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Nellie E. and J. S. Kroh

HE first white men to come to this part of Nebraska were trappers who sought furs and the traders who established posts to buy from the trappers and Indians. This was in the first half of the eighteenth century or about 1739. Most of the trappers were Frenchmen who came from the St. Louis fur center though some, following in the footsteps of Daniel Boone, were from the mountains of Kentucky and Virginia.
   Traders who financed the trappers would take their fur catch to St. Louis and bring back supplies to outfit the trappers for another year. It is claimed that these early trappers and traders gave the Platte river its name.
   Adventurous souls including Ezekiel Williams, Robert Stuart, Etienne Provost, Jedediah Smith, William Sublette, Stephen Harriman Long, and Jim Bridger later may have traversed this part of the country and traveled over what is now known as the Oregon Trail, making a well defined highway before Fremont set out as a pathfinder. Then came Bonnerville and his wagons to deepen the trail in 1832.
   The next people to come of whom we have an authentic record were those who went to Oregon on what has since been known as the Oregon Trail. This followed the south side of the South Platte river to a point about three miles west of Brule. With much difficulty the travelers forded the South Platte, crossed the divide and continued their western trek on the south side of the North Platte river. A number of markers in Keith County today chart the old trail.
   In April, 1860, the first Pony Express was inaugurated to provide faster mail service between New York and California. Markers for the Pony Express indicate that these daring riders also traversed Keith County on the south side of the South Platte river. However, this enterprising service was destined to operate less than two years for in 1861 the Western Union Telegraph company strung a line from Omaha to San Francisco. This line ran through what was later to be known as Keith County.
   When the Union Pacific railroad was built to Ogallala in 1866 the town and county began to make history in the cattle business and Ogallala will always be known as "The End of the Old Texas Trail." Trailing cattle from Texas began in 1867 and for many years Ogallala was the second largest shipping point on the railroad.
   Many of the cattle trailed to Ogallala were contracted by northern men to be delivered at the ranch of the new owner and some were taken to Ogallala. Others were destined for Indian agencies in Dakota and Montana. Some Texas ranchers also owned ranches in the north and sent cattle north to be matured and fattened.
   The first herds of cattle came late in June and by the middle of July there were as many as fifteen outfits camped south of the river near the town. Imagine fifteen outfits, ten to twelve men to the outfit, eight to ten horses to each man and an average of 3,500 cattle to the herd, and some idea may be obtained of the teeming life which continued in the valley for seventeen years.
   It was during this period that a number of colorful characters made repeated trips from Texas and later settled in the county. Among the old cow men of the county were Dick Bean, John Bratt, Henry Haythorn, Lep Sanders and others. Texas cowboys and Texas cattle held an enviable position in the pioneering and development of Nebraska and the range states west of the one hundredth meridian. The glamor of the Texas Trail will last as long as folks will remember.
   The cowboy will live forever in tradition and romance. He was a product of the times and conditions. He was not a devout man as judged by church standards yet he had a high sense of honor and was a square shooter. Like the Indian who thinks of the hereafter as a Happy Hunting Ground, the cowboy in singing of a future state does so in terms of his vocation. This is evidenced by the song known as the cowboy's hymn which was sung around every cow camp.
   Three to four months were usually required to drive a herd of cattle from the Rio Grande. The trip was a strenuous one and when the cattle had been taken to the grazing ground there was the original "quick lunch," a change of mounts and all but the ones on herd made a wild dash for Ogallala on the north side of the river.
   In 1872 after six years of trailing cattle from the south, Ogallala boasted of one general store, one restaurant and confectionery, one saloon and one hotel which were open the year round. In addition there was one saloon, "The Cowboys Rest," open during the cattle season.
   A few drinks were first on the program, then a try at the various gambling devices and when nightfall came there was a dance in the saloon

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hall to the strains of a screechy fiddle. "Shooting up the town" when the rotgut whisky began to work was a common sport an& most buildings of the town displayed bullet holes.
   In the stirring days of 1875 when the present city of Ogallala was an infant town on the Union Pacific railroad, Old Boot Hill cemetery, located on a hill just northwest of the city was the burial place for settlers, transients and others who participated in the settlement of the county and the building of the little prairie town. Many are the stories told of those days when gun battles took their toll of human life and the south side of the railroad tracks echoed with gunfire as some slick gambler or horse thief met his Waterloo. In addition to those who died by violence there were also others of respectability whose remains were buried on the hill.
   Among the first burials on Boot Hill were those of Mrs. Lillie Miller, wife of Bernard Miller and her infant child. Mrs. Miller's father was Rev. Mr. Savage, who resided and preached at the time at Orleans, Neb. Another early day burial on the hill was that of "Rattlesnake" Ed Whortey who was killed for nine dollars over a bet during a Monte game in a saloon. Whortey was killed by Lank Keyes whose real name was Turpin. He escaped from the Texas Rangers after killing a man, made his way to Ogallala over the cattle trails and became a tin-horn gambler and all-around bad man. The old time burials in this cemetery were generally with their boots on, thus the name "Boot Hill."
   During the Oregon Trail years and the California gold rush the wagons moved slowly and for greater safety they traveled in large trains led by western scouts who knew the country. However, to protect the immigrants from the Indians the government had to establish forts with small companies of soldiers at intervals along the trail. Even after the railroad was built the Indians continued to make trouble for the road as well as the settlers. There were more horses to steal and the Indians burned the buildings of the settlers at every opportunity. Until the country was more thickly settled the railroad helped to combat the Indian menace by telegraph communication and by the swift transportation of soldiers along the line.
   Back in 1873, sixty-six years ago, the citizens of the unorganized county of Keith asked that an election be held for the purpose of choosing county officers preliminary to organization. Governor Furnas ordered the election held in the residence of L. Aufdengarten, Ogallala, on Saturday, May 3. The first officers elected were E. M. Searle, James Miller and John Dowd, county commissioners; L. Aufdengarten, county clerk; Scott Keith, probate judge; Robert Law, county treasurer; A. H. Bradley, county sheriff; George VanCamp, superintendent of schools; John Gordon, surveyor. Ogallala was made the county seat.
   At a meeting in July the commissioners found the assessed valuation of the county to be $516,693 and made a levy of 12.75 mills for the expense of the county including 2.5 mills for the state general fund.
   Robert Law moved his house from just east of Brule to be used as a courthouse. At a meeting Sept. 13 the county clerk was instructed to buy furniture for the courthouse. On Nov. 3 the county was divided into three commissioner districts and the clerk's salary was fixed at $400 per year.
   In February, 1877, Sheriff Leach resigned and J. G. Hughes was appointed to fill the vacancy. Mr. Hughes passed away many years ago but his widow, 90 years of age, still lives in Ogallala.
   At this time there were but three precincts in the county, Alkali (Paxton), Ogallala and Brule. Whitetail was established in October, 1884. In July, 1885, when Perkins was still a part of Keith, the board established two new precincts, Marvin and Eckery, and in November Vail and Fairview precincts were established, making eight in all.
   In 1887 Perkins County was organized, thus cutting Keith to about half its original size. In 1888 the two-story courthouse was built of brick made in the local brick yard. This building is still in good repair and provides room for the several county officers as well as a district court room.
   Whenever the pioneer laid the foundation for his home, he made plans for the district school. Whether sod or frame the brave little buildings stood out to declare to the world that the conquest of the West had begun. Mrs. F. M. Richmond was among the early country district teachers of the county and among the early teachers in Ogallala are found the names of Elizabeth (Lizzie) Carroll, Carrie Leech and L. E. Brown.
   Ogallala's first efforts to provide education for the youth resulted in a white frame, one-room school with ten pupils. In one year's time the enrollment had increased to fifty. In 1887 a four-room brick building was erected in west Ogallala. These bricks also were made in Ogallala.
   Early in 1884 M. M. Neeves, county clerk, started to publish the Ogallala Reflector, the first paper in the county. William H. Mullane published the Keith County News from 1885-1893. The present owners of the News have made an effort to establish the identity of the various owners and editors since Mullane sold his interests but the files of the first twenty years were burned in a fire in 1905, making the work difficult. From older residents of the county we learn that the ownership probably passed successively to the following people:
   M. H. Hancock, for about one year. G. F. Copper for a year or more and while he was owner I. L. Woodward did some writing for the paper. Albert Muldoon had charge for a part of the years



