Ogallala Cemetery Index - Maben-McGinley
Ogallala Cemetery Index - Maben-McGinley
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Surname Given Name (s) Burial Date Birth Date
Maben Martha 22-Oct-1992
Maben Ray 24-Aug-1993
Mackenzie Harold A. 22-Sep-1980
Mackenzie Letha E. 21-Sep-1976
Mackenzie Lowell D. 26-Apr-1995
Maclean Mary J. 18-Feb-1905 02-Jan-1862
Macy Frederick 14-May-1905 1875
Macy Josephine 1957 1884
Maddox Elizabeth 29-Apr-1970
Maddox Ronald 19-Aug-1982
Mader Louis 1911 1851
Madison Dottie 30-Dec-1953 20-Jul-1880
Madison Herbert 05-Jan-1947 22-Aug-1874
Madison Virgil 06-May-1970
MaganaTwins 12-May-1989
Magnuson Bernice 06-Jul-1995
Magnuson Clare 21-Mar-1995
Magnuson F. C. (Buster) 15-Jul-1986
Mahaffey Charles F. 18-Aug-1898 13-Jan-1896
Mahaffey Frank 29-Mar-1937 12-Apr-1871
Mahaffey J. Lawrence 25-Aug-1919
Mahaffey Jomas Lawrence 1939 1906
Mahaffey Lillian B. 1955 1873
Mahaffey Lizzie 13-Oct-1899
Mahaffey Lucy May 02-Mar-1900 17-Oct-1893
Mahaffey Matilda 1945 1876
Maiefski Robert S. 13-Aug-1985 1886
Maiesski Marilyn 04-Sep-1992
Major Verta A. 14-Sep-1980
Maley Earl D. 1931 1891
Maley Harriett A. 20-Jun-1930 21-Jan-1963
Maley John A. 15-Apr-1943 12-Dec-1864
Maley Lola E. 1895
Maley Mary Ione 02-Mar-1974
Malone Freddie Ruth 11-Nov-1970
Manion Leila Ross 1940 1893
Mannon Esibell 1921 1847
Mannon Forrest G. 1928 1854
Mannon Hazel Ruth 11-Aug-1971 1890
Mannon James 30-Apr-1901
Mannon James E. 12-Sep-1898 16-Oct-1895
Mannon Lydia A. 1944 1864
Mannon Walter 27-Jun-1907
Mannon Willie F. 1965 1888
Markussen Chad 1967
Markussen Holger 1964 1903
Markussen Phyllis I. 1935
Markussen Riley L. 22-Jun-1963 22-Jun-1945
Markussen Vera Clair 12-Oct-1972
Martens Baby 1942 1942
Martens Beth 25-May-1973
Martens Diedrich C. 1934 1864
Martens Elizabeth 1960 1887
Martens Gary G. 26-Jul-1972
Martens Otto H. 1944 1917
Martens Ruth Mary 1955 1955
Martens Selma Irene 1957 1957
Martin James L. 1896
Martin Jessie B. 1968
Martin Josephine 25-Aug-1903
Martin Katherine H. 11-Apr-1979
Martin Leo 12-Dec-1969
Martin Louis 1947 1861
Martin Marcelene 09-Oct-1990
Martin Marie 1950 1868
Martin Rene 14-Nov-1983
Martin William 30-May-1961 22-Oct-1882
Martin Winford 07-Jul-1908 03-Sep-1908
McCusker John E. 1962 1881
McCusker Mary 1940 1848
McCusker Mary Agnes 25-Sep-1980
McCusker Norma 1952 1880
McDonald Harold J. 1942 1918
McDonald Mary Jane 1944 1886
McDowell S. Anna 1937 1874
McDowell Thomas H 1958 1870
McEntee Clair B. 28-Jan-1976
McEntee Hope Amanda 1964 1963
McEntee Robert L. 14-Sep-1974
McEntee Vera Victoria 15-May-1976
McEvoy Ellen 1920 1890
McFarland Frank J. 29-Oct-1980
McGee Allen H. 1966
McGee Sandra Scalf 29-Jun-1990
McGinley Aileen 1939 1927
McGinley Arthur Charles 1909 1908
McGinley Evaleen Mary 12-Oct-1974
McGinley George Jr. 15-Mar-1967
McGinley George Sr. 23-Mar-1954 17-Apr-1871
McGinley Gerald J. 20-Oct-1981
McGinley Gertrude 06-Jan-1990
McGinley John Bernard 02-Apr-1976
McGinley Leo E. 18-Feb-1939
McGinley Margaret 17-Mar-1957 27-Jul-1879
McGinley Margaret C. 1858 1858
McGinley Mark 25-Aug-1950
McGinley Ruth Mary 21-Nov-1985
McGinley Theodore W. 26-Oct-1990
McGinley Wanda C. 26-Aug-1985
Barbed Wire
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