Ogallala Cemetery Index - Peters-Pierce
Ogallala Cemetery Index - Peters-Pierce
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Surname Given Name(s) Burial Date Birth Date
Peters Fred 25-Jan-1990
Peters Fredrick 16-Oct-1985
Peters Gary Lee 19-Feb-1961 19-Feb-1961
Peters George 1922 07-Feb-1905
Peters Janette Edith 20-Sep-1972
Peters Jimmy 21-Apr-1970
Peters Julius A 20-Sep-1942 09-Mar-1869
Peters Kenneth M 1981 11-Apr-1905
Peters Louisa A 13-Jul-1936 24-Jul-1923
Peters Louise W 19-Jul-1944 20-Sep-1870
Peters Mary 12-Oct-1996
Peters Peter C 04-Apr-1943 21-Sep-1861
Peters Raymond E 24-Feb-1971
Peters Roy 15-May-1990
Peters Roy 15-May-1990
Peters Ruth Lanell 1961 27-Mar-1905
Peters Samuel, Jr 1929 12-Apr-1905
Peters Vera 29-Nov-1979
Peters Vern Verle 02-May-1968
Peters William 18-Jun-1930 04-Mar-1877
Peters William C 1962 08-Mar-1905
Petersen Alice 13-Mar-1916 30-Mar-1881
Petersen Kathryn 13-Feb-1985
Petersen Neale A 15-Oct-1996
Peterson Axel W 14-Apr-1952 01-Jan-1883
Peterson E George 18-Nov-1958 30-Jan-1885
Peterson Edward E 11-Nov-1914 16-Apr-1881
Peterson Filles J 26-Apr-1985
Peterson Franklin A 24-Apr-1974 10-Mar-1905
Peterson Gilbert 15-Oct-1848
Peterson Gladys M 09-Oct-1982
Peterson Grace E 19-Jul-1984
Peterson Hans A 26-Apr-1972
Peterson Harold L 28-May-1987
Peterson Jack H 21-Dec-1990
Peterson James 21-Mar-1942 10-May-1858
Peterson Janice 26-Jul-1954 21-Apr-1953
Peterson Jean 08-Oct-1990
Peterson John J 02-Jun-1945 18-Nov-1890
Peterson Judith Ann 02-Sep-1974
Peterson Lawrence E 03-May-1971
Peterson Lillian A 24-Jun-1891 11-Aug-1886
Peterson Lillian M 18-May-1942 19-May-1865
Peterson Mabel C 27-Oct-1893
Peterson Mabel C 24-Aug-1972
Peterson Marguerite R 1958 10-Mar-1905
Peterson Marion 10-Feb-1989
Peterson Nellie 23-Nov-1948 17-Jun-1863
Peterson Otto D 19-Mar-1905 10-Mar-1898
Peterson Pamela Sue 30-Aug-1972
Peterson Raymond C 22-Jul-1995
Peterson Rena 13-Feb-1916 01-Jan-1850
Peterson Rozelle G 11-Jun-1911 25-Nov-1893
Peterson Ruth 08-Apr-1986
Peterson Sharon K 23-Dec-1968
Peterson Simon G 22-Dec-1938 18-Sep-1887
Peterson Swan P 14-Jun-1919 17-Jul-1850
Peterson Veronica M 16-Sep-1974
Peterson Wayne D 13-Mar-1995
Phillips Charles E 19-Jul-1960 29-Oct-1875
Phillips Eva E 26-Dec-1943 13-Jun-1862
Phillips Helen J 04-Aug-1964 12-Jan-1874
Phillips John William 06-Jan-1982
Pickens Bill 10-Dec-1990
Pickford Hannah 28-Aug-1916
Pickford John 04-Jun-1915
Pickford Margaret 14-Oct-1897
Piepho Carl W 29-Dec-1984
Piepho Della 19-Aug-1985
Piepho Ernest 1959 23-Feb-1905
Piepho Lloyd 06-Mar-1990
Pierce Alma E 16-Mar-1905
Pierce Dale 28-Jun-1980
Pierce Guy W 1951 12-Mar-1905
Pierce Harry Weaver 02-Mar-1952 02-Jun-1888
Pierce Henry Francis 07-Dec-1983
Pierce Ira F 26-Feb-1996
Pierce John Franklin 1955 17-Feb-1905
Pierce John Roy 22-Feb-1962 25-Aug-1887
Pierce Lola 18-Nov-1992
Pierce Mabel E 03-May-1975
Pierce Mary Alice 1961 01-Mar-1905
Pierce Myra Hurd 25-May-1961 24-Nov-1892
Pierce Ray Franklin 1941 24-Apr-1905
Barbed Wire
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