Who's Who

1896 and 1897. Anna Gray Clark was publisher from 1897 to 1906. F. P. Morgan followed from 1906 to his death and during the first two years of his ownership Fred A. Rasmussen was associated with Morgan. C. E. Nichols owned the paper for one week in January, 1914, when he purchased it from the Morgan estate. Worth M. Miller who had been employed for some time by the Morgan estate purchased the paper from Nichols and continued in the ownership until December, 1918. Nellie E. and J. S. Kroh, who had been publishing the Ogallala Tribune since July, 1916, purchased the News from Miller and consolidated the two papers under the old established name, Keith County News. For more than twenty years the Krohs were sole owners but on March 1, 1939, they sold a half interest in the business to Harold A. Smith.
   Other than the railroad, the cattle business was the only industry of the county until 1884 when the last general round-up between the Platte rivers in western Nebraska was made. The cattle trail from Texas was closed in 1885. The change was caused by settlers who had begun to come to the county and who fenced the land so that cattle droves could not get through. Thus in a few years, 1883 to 1886, Keith County experienced a change which laid the foundation for diversified agriculture and the building up of numerous herds of high grade beef and dairy cattle and hogs.
   Keith County is in the southwest part of the state bordering on the northeast corner of Colorado. It is twenty-four miles north and south and forty-one miles east and west, contains 629,760 acres, 250,000 of which are under cultivation at the present time. Of the latter amount 33,000 acres are irrigated from ditches and wells. More than 375,000 acres provide excellent range and pasture lands.
   The two rivers, North and South Platte which run from west to east through the county, account for the many different kinds of soil, namely: bottom, second bottom, table and the so-called sandhill land in the north part. These natural conditions contribute to a greater diversification of crops than will be found in any other county of the state and are an insurance of some agricultural income every year in contrast with some other counties where the farmers depend on one crop year after year.
   About one-half of Keith County's population of 8,000 reside on the 800 farms and ranches. At least 56 percent of these farms and ranches are owner operated. The principal crops are wheat, com, oats, barley, rye, alfalfa and sugar beets. Dairy products, poultry and eggs, and the feeding of hundreds of carloads of high class beef cattle on corn raised in the county also contribute materially to the income of the agriculturist.
   The county has two railroads, the main double track line of the Union Pacific and the North Platte-Yoder branch of the same system. Highway No. 30, formerly designated as the Lincoln Highway, crosses the county parallel to the main line of the railroad. Highway No. 61 crosses from the south and highway No. 26 proceeds to the north and northwest junction with No. 30 at Ogallala. These main federal and state roads together with an excellent system of graded and graveled roads afford most excellent marketing facilities for the farmer and stockman.
   County officers serving September, 1939, when this history was written were: Commissioners, J. L. Brown, G. G. Hartman and Arch Harris; clerk, E. A. Sudman; treasurer, Addie S. Reikat; judge, Fred M. Jump; superintendent, Ruth F. Warren; attorney, Zelma Derry; sheriff, Fred G. Taylor; assessor, John Leonard; surveyor, Cecil Fell.
   Ogallala, the county seat, derived its name from the Oglala tribe of the Sioux Indians who inhabited this part of the state in early days. The village was incorporated Nov. 25, 1884, with the following trustees appointed to hold office until the next general election: H. L. Williams, C. B. Stone, M. DePriest, W. B. McCartney and L. Aufdengarten.
   The first Sabbath School was organized July 2, with Rev. L. E. Brown as pastor; E. Cooper, superintendent; George Conn, secretary; Mrs. E. Cooper, treasurer. Oct. 15, 1884, a Congregational Church was organized with L. E. Brown as pastor. Services were held in the schoolhouse until the following year when the congregation built their own house of worship.
   The First Methodist Episcopal Church of Ogallala was organized in 1886 with Rev. Mr. McAdams as pastor. In September, 1896, Ogallala entertained the West Nebraska Methodist Conference. The meeting was attended by more than one hundred ministers and delegates.
   L. E. Brown opened the village school in a small frame building Sept. 10, 1884, with fourteen pupils. The following year there were fifty pupils enrolled when school opened.
   Ogallala lodge No. 159, A. F. & A. M., was chartered June 16, 1887, and dedicated two months later. William Allison was the first worshipful master. Other elective officers were: G. W. Johnson, senior warden; E. M. Searle, junior warden; L. D. Hanna, treasurer; W. B. McCartney, secretary. The first temple of the lodge was the building purchased of M. M. Neeves. Beautiful temples on Spruce avenue now house the Masonic and Odd Fellows societies.
   Ogallala as we know it today is a thriving city of 2,700 population, boasts of many social and educational advantages for the home owner and excellent trading facilities for people living in an area from twenty to forty miles distant. Present officers of the city are: C. H. Fisher, mayor; C. G. Scherwitz, Leo Martin, Malon Stumbaugh and Dr. William V. Drost, councilmen; F. J. Sibal, clerk; C. G. Schwentker, treasurer; Zelma Derry, attorney; Roy Magnes, chief of police.


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   Four churches, St. Luke's Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist and Congregationalist provide ample opportunities for those who wish to attend divine worship.
   School district No. 1 of Ogallala now has three modern buildings. The enrollment in the kindergarten, primary and grades is 900 and the district employs twenty-five teachers. Directors of the district school are Dr. H. A. Vandiver, chairman of the board, A. L. Riedesel, L. J. Wittenberger, H. E. Nye, Dr. C. E. Mueller and 0. J. Peterson; secretary, Nellie E. Kroh; treasurer, C. G. Schwentker; superintendent, Harold J. West; principal, Homer C. Rector.
   Two modern theaters, air conditioned and equipped with good projecting machines provide daily entertainment for those interested in new and high class pictures. In addition to the Commercial Club, Ogallala has three active service clubs, Rotary with a membership of thirty-nine, Lions with a membership of twenty-five, and the Business and Professional Women's Club with a membership of twenty.
   The Ogallala postoffice is one of the second class and for the past two years has been housed in a modern federal building. Kathryn McCusker, present postmaster, is one of four women who have served the patrons since the founding of the office. Ogallala postmasters who preceded Miss McCusker were Phillip J. Lonergan, Elizabeth Carrol, Carrie Patton, Wesley Tressler, J. J. McCarthy and Nettie Jollensten.
   Manufacturing activities of the city include a variety of electrical devices and instruments in one factory; a wholesale bakery; artificial ice plant; bottling works; and a butter factory. The total investment in the manufacturing plants of the city exceeds $100,000 and the output averages nearly a quarter million dollars annually.
   The business and professional men, numbering at least 130, provide a variety of services and commodities ample to supply all needs of the resident population and the thousands of tourists who visit the city annually. Not the least of the advantages offered by the professional men is a fourteen bed hospital.
   Paxton is a thriving village twenty miles east of the county seat. From a whistling post on the main line of the Union Pacific until the fall of 1885 the station was called Alkali. As the country became more thickly settled the community center known as Paxton made a natural growth and is at this time the second largest town in the county. Surrounded as it is by fertile farm lands, the bank, mercantile houses, newspaper, schools and churches are well supported by the sons and daughters of some of the most hardy pioneers that ever settled in any country.
   Brule, third largest town in the county, is located ten miles west of the county seat and was founded in 1888 by Maj. and Mrs. I. R.. Barton. The town was named for the Brulé tribe of Sioux Indians. Located in the approximate center of much rich table and irrigated lands, it has always provided normal support for the town's social, educational and business activities.
   Keystone, located on the north bank of the North Platte river in the northeast part of the county and on the branch line of the Union Pacific, is another trading point worthy of mention. Bordering on the sandhill section of the county, it has been a market principally for cattle and dairy products. Keystone has the distinction of having the only church of its kind in the world. In the pioneering days of the eighties and nineties the need for a church was felt by Catholics and Protestants. Being nearly equal in numbers and neither group feeling financially able to build its own church the Woman's Club of Keystone induced Bishop Scanlon to make an appeal to Pope Leo XIII for a dispensation to erect a house of worship that could be used by both religious sects. The request was granted and at great sacrifice the Keystone King's Daughters Church was finally erected and dedicated. There is a Catholic altar at one end and a Protestant altar at the other end of the church with reversible seats or pews. The congregations used the church on alternate Sundays. Until a few years ago when it was destroyed by fire there was a similar church in Switzerland but at the present time the one at Keystone is distinctively alone in respects outlined.
   Lemoyne is another small village and trading point on the branch line of the Union Pacific running through the north third of the county. The townsite is located on land donated by Lemoyne Jacobs who settled on a ranch in 1882.
   Sarben, located on the North river in one of the irrigated sections of the county, and Roscoe, located on the main Union Pacific line between Ogallala and Paxton, are excellent small trading centers. Ogallala has loading facilities for sugar beets and Paxton provides elevator facilities for marketing small grains.

