Ogallala Cemetery Index - N
Ogallala Cemetery Index - N
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Surname Given Name Burial Date Birth Date
Nakonieczny Twila F 10-Oct-1996
Navaroo Oscar 13-Nov-1975
Navarro Paul 30-Nov-1995
Navis Dorothy 24-May-1989
Needham Charles 11-Jun-1979
Needham Elbert L. 28-Aug-1948 06-May-1874
Needham John 1958 1958
Needham Marie 22-Jun-1992
Needham Martha H. 26-Mar-1966 04-Mar-1877
Needham Mary 1957 1957
Nelson Axel 1923 1862
Nelson Carl Axel 15-Sep-1955 21-Jul-1867
Nelson Frederick E. 2-Jan-1953 (death) 04-Dec-1924
Nelson Harry Axel 26-Jul-1899 12-Jul-1898
Nelson L. Peter October 1894 1854
Nelson Margaret 26-Nov-1982
Nelson Ole L 1966 1882
Nelson Paul David 20-Apr-1974
Nelson Raymond Sr. 17-Oct-1984
Nelson Sadie J. 1936 1866
Nelson Thorinna 19-May-1902 05-Jan-1902
Nelson Wyllis W. 26-Dec-1984 1885
Nenstiel Ethel 22-Jan-1994
Nenstiel Harry 16-Nov-1991
Nesvara Joe 09-Jul-1992
Newdick Mary 23-Jun-1895
Nichols Carl 16-Feb-1987
Nichols Chester E. 23-Mar-1959 09-Jun-1885
Nichols Lulu E. 11-Nov-1981
Nielsen John 1951 1951
Nielsen Lottie Violet 09-Oct-1918 03-May-1888
Nielsen Martin 1953 1895
Nielsen Theresa K. 10-Feb-1987
Nielson Alice E. 19-Feb-1948 04-May-1919
Nielson Clarence C 1955 1896
Nielson James Christan 21-Oct-1935 19-Oct-1935
Nielson Katherine 13-Jan-1936
Nielson Mary Ella 09-Feb-1990
Nielson Robert H. 1954 1886
Nissen Barnabus J. 1955 1955
Nix 20-Dec-1940
Nodlinski Bessie A. 25-Dec-1961 11-Feb-1890
Nodlinski Peter P. 29-Oct-1940 08-May-1886
Nolting Ivan Warren 04-Sep-1982
Nolting Julie 05-Nov-1988
Norcutt Robert T. 1937 1920
Norris Earl Emerson 1954 1896
Norris Esther C 05-Mar-1982
Norton Frank P 1887 1882
Nostrum Marlen Phillip 26-Jan-1889 01-Jun-1888
Nowak Anna Marie 1959 1959
Nowak Anna Wanda 23-May-1979
Nowak Annie F. 08-May-1934 21-Jun-1921
Nowak Brenda Kay 1960 1959
Nowak Dan 11-Sep-1990
Nowak Daniel 11-Sep-1990
Nowak Edward Benjamin 03-Nov-1973
Nowak Genevieve 26-Nov-1993
Nowak Gerald (Jerry) 20-Apr-1987
Nowak Harry S. 30-Sep-1961 12/31/13
Nowak John Stanley 06-Jul-1979
Nowak Larry Gene 21-Dec-1971
Nowak Lorance 23-Mar-1990
Nowak Martin J. 1961 1885
Nowak Mary Lynn 1954 1954
Nowak Robert 02-Mar-1968
Nowak Rodney 1966 1964
Nowak Ronald, Jr. 1963 1961
Nowak Sharon K 07-Dec-1959 19-Sep-1942
Nowak Stella 1948 1888
Nowak Timothy J. 1958 1956
Nowak Virgil 1966
Nowak Wanda 1972
Noyes Gyrus B. 22-Jan-1939 11/10/1877
Nunn Dr. Webster H. 1961 1878
Nunn Henry D. 1941 1910
Nunn Ina B. 1963 1888
Nye Carl Keith 13-May-1935 13-Mar-1924
Nye Herbert 21-Aug-1958 15-Apr-1896
Nye Lester 22-Jul-1968
Nye D. Lester 1968 25-Sep-1892
Nye Ruth 10-Nov-1972 11-Jun-1894
Nye Vesper E. 06-Aug-1986 1887
Nye Walter C. 1964 1886
Barbed Wire
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