Ogallala Cemetery Index - Y & Z
Ogallala Cemetery Index - Y & Z
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Barbed Wire
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Surname Given Name (s) Burial Date Birth Date
Yale Mary Ann 1932 1857
Yale Miles L. 1913 1852
Yonker Jason H. 1950 1901
Young Lorraine 14-Dec-1991
Young Mary Maxine 14-Jan-1985
Young Robert 19-Feb-1997
Young Rosa 22-Feb-1949 9-Mar-1867
Young Wallace
Younker Andrew T. 03-Feb-1979
Younker Arnold W. 15-Mar-1939 25-Jul-1918
Surname Given Name (s) Burial Date Birth Date
Zahm Bernard A. 1951 1862
Zahm Matilda Ann 1933 1872
Zakeriski Anna
Zakeriski Ben J. 1946 1893
Zakeriski Lynn 1948 1948
Zegler Kenneth T. 1948 1907
Zettergren Bertha 1962 1888
Zettergren Charley J. 1938 1863
Zettergren Earl H. 20-Jun-1975
Zettergren Emelia C. 1946 1862
Zettergren Harry 05-Feb-1972
Ziegler Infant
Ziegler Albert 02-May-1988
Ziegler Bernard F. 1962
Ziegler Infant
Zigler Ethelyn 29-Apr-1901 22-Mar-1901
Zigler Leonora 1963 1870
Zigler Loyd 29-Mar-1888 27-Mar-1888
Zigler Lydia A. 26-Aug-1917 7-Oct-1896
Zigler Mary R. 17-Dec-1960 22-Sep-1889
Zigler Ora A. 16-May-1987
Zigler P. W.
Zigler W. O. 12-Apr-1905 06-Feb-1905
Zoeller Yvonne Agnes 20-Apr-1905 15-Apr-1905
Zyss Victor 02-May-1979
Barbed Wire
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