   ANDERSON, B RUSSELL: Druggist; b Alburnett, Ia July 30, 1896; s of Martin Anderson-Laura Mae Snowberger; ed Ogallala 1915; 1899- came with parents to Keith Co, farmed near Big Spring; 1917-21 prin Cottonwood Corner Sch; 1923-24 emp in Deuel Co State Bank, Chappell; 1924-34 cash Farmers State Bank of Brule, also in ins bus; 1934- in drug bus with brother George, Ogallala; during World War enl in SATC Sept 1918; past master AF&AM 159, 32o; IOOF past noble grand 397; OES; Rebekah; Rotary; secy Comml Club; mayor of Brule 1931-32; Neb Pharm Assn; Meth Ch; Dem; hobby, hunting; res Ogallala.

   ANDERSON, GEORGE MYRL: Druggist; b Big Spring, Neb Nov 27, 1900; s of Martin Anderson-Laura May Snowberger; ed Cottonwood Corner; Ogallala HS 1919; Creighton U, PhG 1925; Phi Delta Chi; m Delores Marie Halligan Sept 19, 1926 Brule; s George Martin, James Russell; 1925-36 opr drug store, Brule; 1937- ptr with brother Russell in drug bus, Ogallala; past secy Lions; Comml Club; IOOF; past mbr Brule sch bd; Neb Pharm Assn; Meth Ch;



Who's Who

Dem: hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Ogallala.

   APPLEGATE, HEROLD BYRON: Chiropractor; b Sutherland, Neb Feb 13, 1897; s of Byron Applegate- Fanny Shoup; ed Sutherland HS; 1916-17 U of N, pre med; 1919-21 Palmer Sch of Chiropractic, Davenport Ia; 1921 DC & PhC; m Mabel Bostwick June 17, 1920 Golden, Colo; s Floyd Bostwick; d Myleen Grace; 1915-16 sch tchr Lincoln CO; 1921-22 chiropractor in Wallace; 1922- prac Ogallala; 1934 candidate for congress; during World War enl in 1918 56th Engineers; 1918 attended War Coll Washington D C, technical training in operation of search lights; O/S 7 mos; past VP Neb St Chiropractic Assn; past noble grand IOOF; Amer Leg, past comm; VFW; Dem; Meth Ch; hobby, athletics; res Ogallala.

   ARROWSMITH, CLARENCE: Funeral Director; b New York, N Y June 9, 1870; s of David M Arrowsmith- Anna Augusta Miller; ed New York City, HS; learned drug & undertaking bus thru apprenticeship; m Amiee Gertrude Clough Jan 7, 1907 Ogallala (dec); d Frances Elizabeth (Mrs Ray Blancheri); 1888-98 reg pharmacist in New York, New Jersey; 1898-1903 cowpuncher on ranches in Keith Co; 1903-08 in drug bus, Ogallala; 1900- owner undertaking establishment in Ogallala, Arrowsmith Undertaking Chapel; 1914-33 Keith Co judge; 1918- chmn Keith Co ARC; Comml Club; Rotary; Neb St & Natl Funeral Dirs Assns; Episc Ch: hobby, travel; res Ogallala.

   BARNARD, ROY R: Publisher; b Warren Co, Ind Apr 15, 1874; s of George W Barnard-Lydia Oliphant; ed Custer Co; m Lydia G Greer Apr 17, 1902 Callaway; 1891 emp in Headlight off, Callaway; 1898 pur half int in Callaway Courier; 1902 sold int to ptr, estab Loup Valley Queen, Callaway; 1916 sold Loup Valley Queen; 1916-17 worked for Kearney Daily Hub; 1917-19 with North Platte Daily Telegraph; 1919-21 editorial mgr Kearney Weekly Democrat; 1921 pur Wolbach Messenger; 1923 sold Wolbach Messenger; 1923-33 job printing off, Long Beach Cal; 1933- owner & publisher Brule Citizen; AF&AM 207; NPA; Rep; hobbies, collecting relics & antiques; res Brute.

   BROWN, JOSHUA LOGAN: Stockman; b Aledo, Ill Aug 9, 1883; s of J H Brown-Mary Dilley; ed Chappell; Fremont Normal 1904: m Jennie C Peterson Aug 10, 1910 Chappell; s Kenneth Logan, Philip Aaron, Gerald DeLay: d Doris Irene, Lavonne Mae; 1903-06 tchr Deuel Co; 1906 worked for UP RR in Wyo; 1907-08 farmed in Gordon & Deuel Cos; 1908-17 in lbr & hdw bus, Chappell; 1917- farmed in Keith Co, cattle feeder; 1927-35, 1939- co commr; dir Bank of Brule; dir Farmers Coop; mbr sch bd dist 61; AF&AM 205; IOOF; Rep; hobby, reading; res Brule.

   BUENZ, HAROLD RICHARD: Merchant; b Grand Island Neb Feb 13, 1904; s of Richard Buenz-Amanda Paulson; ed Grand Island HS 1923; U of N 1923-26; piano player with Uni dance bands; Acacia; m Catherine Buechler Sept 12, 1929 Grand Island; s John Buechler, August Richard; 1926-32 with J C Penney Co, North Platte; 1932- mgr J C Penney store, Ogallala; past pres Comml Club; Rotary; AF&AM 157; Liederkranz, Grand Island; English Luth Ch; Rep; hobby, music; res Ogallala.

