Ogallala Cemetery Index - Wade-Welsh
Ogallala Cemetery Index - Wade-Welsh
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Surname Given Name (s) Burial Date Birth Date
Wade Barry Lynn 16-Mar-1977
Wade Linnea Dawn 17-May-1971
Wade Lynn 24-Mar-1988
Walburn Nicholas Edgar Wendell 14-Feb-1983
Walkenhorst Emma M. 13-Dec-1972
Walkenhorst Fred C. 1952 1880
Walker Benjamin P. 1931 1857
Walker Bob 20-Feb-1988
Walker Bradford M. 08-Dec-1921 21-Dec-1846
Walker Chuncey 22-Jan-1994
Walker Dale E. 04-Jan-1996
Walker Earl H. 29-Oct-1966 20-Oct-1885
Walker Elouis E. 10-Jun-1904
Walker Emily C. 1965 1888
Walker Emma Jane 1943 1863
Walker Ethel Minnie 07-Feb-1978
Walker Frieda I. 25-Nov-1980
Walker Grant Leroy 05-Oct-1931 04-Oct-1928
Walker Howard E. 04-Jan-1994
Walker Iris 21-Aug-1982
Walker J. Ted 1960 1883
Walker Lloyd B. 1939 1893
Walker Martha A. 03-Sep-1992
Walker Mary (Addie) 29-Nov-1931 28-Sep-1856
Walker Mary E. 20-Oct-1968
Walker Paul 25-Jan-1992
Walker Ruby 1943 1890
Walker Samual E. 13-Oct-1950 08-Sep-1931
Walker Teddy Junior 22-Jul-1974
Walker Vern 15-Sep-1968 26-Nov-1894
Walker Vern R. 11-Apr-1968
Wallen Anna Jane 29-Oct-1933 01-Sep-1896
Wallen Gabriel S. 05-Nov-1993
Walsh William J. 04-Oct-1990
Walters Ruth E. 31-Mar-1950 12-Feb-1928
Walz Alma Louis 23-Dec-1995
Walz Gilbert F. 18-Apr-1970
Wamsley Violet 22-Feb-1971 15-Apr-1886
Ward Ada M. 22-Feb-1971 15-Apr-1886
Ward Alfred Ray 1965 1920
Ward Amanda J. 1943 1879
Ward Arthur 17-May-1936 06-Feb-1882
Ward Jack A. 1933 1933
Ward Lyal E. 1928 1928
Ward Walter A. 1947 1877
Ware Carl Robert 08-Jul-1994
Warren Joyce Ann McFarland 12-May-1980
Washa Anton Sr. 14-Oct-1987
Washa Christine M. 16-Jun-1986
Washa Dorothy J. 29-Jun-1988
Washa Ed 07-Feb-1978
Washa Holly 01-Jun-1991
Washa John Russell 06-Nov-1978
Washa Lillian P. 30-Sep-1977 1886
Washa Paul Daniel 1966 1966
Watson Dora Darline 1936 1935
Watson Orville R. 1922 1916
Watts Rose Anna 07-Aug-1968
Weaver Edith 01-Oct-1985
Weaver Mattie F. 1960 1872
Weaver Russ 08-Jun-1991
Weber Merle E. 19-Sep-1959 25-Jan-1889
Weber Nora 10-Jun-1949 04-May-1884
Wedden John E. 1917
Weis John C. 1934 1892
Wellman Amelia 05-Sep-1995
Wellman Catherine
Wellman Ferdinand 29-Jul-1992
Wellman Frederick 23-Sep-1975
Wellman Sylvester 29-Sep-1984
Wells Francis Leborn 01-Jun-1957 26-Nov-1887
Welpton Hester 1927 1862
Welpton John 1918 1858
Welpton Mabel 1951 1880
Welpton Marguerite N. 1912 1894
Welpton Winniefred E. 1899 1884
Welsh Agnes L. 07-Aug-1979
Welsh Clayton Allen 31-Jul-1938 29-Jul-1938
Welsh David A. 14-Nov-1964 14-Mar-1897
Welsh Elsie E. 29-Jan-1985
Welsh Ethel Maude 01-Jun-1949 05-Mar-1904
Welsh George
Welsh George A. 20-Jun-1939 05-Jul-1878
Welsh Irma L. 09-May-1988
Welsh James 13-Aug-1966 25-Jan-1901
Welsh Joseph E. 10-Jun-1945 15-Jan-1899
Welsh Leslie A. 01-Jun-1965 16-Jan-1920
Welsh Mary J. 09-Sep-1974
Welsh Richard A. 27-Aug-1945 24-Jan-1928
Welsh Roy E. 14-Mar-1955 13-Sep-1906
Barbed Wire
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