Ogallala Cemetery Index - J
Ogallala Cemetery Index - J
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Surname Given Name(s) Burial Date Birth Date
Rader Jackie Louise 15-Dec-1982
Jacobsen Frank 16-May-1989
Jacobsen Gladys E 06-Mar-1985
James Donald E 21-Sep-1994
James Vera H 03-Apr-1995
Jara Atilano 26-Nov-1996
Jara Delores M 09-Oct-1993
Jara Elizabeth Ann 17-Sep-1975
Jara Emilio Joseph 19-Mar-1994
Jara Thomas 1966 1942
Jarosz Edwin 24-Jun-1996
Jarosz Leonard 18-Sep-1969
Jarosz Pauline A 15-Sep-1973
Jarosz Stanley C 11-Apr-1948 09-Nov-1884
Jasnoch David John 09-Feb-1972
Jasnoch Frank 15-Jul-1974
Jasnoch Gilbert 21-Nov-1980
Jasnoch Joseph F 12-Apr-1976
Jasnoch Longene 27-Nov-1979
Jasnoch Matilda 25-Jan-1965 29-Feb-1896
Jasnoch Pauline L 05-Mar-1992
Jeffery Ella J 15-May-1991
Jeffres Ace E 1945 1887
Jeffres Evangeline 1961 1919
Jeffres Kathryn G 1938 1896
Jeffres Lawrence P 1935 1915
Jeffres Ralph John 28-Jul-1970
Jeffres Troy S 02-Jan-1962 13-Jul-1920
Jeffrey George A 02-Oct-1971
Jeffrey William Pitt 15-Nov-1980
Jehorek Albin 09-Oct-1949 01-Mar-1882
Jehorek Angie 16-Aug-1956 25-Dec-1869
Jehorek Bessie 26-Nov-1984
Jehorek Leo Albert 03-Dec-1975
Jehorek Leonard 07-Jul-1987
Jehorek Louis B 10-Jun-1972
Jehorek Walt 26-Aug-1968
Jenkins Charles 1957 1881
Jenkins Clara 1950 1886
Jensen Amy H 29-Sep-1984
Jensen Carl C 1965 1882
Jensen Chris 26-May-1989
Jensen Henry 07-May-1976
Jensen Jean Delores 30-Dec-1934 11-Nov-1928
Jensen Jens K 1929 1906
Jensen Lewis C 1943 1888
Jensen Lizzie 22-Jan-1977
Jensen M Carl 27-Aug-1993
Jensen Mike 19-May-1993
Jensen Morris 12-Jan-1952 21-Sep-1884
Jensen Ove R 12-Sep-1979
Jensen Patricia L 24-Oct-1990
Jensen Tressie E 08-Jan-1982
Jeppesen Jeppe 1948 1874
Jeppesen Lena E 1968 1881
Jessop Burnis C 1961 1897
Jessop Irene 1921
Jimenez Andres 1949 1948
Jimenez Ascencion 16-Aug-1949 15-Aug-1885
Jimenez Augustine 1949 1946
Jimenez Carl 1949 1948
Jimenez Carmen M 1948 1923
Jimenez Dora M 16-Aug-1949 24-Apr-1928
Jimenez Dorothy 12-Apr-1990
Jimenez Joan 1966 1966
Jimenez Joseph 1954 1952
Jimenez Katherine 16-Aug-1949 15-Aug-1895
Jimenez Margaret 16-Aug-1949 15-Dec-1936
Jimenez Margie Lee 1953 1953
Jimenez Monica 16-Jun-1992
Jimenez Tommy J 23-Oct-1974
Jimenez Reuben James 07-Dec-1972
Joe Sam 05-Jan-1979
Johannsen Joe 27-May-1989
Johannsen Mayme R 04-Mar-1928 18-Apr-1891
Johnsen Charles 1937 1872
Johnson Albert L 13-Dec-1979
Johnson Alfred S 1959 1883
Johnson Baby 1969
Johnson Beulah Johannsen 26-Sep-1990
Johnson Chris H 07-Mar-1956 28-Sep-1885
Johnson Clarice L 1920 1920
Johnson Douglas Scott 09-May-1983
Johnson Edward L 16-Jul-1961 05-Oct-1923
Johnson Elisha Brune 1957 1877
Johnson Emily J 18-Apr-1906 09-Aug-1847
Johnson George B 1935 1870
Johnson Hallie M 1951 1875
Johnson Harry D 1924 1896
Johnson Jeddie D 23-Oct-1900 22-May-1880
Johnson Jimmy & Jerry 28-Mar-1952 28-Mar-1952
Johnson John 29-Jan-1990
Johnson Louise Ann 11-Nov-1975
Johnson Mabel M 18-Jan-1971
Johnson Mae M 1892
Johnson Magdalena 1912 1884
Johnson Mary 26-Sep-1930 16-Jan-1866
Johnson Mary K 1934 1858
Johnson Myrtle 08-Oct-1996 1895
Johnson Nels 1966 1891
Johnson Nels Peter 1914 1854
Johnson Peter John 25-Aug-1979
Johnson Richard Lee 28-Mar-1969
Johnson Robert 14-Jul-1989
Johnson Swan A 1910 1865
Johnston Clarence Owen 08-Jun-1976
Johnston Leota B 20-Jan-1976
Johnston Leslie Roy 05-Jan-1976
Jollensten Aaron N 01-May-1953 01-May-1888
Jollensten Bessie 1967
Jollensten Buelah B 15-Jan-1987
Jollensten Father 29-Oct-1942 23-Mar-1860
Jollensten Gust 01-Jun-1925 24-Feb-1890
Jollensten Howard B (1) 15-Jan-1987
Jollensten Howard B (2) 07-Aug-1978
Jollensten Mother 01-Apr-1934 28-Jan-1864
Joly George William 19-Dec-1979
Jones Annie E 1947 1876
Jones Bernard (Lemuel) 23-Dec-1994
Jones Eugenia 16-Dec-1992
Jones Evelyn B 1936 1891
Jones Hiram Levi 1936 1874
Jones James L 27-Feb-1971
Jones Lawrence 1931 1874
Jones Lloyd Edmund 22-Apr-1906 30-Nov-1905
Jones Lou L 05-Jun-1972
Jones Mrs Bernard 1966
Jones Opal M 22-Dec-1994
Joplin Julia 1900 1824
Jordan Frank A 1961 1884
Jordan Pearl 1963 1907
Josjer (or Josjor) Kayce Lee 15-May-1990
Josjor (or Josjer) Theodore Henry 05-Jan-1979
Jump Fred M 21-May-1940 20-Jul-1866
Jump Mary E 22-Mar-1949 06-Oct-1869
Jump Robert F 08-Sep-1911 07-Mar-1963
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