   BUTTON, FRANK P: Auto Dealer; b Doniphan, Neb Aug 24, 1897; s of J P Button-Annie Clendenin; ed Doniphan HS 1912; Grand Island Coll, BA 1918; m Lola Brehm Jan 8, 1922 Ogallala; s Joseph Frank; d Nancy Jane; 1918-1919 during World War enl as flying cadet in US army, tsfrd to U of Cal, Berkeley for ground school instruction, att flying school at Mather Field, Sacramento Cal, disch Jan 23 1919; Feb-June 1919 prin Sterling HS; 1919-20 engaged in comml flying at Grand Island & Ogallala; 1920- auto dlr, Ogallala; AF&AM 159; Rotary; Past pres Comml Club; past mbr sch bd; past mbr city coun; past city treas; past county assessor; 1932 recd Master Mcht award from Neb Farmer; past comm Amer Leg Post 135; Congl Ch; Dem; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Ogallala.

   COLE, EARL VENNER: Farmer; b Cass Co, Neb May 30, 1882; s of Shadrach Olin Cole-Caroline Cook; ed Weeping Water Acad; m Mary Catherine Perry June 28, 1905 Plattsmouth; s Elmer Perry; d Lois Earline (Mrs Hugh Bruce); 1903-17 farmed in Cass Co; 1917- farming, Keith Co; 4 years committeeman on AAA; 1937- dir Keith Co Farm Bureau; 15 years mbr town coun, chmn several terms, Brule; past mbr sch bd dist 17; helped obtain electricity, sidewalks, new sch bldg for Brule; past mbr bd of trustees Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, travel; res Brule.

   DERRY, ZELMA DORIS: Attorney; b Astoria, Ill Apr 7, 1910; d of Jesse M Derry-Sevilla Weber; ed Astoria HS 1927; bus coll in Neb 2 years: 1932-35 studied law in offs M M Maupin & G J McGinley, Ogallala; 1935 adm to Neb bar, tied for high honors in examinations; 1935- prac law in Ogallala, 1937 ptr in firm of Beatty, Maupin, Murphy & Derry; 1939- Keith Co atty, only woman county atty in Neb; 1938- Ogallala city atty; Jr VP Founders Day; one of org Ogallala ch B&PW; W Neb, Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; Chris Ch; Rep, advisory committee woman state Rep com, pres Sixth Congressional Dist Young Rep; hobby, reading; res Ogallala.

   DEVOE, LEROY A: Attorney; b McFarland, Wisc Dec 29, 1880; s of Albert F DeVoe-Mary E Townsend; 1900 grad Normal Dept, Tobin Coll, Fort Dodge Ia; 1903 grad U of N, LLB; m S Claire Wetherwax June 16, 1909 Grant; foster s Harold M; 1904- prac law Ogallala; 1905-27 Keith Co atty; chmn of Co Advisory Ed during World War; AF&AM 159; Scot Rite, Shriner of Omaha; IOOF hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Ogallala.

   DROST, WILLIAM VINCENT: Osteopath; b North Platte, Neb Nov 5, 1906; s of Dr Louis Charles Drost- Margaret Fienne; ed St Patricks & North Platte high schs 1925; Colorado St Tchrs Coll, Greeley; Kirksville Coll of Osteopathy & Surgery, Mo; Delta Psi; Alpha Tau Omega; m Muriel Welsh Sept 4, 1929 Fort Lupton Colo; d Barbara, Margaret, Mary Jane, Annette, Kathleen; 1932-33 osteopath, North Platte; 1933- osteopath, Ogallala; Rotary; Comml Club; Neb Osteopathic Assn; Cath Ch; Dem; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res 815 W 4th, Ogallala.

   DUTCH, THOMAS IRWIN: Hotel Operator; b Oxford, Ia Sept 26, 1882; s of Fredric R Dutch-Mary Carruthers; ed Crete HS 1901; Doane Coll, Crete 1901-04, lettered in baseball; Pi Kappa Delta; m Bess Welpton July 15, 1909 Ogallala; s Ralph Welpton (dec); d Hester Mary (Mrs Charles M Halsted), Betty Jane; 1908-23 org & oprd as corporation Welpton Lbr Co, Ogallala, lbr, hdw, farm Impl dlrs; 1923-28 eng in collecting & dissolving assets of previous enterprise; 1928- owner & opr Duchess Hotel, Ogallala; 1937- one of principals in developing oil & gas resources in Keith Co; Lions; Country Club; Neb Hotel Assn; AF&AM 157; Scot Rite, Tangier Shrine; Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, flower gardening; res Ogallala.

   ECHER, JOHN HERMAN: Farmer; b St John, Austria Dec 9, 1871; s of John Echer-Mary Rongish; ed Omaha; m Anna Wahrman Jan 31, 1899 Herndon Kas; s John Nicholas, William Albert, Frances Joseph; d Martha Mary (Mrs S Schimonitz), Nellie Anna, Lenore Johanna (Mrs Albert Griffin); 1883 came to US, Omaha; 1890-99 homesteaded with father in Rawlins Co Kas; 1899-1919 farmed in Rawlins Co Kas; 1916- owner & opr farm near Paxton; 1921-38 pres Farmers Co-op of Paxton; pct chmn Farm Acreage Allotments; pres Paxton Farm Loan Assns; pres Paxton-Elsie Tele Co; past mbr sch bd dist 16; Comml Club; Cath Ch; Dem; hobbies, designing, building; res Paxton.

   EGINTON, PETE: Banker; b Killucan, County Westmeath, Ireland May 28, 1883; s of George Eginton-Elizabeth Ray; ed Paxton; m Freda Fritsche Mar 16, 1919 Ogallala; s Peter Eginton Jr; d Betty Ann: 1884 came from Ireland to Fort Kearney; 1894 herded cattle for Welsh Brothers Ranch, Paxton; worked 9 mos, att sch 3 mos in sod school house; 1900 worked in Ogallala; 1901 railroading; 1902-04 worked on ranch near Ogallala; 1904-19 in hog feeding & stock raising bus, running approximately 350 head of cattle & horses on 3600 A; 1919-28 in elevator bus & stock feeding, Paxton; 1928-34 pres Bank of Paxton, 1933-38 dir, now pres; stock buyer & feeder 25 years; AF&AM 299 Sutherland; Episc Ch; Rep; hobby, hunting; 1884 father homesteaded near Paxton; res Paxton.

   FISHER, CLARENCE HAROLD: Rancher & Real Estate Dealer; b Waukon, Ia Apr 23, 1889; s of Henry George Fisher-Elizabeth Pieper; ed Waukon Ia; U of N Coll of Agr 1910-11; Sweeney Sch, Kansas City Mo 1914, Master Mechanic; m Pearl Hanna Mar 18, 1909 Cozad; s Howard; 1905-09 with father managed homestead, Lexington; 1911-13 worked for Wells-Fargo Express Co, Ogden Utah; 1913-15 tsfrd to Omaha; 1915-16 in auto bus, Ogallala; 1916-19 auto dlr, Norfolk, distributor for 10 counties; 1919- in garage, hotel, farming & real estate bus, Ogallala; chmn legislative com three major hydro-electric dists; AF&AM 188;


in Nebraska


Rotary; Comml Club; past mbr town bd; mayor 1934-39; past pres League of Neb Municipalities; exec com Sutherland Project, chmn of power com, treas; Congl Ch; Dem; hobby, hunting; res Ogallala.

   FRUIT, CHARLES WILLIAM: Stockman & Rancher; b Sangamon Co, Ill Aug 20, 1880; s of James T Fruit-Margaret McDaniel; ed Smith Co Kas; m Agnes Ryan May 10, 1905 Red Cloud; d Velma May (Mrs J M Horne), Helen Fernola, Alma Margurite (Mrs M Dunevitz), Marcelene Ellen; 1894-1902 worked on farms in Smith Co Kas; 1902-05 enl in US army 9th US regulars, served during Philippine insurrection & in China; 1905-14 farmed in Smith Co Kas; 1914- homesteaded in Arthur Co under Kinkaid Act, now opr ranch of 2700 A including original homesite, runs 300 head of cattle under F-- brand; 1928-36 Arthur Co judge; mbr sch bd; pres Arthur Co Fair Bd; Neb Stockgrowers Assn; IOOF 274; VFW; USWV, North Platte; Dem; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Keystone.

