Ogallala Cemetery Index - Sabata-Scofield
Ogallala Cemetery Index - Sabata-Scofield
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Barbed Wire
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Surname Given Name(s) Burial Date Birth Date
Sabata Adeline 16-Jul-1973
Sabata James 15-Apr-1989
Sager Katherine F 16-Oct-1987
Sager Lloyd S 04-Dec-1981
Salchow Bessie H 1937 1906
Sale John 25-Oct-1983
Sale Mrs. Anna 11-Jun-1977
Salsbery Herb 08-Sep-1967
Samuelson Anna S 1939 1855
Samuelson Arthur J 06-Jun-1979
Samuelson Charles Craig 16-Aug-1953 17-Jan-1949
Samuelson Ella 1932 1890
Samuelson John M 1924 1853
Samuelson Lila L 07-Jun-1971
Samuelson Lillian 05-Aug-1985
Samuelson Mary 1933 1884
Samuelson Oscar 1955 1881
Samuelson Swan (Gus) 06-Jan-1988
Sander John Frederick 1916 1862
Sander Katie L 1928 1865
Sanders Hazel
Sanders Hazel V (Hopken) 01-Jan-1967 16-Oct-1895
Sanders Horce Goold 05-Jul-1971
Sanders Lelia Faye 24-Feb-1978
Sanders Mary Ellen 1954 1868
Sanders Samuel D 1927 1845
Sanders Zack 14-May-1986
Sands Monty 15-Mar-1964 16-Dec-1963
Sappington Mary 27-Oct-1899 11-May-1886
Sass Dora 1966
Sass Fred 17-Aug-1983
Sass Genevieve 02-Jul-1996
Sass Henry C 03-Jun-1989
Sass Henry Sr. 18-Dec-1946 17-Aug-1869
Sass Theodore 23-Oct-1982
Sass William F
Sass Woodrow J 15-Oct-1954 23-Oct-1915
Sauer Augusta 1951 1877
Sauer Bill 01-Mar-1990
Sauer John H L 04-Apr-1983
Sauer Opal Margaret 22-Oct-1976
Sauer Robert J 1950 1870
Sauer Thomas, Timothy, Tamela 03-Apr-1964 02-Apr-1964
Saunders Terry Lynn 1970
Saunders Virginia 11-Jan-1968
Saunders Ward Willis 05-Apr-1983
Scanlan John 07-May-1970
Scanlan Mary L 1960 1874
Scanlan Thomas D 1958 1874
Scheede Anna L 1919 1868
Scheede Charles 1886
Scheede Henry 11-Aug-1910 29-Sep-1824
Scheede Lloyd 25-May-1984
Scheede Vivian 11-Mar-1996
Scherwitz Charles G 19-Jun-1947 28-Aug-1875
Scherwitz Rose M 04-May-1943 24-Oct-1876
Schilling Laverne Louis 03-Jan-1974
Schilling Lillian 19-Dec-1977
Schilz Frank 12-Apr-1953 14-Apr-1876
Schilz Larry James 1942
Schilz Louisa 07-Feb-1926 06-Aug-1883
Schilz Margaret 04-Nov-1996
Schilz William F 24-Dec-1980
Schindler Arnold 22-Jan-1992
Schindler Edward 31-Mar-1969
Schindler John 1948
Schindler Lena 11-Oct-1980
Schindler Mrs. Frances 1940 1855
Schindler Rose Brandt 1932
Schindler Timothy L 1948 1948
Schmidt Detlef 08-Mar-1971
Schmidt Ida L 12-Dec-1973
Schmidt William Fred 20-Jul-1982
Schneede Laural C 1945 1945
Schneede William J 1949 1909
Schow Bertha L 1946 1909
Schow Henrika 1966 1887
Schow Howard K 15-Jul-1972
Schow John H 25-Apr-1972
Schrack Ann Mari
Schrack Everette Fay 31-Jan-1972
Schroeder Albert F L 11-May-1974
Schroeder Thekla 18-Sep-1992
Schuessler Carl Albert 15-Dec-1946 03-Aug-1920
Schultz Emil Henry 24-Dec-1973
Schulz Bessie 1953 1897
Schulz Carl 04-Apr-1994
Schulz Carl W 1944 1880
Schulz Deborah Lea 1950
Schulz Ernest C 1963 1924
Schulz Henry 1960 1887
Schulz Mary M 31-Aug-1985
Schwasinger Dale 27-Sep-1983
Schwasinger Edward 1943 1877
Schwasinger Elsie E 24-Dec-1984
Schwasinger John J 1947 1867
Schwasinger Joseph Jay 1957 1935
Schwasinger Mary Lou 02-Jun-1970
Schwasinger Nina 1965 1894
Schwasinger Perry E 13-Mar-1976 1891
Schwasinger Rose M 23-Apr-1905 1871
Schwasinger Tilfred Ben 1961 1893
Schwentker C G 22-Jul-1970
Schwentker Lenore 17-May-1990
Scofield Aaron R 19-Nov-1964 17-May-1920
Scofield Kenneth Ray 1953 1942
Barbed Wire
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