the covered wagon must have been for them!  Day after day being jolted up and down like that; the heat, leaving all familiar faces, and the landscape with fewer and fewer trees and housed, long stretches of nothing but sky and grass. Nicholas and his two boys batched and worked long hours in the field.

The boys first attended school in the sod school house east of their home and then the other rural  schools. Many years of school was held for only 3 to 6 months.

On March 4, 1892, Nicholas and Lizzie C. Applegate were married.  They had two daughters; Margaret (Mrs. Herb Smith: and Lizzie (Mrs. Raliegh Joy). The Fablingers moved to Gandy n September 1913. Mr. Fablinger was always active in affairs of the community.

He died January 15, 1917, and Mrs. Lizzie Fablinger died Jan 31, 1919. They are buried in the McCain Cemetery.

From the book Logan County Nebraska, Through the years 1885-1985.
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