   GAINSFORTH, BURDETT LIVINGSTON: Dentist; b Holdrege, Neb Nov 14, 1911; s of S P Gainsforth-Jessie M Livingston; ed Ogallala HS 1930; U of N, DDS 1935; Omicron Kappa Upsilon; 1935- dentist with father in Ogallala; assoc with dental dept of Goodall Electric Mfg Co in designing various lab equipment; 1935 designed & built amateur radio station near Ogallala, affiliated with army amateur radio system which trains potential army personnel & lays foundation for emergency communication facilities; Neb St & ADA; 1st lt in medical corps dental reserve; AF&AM; hobbies, radio, motor boating; res Ogallala.

   GARWOOD, O R: Grocer; b Arborville, Neb Oct 2, 1889; s of M N Garwood-Amelia Austin; ed Hamilton Co dist 18; Aurora Bus Coll 1909; m Abbie Mourer Feb 22, 1911 Aurora; 1909-11 worked on father's farm; 1911-18 farmed & worked in Hamilton Co; 1918-23 farmed in Keith Co; 1923 owner opr Garwood Groceryteria, Ogallala; AF&AM 159, past master; Lions; Comml Club, past pres; mayor of Ogallala 1927-31; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, golf; res Ogallala.

   GOODALL, ROBERT ALDRICH: Inventor & Manufacturer; b Grant, Neb Oct 8, 1891; s of Henry E Goodall-Carrie A Boyd; ed Ogallala HS 1909; Doane Coll, BSc 1913; Pi Kappa Delta; m Clarice McLeod Sept 1, 1915 Stanton; 1913 pur jewelry store in Ogallala, then att Omaha Horological Inst, completing year's course in 4 mos; oprd jewelry & music store until 1929; 1925 invented & marketed electric soldering machine for use in manufacturing jewelry; 1926 invented & marketed first practical watch cleaning machine, now used extensively throughout world; 1927 invented non-synchronized talking machine for sound effects with silent motion pictures; 1928 designed one of first machines in US for reproduction of talking motion pictures; 1928- org & mgr Goodall Electric Mfg Co engaged in designing & manufacturing complete theater equipment; 1928- designs & manufactures Neon displays, air conditioning in which he is making use of natural cold water supply in western US, cold diagnostical lights for dentist & doctors, traveling lawn sprinklers; has business, residential, theater properties in North Platte, Sutherland, Ogallala, Lyman & Grant; pres South Platte Public Power & Irrigation Dist; 1926-27 pres Neb St Jewelers Assn; pres Rotary, 1937 del to Internatl Conv, Nice France; past pres Comml Club; AF&AM 137, Scot Rite, Tangier Shrine; Country Club; hobbies, irrigation in Neb, aviation; res Ogallala.

   HARDESSEN, SOPHIA JOHANNA: Homemaker; b Oldenburg, Germany Mar 25, 1886; d of Gerhard Oeltjen-Katharine Heinemann; ed Holsbek Germany; m Otto Johann Hardesson June 4, 1908 Columbus; s Carroll Otto; d Laura Catherine (Mrs George Ballentine); 1902-08 came to US, settled in Columbus; 1908-15 resided in Columbus after marriage; 1915- farming, Keith Co; 1915- raising chickens, has only chicken hatchery in Keith Co, 40,000 chickens per year, accredited by U of N; org Pleasantville Club; Farm Bureau; Internatl Baby Chick Assn; mbr ladies aid of Brute Congl Ch; Luth Ch; Rep; hobby, flower gardening; res Brule.

   HOBBS, ERASTUS LEROY: Retired; b Delaware Co, Ind Nov 22, 1862; s of James W Hobbs-Matilda B Smith; ed Carroll Co Ia; m Emma Wetter Feb 17, 1887 Glidden Ia; 1886-90 homesteaded, farmed near Brule; 1890-93 carp in Denver; 1893-97 managed cattle ranch in Douglas Co Colo; 1897-1909 opr ranch in Keith Co; 1909-35 org & opr farm impl bus, Brule; 1935- retired; also owned & managed impl bus, Keystone, Big Spring, Ogallala; past mbr sch bd dist 17; mbr Neb St Hist Soc; Rep; hobbies, stamp collecting, canes; res Brule.

   HOLSCHER, FRED W: Farmer; b Ogallala, Neb Dec 7, 1892; s of Fredrick Holscher-Henrietta Meyer: ed Keith Co dist 21; m Anna L Reidel Oct 29, 1919 Ogallala; s Edward, Gene; d Mayetta, Adeline (dec); 1908-18 worked on father's farm, Keith Co; 1918-19 during World War with 219th engineers at Camp Dodge Ia, disch Jan 1919; 1919- farming SE Ogallala; 1934 elec treas Keith Co Agrl Soil Conservation Assn; adjuster of Federal Crop Ins, Keith Co; mbr sch bd past 25 years; road overseer 14 years; dir Roscoe Co-op Oil CO; Luth Ch, Mo Synod; hobby, landscaping; res Ogallala.

   KEHR, ALBERT F: Theater Owner; b French Village, Ill Sept 29, 1882; s of August Kehr-Amelia Ardus; ed Clay Co Ill; m May Russell July 26, 1905 Kearney; s Robert Leroy; d Mildred, Alberta May (dec), Ruth: 1898-1901 blacksmith, St Louis Mo; 1901-07 resided in Kearney; 1907-10 opr restaurant, bowling alley & billiard parlor, Amherst; 1910-12 resided in Elm Crook; 1912- in theater bus, Ogallala, owner two theaters; org first fire dept in Ogallala; active in civic progress; past pres & secy Comml Club; past pres & secy Keith Co Fair Assn; city coun; past chmn town bd: first pres Rotary; mbr Rocky Mountain Screen Club, Denver; Congl Ch; Dem; hobby, blue rock shooting; res Ogallala.

   KELLER, MICHAEL D: Banker; b Butler Co, Neb Oct 21, 1875; s of John B Keller-Clara Eberly; ed Butler Co; Omaha Comml Coll 1894; m Maggie Nigh Mar 3, 1901 Grant; s Galen; d Lenore (Mrs C G Schwentker); 1898-1900 homesteaded in Perkins Co; 1900-15 owner & opr gen mdse store in Grant; 1915-35 org, opr, pres Farmers State Bank of Grant, later Farmers Natl Bank of Grant; 1935 principal stockholder, pres First Natl Bank of Ogallala; Past mbr town coun, Grant; Rotary; IOOF; Neb Bankers Assn; Comml Club; hobby, travel; res Ogallala.

   KILDARE, HUBERT LEO: Lumber Merchant; b Ogallala, Neb Mar 5, 1892; s of John J Kildare-Mary E Cavanaugh; ed Ogallala; 1908 Lexington Bus Coll; m Christine Meyer Sept 1, 1912 Paxton; s Bernard, Lawrence (dec); d Veronica (Mrs Hugh Thalken), Huberta (Mrs Joseph Pribyl), Christine, Dorothy; 1909-23 mgr Welpton Lbr Co, Paxton; 1923-28 part owner of bus under name of LeDioyt & Kildare; 1928-owner & opr Kildare Lbr Co, Paxton; chmn Dem Co Com; 8 years mbr town coun, past chmn; 1917 in 89th div Co B 355 inf, encamped at Camp Funston, Kas; comm Amer Leg, Post 303; Neb Lbr Mchts Assn; BPOE, North Platte; Cath Ch; Dem; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Paxton.

   KOENIG, WALTER WILLIAM: Clergyman; b St Charles, Mo Aug 8, 1904; s of John F Koenig-Mary Kammeier; ed Wentzville Mo; St Pauls Acad HS Concordia Mo 1921; St Pauls Coll, 2 years junior coll Concordia Seminary, St Louis, BD 1927; m Alma Zech Sept 2, 1930 Imperial; s Kenneth, Wayne; d Lois, Loretta; 1927- pastor St Paul's Luth Ch, Ogallala, also pastor St John's Luth Ch, Brule; asst field secy of Neb Dist Walther League; Lutheran Ch, Mo Synod; Indep; hobbies, gardening, golf; res Ogallala.

   KROH, JOHN SIMON: Publisher; b Clear Spring, Md Jan 25, 1874; s of Courtney H Kroh-Emma C Schnebley; ed Belle Plaine Ia; m Nellie E Snyder Dec 31, 1910 Brule; 1892-1916 emp in various lines of bus, groc stores at Belle Plaine, Reinbeck & Ia Falls Ia; 3 years dept & road salesman for Marshall Field Co; advertising & dept mgr for dry goods store in Oskaloosa Ia; special sales work in Mich & Wis; 1916 org Ogallala Tribune, publisher; 1918- owner publisher ofcl county paper, Keith County News; 1923-24 state senator from 31st dist; has traveled extensively, Alaska, Canada, Mexico; during World War, 4-min man, speaker for Liberty Loans; Country Club; NPA, past pres; Rotary, ch mbr, past pres; C of C, past pres; AF&AM 159; IOOF; Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, gardening; res Ogallala.

   KROH, NELLIE ELIZABETH: Homemaker; b Bureau Co, Ill Nov 4, 1878; d of George W Snyder-Josephine C Wassom; ed Peru Ill HS 1896; Ill State Normal, Bloomington 1896-97; m John S Kroh Dec 31, 1910 Brule; 1898-1910 sch tchr in various towns in Ill, Neb & Colo; 1916- part owner Keith Co News; 1916-26 actively engaged in publishing Keith Co News; 1920- secy Ogallala bd of edn; past secy Keith Co ARC, local chmn welfare dept; past mbr lib bd; int in art work, oil, water colors, china;



Who's Who

OES; B&PW; Delphian; Neb Writers Guild; Congl Ch; Rep, past committeewoman Neb St Central Committee; hobbies, landscaping, gardening; res Ogallala.

   LEDIOYT, ALBERT EDWARD: Retired; b Wilmington, Ill Mar 25, 1873; s of Roswell LeDioyt-Anna McCabe; ed Ogallala HS 1892; m Gladys Burton June 20, 1917 North Platte; d Mary Alberta; 1885 came to Neb with mother who filed on homestead; 1894-1900 tchr, Keith Co; 1900-12 worked for UP RR, brakeman & conductor; 1912-22 farmed, raised stock near Paxton; 1922-28 owner & opr lbr & fuel bus, Ogallala; 1928- ret, looking after farm properties; past pct assessor; past mbr sch bd dist 16; past mbr town coun; Paxton Comml Club; Cath Ch; Dem; hobby, fishing; res Paxton.

   McCAIG, SIDNEY L: Clergyman; b Brady, Neb Dec 27, 1905; s of Frederick Aaron McCaig-Fanny Elizabeth Holcomb; ed Brady HS 1923; KSTC BSc in edn 1931; Boston Sch of Theology, STE & STM; grad work at Harvard; Pi Kappa Delta, Kearney; m Christina Elizabeth Hammond June 20, 1934 Boston; d Sandra Kay, Patricia Ann; 1923-26 tchr near Brady; 1928-30 tchr Kearney HS, prin Emerson Ward Sch; 1929-30; 1934-37 student appointment from Boston U as pastor to Community Ch in Haverhill Mass; 1937-38 pastor Meth Ch Arcadia; 1938- pastor Meth Ch, Ogallala; Lions; Neb Annual Conf of Meth Ch; Dean of Epworth League Summer Institute, Lexington; Indep; hobbies, tennis, astronomy; res 508 N Spruce, Ogallala.

   McCUSKER, KATHRYN V: Postmaster; b Albion, Neb Aug 19, 1890; d of Frank McCusker-Mary Burns; ed Albion HS 1907; KSTC 2 years; 1910-12 tchr, Ogallala; 1912-14 tchr, Oshkosh; 1914-16 in Ladies-Ready-to-Wear, Brodhead, Wis; 1916-39 tchr in Roscoe, Keystone, Ogallala; 1933- apptd P M Ogallala, re-appointment confirmed by senate thru civil service July 12, 1939; B&PW, past pres Natl Assns of PMs; past pres St Luke's Altar Soc; Cath Ch; Dem; hobby, historical reading; res Ogallala.

   McGINLEY, GEORGE: Rancher & Stockman; b Otoe Co, Neb Apr 17, 1871; s of John McGinley-Mary Sherdan; ed Elementary sch Dunbar; Lincoln Bus Coll; m Margaret Thalken Jan 31, 1901 Ogallala; s John Bernard, Gerald James, George Terrance, Arthur Charles (dec), Theodore William, Jesse Joseph, Donald Francis; worked on father's farm in Otoe Co until 1898; 1898- bought 1200 A near Keystone & started ranching, developing interests which now total 53,000 A running an average of 4,000 head of cattle; 1918- owner of ranch near Lisco consisting of 17,000 A running average of 1,500 head of cattle; 1937- owner of 20,000 A ranch in Cherry Co running an average of 22,000 head of cattle; owner of 1,600 A irrigated farm near Brule; these interests are oprd as a co-ptrship of George McGinley & Sons; 30 years mbr Keystone sch bd; dir Neb Stockgrowers Assn; Dem; .Cath Ch; res Ogallala.

   McGINLEY, GERALD JAMES: Attorney; b Keith Co, Neb June 12, 1904; s of George McGinley-Margaret Thaiken; ed North Platte HS 1922; U of Notre Dame, LLB 1926, LLM 1927; m Ruth J Ewers Nov 21, 1926 South Bend Ind; d Maureen Anne; 1927-28 emp by UP in claim dept, Omaha; 1928 adm to Neb bar; 1928- prac law, Ogallala; 1930-38 Keith Co atty; 1927- ptr in George McGinley & Sons ranch enterprises; secy-treas Federal Land Bank Assns in Keith, Perkins, Arthur & Deuel Cos; Comml Club, pres; Neb St Bar Assn; Rotary, dir; hobby, reading; res Ogallala.

   MATHEWS, BENJAMIN GAINES: Retired: b Gallatin Co, Ky Sept 11, 1845; s of John Garner Mathews-Mary Kennedy; ed subscription schs in Ky; m Lucy Henderson Nov 25, 1873 Sheridan Co Mo; s Benjamin Gaines Jr; d Willie May (Mrs Jens Sillasen); 1857-63 came to Sheridan Co Mo & settled on farm with mother; 1865-68 opr grist & saw mill at Walton Ky; 1868-87 farmed in Sheridan Co Mo; 1887 homesteaded in Keith Co; 1887- owner opr ranch including original homesite, 400 A near Keystone; 1902-04 Keith Co judge; 1904-07 in merc bus Ogallala; 1909-11 in merc bus, Keystone; 1907 wife & son filed under Kinkaid Act on land adjoining original homestead; 1938 att Natl Conv at Gettysburg Penn, reunion of Civil War Veterans; has written & had published several Civil War incidents & memoirs; KP; Sons of the Confederacy; 1864 enl in Confederate army in Morgan's Cavalry, campaigned in Ky, Va & Tenn & in Shenandoah Valley, surrendered at Mt Sterling Ky with General Breckenridge on May 2, 1865; Chris Ch; Dem; hobbies, geology, writing; family were among first settlers in Ky, clearing farm in wilderness near Ohio River; res Keystone.

   NELSON, EARL WARD: Elevator Manager; b Wilcox, Neb Dec 8, 1894; s of Charles Gust Nelson-Emma Lydia Peterson; ed Elwood; York Bus Coll 2 years; York College; m Agnes Alfreda Melin June 21, 1921 Brule; s William Howard, John Calvin; d Pauline Mae; 1917-18 bkkpr Farmers Elevator Co, Chappell; 1918-19 mgr lbr yard Lodgepole; May 18, 1918 enl US army Camp Dodge Ia, 339th mach gun batt, Co B 88th div, Aug 1918 Camp Mills NY, sailed for Liverpool Eng, to Southampton England, to LeHavre France, to Alsace Lorraine Sector, helped hold this sector for French for 16 days, boarded train to advance on Metz Germany Nov 14, armistice signed while on move; 1919- mgr Farmers Co-op Elevator Assn, Brule; Indep; res Brule.

   NELSON, ROY GUSTIS: Merchant; b Ogallala, Neb Jan 16, 1890; s of Axel Nelson-Sadie J Anderson; ed Ogallala HS 1906; Franklin Acad, Franklin; Kearney Military Acad; m Carrie Lute Jan 1, 1914 Paxton; s John Lute; 1914- owner gen mdse store, Ogallala; Rotary; AF&AM 157; Comml Club; Congl Ch; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Ogallala.

   NEWCOMB, WAYNE KENNETH: Publisher; b Deweese, Neb May 4, 1900; s of Ward K Newcomb-Annie Childerston; ed Clay Center HS 1919; KSTC, BA 1923; U of N 1 year; Phi Delta Kappa; m Leta Crawford Mar 1, 1919 Kearney; s Warren Kenneth, Ward Crawford; d Anna Mae; 1919-21 org & conducted Midway Federal Farm Loan Assn, Kearney; 1923-29 supt of schs Mason City; 1929-33 supt of schs Cozad; 1933- owner & publisher Paxton Times; past pres 4th dist NSTA; past VP NSTA; NPA; AF&AM; Comml Club; Meth Ch; Dem; hobbies, fishing, gardening; res Paxton.

   NYE, HERBERT E: Furniture, Paint Dealer; b Amherst, Neb Apr 15, 1896, s of Will G Nye-Amelia Knapp; ed Kearney HS 1915; KSTC 2 years; Caledonians; m Doris Anderson Mar 21, 1925 Julesburg Colo; d Constance Rae; 1918 called for army service to Fort Logan Colo, tsfrd to Camp Mills NY, to Camp Lee near Petersburg Va, to Camp Dodge Ia, 8th ammunition train 8th div, private, 1st class, hdqrs co; disch Feb 12, 1919; 1919- in furn & paint bus, Ogallala; Amer Leg 135: Rotary; IOOF; Comml Club; Izaak Walton; dist chmn Federated Wildlife Club; Congl Ch; Rep; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Ogallala.

   PIELSTICKER, JOSEPH WILLIAM: Insurance, Bond Dealer; b Carroll, Ia, Apr 28, 1877; s of Conrad Pielsticker-Mary Weivel; ed Carroll la HS 1894; m Isabelle Stafford Dec 11, 1928 Paxton; 1894-97 worked in farming communities, Ia; 1897-1900 owner opr hotel in Epiphany SD; 1900-12 in real estate bus, Oakland Ore; 1912-15 in dairy bus near Portland Ore; 1915-23 pres & cash First State Bank of Dickens; 1923-28 cash Comml State Bank of Paxton; 1928- in ins & bonds bus; past mbr town coun; pres Comml Club; Cath Ch; Dem; hobbies, hunting, travel; res Paxton.

   PROFFITT, HADLEY RAY: Hardware Merchant & Undertaker; b Unadilla, Neb Nov 24, 1887: s of Henry Robinson Proffitt-Sarah Gee; ed Cook; York Coll 1902-03; Neb Wes 1907; m Mary T Wakeman Sept 1911 Cook; 1903-07 in ins bus with brother, Cook; 1908-11 owner & mgr gen mdse store, Cook; 1911 resided in Dayton Ore; 1912-20 lbr dlr, elev mgr; 1920-26 owner gen mdse store, Flats; 1926-27 hdw & undertaking bus, Arnold; 1927-33 owner gen mdse store, Flats; 1933- hdw mcht, undertaker, Paxton; AF&AM; Neb Funeral Dirs Assn; Meth Ch; Dem; hobby, fishing; res Paxton.

   RASDAL, MELVIN EARLE: Druggist; b Pender, Neb July 7, 1891; s of Harry C Rasdal-Ada L Purdy; ed Homer; Lyons; U of N, PhG 1924; Phi Delta Chi; m Agnes Hofeldt June 20, 1920 Laurel; s William Daniel; d Agnes Geraldine; Earleen Jane; 1896-12 resided in Homer, worked in gen & drug stores in vicinity; 1913-23 worked in various businesses in state; 1924- owner & opr drug store, Ogallala; NARD; Amer Pharm Assn; mbr bicameral legislature 1935; active in Jobs Daughters; past mbr sch bd, pres 1934-35; AF&AM 159, master 1927-28; Master Mcht Award 1931: Neb Pharm Assn, past pres; Rotary, past secy & pres; bd of examiners in pharm; secy Comml Club; father opr livery barn in Homer 1896; res Ogallala.

   REIKAT, ADELAIDE SARA: County Treasurer; b Paxton, Neb Aug 10, 1895; d of Ferdinand Relkat-Antonia ___; ed Paxton HS; bus ad-


in Nebraska


ministration by correspondence; 1898 father killed in train accident; 1898-1915 worked at various jobs, maid, clk, att sch; 1915-17 dep postmaster, Paxton; 1917-22 bkkpr, cash, Bank of Paxton; 1922-23 asst cash, Exchange Bank of Madrid; 1923-24 bkkpr, Citizens Bank of Ogallala; 1925-34 deputy county treas; 1934- Keith Co treas; 1912-19 clk & treas Paxton town coun; now secy Neb Co Treas Assn 2nd term; pres B&PW; VP Comml Club; past pres Amer Leg aux; 40 & 8 Club; Rebekah; Luth Ch; Dem; hobbies, collecting vases & coins; off Keith Co Courthouse, Ogallala; res Paxton.

   SCOTT, WALTER JOHN: Auto Dealer; b Philadelphia, Penn Mar 12, 1886; s of William Scott-Mary Kilpatrick; ed Cozad 1901; m Mabel C Hanna Aug 4, 1909 Cozad; s Robert Keith, Jack O'Neil; d Louise Pearl; 1915- auto dlr, Ogallala; also has farm ints & hotel bus; AF&AM 157; mbr sch bd 7 years; mbr town bd 7 years; Rotary; Comml Club; Meth Ch; Dem; hobby, golf, res Ogallala.

   SEARLE, RECTOR ERROL: Auto Dealer; b Ogallala, Neb Feb 15, 1896; s of E M Searle Jr-Alice Sims; ed Los Angeles HS; Ogallala HS 1915; m Pattie Miller Oct 14, 1917 Ogallala; s Donn; 1915 worked in father's bank, Citizens Bank of Ogallala; 1915- auto dlr, Ogallala; during World War, in motor transport div Lincoln, tsfrd to Camp Grant ROTC, disch Nov 24, 1918; Kilgore Post Amer Leg; AF&AM 152, Scot Rite, 32o; Tangier Shrine; Comml Club; Rotary, past pres; hobby, aviation; res Ogallala.

   SlLLASEN, SILLAS J: Rancher, Stockman; b Esteberg, Denmark Nov 1, 1865; s of Morton Sillasen-Maren Andersen; ed Denmark; m Ella Graham June 1891 North Platte; s Andrew; 1882 came to US, North Platte; 1882-96 horse wrangler, cow puncher for John Bratt Cattle Co; 1886 homesteaded Keith Co; 1896- owner & opr Keith Co ranch 15,000 A, runs approximately 700 head of stock, S-F brand; Neb Stockgrowers Assn; AF&AM 159; Luth Ch; hobby, 4-H Club; res Paxton.

   SMITH, HAROLD HENRY: Co-Publisher & Editor; b Topeka, Kas Jan 16, 1903; s of Eugene L Smith-Corabel Zook; ed Elkhart Kas HS 1922; U of Mo 1922-23; U of Kas, BA 1927; Phi Gamma Delta; Sigma Delta Chi; m Irene Wiggins June 27, 1936 Fort Morgan Colo; 1928-35 owner, Publisher Grit Advocate Julesburg Colo; 1935-37 owner & Publisher Herald Fort Morgan Colo; 1937-39 dir press relations of Colo Chain Stores Assn; March 1939- co-publisher & editor Keith County News; 1937 pres Colorado Press Assn; NPA; AF&AM, Elkhart Kas; Rotary; Meth Ch; hobby, photography; res Ogallala.

   STAFFORD, JAMES DENNIS: Rancher & Stockman; b Kellerton, Ia Apr 11, 1883; s of David Stafford-Ellen Foley; ed Paxton; m Margaret MeFadden Oct 30, 1912 Paxton; s Stuart Bernard, Francis David; 1887-1916 came to Neb with parents, asstd father on ranch; 1916- opr ranch near Paxton, also ranch near Sarben, 8000 A, running 700 head of cattle under DS brand; past mbr sch bd Paxton; mbr sch bd dist 40; past mbr Paxton town coun; mbr exec com Neb Stockgrowers Assn; BPOE 985; Cath Ch; Rep; hobby, hunting; res Sarben.

   STAFFORD, ORDELL D.: Retired; b Center Road Station, Penn Oct 20, 1866; s of George W Stafford- Rebecca Wait; ed Center Road Penn; Rising City; m Hattie Barker June 20, 1910 Rising City; d Lois (Mrs Balentine), (Mrs Lloyd Andersen); 1880-84 worked on father's farm; 1885-1900 farmed in Butler Co; 1900-01 pump & mill work in Butler Co; 1901-03 farmed in Keith Co; 1903-05 moved to coast; 1905-32 farmed, Keith Co; 1932-36 farmed near Sedgwick Colo; 1936- res, Brule, sold farm, ret; mbr town bd: AF&AM 159; Stockgrowers Assn; Congl Ch; Dem; hobby, reading; res Brule.

   STEINBRICH, WILLIAM HENRY: Retired; b Iowa City, Ia Dec 27, 1855; s of Gerhardt Steinbrich-Christine Lauer; ed Iowa City Ia; m Alice Kessler Jan 12, 1897 Solon Ia (dec); 1875-84 farmed in Johnson & Pocahontas Cos, Ia; 1884- homesteaded, ranched Keith Co; past mbr sch bd dist 11; KC; Cath Ch; Dem; hobby, reading; res Paxton.

   SUDMAN, EDWARD AUGUST: County Clerk; b Paxton, Neb Nov 2 1899; s of Henry Sudman Sr-Mary Ambrassat; ed Paxton HS 1919; Midland Coll, Fremont, BSc 1923; mbr Glee Club; 1923-34 cash & VP Sarben State Bank; 1934- Keith County Clerk; Lions, Ogallala, ch mbr, 1st Secy; IOOF 344, Paxton; Comml Club Ogallala; hobbies, cards, golf; off Keith Co Courthouse, Ogallala; res Paxton.

   TAYLOR, FRED G: County Sheriff; b Huntington, Penn Dec 17, 1896; s of William James Taylor-Emma J Walker; ed Brule 1915; York Bus Coll, 1916; m Gladys George Sept 8, 1928 Benkelman; d Virginia (dec); 1896-22 resided in Brule, worked at carpentry; 1922-27 worked for Pacific Ready Cut Homes Inc; 1927-29 contractor, Brule; 1930- Keith Co Sheriff, active in capture of bandits who robbed Farmers State Bank of Brule; during World War with 34th div, Neb, tsfrd to 32nd div Mich & Wis, served 10 mos in France, signal corps; Amer Leg, Paxton; VFW 3755; Comml Club; Congl Ch; Dem; hobbies, hunting, fishing; off Courthouse; res Ogallala.

   TERHUNE, ROY LESTER: Farmer, Cattle Feeder; b Hastings, Neb Apr 28, 1892; s of E W Terhune-Susan Furry; ed Adams Cc; m Emma Belle Dougherty Feb 25, 1914 Hastings; 1914-17 farmed, Clay Co; 1917- owner & opr farm in Keith Co;, pct committeeman for Federal Land Bank: mbr sch bd dist 16; IOOF 344; Farm Bureau; Paxton Comml Club; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Paxton.

   VANDIVER, HOWARD A: Physician & Surgeon; b Shelbina, Mo Jan 27, 1895; s of Charles E Vandiver-Luella Barkley; ed Lincoln HS 1914; Creighton U Omaha, MD 1921; 1918-21 played basketball with Creighton, undefeated 2 years, 1 year baseball, shortstop; Phi Rho Sigma; m Eleanor McCarthy Aug 11, 1919 Denver; d Aileen Marjory; Mary Luella; 1921-22 interne Mercy Hosp, Council Bluffs Ia; 1922 prac medicine, Ogallala; 1929- owner & opr Ogallala Hosp, which he designed & built; pres Ogallala sch bd; 1926- dist surg for UP RR; Keith Co physician since 1934; during World War, 20 mos enlistment in Med Reserve, 3 mos SATC; Amer Leg; Neb St & AMA; Rotary, past pres; MWA.; IOOF Chris Ch; Dem; hobby, athletics; res Ogallala.

   WARREN, MRS RUTH FORSYTH: County Superintendent of Schools; b Ogallala, Neb Dec 29, 1898; d of A M Forsyth-Christie MacLean; ed Ogallala HS 1918; KSTC, BSc 1928; U of Colo 1930; Columbia U 1939; Sigma Theta Phi, Kearney; 1918-19 tchr Keith Co; 1919-20 & 1928-34 tchr Ogallala; 1921-27 resided in Oregon & California; 1934- Keith Co Supt of Schs; B&PW; Cottonwood Corners PTA; VP Dist 6 Neb St PTA; OES; active in ch work, Meth Ch; Indep; hobby, reading; off Courthouse; res Ogallala.

   WOODWARD, ISAAC LAWRENCE: Retired; b Philadelphia, Penn Apr 17, 1864; s of Jacob Heald Woodward-Katherine Farnam; ed Media, Penn; Swarthmore 1 year; m Ella Dunn Oct 1898 North Platte; s Keith Lawrence, Keen Elwood; 1864-82 resided in Philadelphia, clk in gen mdse store; 1882-88 worked for John Bratt, North Platte; 1888 moved to Ogallala; 1895-23 painter, opr paint store, Ogallala; also emp by UP RR; 1923-35 Keith Co clk, retired from active duty 1934; IOOF 274; Dem; hobby, sign painting; res Ogallala.